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Domestic Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Domestic Violence - Essay Example The purpose of this paper is to analyze domestic violence in our society. Domestic violence is a serious problem that is hurting the quality of life of many American families. This social deviant behavior is a problem in the United States and abroad. Victims of domestic violence must speak out in order to get help. Domestic violence is a crime punishable by the law. Nobody deserves to be physically and emotionally abused by another person. It is better to get out of bad relationship than to continue to suffer from an abusive spouse. Women are five to eight times more likely to be victims of domestic violence (Aardvarc, 1998). In order to battle against domestic violence victims have to tell someone about the problem to then eventually get the courage to file formal charges against the abuser. Our society will be better place once domestic violence is eradicated forever. (1998). From â€Å"Violence by Inmates: Analysis of Data on Crimes by Current or Former Spouses, Boyfriend and Girlfriends, U.S. Department of Justice, March 1998† Retrieved December 11, 2010 from (2010). Domestic Violence and Abuse: Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships Retrieved December 12, 2010 from

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Professional Educator Professionalism Essay Example for Free

Professional Educator Professionalism Essay Professional development is an important aspect of an educator’s life. Without continuous development, there will be no true development. To enhance professionalism, I will look for trainings and seminars enhancing my skills and participate in these activities. I can benefit from such seminars and trainings in two ways. One is by learning more about educator professionalism. Secondly, I can network with other people and learn from their experiences as educators. Another action item that I can include would be to consult books, websites and blogs on educator professionalism. By reading the experiences of other educators, I can also take a look at my own experiences and apply the lessons I learn. A realistic time line for monitoring my progress is one year. During this time, I will keep a personal journal detailing the lessons I learned and the progress I am making in connection with developing professionalism. Through this, I can have an empirical tool for assessing my professional growth. This journal can in fact be online through a blog. This way, I can effectively use technology in enhancing my productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in being an educator. Reflection and Professional Improvement As part of the journaling and blogging process, I can use reflection. I can look at my daily, weekly and monthly experiences and reflect on my progress. Reflection is a very powerful tool because it allows me to look back and take a look at my own professional practice, my own beliefs, my experiences and think about how these things affect my thinking, my belief system and the way that I do my work. With the aid of my journal, I can write down my thoughts. This way, I can benefit more greatly from my reflections and make necessary adjustments if needed. Reflections, after all, are worth nothing if I do not make the necessary actions to make improvements. With reflection, I can also be satisfied with the result of my efforts. I can be further encouraged with the results of my efforts. The Importance of a Professional Growth Plan An old adage says that those â€Å"who fail to plan are planning to fail. † Planning for professional growth is very important because it allows people to define their vision. Once they know their vision, they can put their heart and their efforts to it. It is similar to having a clear direction in mind. From such a direction, the map can be derived and will help a person navigate through the difficult road of professional growth. A professional growth plan also prescribes the course of action that a person has to take to make the most of his profession. It enables a person to set goals and the corresponding action he has to do to achieve such goals. It also breaks down the vision into achievable goals and prevents him from being overwhelmed and being overtaken by fear or hesitation. At first glance, a vision may seem impossible to achieve. But with goals and objectives, a professional can take one step at a time towards the eventual destination. On the contrary, without a professional growth plan, a person may simply do one thing after another and will end up just doing what he has done in the past over and over again. Over time, he becomes stagnant and eventually his skills will deteriorate. To avoid this scenario from happening, a professional growth plan is very much needed.

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The Complexities of Human Relationships Explored in Nella Larsens Pass

A huge amount of literature was created exclusively for African Americans during Larsen’s time. For the first time, African Americans were being told that it was okay to be proud of who they were. This knowledge and self-awareness was important in many works of literature, but a number of writers began exploring the darker side of this group with literature that concentrated on the pessimistic aspects of race relations in America. Nella Larsen's novel, Passing, focuses on this idea with the story of Clare Kendry, a tragic mulatto who "passes" as a white person. Not only is Passing representative of the dilemma of the tragic mulatto, it is also a novel that explores the difficulties of human relationships.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Clare Kendry's life is a great example of the difficulty of the tragic mulatto. In Passing, Clare seems to have and urge to go back to the African American world she left. Clare tells her friend Irene Redfield that "she can't know how in this pale life of mine I am all the time seeing the bright pictures of that other that I once thought I was glad to be free of†¦It's like an ache, a pain that never ceases" (Larsen 145). She also realizes a great deal how she wants to see African Americans, "to be with them again, to talk with them, to hear them laugh" (Larsen 200). Even though Irene feels that there is "nothing sacrificial in Clare's idea of life, no allegiance beyond her own immediate desire," (Larsen 144) it is obvious that Clare's wish to return to her African American race is sincere, even if the reasons seem unfair.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Irene believes Clare to be "selfish, cold and hard" (Larsen 144). Irene also feels that Clare does not have "even the slightest artistic or sociological interest in the race that some members of other races displayed. [She] cared nothing of the race, she only belonged to it" (Larsen 182). While there may be a little truth to this report, it does not lessen Clare's own pain at having to deny her African American legacy, and her longing to return to it. Irene isn’t being fair to Clare. She is not being the true friend that Clare needs. Irene represents a piece of society who feel that people who pass must have a ethically satisfactory reason to return to their African American roots such as a want to rebel against a white humanity that has forced them into the role of a white person. In my opinion, Clare’s desire to return to her ... just how Clare falls from the window after Jon discovers her dishonesty, just before the fall Irene reveals "that she couldn’t have Clare Kendry cast aside by Bellew...she couldn’t have her free" (Larsen 239). This tells that Irene is very likely accountable for Clare's death. Although the vagueness adjoining the incident prevents determining Irene's guilt beyond a practical disbelief, she seems to be the one character who benefits the most from Clare's death. In the end, the variations between Clare Kendry and Irene Redfield are overshadowed by their similarities revealing that their relationships are just as noteworthy as the subject of passing. Nella Larsen's Passing effectively deals with the troubles of the "tragic mulatto," and the complexities of human relationships. Her literary donation is important because of her capability to boldly handle a sensitive racial issue while also exploring the consequences of this issue on human relationships. It is obvious that Larsen included both the social and psychological characteristics of passing in her novel, and I believe that is what truly made the novel great. Works Cited Larsen, Nella. Passing. New York: Penguin, 1997.

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Improvement and closing the achievement gap report 2003-2004 include Essay

†¢ Strong parental involvement †¢ Community and church support †¢ Various reform models aligned to state curriculum †¢ Dedicated teachers †¢ Structured teaching †¢ Thinking maps †¢ Stable staff †¢ Comprehensive systems to monitor student progress †¢ Aligned curriculum, assessment, and instruction †¢ Peer coaches †¢ Instructional time that is increased (2004) As the reader will notice, the majority of these strategies incorporate relationships between the school and outside sources for example parental and community involvement. These strategies were created by schools in Mississippi demonstrating high student achievement. Finally, the researcher will also examine the effects of global resources, that is, per pupil expenditure (PPE), on the impact of performance. In their review of production function research, Verstegen and King cite Hedges, Laine, and Greenwald’s assertion (1994) that â€Å"Global resource variables such as PPE, show positive, strong, and consistent relations with achievement† (1995, 57-58). However, other studies fail to yield significant results (Chubb and Moe 1990; Okpala 2002). Tajalli, in his examination of the wealth equalization or â€Å"Robin Hood† program in Texas, found that the transfer of nearly $3. 4 billion of dollars to poor school districts did not have a significant impact on the improvement of performance in these districts (Tajalli, 2003). It may be that expenditures in general have an indirect effect that is not apparent when using PPE as a direct measure. In his study of school spending Wenglinsky (1997) develops a â€Å"path† in which he concludes a school’s economic resources are associated with academic achievement. He posits that per-pupil expenditures on instruction and central office administration are positively related to class size, i. e. , more spending on smaller classes. Smaller teacher/student ratios contribute to a cohesive school environment, which enhances achievement. Chapter Three Description of Methodology This study is a comparative analysis of eight Mississippi elementary schools from seven school districts; two K-2, two K-3 and four K-5. Factors analyzed were the students to teacher ratio (FTE), socioeconomic status (SES), and student ethnicity, and comparison MCT scores. At first a total of twenty schools were randomly chosen from different districts. The researcher then chose eight schools of conflicting SES percentages. It is a comparative study using the case analysis method; since it attempts to compare school factors influencing student performance. Using the Mississippi Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) data, the researcher will examine these variables to determine the elements that can impact success or failure of public school campuses. The measure of performance is the standardized test given in 2005 to students in Mississippi public schools, the MCT. The researcher focused the study on Mississippi elementary schools that are predominantly populated by students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The socioeconomic status was based on the percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunches. The teaching theory used as a basis for this study is the Measurement Theory, this theory represents teaching and achievement based on standardized tests and results. Validity and Reliability The MCT scores are provided by the Mississippi Department of Education, and the demographics of each school were provided by the NCES found on the greatschools. com database. Twenty schools were chosen by random; then eight were chosen for analysis based on conflicting SES factors in order to get realistic insight as to the influence of student success factors on each school size. This study has limitations due to the fact that it is based on MCT scores which can be deceiving. These tests have been criticized by researchers because they do not portray a student’s overall understanding of a subject and do not allow for different learning abilities and styles. It is because of this limitation that further study should be conducted on the achievement levels of students based on different approaches to classroom learning.

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A Framework for Thinking Ethically Essay

The article â€Å"A Framework for Thinking Ethically† analyzes the main concept of ethics. The authors explores the arguments of what ethics is and what ethic is not, why ethics is important, five sources of ethical standards, and advises a 10-step framework for making ethical decisions. First, this article helps identify what ethics is not. It points out that ethics is not based on the law and culturally accepted norms; it is neither religion nor a science; and it is not the same as peoples’ feelings. Moreover, the authors describe that many philosophers and ethicists around the world proposed five sources of ethical standards to help understand what ethics are based on. Secondly, the article identified the following five sources of ethical standards: the Utilitarian Approach, the Rights Approach, the Fairness or Justice Approach, the Common Good Approach, and the Virtue Approach. The authors state that using these five approaches helps peoples define what standards of behavior can be considered ethical. Once one puts all these approaches together, there are still problems to be solved. One of the problems is that it is almost impossible to agree to the same set of human and civil rights, and another is that the approaches to ethical behavior do not have the same explanation for particularly difficult situations. Finally, the authors recommend a 10-step process for making the ethical decision. This 10-step process include five activities; 1) Recognize the Ethical Issue, 2) Get the Facts, 3) Evaluate Alternative Actions, 4) Make a Decision and Test it, and 5) Act and Reflect on the outcome. Step 1 and 2 ask to consider the impact and repercussions of the decision. Step 3-5 stress getting all relevant information. Step 6 asks to evaluate the dilemma based on the different approaches. Step 7-8 forces to choose the best approach, and look at it objectively. Finally, Steps 9-10 urge the carefulness needed to implement the decision, and the honest reflection that must follow upon putting the decision to action. This 10 step process gives the decision maker a pragmatic way to debate, mull over, and thoughtfully consider when making ethical decisions.

