Monday, September 9, 2019

Guerrilla Marketing An alternative to classical marketing instruments Essay

Guerrilla Marketing An alternative to classical marketing instruments - Essay Example The difficulty with these traditional tools for marketing lies in areas of cost, as these are often expensive campaigns which require the efforts of internal and external expertise in order to make these campaigns bring a positive return on investment. For the smaller to mid-sized company, sometimes the classical marketing efforts are just too expensive to launch successfully without straining the brand budget. The purpose of this proposed research project is to investigate whether or not guerrilla marketing is more effective than other traditional methods for building rapid consumer interest. It has already been established that the costs of classical marketing instruments are sometimes just too high for the smaller business and these companies, in order to compete with larger and more budget-capable competitors, these brands require low-cost efforts to build stronger presence in their consumer target markets. Since it is completely unclear whether or not guerrilla marketing has the potential to bring better results than more costly and complicated marketing campaigns, it is important to identify different methods in which guerrilla marketing can and should be used to bring better results in consumer sales. Guerrilla marketing, best defined as a rather unconventional and innovative marketing technique which gathers consumers’ attention in unusual ways, is a new type of marketing which is becoming commonplace in today’s businesses, especially those with smaller marketing budgets. Guerrilla marketing is a more direct, in-your-face type of marketing which attracts rapid attention from desired consumer target audiences and uses tactics which create connection through lifestyle or personal consumer interests. For example, the Pepsi-Cola company conducted research among Hispanics and discovered that this group was drawn by colas with a cherry flavouring and product brand names whi ch are catchy and rememberable. The results

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