Wednesday, August 7, 2019

On the botton Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

On the botton - Essay Example xamples of Caesar, Genghis Khan and very recently Hitler can be used to show that the humans are a war loving people who like nothing better than a good fight. However, there are also shining examples of individuals within their history of great healers and guides such as Abraham, Mohammad and Jesus who seem to have positively influenced more people than many others. Clearly the most important time for this experiment has been the last century where tremendous upheavals were seen in political, social and economic terms (Friedman, 2006). It was the century where some people such as Malthus expected the world to run out of basic necessities such as food but progress made in terms of genetics and better crop growing methods proved him wrong. Quite frankly, the dangers facing the world in terms of food shortage are not finished but it seems that humans may be able to deal with the situation in the future (King & Elliott, 1996). There are also significant gains being made by the human race towards helping the poor of the world with increasing levels of globalisation which has helped bring wealth to many who could not dream of having such high level of resources (Bardhan, 2006). The situation may not be perfect since equality between various individuals remains an elusive goal but the improvements in the life standards for coming generations is all but assured. A large part of that is due to the improvements being made in the health of the humans due to their investments in medical research which will help them live better lives. Some of them may continue to damage themselves through cigarettes and high doses of food which may not be good for them but more and more are becoming conscious of their health and are seeking out ways to improve it (NIH, 2006). This may mean that humans continue to evolve as they have in the past and become better than what we think them to be. Given enough time, I believe that humans will understand what they are doing wrong when they see

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