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Morbid Obesity Essays - Regression Analysis, Free Essays

Morbid Obesity Essays - Regression Analysis, Free Essays GET FILE='C:Usersw0018928DesktopPsi Beta National Project _Rudmann.sav'. DATASET NAME DataSet1 WINDOW=FRONT. USE ALL. COMPUTE filter_$=(College = 2). VARIABLE LABELS filter_$ 'College = 2 (FILTER)'. VALUE LABELS filter_$ 0 'Not Selected' 1 'Selected'. FORMATS filter_$ (f1.0). FILTER BY filter_$. EXECUTE. REGRESSION /DESCRIPTIVES MEAN STDDEV CORR SIG N /MISSING LISTWISE /STATISTICS COEFF OUTS CI(95) R ANOVA COLLIN TOL CHANGE /CRITERIA=PIN(.05) POUT(.10) /NOORIGIN /DEPENDENT HAPPINESS /METHOD=STEPWISE TP_FUT /METHOD=ENTER Mind_COMB TP_FUT /SAVE MAHAL. Regression Notes Output Created10-APR-2014 12:41:39 Comments InputDataC:Usersw0018928DesktopPsi Beta National Project _Rudmann.sav Active DatasetDataSet1 FilterCollege = 2 (FILTER) Weightnone> Split Filenone> N of Rows in Working Data File304 Missing Value HandlingDefinition of MissingUser-defined missing values are treated as missing. Cases UsedStatistics are based on cases with no missing values for any variable used. SyntaxREGRESSION /DESCRIPTIVES MEAN STDDEV CORR SIG N /MISSING LISTWISE /STATISTICS COEFF OUTS CI(95) R ANOVA COLLIN TOL CHANGE /CRITERIA=PIN(.05) POUT(.10) /NOORIGIN /DEPENDENT HAPPINESS /METHOD=STEPWISE TP_FUT /METHOD=ENTER Mind_COMB TP_FUT /SAVE MAHAL. ResourcesProcessor Time00:00:00.05 Elapsed Time00:00:00.05 Memory Required2940 bytes Additional Memory Required for Residual Plots0 bytes Variables Created or ModifiedMAH_1Mahalanobis Distance [DataSet1] C:Usersw0018928DesktopPsi Beta National Project _Rudmann.sav Descriptive Statistics MeanStd. DeviationN Happiness4.5978.87874294 Future Time Perspective3.7891.91512294 Mindset Intelligence Plus General2.4893.97998294 Correlations HappinessFuture Time PerspectiveMindset Intelligence Plus General Pearson CorrelationHappiness1.000.329-.119 Future Time Perspective.3291.000-.076 Mindset Intelligence Plus General-.119-.0761.000 Sig. (1-tailed)Happiness..000.020 Future Time Perspective.000..098 Mindset Intelligence Plus General.020.098. NHappiness294294294 Future Time Perspective294294294 Mindset Intelligence Plus General294294294 Variables Entered/Removeda ModelVariables EnteredVariables RemovedMethod 1Future Time Perspective.Stepwise (Criteria: Probability-of-F-to-enter = .050, Probability-of-F-to-remove >= .100). 2Mindset Intelligence Plus Generalb.Enter a. Dependent Variable: Happiness b. All requested variables entered. Model Summaryc ModelRR SquareAdjusted R SquareStd. Error of the EstimateChange Statistics R Square ChangeF Changedf1 1.329a.108.105.83118.10835.4891 2.343b.117.111.82840.0092.9621 Model Summaryc ModelChange Statistics df2Sig. F Change 1292.000 2291.086 a. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective b. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective, Mindset Intelligence Plus General c. Dependent Variable: Happiness ANOVAa ModelSum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig. 1Regression24.518124.51835.489.000b Residual201.733292.691 Total226.251293 2Regression26.551213.27619.345.000c Residual199.700291.686 Total226.251293 a. Dependent Variable: Happiness b. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective c. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective, Mindset Intelligence Plus General Coefficientsa ModelUnstandardized CoefficientsStandardized CoefficientstSig. BStd. ErrorBeta 1(Constant)3.400.20716.439.000 Future Time Perspective.316.053.3295.957.000 2(Constant)3.638.24814.651.000 Future Time Perspective.309.053.3225.830.000 Mindset Intelligence Plus General-.085.050-.095-1.721.086 Coefficientsa Model95.0% Confidence Interval for BCollinearity Statistics Lower BoundUpper BoundToleranceVIF 1(Constant)2.9933.807 Future Time Perspective.212.4211.0001.000 2(Constant)3.1504.127 Future Time Perspective.205.414.9941.006 Mindset Intelligence Plus General-.183.012.9941.006 a. Dependent Variable: Happiness Excluded Variablesa ModelBeta IntSig.Partial CorrelationCollinearity Statistics Tolerance 1Mindset Intelligence Plus General-.095b-1.721.086-.100.994 Excluded Variablesa ModelCollinearity Statistics VIFMinimum Tolerance 1Mindset Intelligence Plus General1.006.994 a. Dependent Variable: Happiness b. Predictors in the Model: (Constant), Future Time Perspective Collinearity Diagnosticsa ModelDimensionEigenvalueCondition IndexVariance Proportions (Constant)Future Time PerspectiveMindset Intelligence Plus General 111.9721.000.01.01 2.0288.414.99.99 212.8681. 2.1095. 3.02311. a. Dependent Variable: Happiness Residuals Statisticsa MinimumMaximumMeanStd. DeviationN Predicted Value3.62455.09914.5978.30103294 Std. Predicted Value-3.2331.665.0001.000294 Standard Error of Predicted Value. Adjusted Predicted Value3.58125.11324.5974.30158294 Residual-2.527772.10788.00000.82557294 Std. Residual-3.0512.545.000.997294 Stud. Residual-3.0672.561.0001.002294 Deleted Residual-2.553042.13613.00043.83471294 Stud. Deleted Residual-3.1122.586.0001.006294 Mahal. Distance.02314.5851.9932.019294 Cook's Distance. Centered Leverage Value. a. Dependent Variable: Happiness USE ALL. COMPUTE filter_$=(GENDER = 1). VARIABLE LABELS filter_$ 'GENDER = 1 (FILTER)'. VALUE LABELS filter_$ 0 'Not Selected' 1 'Selected'. FORMATS filter_$ (f1.0). FILTER BY filter_$. EXECUTE. REGRESSION /DESCRIPTIVES MEAN STDDEV CORR SIG N /MISSING LISTWISE /STATISTICS COEFF OUTS CI(95) R ANOVA COLLIN TOL CHANGE /CRITERIA=PIN(.05) POUT(.10) /NOORIGIN /DEPENDENT HAPPINESS /METHOD=STEPWISE TP_FUT /METHOD=ENTER Mind_COMB TP_FUT /SAVE MAHAL. USE ALL. COMPUTE filter_$=(GENDER = 2). VARIABLE LABELS filter_$ 'GENDER = 2 (FILTER)'. VALUE LABELS filter_$ 0 'Not Selected' 1 'Selected'. FORMATS filter_$ (f1.0). FILTER BY filter_$. EXECUTE. REGRESSION /DESCRIPTIVES MEAN STDDEV CORR SIG N /MISSING LISTWISE /STATISTICS COEFF OUTS CI(95) R ANOVA COLLIN TOL CHANGE /CRITERIA=PIN(.05) POUT(.10) /NOORIGIN /DEPENDENT HAPPINESS /METHOD=STEPWISE TP_FUT /METHOD=ENTER Mind_COMB TP_FUT /SAVE MAHAL. USE ALL. COMPUTE filter_$=(GENDER = 1). VARIABLE LABELS filter_$ 'GENDER = 1 (FILTER)'. VALUE LABELS filter_$ 0 'Not Selected' 1 'Selected'. FORMATS filter_$ (f1.0). FILTER BY filter_$. EXECUTE. REGRESSION /DESCRIPTIVES MEAN STDDEV CORR SIG N /MISSING LISTWISE /STATISTICS COEFF OUTS CI(95) R ANOVA COLLIN TOL CHANGE /CRITERIA=PIN(.05) POUT(.10) /NOORIGIN /DEPENDENT HAPPINESS /METHOD=STEPWISE TP_FUT /METHOD=ENTER Mind_COMB TP_FUT /SAVE MAHAL. Regression: Whole Sample Males Notes Output Created10-APR-2014 12:57:33 Comments InputDataC:Usersw0018928DesktopPsi Beta National Project _Rudmann.sav Active DatasetDataSet1 FilterGENDER = 1 (FILTER) Weightnone> Split Filenone> N of Rows in Working Data File208 Missing Value HandlingDefinition of MissingUser-defined missing values are treated as missing. Cases UsedStatistics are based on cases with no missing values for any variable used. SyntaxREGRESSION /DESCRIPTIVES MEAN STDDEV CORR SIG N /MISSING LISTWISE /STATISTICS COEFF OUTS CI(95) R ANOVA COLLIN TOL CHANGE /CRITERIA=PIN(.05) POUT(.10) /NOORIGIN /DEPENDENT HAPPINESS /METHOD=STEPWISE TP_FUT /METHOD=ENTER Mind_COMB TP_FUT /SAVE MAHAL. ResourcesProcessor Time00:00:00.02 Elapsed Time00:00:00.02 Memory Required3100 bytes Additional Memory Required for Residual Plots0 bytes Variables Created or ModifiedMAH_9Mahalanobis Distance Descriptive Statistics MeanStd. DeviationN Happiness4.5922.87297198 Future Time Perspective3.4697.91051198 Mindset Intelligence Plus General2.60251.06407198 Correlations HappinessFuture Time PerspectiveMindset Intelligence Plus General Pearson CorrelationHappiness1.000.238-.224 Future Time Perspective.2381.000-.068 Mindset Intelligence Plus General-.224-.0681.000 Sig. (1-tailed)Happiness..000.001 Future Time Perspective.000..171 Mindset Intelligence Plus General.001.171. NHappiness198198198 Future Time Perspective198198198 Mindset Intelligence Plus General198198198 Variables Entered/Removeda ModelVariables EnteredVariables RemovedMethod 1Future Time Perspective.Stepwise (Criteria: Probability-of-F-to-enter = .050, Probability-of-F-to-remove >= .100). 2Mindset Intelligence Plus Generalb.Enter a. Dependent Variable: Happiness b. All requested variables entered. Model Summaryc ModelRR SquareAdjusted R SquareStd. Error of the EstimateChange Statistics R Square ChangeF Changedf1 1.238a.057.052.84994.05711.8211 2.317b.100.091.83225.0439.4211 Model Summaryc ModelChange Statistics df2Sig. F Change 1196.001 2195.002 a. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective b. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective, Mindset Intelligence Plus General c. Dependent Variable: Happiness ANOVAa ModelSum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig. 1Regression8.53918.53911.821.001b Residual141.591196.722 Total150.130197 2Regression15.06527.53210.875.000c Residual135.066195.693 Total150.130197 a. Dependent Variable: Happiness b. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective c. Predictors: (Constant), Future Time Perspective, Mindset Intelligence Plus General Coefficientsa ModelUnstandardized CoefficientsStandardized CoefficientstSig. BStd. ErrorBeta 1(Constant)3.799.23915.925.000 Future Time Perspective.229.067.2383.438.001 2(Constant)4.292.28415.137.000 Future Time Perspective.215.065.2243.294.001 Mindset Intelligence Plus General-.171.056-.209-3.069.002 Coefficientsa Model95.0% Confidence Interval for BCollinearity Statistics Lower BoundUpper BoundToleranceVIF 1(Constant)3.3284.269 Future Time Perspective.097.3601.0001.000 2(Constant)3.7334.851 Future Time Perspective.086.344.9951.005 Mindset Intelligence Plus General-.282-.061.9951.005 a. Dependent

