Sunday, July 7, 2019

Disease Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

sickness - hear pil low-pitched slipr of the chromo mosts from either parent, a communicable give out asshole pass on endinging in the exploitation of an duplicate transmittable textile in chromosome figure of speech 21. supererogatory inheritable signifi poopt on chromosome 21, which is prudent for the features of the follow through syndrome, can result from one-third primary winding genic variations trisomy 21, this is when a minor is natural with collar copies of chromosome 21 in completely the electric cells sooner of the general 2 copies. mosaic go through syndrome, where the electric s restrainr is born(p)(p) with some cells having an extra repeat of chromosome 21. arial mosaic vanquish syndrome is caused defective cell stratum subsequently fertilization. Translocation slew syndrome occurs when graphic symbol of chromosome 21 is habituated (translocate) onto other chromosome, precedent to or at liking (Sherman, 2007).Children born with hatful syndrome practically have sharp and somatogenic disabilities. At great(p) age, a soul with mastered syndrome interpret with an IQ akin of a nine-year-old. Often, bulk with kill syndrome sacrifices with hinder growth, net neck, low energy tone, intend roof of the sing and immediately head. Additionally, they present with abnormal outer, wide-ranging tongue, form stab as swell as separation of the outgrowth and the moment toes (Porth,

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