Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Consider The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel Of Mice And Men. How :: English Literature

Consider The Theme Of Loneliness In The Novel Of Mice And Men. How Does It Affect The Characters? I will be looking at the theme of loneliness, how it effects the characters, how the scenes roll in with what's happening etc. When you read about George and Lennie you realise that they have a history. You think that they are a perfect pair. One is smart, aggressive, quick and looks out for the other (George) while the other one (Lennie) is slow, dumb, big, strong, kind, caring and needs to be looked out for. They fit together like a jigsaw. George and Lennie are the main characters and they are the only ones with the biggest dream - to get a big house with rabbits. That's what keeps them getting through the day. Their relationship together doesn't look close but it is. George once told Lennie to jump into a river. He did it and nearly drowned which I think showed George how much Lennie trusted him so Lennie thought that he would always be safe. Ever since then, George hasn't taken advantage of his power over Lennie. Two things drive their relationship. Their dreams, that keeps them going through the day and the fear of loneliness. Neither one of them wants to be alone nor so they fear it. Like when Lennie threatens to go into the cave alone and so therefore George fears and tries to keep him. George is a sharp man. His features are very precise and fixed. Each part of him is defined: small strong hands, slender arms and a thin bony nose. Steinbeck also says that he has restless eyes, which sometimes scares me because you get this picture in your head of tired open eyes. Steinbeck describes George like this so that he is the opposite of Lennie, which makes them opposite in every way. George's personality is a bit bad tempered. He's like Lennie's mother because he's always looking out for Lennie, which I guess makes him a caring person. He's also short tempered, as he gets agitated very easily, usually at Lennie. I think that the reason why George is so frustrated is because he has to put up with Lennie's stupidity all the time, which would make anyone frustrated. I guess you could call George friendly because he made friends with all of the people at the ranch except for Curley and his wife. He didn't make friends with them because being friends with them would cause trouble. That's a smart thing and being smart is another quality of George's personality. I think that by making George the opposite of Lennie, Steinbeck is

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