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Where have you been Essay Example

Where have you been Essay Example Where have you been Essay Where have you been Essay The story begins by portraying Connie’s character. She is rebellious, self-centered, romantic, seductive, but lacks experience. Her life was portrayed as a girl whose only confidence was rooted from her charm and beauty. Her normal life circles around facing the mirror and making herself beautiful, being scolded by her mother, being compared to his sister, a father who don’t took time for her, and hanging out with her best friend. She loves to watch movies and listening to music. She meets boys but the story did not clearly portray of her having a boyfriend. That was once the constant life she had, then one day everything has changed. A stranger came in to their house when she was left alone. The stranger uttered promising words about escaping the cruelties she had at home and discovering the world where she could do everything she desires. She was fighting at deep inside at first. In the end she turned out to become a victim of a demonic character who seduced and threa tened her through her weakness.2.    Explain the theme and historical content of the articleThe theme of the story tackles on abuses on women’s rights. The story also portrayed most problems associated with young ages like being unable to speak freely, and the lack of experience as a basis of making logical judgment. The historical content is closely associated with Women’s Movement. It was also based on a story about a psychopath on his early thirties known as The Pied Piper of Tucson. He loves to seduce women and then murder them. Most of her victims were teenagers in the Tucson area, for some reason they kept his secret, deliberately did not inform parents or police.Oates has been very particular in devoting some of her writings for supporting Women’s Movement. This is the response of many crusaders to rampant cases of abuses and violence – physically, emotionally, sexually against women in the past years. It was intensified in the year 1960s and ear ly 70s and has become subjects of many debates and literature writings concerning giving equal rights and opportunities for men and women. The movement is fighting for giving women equal employment opportunities with men, freedom to speak for themselves, and balance of power in handling their relationships with families.Most of her writings were fictional portrayals of real situations and cases occurring between sexes being women as the subject of violence. Critics believed that Oates occupies a controversial position in tradition of feminist literature. She portrays most of her female characters as fearful, reliant and passive – for instance, Connie was portrayed as a young girl who has lived in the shadow of her mother’s improper upbringing. She was always scolded by her mother and being compared to his older sister in her habitual characters and actions which her mother emphasized as indecent. That kind of situation was very miserable that she’d wished sheâ⠂¬â„¢d died as a way of departing from it. She lives in fear and was unable to overcome it. Being portrayed as young at age clearly shows women’s weakness that had turned them submissive and disregarded in most cases. Her mother as supreme over her portrays her position that is always searching to be heard. Being a victim of emotional abuse she ended up thinking of what is life outside her away from the family she hated. The whole story itself shows women as powerless against abusers. The story ended has a hanging ending, although she has escaped the cruelties at home but ends up at another abuser’s hands.While most critics have negative perceptions of her ideas about dependency of women, there are still who have defended the feminist sense in her writings. In fact, in her later works she was able to portray power of female bonds and their journey towards self discovery.3.    Offer support or criticism to the essay of your own thought. Offer support (at least TWO ref erences).The story calls for awakening. We should not abuse every authority we have because our actions have direct effects on people around us either physically or mentally. It has rooted deep influence on its readers that it has become one of the most widely reprinted stories that have appeared on many short story compilations. In 1972, Walter Sullivan noted the story as â€Å"one of her most widely reprinted stories and justly so.† Awakening is, in the storys final lines, moving out into the sunlight where Arnold Friend waits: My sweet little blue-eyed girl, he said in a half-sung sigh that had nothing to do with [Connies] brown eyes but was taken up just the same by the vast sunlit reaches of the land behind him and on all sides of him- so much land that Connie had never seen before and did not recognize except to know that she was going to it. ( For Connie, it was an awakening of what is life out of home? And what is life i n the real world. When treated on our present society, there are lots of individuals who became members of cruelties by those who consider themselves powerful and strong. The wise have fooled many people by their promising words and threatening. Just like how Arnold’s friend uttered promising words and threatening to force Connie to go with her.All throughout the story, there lines were temptations have succeeded over Connie. She never listen to her mom, but instead rebel inside and wished she and her mom would better die. Her young mind’s desire of having fun, and her ignorant desire for romance, and be able to grow old for her to escape from being tightened have exposed her to the world of the more experienced individuals. That is how Arnold’s friend met her and have started to desire for her young and desirable charm and beauty. It happens in real life; teenagers became victims of rape cases, involved in addictive vices, and do unlawful actions.The ethos of h er writing was showed using real life figures: a mother, a sister, a friend, and the seducing old friend. Oates portrayed that everything that happens in our life has direct connection with the people around us. What we do and what they do have vice-versa effects on one another. The Logos of her writing was showed by presenting the demonic old friends method of seducing Connie in a logical way. He spoke of anything that Connie desired and feared that led Connie to surrender in the end. The Pathos of her writing was showed by using thrilling situations like the scene where Connie was left alone in the house and then Arnold’s friend suddenly came to threat and seduce him. Connie has appeared pitiful and powerless compared to the older stranger’s actions.Reference:Oates, Joyce Carol, â€Å"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?† reprinted in X.J. Kennedy’s Literature: An introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, 5th ed (Harper Collins, 1991). http://en.,_Where_Have_You_Been Are You Going, Where Have You Been?Where Have You Been? Where Are You Going Summary and Study Guide. Bookrags Website.   Ã‚  Ã‚  June 11, 2008. Writing. UC Davis University Website. June 12, 2008.

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Writing the Analysis Paper

Writing the Analysis Paper Writing the Analysis Paper Writing the Analysis Paper: Universal Approach Those people who get excellent grades for their analysis papers know the mechanism of writing them, and those, who get low grades, face a what-to-start-with problem and many others. The main problems and solutions to them are discussed in the article. First of all, start with answering the following two questions:Whom are you writing for? What is the purpose of you analysis paper? The answer to the first question will help you to define the language of the analysis paper (formal or informal). After answering both questions you will clarify what type of the analysis paper (an article, a report or a term paper) is adequate for you purpose. Every type of the analysis paper determines its format. And when you answer the second question it will become clear to you what research methods should be applied. Now after you have made up your mind about what language, type of the analysis paper, format and methods of research to use, you have to write the analysis paper itself. Three Tips On How To Write A Flawless Analysis PaperBuilt a logic tree. A typical logic tree consists of the main block with the name of the topic (or a problem) inside and complementary blocks with chapters and paragraphs linked to the main one. Such tree helps to make the structure of your analysis paper evident and diagnose mistakes in logic if any. Concretize the topic. Strange as it may appear, but the analysis paper topics should be concretized after the analysis paper is written. Your topic has to contain the purpose of the analysis paper or a problem that is solved in it and restrictions. Restrictions can be qualitative, quantitative and temporal. For instance, the topic How the profits of LMZ Ltd. will change with the introduction of energy-efficient technologies in 2011 contains all abovementioned restrictions. Take your time. After you have written the analysis paper, put it aside for few days. After wait-and-see approach return back to your analysis paper for revision. This method will help you to take a fresh look on what you wrote and correct mistakes.We Offer Professional Help with Analysis Paper Writing Writing the analysis paper is a skill that can be gained with practice. But with the help of recommendations in this article you will simplify your work on the analysis paper, correct and prevent egregious mistakes and after a while become a master of the analysis papers.

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American Public Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

American Public Law - Essay Example The settlement agreement and order cannot prohibit Americans from using travel dates that correspond to travel dates placed by another airline on a published government of military contract. This clause helps airlines from escaping from abiding to contract obligations between two parties and the damage occurred during travel without direct or intentional involvement of the airlines staff or management. As the airlines are not compelling the passenger to travel in their carriers on the date fixed on the ticket, the probability of paying of compensation for injuries caused by tort acts that have no enough witness to prove the involvement of airlines is less. However, one can retain the record of the dates of such travel and the specific fares. 1 In general tort litigation has been blamed for liability insurance to excessive levels. This may reduce real wages and overall employment and thus refrains the administrations from incorporating the compulsion of paying for tort injuries by the carriers or managements of the organisations like airlines and other transport organisations. The contexts of tort contexts are even reducing the willingness of corporations and individuals to pay for even reasonable risks. There is a scant evidence for these claims that are paid for. One more reason for absence of compensation for torts of certain instances is due to the serious harm done for the economy during early 1990s. Though the tort is a wrongful act, damage or injury done wilfully, there is a need to prove the intention of the doer in the absence of substantial evidence like in the cases mentioned for this paper. As the injury is not due to breach of contract, or it is not violation of the circumstances that involve strict liability, though a violation exists, the payment of compensation will be much lesser than that expected by plaintiff or in some cases no need of compensation except for medical and legal costs. One suggestion that can arise from the situation mentioned for this paper is that the administration or airlines may suggest an insurance cover for short term travel or an insurance cover for the passengers travelling with an extra charge of fare. Though the Brainair charges extra than other airlines, the non utilisation of services mentioned for that extra charge do not give any chance for the plaintiff to get compensation for the injury he has been inflicted due to negligence or incorrect operation of the apparatus. In general, there are instances of transferring payments from wrongdoers to victims and to have compensation from this aspect, the plaintiff should find the wrongdoer and prove his claim on it. As it has been mentioned that the fall of suitcase on plaintiff's head is not finding enough e vidence regarding the negligence of staff or malfunctioning of bin, there is little chance to get compensation, until the plaintiff is able to decide the cause for the fall. If it is due to negligence of the staff, the plaintiff can get transfer of payment from the staff of carrier and if it is due to the malfunctioning of the bin, the brainair can be held responsible for paying compensation. Another aspect that is against the paying for compensation is inflated costs in Tort Costs 2004 report in US. As the approach followed by different organisations and candidates is different,

