Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Lady and Her Five Suitors - A 1001 Nights Assignment - 17

The Lady and Her Five Suitors - A 1001 Nights - Assignment Example On receiving the news, she nearly loses her wits. She arises, dons herself with her richest attire and perambulates to the household of the police chief. She greets him and presents to him a written petition that purports that the lad had been imprisoned wrongfully. She claims that the youth was her provider and the only one who would come to her where she then appeals to the mercies of the police chief to have him released. To this point, the lady has used deception, and she uses her dressing and donning to lure the police chief into succumbing to her wishes. It is easy to see her line of trickery in saying â€Å"..and I have none other to come to me..† (Byatt), which appears like a sexual appeal in that she has no one to come into her, making the chief to start thinking in those lines. On reading the piece of paper, the magistrate casts an eye on this women and immediately falls in love with her, a classical reaction we find in all her five suitors. She has learned of her charm on men, and she uses it to trick her way through to have them make decisions in her favour. When the magistrate preempts that she has to come into his place, she uses wits, tricking the magistrate again to come into her lodging, as she would do to all her five suitors. She then leaves leaving his heart entirely taken with love for her. She then proceeds to the Kazi of that city to present her case. The woman leaks of cunningness and goes ahead to protest the arrest of the lad, but this time, she says it’s her brother. Sure of her capabilities to mesmerize men, she airs her complaints and as expected, the Kazi casts his eyes on her and falls in love with her, even offering that he would, out of his purse, pay the fine imposed on the woman’s brother. On the request that she comes in, she gives him a date in a place and at a time the same as with the magistrate. She then goes to the Wazir, The king, and a carpenter, doing the same charm and tricking all of them to cooperate to have the youth released.  Ã‚  

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