Sunday, June 9, 2019

How effectively are uel undergraduates planning their future lives and Essay

How effectively argon uel undergraduates supply their future lives and careers - Essay deterrent exampleIntroduction University of East London has more than 28,000 students from 120 countries. This study is meant to examine just how effective the undergraduates are planning their future lives and careers. All students come to the coach in order to make a bright future for their selves. And the best way to achieve it is to equip them with that knowledge that will help them in future. study in the institution is to act as a tool to for them to use to conquer their future. Following concerns that most of the students leave the institution with good grades but when they generate out there they do not do well in the jobs, I had to do a research and see if there was any cornerstone on this. Another concern is that well the students take a long time to build up the courage to do the jobs they are called for due to deficiency of confidence in their selves after graduating. The study i s therefore to give information on how the undergraduates are planned as far as their future lives and careers are concerned. This study is important because the results in the study will be used to restructure the way teaching is conducted so as to help those who are bland in the institution not to experience the same problem after graduating. The study thus will show the way to be followed in parcel the students plan effectively. There has never been conducted a research on how effective the students are the undergraduates planning their future careers and lives up to date. The closest to this was a research on how the students have been performing in their lives after school and especially job-wise. Therefore there is a big gap for research to be conducted on the topic. And some other thing is that there are no theories or books which could be used to back-up the study. And if by any chance there was, obviously the study would have been from a different institution and on a di fferent time period which would have been irrelevant. For that case, primary sources of information is the only source that can provide the needful information for the study. To date this will be the first ever study and the current study help us understand how effective the UEL undergraduates are planning for their future lives and careers. Material and methods The study on the topic is the first on to be ever conducted and for that case it was necessary that primary sources of information to be used. I decided to use interview and questionnaires. Interview On the interview I conducted, I choose to pick a maximum of 20 students. The 20 students that I choose are those that were willing and had volunteered to be interviewed regarding the topic. 14 of the interviewees were male and 6 were female. The reason I decided to use an interview in order to pay back the information I neede

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