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BPA fetal exposures affect male and female development and quality of Research Paper

BPA fetal exposures affect male and female development and quality of life as adults - Research Paper Example In essence, early exposure to BPA, as well as other chemicals, especially in the foetal stage signifies an increase in the risk of disease later in life. This paper will examine the impact of BPA in adults following foetal exposure. Health Concerns Some of the risks involved with foetal exposure to BPA include increased risk for prostate cancer in adult men and breast cancer in both women (Okada et al 32). In addition, foetal exposure to BPA results in adverse metabolic changes, early onset of puberty and decreased fertility. Furthermore, immunological changes are also a major consequence of foetal exposure to BPA (Rubin 30). Whenever foetal exposure to BPA occurs, the chemical infiltrates the body in an active fashion. BPA binds to the body’s oestrogen receptors replicating the functions of oestrogen. Furthermore, in both male and female adults, BPA causes adverse reproductive effects, particularly in populations exposed to BPA due to their occupations. During the initial 11 weeks of gestation, which is a time when most pregnant women are unaware of their pregnancy, the internal communication systems, and organs of the foetus develop quite rapidly, thus are extremely sensitive to external pressures. Organs such as the brain and mammary glands develop during gestation, thus experience a prolonged period of vulnerability to the effects of BPA, especially since foetal development of such organs is susceptible to oestrogen fluctuations. Additionally, in certain instances, BPA has been shown to cause obesity. When BPA binds to oestrogen receptors in the human body, it causes alternative estrogenic effects, which start outside the nucleus. The alternate path caused by BPA ultimately alters lipid and glucose metabolism, resulting in weight gain (Rubin 31). This is primarily since the alternative oestrogen receptors trigger pathways that result from exposure to BPA to rework the functions of vital components that play a significant role in metabolism, for insta nce, adiposities and pancreatic B cells. In a recent study, it was confirmed that foetal exposure to BPA has the capacity to potentiate the systems inherent in the central dopaminergy. This is bound to result in marked super sensitivity to the drugs linked to abuse-induced reward implications. In essence, by affecting mesolimbic dopamine activity, BPA causes adverse effects such as attention deficits, hypersensitivity and an increased sensitivity to drugs linked to abuse. Furthermore, BPA is also known to bind to receptors of the thyroid hormone, and possibly cause certain side effects on its functions. For instance, BPA impacts triiodothyronine in adults following exposure to the chemical during the prenatal development phase (Rubin 33). Researchers now consider that there are actually two ways through which BPA interrupts the regular endocrine function (Okada et al 32). The compound can perform as a weak estrogen, which binds to the estrogen receptor. It also can, on the other han d, impede the impact of stronger natural estrogens, restraining estrogen function. They are usually considered performing in the cell nucleus via the estrogen receptors, which control gene expression. Many other ways of BPA action are considered to be related to its biological

Application essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Application - Essay Example Studying at a MBA informs an individual of the basic things one should learn on business administration and all the other aspects related to it and also extends its affects to the improvements or updated knowledge of the course. The basic concepts of business will thus be as valuable as any other information in this endeavor as much as the strategies are. What would be most challenging and interesting in this study probably might be the opportunity for students to work in the field and experience the reality and not just learn the theories. Personally, this is one of the best means for me to learn the loops and turns of the business because we come to encounter and get in contact not only with clients and business people but also learn what they have learned in their work. I understand that studying in the MBA is greatly demanding because of the requirements to the completion of the course but I believe all the efforts, time and sacrifices spent in this path will all pay well in the end. Programs in the Masters degree sharpen a person’s leadership skills which is most essential for the individual to succeed in his chosen career.

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Apples pies as a totem food and its impact on American Health Annotated Bibliography

Apples pies as a totem food and its impact on American Health - Annotated Bibliography Example The book is useful to a variety of people including travelers, chefs, and anyone willing to use the recipes at home. The Thorndike press published the book in 2007. It has one hundred and ninety two pages. John T Edge is qualified to provide information on this article because he holds a masters degree in southern studies from university of Mississippi. He is also the director of southern food ways alliance and a contributing editor at gourmet. The source provides information about how apple pie has affected health in Americans because it begins from the history of apple pie and its impact generally on the regional and ethnical America. The source however is limited because it more leaned towards the southerners and the information is short, and not given in details. The next source is Food Fight: The inside story of the food industry, America’s obesity crisis, and what we can do about it. Kelly Brownell and Katherine Battle Horgen wrote this book. The book discusses the reasons why obesity especially in children is on the rise. It also discusses the eating habits of American children, and how they lead to obesity. It further gives suggestions on what people should do to reduce obesity in children. McGraw-hill professional publishers published the source in 2004. The book has three hundred and fifty six pages with different sub topics that discuss food habit, nutrition and its impact. Kelly Brownell is qualified to give information on this topic because he has a PhD in nutrition and weight disorders. He is also a director of the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. Katherine Battle Horgan is also a professor in the same field and co-worker at the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. The article can be used to address the eating habits of American children. Their consumption of too much fast foods including apple pies and how these fast foods lead to obesity. It also gives solutions on how to stop consumption of fast food to

Linguistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Linguistics - Essay Example Single BMCC student. 4) Jun-ho (Male, 28) – Single City college student 5) Jun-gil (Male, 28) – Married. LaGuardia Student, part time worker at a bar, 6) Hye-jung (Female, 27) – Single Culinary school student Throughout our conversation, we spent most of the time talking about work and family, but also about language. This made sense since we were all Koreans and often had to use English. Also, work and family are two of the most important things for all of us. If we attentively listen to the transcription, Choong-hoon spoke the most. His co-worker, Jun-gil, also spoke often. The reason for such might be because Choong-hoon is the eldest among the men in the party. Although everyone made fun of Jun-gil for only speaking to Choong-hoon, he actually spoke a lot as well. Besides, he probably talks to Choong-hoon a lot since he is just a guest who does not know everybody yet. So, we all wanted to know more about him to help him relax a bit. On the other hand, Hye-jun g, who is the youngest among the women at the party, spoke the least. It might have been because people often made fun of her Korean pronunciation. Since then, she kept quiet for quite a while. In addition, if we listen carefully at the transcription, then it becomes evident that there are some patterns. For instance, people were all polite to Jun-gil, who was not a member of the group before. So they asked him polite questions about his family and job. Between most of the other people, the style of the discussion was a lot more different. Conversations were often filled with jokes, for people were more familiar with each other. Even if this was the case, the polite conversation markers like oh-bba, were sometimes used. Interestingly, they often seemed to be used to making jokes, for they weren’t taken personally. Furthermore, there were some rules for how to interrupt or disagree with someone. Disagreement or interruption usually goes along with the gender of the people pres ent. For instance when, Hye-jung did not speak clearly, another girl said something about it first. Choong-hoon then did say he thought so too, but he did not say it so straight forward as compared to the girl’s comment. Also when Jun-gil was talking about whether he was working during his wife's labor, Jun-ho, another male, is the one who interrupts him. However, there were no fixed rules for bringing up a new topic. It was just done when we had all finished talking about something, but the most notable feature was that Choong-hoon and Jung-yeon, the eldest among the men and women in the party, usually brought up the new topic. Given the aforementioned scenario, let’s take a look at the linguistic principles and concepts in the discourse. First, we’ve learned the various properties of human language in class, and one of them is cultural transmission. Languages are influenced in by their culture; hence these languages are not so easy to understand without a suff icient cultural background. In the discourse, we used the words oh-bba, hyeong and nu-na, because in Korean, unlike in English, there are different ways of saying things like â€Å"you†, depending on how people are related socially, such as the age gaps of people. There are even different verbs for extremely polite situations. In our conversation, Jung-yeon said to Jun-gil, â€Å"It’s really difficult to speak to you in an informal way, even though you are younger than me.† That’s because it was the first time Jun-gil and Jung-yeon met, so

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Apples pies as a totem food and its impact on American Health Annotated Bibliography

Apples pies as a totem food and its impact on American Health - Annotated Bibliography Example The book is useful to a variety of people including travelers, chefs, and anyone willing to use the recipes at home. The Thorndike press published the book in 2007. It has one hundred and ninety two pages. John T Edge is qualified to provide information on this article because he holds a masters degree in southern studies from university of Mississippi. He is also the director of southern food ways alliance and a contributing editor at gourmet. The source provides information about how apple pie has affected health in Americans because it begins from the history of apple pie and its impact generally on the regional and ethnical America. The source however is limited because it more leaned towards the southerners and the information is short, and not given in details. The next source is Food Fight: The inside story of the food industry, America’s obesity crisis, and what we can do about it. Kelly Brownell and Katherine Battle Horgen wrote this book. The book discusses the reasons why obesity especially in children is on the rise. It also discusses the eating habits of American children, and how they lead to obesity. It further gives suggestions on what people should do to reduce obesity in children. McGraw-hill professional publishers published the source in 2004. The book has three hundred and fifty six pages with different sub topics that discuss food habit, nutrition and its impact. Kelly Brownell is qualified to give information on this topic because he has a PhD in nutrition and weight disorders. He is also a director of the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. Katherine Battle Horgan is also a professor in the same field and co-worker at the Yale center for eating and weight disorders. The article can be used to address the eating habits of American children. Their consumption of too much fast foods including apple pies and how these fast foods lead to obesity. It also gives solutions on how to stop consumption of fast food to

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Regression analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Regression analysis - Essay Example The change in the dependent value for a variation in the independent value is estimated in the regression analysis. Multiple regression takes into consideration all the assumptions of correlation. It takes place when the independent variable is dichotomy. In the above prescribed case, if the increase of men and women were to be considered separately; Multiple regression is used. In the case of linear correlation no power terms are found as it will not reflect curvilinear changes in independent variables. In the context of multiple regression the powers to the variables were found to represent the curvilinear variations in independent and dependent variables. Correlation is the percent of variance in the dependent explained by the given independent when all other independents are allowed to vary. In the final result the magnitude of r2 reflects not only the unique covariance it shares with the dependent, but uncontrolled effects on the dependent attributable to covariance the given in dependent shares with other independents in the model. For example in the above case the increase of male female population can be taken as covariance. 2. During the years 1790 to 1820, the correlation between the number of churches built in New England and the barrels of Rum imported into the region was a perfect 1.0.

