Thursday, June 20, 2019

Business Organization, International Business Law and intellectual Coursework

Business Organization, International Business Law and intellectual Property Law - Coursework ExampleAs per the quality and bravura of my garments, I would name my brand as Dress Fits. I would try to make my companys attires highly impressive and a benchmark for the mass in western sandwich arena. I would lead up my care as a sole proprietorship, since I believe that in partnership things become confused a bit. Also, I study to share my ideas and in the end the profits with my partner and that is not acceptable for me. Though partnership gives me many benefits as well but I still opt to go with the sole trading to avoid future ambiguities. As I stated earlier that the main advantage of doing business in Western Region is that people know the latest trends over there and it is easy to introduce new designs and concepts in that region as compared to any opposite part of the world. Besides world trendy and open hearted, there exists a diversified culture. Many people from all ove r the world are living in Western Region for good jobs and better life style. They would like to wear something in their native style and I am thinking to offer all kinds of dresses that will contact needs of wide range of clientele. Therefore, I would get a chance to capture a massive market in that region. Another factor that would be in my favor is law and order. In Western Region, it has been observed since ages that people are truly strict in following rules as compared to any other part across the globe. Therefore, I would be doing my business in a region where I would find many opportunities to run my business as per business laws and earn a handsome amount of profit as well. The threats are also almost none in doing business in Western Region. worry every aspect of life has some pros and cons, similarly doing business in Western Region has some blemishs too. If we closely observe then its advantages can be disadvantages as well if I would not handle them wisely. Since, I said earlier that people in that region are trendier as compared to other part of the world therefore I have to be really quick and intelligent while designing the get-ups so that none of my efforts would go wasted. I have to work extra hard to ensure that people would accept and appreciate my efforts in this field. Moreover, again the diversity factor can be a disadvantage too if managed inappropriately. Since, there are people from contrastive parts therefore with an advantage of a huge market, I have a disadvantage of manifest moods and cultures as well. I have to do a lot of homework to search out what is acceptable and unacceptable for all the people in that region. For my business, different Religions, Cultures, Tastes, Environment, and Beliefs of people can really be a disaster if I would not act sagaciously and swiftly. Besides all these disadvantages, I would still prefer to initiate my business in Western Region because I think that its plusses are more than its minuses . Moreover, I personally like the environment and climate of Western Region and therefore would feel myself comfortable over there. In Western Region, everyone is so busy in their lives that hardly anyone interferes in anyones life. In my prime of views such type of atmosphere is perfect for people like me who want to do their business with complete concentration and dedication. That is why no matter what, I would definitely want to target Western Region for doing my business there. As overall all the aspects of doing business are

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