Friday, August 23, 2019

Dream act Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dream act - Essay Example Here the Dream Act allows temporary residency only for minors who have good character. â€Å"Hence the dream Act gives an opportunity to build the career of helpless children; I support the bill with wholeheartedness† (Thesis). It is not abnormal to punish the immigrants who lands up illegally in America because many a times theses people turns out to be criminals and offenders of law. But the children migrated along with their parents are innocent and helpless. So bill like Dream Act saves their lives. Even though Dream act nurture the life of migrant youth, this can motivate more illegal immigrants to land in America. They would be motivated to come to USA and utilize the dream act to make up and establish the lives of their children. America is a rich country and it is the obligation of the country to give home to poor and less fortunate people of developing and poor countries. But this must be done on a restrictive amount. It is not necessary for the government to give shelter to all illegal immigrants but only to a certain percentage of migrants who has good human values. Illegal immigrant is poor and helpless, but this does not omit the fact of them having unethical character and criminal background. In such a circumstance, the government should ban the arrival of illegal immigrants and should deport the one who cross the borders by cheating the border security. It is mostly Mexican and Hispanic migrants who cross the border illegally spread violence, crime and substance abuse in United States Dream Act is indefinitely a good approach to help the children of illegal immigrants but government should also give education to the adults who cross American borders. Educating these people bring in some refinement in their personality and would make them potential for professional employment. If people are taught professional skill and techniques, they can make a living in their own county. After educating and giving them professional skill, they would be

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