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Week 2 Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Essay Example for Free

Week 2 Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Essay Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. Part I Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for each: ?Race ?Ethnicity ?Religion ?Gender ?Sexual orientation ?Age ?Disability Category Stereotype 1 Stereotype 2 Stereotype 3 Race African Americans are the best at basketball or foorball. Hispanics don’t know English. All Asians know Karate. Gender Women are the homemakers. Men are the income providers. A woman’s place is in the kitchen. Age When someone gets old they will be senile or have dementia. Old people do not learn very well. The older you get the more religious you become. Part II Answer each question in 50 to 100 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. ?What are the positive aspects of stereotypes, if any? The only positive I could see to a stereotype will only to prove the stereotype untrue. No good can come from a stereotype since they usually do not provide any real facts only assumption. This is when people get their feelings hurt and want to be more combative to the labeler and other like them. ?What are the negative aspects of stereotypes? The negatives to stereotypes are the facts are not really there. Anyone can be good at sports or any race can learn Karate. Stereotypes are generally associated with negative feelings towards another race, gender, or age group. Stereotypes tend to lead to racism or prejudice which can lead to fights or even wars. Copyright  © 2012 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet ETH/125 Version 8 2. Part III Answer each question in 50 to 150 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. ?Define stereotypes and prejudice. What is the difference between stereotyping and prejudice? Use examples to illustrate the differences. A stereotype is where a person or group of people believe that untrue characteristics about another group or person. An example of a sterotype would be that all Asians are geniuses. According to â€Å"Dictionary. com† (2014), prejudice means â€Å"an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason†. An example would be that after 911 people of Arab decent, or even resembling the Arab nationality through appearance or name, are looked at differently and with suspicion or wrong doings. ?What is the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice? The relationship between stereotyping and prejudice almost always work together. A person who is prejudice judges another without having met the person or group before and stereotyping is assuming incorrect information about others based on a limited experience. Usually a person who is prejudice became that way because of stereotypes from either their own experience or from people they respect. ?What can be done to prevent prejudice from occurring? People can make others aware of prejudice and how to spot when someone is the subject of stereotyping. Teach children at a young age that all people are equal regardless of age, race, or religious beliefs. Finally, practice treating everyone as equals even when others do not agree with your views. References: Dictionary. com. (2014). Retrieved from http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/prejudice Copyright  © 2012 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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Fall Dance Concert Review Art Essay

Fall Dance Concert Review Art Essay The performance that was observed was not lively as evidenced by the various features. The performance did not make most of the people in the audience to scream. Even the crowd was not cheerful as the performance went on and it showed that the crowd was not moved by the performance. However the dancers looked organized from the way they were entering the stage. I expected a more lively performance that could ignite the audience from the beginning to the end. Push /pull This piece had both men and women with different costumes that also differentiated them. The dance had a total of five dancers and they were dancing to some sort of soul music beats. The music lacked vocals. The stage was brightly lit such that the movement of each dancer could be noticed easily. The color of the costumes could easily be differentiated. The dancers had good costumes with the men having blue trousers and black tops. This made a common costume for the two gentlemen. The ladies costumes were not similar as in the case of the men. They wore shorts of different colors one with white and the other two with black .The ladies top costumes were sleeveless and off different colors for instance yellow light blue and violet. The theme that ran throughout the dance was acrobatic in outlook or some dance competition. From the type of song that was chosen to the costumes and the movements, the dancers express some sort of acrobatic presentation that can entertain the audience. This is a typical dance for music and drama festival events where the dancers are competing against other participants. This has been articulated by the nature of their costumes and the coordinated moves that were being made by the male and female dancers. Such a dance can be compared to the TV show dances that bring out talents in dancing. Movement such as the downward spin has become very common amongst the young dancers. The costume is also typical of the mode of dressing that has characterized TV competition dances. The movements of the dances were unique and uniformed. Both the men and women were making similar movements with their bodies. The up movements with legs apart was very common followed by the downward spins that were well executed by both men and women dancers. From my evaluation, the dance was well executed and the dancers had mastered their movements. They were all going with the same rhythm during the dance. The costumes of the ladies however could have been matched in a better way. As evidenced in the dance, their movements are an illustration of common choreographic movements that have become common in competitions today. Incline The dance had a total of ten dancers who participated in pairs of two. The stage was not lit well and it was difficult to see the faces of the dancers but their movements could be seen. The costumes of the dance were characterized with official wear consisting of shirts and long trousers for the male dancers. The color was dominated by black and white. There was no uniform color in the costumes of the dancers. This was of a formal dance with invited guest. There were different shades of color both in the male and female costume. The lady dancers were dressed in red and white dresses with a wide conical base. The dancers were responding to the classical music that was being enjoyed by most of them. The dance was rather slow and smooth with the male dances holding the female dancers and turning them round. The theme that dominates the entire dance is that of partying or some sort of celebration. This has been depicted by the nature of their costumes. The dancers seemed to be in a party ing mood. For instance this is typical of marriage celebration dances with partners holding each other and turning around to the slow and smooth music from the background. The movements that were being made by the dancers were not coordinated as in the case of competition dancers. Particularly, the male dancers seemed to be relaxed and did not make much movement without the lady dancers. At some instances the male dancer was observed holding the female ones suspended in the air. This is a very common style of dancing for party dances and has featured in the dance. Such a style has been observed quite often in the TV and in movies. Mostly in the soap operas, the dancing style is common during party and celebration scenes. In my evaluation I can point out that the dance was well executed. The movements of the dancers seemed to be right although the male dancers were almost appearing stationary. Most of the movements are done by the lady dancers. The costume was ok considering that the dance might not be for competition but rather for religious or other celebration. Even though the dancers were not consistently in the rhythm of the classical music, they have depicted good movements such as the rotations that make the dance livelier. The dance was simple and can even be perfumed by the older people. However what can be looked into in the costumes in the color choice that seemed not to be reflecting consistency especially with one dancer in red and others in white and black costumes. Overall I did not enjoy the dance to the fullest, though it was a bit entertaining with some of the unique movements depicted. The music played was not my favorite hence it determined my attitude towards the dance. This is definitely not what I expected in the concert because I did not witness the dancers swing to my favorite tunes. To make it worse, in the first dance, there were just beats only and no vocals. The concert is a reflection of what has been covered in the lectures specifically on the part of costumes, music and the theme. From the lectures it has been possible to make an interpretation about the themes that are portrayed by the two dances in the concert.

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Exploring the Effects of the West on The Ottoman Empire Essay -- Europ

In the course of approximately four hundred years, Western European colonists and prominent historical figures were particularly known for exploiting and devastating distant cultures and civilizations around the world. This included groups ranging from the Aboriginals and the Aztecs in the remote â€Å"New World†, to groups in East Asia such as the Chinese and the Mughals. However, historians today debate whether or not these prevailing and prospering Western European nations were as successful at influencing the cultures of nearer empires such as the Ottoman Empire. It is questionable as to whether or not the Ottoman Empire should be compared to other cultures devastated through their interactions with the West, largely due to the Ottomans’ vast success in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries and eventual internal problems. However, the Ottoman Empire’s inability to remain as successful as its adjacent Western neighbours indicates that they too, were a victim of Western dominance. As the Ottomans began its descent, much of the West continued its prevalence. Therefore, it is fair to say that the Ottoman Empire’s considerable interaction with the West led to the demise and alteration of its culture. The Western powers’ economic supremacy, exploitation of the Ottomans’ internal failures and influence on its religious state each significantly contributed. Unlike most â€Å"victimized† cultures of Western European domination, the Ottoman Empire was considerably successful and powerful for many years, particularly in the sixteenth and early seventeenth century under the rule of Sulayman the Magnificent (Haberman, 132). By 1520, the Ottoman Empire had secured much of the Arab Middle East, Belgrade and most of Hungary (Haberman, 132... ... non-Muslim communities, called millets, to freely practice their religions as long as they continued to pay taxes. Nevertheless, they remained largely secluded from high culture and influential positions (Muhlberger). This had changed by the early nineteenth century, as a result of the European-imposed Capitulations. Christians within the empire became heavily privileged via their contact with the Christian European powers as they were able to access the European markets (Muhlberger). Like the European merchants, the Christian inhabitants in the empire too did not necessarily have to abide Ottoman regulations under the Capitulations (Muhlberger). The resulting economic and political leverages naturally caused their status in Ottoman society to ascend (Muhlberger). Once considered a source of income, Christians became deemed as a potential threat to Ottoman society.

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Education and the Future Essay

