Wednesday, October 9, 2019

367 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

367 - Essay Example 3. The context of this material is†¦ Identify the political, economic, social, historical, etc., background surrounding this material. This may include information on the existing knowledge on the subject and gaps in our existing knowledge. The context of this material is urban Australian real estate industry. While major industries would require programs that can recruit the right employees, in urban Australia, getting the individual to work is an issue. The main points in this material are that Australia shows that the safety of employees within the industry is based on the use of technology to provide details regarding construction measurements and planning. Mismatch between program-based decisions and human-based manual work is reported to result in higher number of injuries and deaths within the industry. Focus on the incidences in Makkah City’s construction industry shows that the national’s policy and preparedness for disasters does not support the companies involved with construction (Australian Industry Group, 34). The key concepts in this material are construction workers’ health and safety at their places of work and are grounded on the Herzberg’s two-factor theory on motivation and hygiene. Based on the information regarding other nations’ safety standards and the stabilities of various industries, Australia builds on policies that aim at reducing the worker fatalities by at least 20 percent and the rate of claims made within a week or several weeks by 30 percent (Australian Industry Group, 33). 6. The most important information in this material is†¦ Identify the key information the author used to support his arguments/analysis. Identify the facts, data, evidence, experiences, etc., the author uses to reach their findings. The most important information in this material is that the Australian

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