Monday, August 26, 2019


ENGLISH AND GRAMMER MISTAKES ( A REPORT OF WHERE THE MISTAKES ARE ) - Essay Example the support of strategic partners and Life Telecom’s self-resources, the company will not only study the requirements of the mall but also come up with an integrated solution that will provide excellent internet and other communication services more favorably in favor of efficiency, cost and control. The changes in the methodology of telecommunication era have necessitated adopting a completely viable alternative to traditional, disparate telephone, data, video and TV networks (I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here). Life Telecom’s competitive advantage over other providers is based on execution of commitments, true delivery of advanced services and breakthrough technological solutions. It is also the first company in Bahrain to combine the extensive use of IPs for the integrated deployment and management of voice, data and video & VAS over wireless networks. In this way, Life Telecom has achieved many key objectives: To offer customers on wireless practically unlimited bandwidth (i.e. on demand request) and to maximize the efficiency of the investment in its infrastructure, hence, reflecting cost effective on customer side. With this built up Network, Life Telecom is developing innovative, value added services that are used simultaneously over the same network platforms. Life Telecom provides a wide range of services – telephony, broadband internet connectivity, advanced IPTV and video services, advanced video-communication (video-conferencing for businesses and video-streaming for live events), Tele-surveillance - to all market segments ranging from large, small and medium sized businesses, small offices and home offices to residential customers. Also, Life Telecom would be shortly providing mobile broadband wireless access (hotspot Wi-Fi) & virtual private networks (VPNs). Life Telecom can also deploy and implement Wireless infrastructures across buildings, campuses, hospitals, and cities. - Innovation and service differentiation: Life

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