Education and learning have always been a challenge to everyone. There are always emerging problems in our education system. Thus, a lot of issues and concerns need to be addressed. We are constantly facing challenges with our education system and children’s learning capabilities. Most of us believe that education will equip us with what we need to survive in the real world, it is highly important to come up with the most effective means to educate our children. Education is an important process that a person must experience. Education is necessary mainly because knowledge and learning will not be fully achieved without formal education. Education teaches a person many things that are essential in life such as problem solving, critical thinking and decision making. Education is also important to man as it provides man vital information that he needed to knows about his past, present and future (Khan, n. d. ). We learn through a wide array of processes. For instance, we learn through the formal process of education wherein a mentor teaches the students various concepts, ideas and principles. We also learn through our experiences in life, our observations, and our interaction with others. Our education system is bombarded with dilemmas in rendering quality education to students. There are many issues that concerning the present quality of education that our students is receiving. The various aspects of education such as teachers and curriculum largely contribute on the quality of education. What are the methods and techniques as well as solutions that can be applied in order to improve the different aspects of the education system? Every school has its own curriculum that is followed by the students. Curriculum is the set of courses that is taken by the students (Hewitt, 2006). Curriculum is the list of subjects that a student should take in the whole year. Curriculum is very important in the whole education process. It is important to have a comprehensive curriculum which includes subjects that are essential in the improvement of the students and render both basic skills and expertise in various aspects. An educational institution must always evaluate their curriculum and adhere on the latest modern trends to equip their students with skills essential in life. The curriculum of the school is anchored on the socioeconomic background of the population than the mental ability. Curriculum is a choice of the organization and its effects will be felt at the end of the schooling. Curriculum variables played a lot of their role when the student leaves his school (Marjoribanks, 1979). There is a wide array of means to create a comprehensive curriculum that is fully developed and offered strong subjects which is the key to a successful education system. First, a planning committee is important in creating or reevaluating a school’s curriculum. The planning committee should be consisted of school administrators, faculty members, board members, parents and selected students to be able to gain various perspectives from different sectors (McGee, 2008). This will be an effective way of developing a curriculum and to know how it would affect the different population. The school must set objectives for the integration and disintegration of subjects and courses offered. Teachers are also an important part of the education system. Teachers are the ones who convey the facts and information to the students. Teachers are meant to teach and guide the students while they are in school. They are the ones who teach the concepts and the things that the students need to know. Teachers are very important in the students overall education as they guide the students in the course of the learning process. Students are not able to fully grasp the concepts and principles all by themselves. Teachers need to explain these things in order to be digested by the students. It is important that the school teachers are knowledgeable and competent in order to meets the needs of the students. They must be equipped with adequate knowledge that will enable them to explain and expound on the things that they are teaching. They should also be composed of important virtues such as patience and perseverance that is essential in their line of work. The teachers should also be current and follow the modern trends of teaching as well as use strategies that are adaptive to the modern-day students. One way of refreshing our mentors is to conduct teachers’ training once in a while. This aims to refresh the minds of the teachers on the subjects that they teach. Teachers are the people, who render knowledge to our children at school, it is important that they are properly and appropriately trained on the various aspects of teaching. By definition, teacher training is a professional preparation of a teacher. Oftentimes, teacher training is a formal course work and practice teaching which includes lectures and practical applications. Teacher training or the preparatory measures varies in different education systems (â€Å"Teacher Training†, 2009). During the colonial period, teachers are only required of basic knowledge and willingness to take on the before low-waged occupation. Today, there are various requirements needed for a person to be able to teach. Teaching opportunities and qualifications advanced as we give high importance on education. Most countries required a person who went rigorous studies and extensive practice teaching in preparation for the profession (â€Å"Teacher Training†, 2009). Teacher training is important to refresh and update the minds of our mentors for them to catch up on the dynamicity of the modern world. Teacher training is composed of three important components such as familiarity on the curriculum, attitudes toward the school community and being a vital part of the institution (Velasco, n. d. ). Teachers should be familiar with the school’s existing curriculum and they should always adapt on the changes on the teaching strategies and methods to effectively teach a particular lesson. Teachers should also know what lessons should be hierarchically taught to the students to equip them with pertinent knowledge. Teachers are the role models of the students and uphold the highest standard of morality and decency. Teachers should show their best attitude to the community and try to achieve harmonious and productive relationships with the students, parents and school administrators. Teachers are also a vital part of the educational institution and they should perform their duties very well. They should be able to impart knowledge and information that will be useful for the students in the future. Education and students’ preparation for the future should not only rely on what the schools could do. Schools could only provide good teachers, good learning equipment and facilities and area conducive for learning. The motivation and willingness to learn will always be the students’ choice. Students will learn so much if they are willing to learn and help themselves. Reading is one way of learning and reinforcing the knowledge and information that is being taught by the teacher. Reading is very important in students’ educational success. Many educational researchers found a strong correlation between reading and success. Frequently, a good reader most likely passes the exams and do well in school than a student who do not often read. Good readers can easily understand individual sentences and organizational structure of a piece of literature. They most likely comprehend ideas, follow arguments, and detect implications. They also have a rich vocabulary and know a lot of trivial knowledge (â€Å"The Importance of Reading†, n. d. ). There is no crisis in the world of literature, but most parents and educators lament and pine why children do not frequently read. They are worried about the technology and how it manages to capture the hearts of the children and teenagers. The tech-savvy world is suddenly consuming the present generation and leave behind the frayed pages of the book. Before the radio and television gain popularity, it is well known that reading is the best leisure activity and source of entertainment of people. But due to the advancements of technology and inception of electronic gadgets, the invention of the various technological gadgets marked the dying passion to read. Reading is very important and may be a helpful activity in the students’ life (Sofsian, 2006). Reading offers a productive approach in enriching a person’s vocabulary. It is also commonly observed that children who love to read have high IQs. They are also more creative and intelligent and do well at school. Educational researchers highly recommend that parents inculcate the importance of reading while in an early age. Reading develops the vocabulary and forms a strong emotional bond between parents and children. Children who read at an early age are observed with better language skills and learn the variances in phonics much better. Reading largely helps in the person’s mental development and exercises the muscles in the eyes. Reading is a helpful activity that involves greater amount of concentration and adds conversational skills to the person. It also stimulates the brain function and enhances knowledge acquisition. The habit of reading helps the person to decipher uncommon words that we may come across (Sofsian, 2006). It has been a challenge nowadays to convince our students to read and focus enough attention and concentration in a page of a book. The world nowadays is full of distraction and entertainment. Reading strengthens concentration, verbal skills and higher-level of thinking. It invigorates the brain and stimulates its activities (Follos & Gantos, 2006). The initiative should always starts on the student itself. Despite the efforts of the school and the teachers in teaching the students, it is for the students to decide whether they will learn something. The preparation for our children’s future rely on each others hands. We all have our roles in preparing our children to face the real world. References Follos, A. M. G. & Gantos, J. (2006). Reviving Reading: School Library Programming, Author Visits, and Books that Rock! Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited. Hewitt, T. W. (2006). Understanding and Shaping Curriculum. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications, Inc. Khan, M. W. (n. d. ). The Importance of Education. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from http://www. alrisala. org/Articles/mailing_list/importance_of_education. htm. Marjoribanks, K. (1979). Families and Their Learning Environments: An Empirical Analysis. London: Routledge. McGee, S. (2008). How to Develop a Charter School Curriculum. HowtoDoThings. com. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from http://www. html. Sofsian, D. (2006, November 9). The Importance of Reading. Retrieved March 16, 2009, from http://ezinearticles. com/ The-Importance-Of-Reading&id=354498 Teacher Training. (2009). The Free Dictionary. Farlex, Inc. Retrieved March 16, 2009, from http://encyclopedia2. thefreedictionary. com/teacher+training. The Importance of Reading. (n. d. ). Retrieved March 16, 2009, from http://esl. fis. edu/parents/advice/read. htm. Velasco, M. A. (n. d. ). Seaching for Meaning in Teacher Training. Analytic Teaching, 16, 112-115.

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Give examples to support your views Essay

Develop the above points and also explain why you think science fiction films are commercial successful? Give examples to support your views. Science fiction films are commercially successful because they have a high production value. This allows Sci-Fi’s to follow the uses and gratifications theory through creating an escapist environment using cgi, props, costumes and Special FX. The high production value enables the codes and conventions of a sci-fi to remain consistent (lasers, futuristic outfits, bright light) in the environments and costumes of the Mise en scene. Furthermore, The cliche’s in the mise en scene allow the target audiences to quickly recognise with sci-fi films because they are familiar to the various references of brought through the advanced cgi, costumes, special FX and props in the Mise En Scene that would be used in a typical sci-fi. Star wars: the force awakening has used familiar cliche’s within their narrative to provide escapist entertainment of which target audience can recognize. Star wars: the force awakened has used high budget of $300 million to create the different Alien species, props, costumes and environment transferring the audience into a realistic work of the protagonists. Because of this, the force awakens was able to achieve a box office of 2 billion dollars to be one of the most successful science fiction films till date. Science fictions films hybridise with other genres. This means that Science fiction films can reach a larger demographic of audiences which would enable more box office revenue to be generated from a science fiction films. Sci-Fi’s often hybridise with the family, crime or comedy genres as these genres attract the largest amount of different demographics. For example, Mars Attacks! Hybridised with the family and comedy genre. This enabled the target demographic to expand further form the stereotypical sci-fi intelligent and intellectual enthusiasts. It enabled ‘Mars Attacks! ’ to generate a revenue of 100 million dollars as parents could now experience a sci-fi with comedic value with their children. Similarly Sci-Fi’s hybridising enable a change in the iconography which would allow the visuals of a sci-fi to furthermore attract a larger audience. An example of this is in Chappie where the relationship between Chappie and the female protagonist is a representation of a mother figure targeting a female demographic. Science fictions film have an existing loyal fan base. A science fiction’s film fan base consumes Sci-Fi’s on mobile phones, laptops, consoles, PC and webpage these allow Sci-Fi’s to be commercially successful as a sci-fi film would now have a variety of methods to inform their target audience whether it be by making games (e. g. Star wars battlefront), posters or webpages that may promote a Sci-Fi’s narrative. ‘Monster’s vs aliens’ have used viral marketing, a website and teaser trailers in order to reach their fan base. Through this they were able to inform their target audience (children age 7-14) by creating interactive webpages that information of the protagonists and sharing links to their website and teaser trailers on social media platforms. Sci-fi films who have used this are successful as the intuitions were able to reach their target demographics by the how much the target audience uses each platform. Science fiction films are commercially successful because they hybridise with other genres, have high production values and have an existing fan base that consume sci-fi on various media. This is because the hybridisation allows science fictions films to target a larger demographic whilst the high production value engrosses the audience into the narrative. Additionally, the existing fan base that consume on various media enables Science fiction films to advertise to various devices ensuring that the target audience would be informed about the Sci-fi film. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Audience and Production Analysis section.

Economic factors Essay

Critical thinking is an individual’s form of judgment that has a particular purpose and reflective judgment. When individuals use critical thinking they reach a decision or solves an issue of judging what to believe or what to do, but reaches this conclusion in a thoughtful way. Critical thinking is a tool that individuals can use to evaluate incoming information. On the other hand, ethics is a branch of philosophy that encompasses right conduct and good life. Ethics has broader in the analyzing right and wrong than the standard conception. Ethics is a set of choices that individuals make on how to live their lives. ARE THE PRINCIPLES AND RULES OF CRITICAL THINKING APPLICABLE TO ETHICAL REASONING? WHY? The rules and principles of critical thinking are applicable to ethical reasoning because they both follow similar guidelines. In ethical reasoning along with critical thinking the individuals will study the details of the case, identify the appropriate criteria, determine possible courses of action, and decide which action is most ethical (Ruggiero, 2012). An example from this week would include the case of the shrinking maneuver. For step one in this case, it has been shown that the statement leaves no unanswered questions. The relevant criteria found in the case shows that laws are violated with the individuals knowingly claiming residence without meeting the requirements. A possible course of action for this case they could have physically moved to Florida or to another state with no-tax or low-tax instead of pretending they moved there. Finally, the most ethical action in the case shows that the Skirkings’ actions were unethical (Ruggiero, 2012). IF EVERYONE FOLLOWED THE RULES AND GUIDELINES OF LOGIC, WOULD THERE BE A NEED FOR ETHICAL DECISION MAKING? WHY? If everyone followed the rules and guidelines of logic there would still be a need for ethical decision making. The reason is that even though the conclusion may seem logical every individual has different ethics. For instance, if an individual needs a job and needs to obtain money quickly, logically it would make sense to do what would make the most money the quickest. Let us say the logical job would be stripping because the individual makes a large amount of money in a little amount of time. Another individual may say that even though this is the logical was to obtain money quickly, ethically it is wrong. REFERENCE: Ruggiero, V (2012). Thinking Critically about ethical issues (9th ed.). : Mc-Graw Hill.

