Thursday, July 25, 2019

Financing, Liberal Arts, and Equity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Financing, Liberal Arts, and Equity - Assignment Example I would also describe the curriculum I want to teach in future and how? Then I will discuss the problems I have faced as a professional teacher. In the end, I would like to state a detailed conclusion to give a clear picture of America’s education system as well as challenges of this system and what measures should be taken in order to transform it to the world’s best education system. Financing, Liberal Arts, and Equity In all the states of America there are many schools that are truly dependent on the taxes from various local groups and one of the main issues we Americans are facing is the uneven distribution of all those taxes. If in future we will be able to solve this key issue then 80% of the financing problems of our schools will be solved. Moreover, in America the allocation of funds for primary and secondary education is only 7 %. This apportion should be more so that the field of education should get a slightly bigger share to accomplish its goals effectively. As per my five years of experience in this field of teaching, I have come across many challenges as a professor. One of them is finance definitely. In order to finance schools in America we can limit a share from everyone’s salary to be collected on the first of each month and delivered to the schools. It would work in this scenario that let us say there is a school in any location. We can gather a small amount from the people’s salary around there and submit it to the school in that location. Once we apply this practice, I am sure we can generate handsome money, each month for the improvement of the school. In my views the last one is the most optimum and easiest way to increase educational funding for all schools in America. Besides financial issues, I have also faced many problems while dealing with students and their parents. I must say that there is a proper mechanism that should aware students regarding liberal arts as well. According to Professor Thomas Green ( Few Years Back), â€Å"We are born into the world, but we are educated into the possession of our powers for the exercise of intellect, emotion, imagination, judgment, memory, observation and action....† A scientific study gives a scientist to a society; study of arts produces an artist but studying liberal arts makes you a learner for the rest of your life. Liberal Arts actually unshackle your mind to study whatever you want to study in a precise manner, whether it is science or arts. Studying Liberal Arts makes you a good learner or you can say a life time learner. It makes you a critical thinker so that you can develop the skill of thinking critically for any matter that comes across in your life. It makes you a proficient problem solver as well as an efficient manager so that you can develop excellent managerial skills in yourself. Liberal Arts give the concept of team building and collaborative thinking to solve your issues collectively, no matter whatever you are. Moreo ver, I think studying Liberal Arts is the most efficient way to aware oneself with all the aspects of arts, science and technology. Therefore, in my views, it is a subject that should be given great importance and significance in secondary and post-secondary education because Liberal Arts builds confidence in students as well as teaches them the art

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