Friday, June 14, 2019

The effects of smoking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The effects of smoking - Research Paper ExampleMoreover glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity is stricken in the embody by smoking. Eliasson et al in his research tells that smoking initially show the symptom of insulin resistance. And after some time the endothelial hunt is as tumesce imp vented. Other toxic substances in cigarette smoke can also harm the individuals normal physiological state of body and thus subjoin the stress on the body. This stress is a cause of diabetes mellitus in individuals (Radzeviciene & Ostrauskas 2009). The cigarette smoke results from the burning of tobacco and it contains Tar which is a brown substance and is do up of more than 4000 chemicals. Lung diseases are commonly caused by smoking which contains Tar, such as emphysema which is a long term, progressive disease of lung tissue which causes cut of breath and the lung tissues are destroyed and become unable to support the proper physical structure and functions of the lungs. Cigarette sm oking also causes chronic bronchitis, which is the inflammation of air passages to the lungs. The inflammation of the air ways makes way for excess production of mucus which blocks the passages for air making it difficult to respire (Dentener et al 2007). The cigarette smoke also affects our heart tissue and makes it weak. The cigarette smoke causes atherosclerosis which is the thickening and hardening of blood vessels by the deposition of fats on the vessel walls, which causes coronary heart diseases and strokes. The posture of carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke lowers the affinity of blood for oxygen lowering the quantity of oxygen carried by the blood to different parts of body and heart causing angina and heart attacks. Nicotine in the cigarette smoke has...The primary focus of the government should be on the reduction of smokers to first take a shit a smoke free environment but it should also secondarily work towards ways and methods to prevent non smokers from smoking. Incre asing the number of taxes on cigarettes as well as the implementation of bans can launch to be useful for the purpose of discouraging the smokers from smoking and this fact has been proven as many smokers have break off smoking following these regulations. On the other hand proper education regarding the harmful effects of smoking among certain age groups can also prove to reduce the number of non smokers from smoking. Parents of school going children should be advised and taught to keep a proper watch on the children and discourage them from smoking. Smoking is a international issue which alone accounts for the death of 440,000 people annually in the United States. It poses health risks not only for those individuals who smoke but also for those who come into get across with this smoke. Many countries across the globe have taken a stand against this problem and states are justified to take measures to limit the public exposure of this wide spread issue.

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