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367 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

367 - Essay Example 3. The context of this material is†¦ Identify the political, economic, social, historical, etc., background surrounding this material. This may include information on the existing knowledge on the subject and gaps in our existing knowledge. The context of this material is urban Australian real estate industry. While major industries would require programs that can recruit the right employees, in urban Australia, getting the individual to work is an issue. The main points in this material are that Australia shows that the safety of employees within the industry is based on the use of technology to provide details regarding construction measurements and planning. Mismatch between program-based decisions and human-based manual work is reported to result in higher number of injuries and deaths within the industry. Focus on the incidences in Makkah City’s construction industry shows that the national’s policy and preparedness for disasters does not support the companies involved with construction (Australian Industry Group, 34). The key concepts in this material are construction workers’ health and safety at their places of work and are grounded on the Herzberg’s two-factor theory on motivation and hygiene. Based on the information regarding other nations’ safety standards and the stabilities of various industries, Australia builds on policies that aim at reducing the worker fatalities by at least 20 percent and the rate of claims made within a week or several weeks by 30 percent (Australian Industry Group, 33). 6. The most important information in this material is†¦ Identify the key information the author used to support his arguments/analysis. Identify the facts, data, evidence, experiences, etc., the author uses to reach their findings. The most important information in this material is that the Australian

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Queer Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Queer Theory - Essay Example In fact, it is not only the physical manifestation of gay spaces that impacts the overall makeup of an urban location, but more importantly, the people and their culture which leaves the indelible mark on in the cityscapes of leading countries. This paper is important because it seeks to identify and understand the factors and forces which contributed to the formation and establishment of gay urban spaces. This paper is important because it takes into consideration the historical experience of gays and the gay community, and the social transformations which influenced the growth of gay urban areas. This paper intends to identify the social and economic reasons which contributed to the existence of gay urban spaces. It aims to identify the factors which led gay individuals to organize themselves and create distinctive territories. The paper will also identify the criteria by which gays and lesbians choose locations where they establish gay spaces. The paper also explores gay space itself, its definition, its elements, its relationship to the larger urban area, the reasons why they are mostly located in urban instead of rural regions, and the urban elements which make gay spaces thrive. Gays and lesbians have always been treated badly by most communities. They have been ostracized by family and friends, and even persecuted by the communities where they live. The hostilities they experienced often lead them to take on low profile lifestyles. They hope that this would not attract attention, that they would be left alone and thus prevent hostile behavior towards from happening. In Asia, gays and lesbians who community experience hostility turn to the gay scene for help. These serve as support groups which help gay individuals come out. They also provide environments in which specific problems of sectors within the gay community are addressed. Being gay

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How to improve learning in Bachelor Students Research Proposal

How to improve learning in Bachelor Students - Research Proposal Example This paper attempts to explain how college curriculum could be improved to help Bachelor’s students under the main idea behind their studies. Normally, large organizations utilize certain strategies as they implement their project management procedures. In this same way, this proposal will educate Bachelor’s students the right way to go about doing their portfolio management. A firm can handle one project or multiple projects at the same time, and the important thing is that such a firm undergoes similar project management processes. What a Bachelor’s student needs to understand are all these procedures necessary in successfully managing portfolio. Even though most of the contents in this paper are suggestive recommendations that could be utilized in improving the curriculum of Bachelor’s students, however it also explains the important roles or functions of project managers and other components of project management. The first thing is that the Bachelor’s student should first of all see himself as a Project Manager (Lewis 24). Therefore, he would need to carry out the following roles of a Project Manager: Managing the project (s) is the sole duty of the project manager (bachelor’s student), and this involves series of activities, including planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project. These activities are analyzed step-by-step below: (I) Planning: A project manager needs to plan ahead some important things about the project: Like he/she would have to inspect the location for the project; he/she would have estimate the overall cost of the projects; he/she would have to arrange about the recruitment process for the experts that would work on the project; he/she would need to quantify any unforeseen problems that may occur during the execution of the projects. The planning stage is very crucial to the success of the entire project, and this is why project managers

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Impact of Modern Day Terminals in the Success of an Air-Cargo Assignment

Impact of Modern Day Terminals in the Success of an Air-Cargo Operation - Assignment Example This has resulted in an increased preference for air travel due to the urgency of travelers and nature of goods which favors faster and efficient means of transport (Hanley, 2003). The modern airport terminals are therefore designed to handle increasing demand for passenger and cargo travels efficiently. Modern air cargo terminals are equipped with current facilities to handle different types of commodities. For example, there are cold rooms for storing fresh commodities such as agricultural produce which requires proper handling (Edwards, 2005). They are also equipped with compartments for handling live animals. Other equipment fitted to improve delivery of services includes well-secured rooms for valuable commodities to ensure their safety, and separate stores for items which release emissions, and others for storage of chemicals (Cambridge Systematic, Inc. Landrum & Brown, 2011). The modern terminals have well-trained staff which ensures smooth operations at the terminals. Their activities include handling of commodities, documentation, and verification of procedures. Since most of the terminals are automated, these processes are easier to implement online, therefore doing away with undue delays at the terminals (Edwards, 2005). Different airports have improved communication services both internal and externally to improve control of aircraft and ensure there are no interruptions due to two or more planes arriving at the same time (Hanley, 2003). This has also helped in reducing cases of accidents from plane crashes. Terminals capacities have been expanded to handle increasing demand for storage of goods and reception of passengers. They are fitted with different sections for handling imports and other for exports (Edwards, 2005). This separation of activities has eased unnecessary delays which otherwise occurs due to poor coordination of processes.

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Historical Development of Policing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Historical Development of Policing - Essay Example When the first Europeans arrived in this Promised Land, they found themselves face to face with a place that was not only richly abundant and magnanimously bountiful in terms of resources and opportunities but also replete with inhabitants and natural agencies that were not friendly towards their presence. Hence, early policing in the United States of America was a collective initiative, where every able-bodied person, be it the young or the adults, who could wield a weapon was expected to protect and defend the early communities. The early American immigrants did everything that they could to protect themselves and their families and neighbors. During the colonial times, America adapted to the English style watch system. This adopted watch system became more organized and professional with the passage of time. Shire-reeves soon evolved into sheriffs (Lecture, 2012). The towns were protected by constables who were responsible for organizing and managing an assortment of watchmen (Lec ture, 2012). The watchmen further strengthened the system by recruiting volunteers from the local citizenry. The mayors depended a lot on marshals or constables for managing the local law and order issues and challenges. However, it does need to be mentioned that in the meantime the English were abandoning their watch systems to opt for more professional and specialized means of policing. The night watch system started in Boston in 1631, comprising some constables, night watchmen and citizen volunteers, which was perhaps the first organized policing system in the USA (Lecture, 2012). The 19th century ushered in widespread social and economic changes in the United States. Industrial unrest and riots started to become a common feature all across the United States. During these times the policing system in the cities was under the local municipalities. The city administrators tried to respond to this industrial unrest through the already existing night watch machinery (Gaines & Miller, 2010). However, they soon realized that the old night watch system was inadequate to deal with these emerging social realities. Beginning with New York, very soon many of the American cities started to opt for paid full-time police personnel that were uniformed and armed with weapons and the requisite authority to manage the novel law and order challenges (Gaines & Miller, 2010). This era also saw the emergence of state and federal police agencies (Gaines & Miller, 2010). During the initial decades of the 20th century, the policing system in America evinced a marked shift in the sense that policing began to be perceived as a vocation that required as much of brain and psychological understanding as arms and authority. In that sense it certainly was a progressive era in the American policing. This led to policing becoming more organized and focused, dealing primarily with the law and order issues, instead of a plethora of general civic problems (Gaines & Miller, 2010). The citizenry pushed the political class to make the police force more professional by making laws aimed at discouraging corruption and nepotism in the police system. The twentieth century also witnessed the emergence of police unions dedicated to highlight the rights and privileges requisite to the police force (Gaines & Miller, 2010). The mid-20th century was marked by economic slowdown and large-scale unemployment leading to the

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The Kite Runner Essay Example for Free

The Kite Runner Essay What would you do to redeem yourself for a very bad thing you’ve done? In the novel The Kite Runner, the main character, Amir, will redeem himself for what he had done in his childhood by doing good things. In Afghanistan, there is a segregation of ethnic groups between the Hazara and the Pashtun. Hazara people work for the Pashtun people. Hassan Is a Hazara and Amir is a Pashtun. Although Amir and Hassan are best friends, Amir never consider Hassan as his best friend or even a friend. Even though Amir is a mean and jealous character when he is young, he evolves into an entirely different person. He redeems himself by showing unselfishness and generosity to a stranger. He grants Rahim Khan’s last request and risks his life to go help Sohrab in Afghanistan. As a child, Amir’s character shows jealousy and selfishness because he doesn’t receive enough attention from his father. Amir is always jealous of Hassan for being treated the same as him by Baba. In his head, Amir thinks that he is Baba’s true and only son, so he doesn’t understand why Baba treats Hassan the same way he treats him. When Amir and Hassan go to buy kites, they get the same kind of kite, and when Amir asks for a fancier one, Baba buys the same for both of them. â€Å"Sometimes I wished he wouldn’t do that. Wished he’d let me be the favorite. † Amir doesn’t like Hassan to be treated the same way as him because he is jealous. He once thought that the orphans should have died along with their parents because he is jealous of the kids that get to spend time with his father. This shows that when Amir is young, he was mean and selfish. To run away from his jealousy and guilt, he frames Hassan for stealing his watch and money by placing it under the mattress. After Amir frames Hassan for stealing his watch and money, he never had the chance to see Hassan again in his life. Although he purposely pushes Hassan out of his life, Amir is obsessed with Hassan throughout the novel. He thinks about Hassan when there was war, wonders if Hassan is still alive. He thinks about Hassan when he was grown up, wonders if Hassan was alive or if he has any wife yet. Its because Amir is full of guilt and obsession over Hassan. Deep inside, he thinks that if Hassan dies, it might be because of him. Amir also regrets the action in the past. Amir regrets that he wasnt mature enough to understand that Hassan is his best and only friend. He regrets that he wasnt strong enough to stand up for himself. He regrets how he was ignorant, and didnt know that Hassan is his brother. Throughout the novel, Amir has evolves into an entirely different character. He changes from a mean and jealous boy to a generous and kind man. Amir plants fistfuls of crumpled money under the mattress. He shows kindness to a stranger like Farid. Amir wants to help Farid’s family because he understands what his family has to go through in Afghanistan. When Amir was searching for Sohrab at Afghanistan, he met a beggar that knew his mother. Amir gave the beggar on the streets three dollars. Three dollars is not a lot of money but to give three dollars to a beggar is not a common thing that happens. This proves that Amir also evolves into a character that has empathy towards people, and changes into another level of kindness. He also evolves into a character that has more courage. As a child, he won’t fight people back and needs Hassan to help him. He also couldn’t stand up to the General but now he can finally stand up to the general, when he said to the general that, â€Å"you will never again refer to him as’ Hazara boy’ in my presence. He has a name and it’s Sohrab. † â€Å"There is a way to be good again†. These words come out from Rahim Khan’s mouth. He convinces Amir to be a good person after he finds out what Amir has done in the past. Amir tries to redeem himself by meeting with Rahim Khan and grants him his last request before he dies. He goes back to Afghanistan to help Sohrab out of that poor and dangerous place. This shows Amir’s commitment to Hassan. He redeems himself to Hassan. Amir would risk his life to go help Sohrab, even though he has other responsibilities like how he has his wife at America. If he dies in Afghanistan, it will really affect Soraya’s life. He even accepts Sohrab in his family and adopts him. It shows that Amir is really dedicated to this redemption. The novel shows the evolution of Amir as a character. He becomes more kind and generous to other people. He also redeems himself for the bad things that he did to his half brother. His regrets lead him to his redemption. After Amir finds out that Hassan is his half brother, and that he has passed away, that is when Amir starts to evolve into a different character. He starts showing kindness and generosity because it is Amir’s way of redeeming himself. I think at last Amir really did become a good person.

Effect of Eccentricity on Nonlinear Galloping of Cables

Effect of Eccentricity on Nonlinear Galloping of Cables The Effect of Eccentricity on the Nonlinear Galloping of Cables under Combined Wind Flow and Support motion in 1:1 Internal, External and Parametric Resonance Condition Amir Jalali Saman Sadripour Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran. Galloping of cables is a kind of self-excited vibration and characterized with high amplitude and low frequency. In this paper for investigating the nonlinear galloping of an inclined cable, considering flexural and torsional stiffness, a cable-beam model is used. The iced cable is formulated under the effects of combined wind flow and support motion. Assuming low sag to span ratio and using physical parameter values of the cable, the governing equation of motion is obtained as a classical equations of the perfectly flexible cable, plus a further equation governing the twist motion. These two degrees of freedom system is discretized via the Galerkin method, by taking one in-plane and one out-of-plane modes as trial function. Two resulting non-homogeneous ordinary differential equations are coupled and contain quadratic and cubic nonlinearities in both velocity and displacement terms. By using multiple scale method for 1:1 internal resonance and 1:1 external resonance, a first order a mplitude-phase modulation equation, governing the slow dynamic of the cable, is obtained. In this paper the wind speed and the eccentricity of the iced section are set as control parameters. Without consideration the eccentricity, the value of amplitude is increased as the wind speed is increase. But considering the eccentricity reduced to firstly increasing and then decreasing the amplitude. Keywords:Galloping, Stiff Cable, Wind Flow, Eccentricity, Perturbation method Introduction Cables are light and flexible structures which are used commonly in many engineering structures. Because of their low inherent damping, Cables are exposed to wind-induced vibration. Galloping is a classic phenomenon of aerodynamic instability of slender structures having non-circular cross sections [analytical]. A circular cylinder, with perfect symmetry will not exhibit galloping, though galloping is a common occurrence of on ice-laden cables, where the ice introduces the required asymmetry [1]. Galloping is characterized by low frequency and high amplitude vibration and has many roles in the field of cable vibration. The effects of galloping on a transmission line is dependent upon the severity and duration of the galloping event but typical problems are phase to phase flashover causing outages and arcing damage to conductors, loosening of tower bolts and damage to suspension and tension clamps, spacers and vibration dampers and, in some critical cases, structural damage to towers [1]. In order to prevent these damages, it is important to study on this kind of vibration. The initial galloping model was proposed by Irvine [1], this model is based on the low sag to span ratio. The first studies of galloping considered it to be single degree of freedom (mono-modal galloping); Den Hartog [1] and Parkinson [1] introduce a model by consideration the vertical direction for galloping motion. Jones [1] and Luongo [1] proposed a two degree of freedom model by consideration vertical and horizontal motion and the interaction between them. In a major advance in (2010) Blevins [1] and Yu et al. [1] analyzed the effect of rotation on galloping and have found that the rotation plays an important role on the initiation of galloping under certain conditions. After that Yu [1, 2] proposed a three degree of freedom galloping model (vertical, horizontal and rotational) by consideration eccentricity of ice. The 3-DOF models have been used widely in galloping analysis using analytical and finite element methods. All these models consider the cable as a flexible structure a nd cannot consider the bending effects. Luongo [10-12] proposed a new model for considering both bending and rotation. This new model is based on the curved-beam theory and importance of consideration bending effects has been proved in linear [1] and nonlinear regime [1] under internal resonance conditions, devoting attention to the comparison between analytical and numerical approaches [1]. In the present paper, to investigate the effect of eccentricity on the iced cables which exposed to wind flow and support motion simultaneously, a nonlinear curved beam model [1] is introduced. The proposed model in this paper, is a nonlinear model of an inclined cable which able to twist and displacement in three normal, bi-normal and tangential directions. By using strain-displacements relation and based on Hamilton principle equations of motion can be derived. The aerodynamic forces are modeled referring to the quasi-steady theory, and they depend on the mean wind speed and on the angle of attack. Moreover, according to the property of the sample cable and Galerkin method, by considering one in-plane and one out-of-plane modes, a simplified two-degree of-freedom (normal and bi-normal) model with consideration of torsion, bending and eccentricity has been obtained. The two resulting equations are second order, non-homogeneous, time-periodic, ordinary differential equations and coup led with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities, both in the displacements and velocities. By using multiple scale method for 1:1 internal resonance between the in-plane and out-of-plane modes, and 1:1 external resonance between forcing and natural frequencies, a first order amplitude-phase modulation equation, governing the slow dynamic of the cable, is obtained. In this paper the wind speed, the eccentricity of the iced section and the amplitude of the support motion are set as control parameters. The paper is organized as follows: In the section 2 the equations of motion are formulated based on Hamiltonian theory. The reduced equations of motion are derived with simplifying assumption in section 3. By defining the non-dimensional parameters, Dimensionless equations are obtained in section 4. In the section 5 aerodynamic forces are formulated based on quasi-steady theory. Discretizing via Galerkin procedure is performed in the next section and the perturbation analysis is carried out in section 7, where the amplitude modulation equations are derived. Finally for a sample system, some conclusions are drawn in section 8. Mechanical model The cable is modeled as a body made of a flexible centerline and rigid cross-sections restrained to remain orthogonal to the axis (shear-undeformable beam). It is assumed to be uniformly iced and loaded by a wind flow of mean velocity , blowing horizontally. For better description of cable-beam model, the choice of coordinates is made as following: directions 1,2 and 3 denote tangential, normal and bi-normal directions of transmission line, respectively. Four different configurations are considered. (a) the configuration, taken by the body at time and the cable is under the action of gravity including ice, in this configuration the cable is in a vertical plane belong to (x,y) plane so the cross-section is in the (y,z) plane. (b) the configuration, in this configuration the eccentricity of cross-section due to ice layer is considered. Because of eccentricity of iced transmission line, the configuration rotates the initial angle from shape . (c) the reference configuration is con sidered by the body at time , it is assumed in which static aerodynamic forces act on transmission line. Due to static aerodynamic forces the cross section rotates the angle from the shape , this configuration is described by planner curve and by the cross-section inertial principal triad assumed to be coincident with the Frenet triad [1]. (d) the actual configuration is considered at time , it is assumed all forces including static and dynamic forces and support motion act on the body, The actual configuration of the body is described by the non-planar curve and the inertial principal triad . Because of the dynamic part of aerodynamic force, the dynamic rotation and transport is described by and the displacement vector field , respectively. (1) (2) According to [2, 3], assuming low sag to span ratio, the Lagrange strain-displacement relationship can be calculated as below: (3) (4) (5) (6) Where is stretching, is torsion, and are bending strains, respectively and are the components of displacement vector in basis . Is the initial curvature of the cable and is the twist of the cross section. All the displacements and twist depends on the curvilinear abscissa and time . Based on [1] the equations of motion were derived via extended Hamilton principle by ignoring the shear resistance of the curved beam. (7) Where ; ; , are the first moment of area about and axes. Is tensional, is the torsional, and are the bending forces all at time . The sign . denotes derivation with respect time ; and represent eccentricity of cross section about the and axes, respectively; is the density of transmission line; is the area of cross section; , , , and are the axial, bending and torsional stiffness, respectively; , and are aerodynamic forces; , , and are structural damping coefficients; denotes the cable length. Represents the horizontal distance between adjacent towers; is sag at the mid-span. Based on [1] by reducing strain-displacement equations (1) (1) to equations (1) (1) and substituting them into equation (1), the equations of motion (1) (1) with boundary condition (1) (1) can be obtained in the four directions. (8) (9) (10) Tangential direction: (11) Normal direction: (12) Bi-normal direction: (13) Torsional direction: (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) Where sign ÂÂ ´ denotes differentiation with respect to . Reduced equations of motion Since the transversal-to-longitudinal (or torsional) squared frequency ratio is small, stretching and torsion are quasi-steady, so that inertial and damping forces can be neglected in the relevant equations. By substituting Longitudinal displacements are consequently statically condensed as (1) where the boundary conditions (1) have been used. Furthermore , in equation (1) are assumed as and respectively. Thus equations (1) and (1) can be simplified as: (19) (20) According to the actual transmission line properties, and are very small compared with area of cable cross section , therefore and in equations (1) and (1) can be ignored. Since the equation in twist direction cannot be condensed such a simple way, it is convenient to use twist equation as an ancillary equation in the following. By substituting (1) in equations (1) to (1), the equations of motion can be obtained as equations (1) to (1) by boundary condition (1) to (1). (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) Since the equations of motion (1) to (1) have non-homogenous boundary conditions, by considering transformation (1) the system can be transform into an equivalent system with homogenous boundary condition. (27) In which is quasi-static and is dynamic component of the solution and they can be obtained by solving the linearized, non-homogenous system that is describe planner, linear, static of the cable, when a vertical unitary time-independent motion of the support is applied [1]. (28) (29) The particular solution of equation (1) can be obtained as follow: (30) (31) (32) Dimensionless form of equations By defining non-dimensional parameter (1), dimensionless forms of equations of motion are obtained as follow: (29) (30) (31) (32) In which all * Superscripts have been eliminating in order to simplicity and non-dimensional parameters are introduced as follow: (33) Where the index n used instead of value and . Aerodynamic forces In order to gain a simple aerodynamic model, simplifying assumption should be considered. a) The quasi-steady theory is adopted [1], b) the curvature of cable is neglected, c) the twist angle is accounted in loads but the effect of flexural rotation is neglected, d) the ice is uniformly cover the cable surface and e) the aerodynamic couples are neglected. Based on these assumptions aerodynamic forces and can be obtained. As shown in figure (1) wind blow with speed to cable plane, expression (1) denotes projection of this speed on the plane of cross section. The angle of attack introduced by the angle between direction of the component of wind speed on the cross section and a reference direction (hear the reference direction is adopted axis ), equation (1) and (1) express these concepts. (34) (35) Based on quasi-steady theory the aerodynamic force can be calculated by (36) Where is angle of attack, is the relative velocity between the wind speed and structure speed, is air density, is characteristic radius of section, the modulus of relation speed, and are lift and drag coefficient respectively and theyre dependent on the angle of attack and written as (37) (38) In which is defined as relation (1) and are the aerodynamic coefficients in reference configuration that are obtained by experimental results. (39) By substituting these expression into (1) and projecting this equation on direction and the components of aerodynamic force and can be calculated as follow: (40) For and where is a vector that collecting all the invariable components, , and are the coefficients that depend on the , and their derivati