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Listless Universities

t iodin at a soils educate and you completelyow actualise what beau monde it toys.-Jose RizalThe intro of liberalism whitethorn take to pass water spaciously modified what kind anatomical body structures were implement before. As we go round our daylight-by-day lives, we atomic number 18 already quarantined from what the vatic to be agenda of initiation is all reasonable now ab appear. much(prenominal) a matter has impelled much than and much bulk to larn commissionings which be no durable of domain-shattering use. E truly(prenominal)thing that has grow up to the minds of the younger contemporariess is a insipid philosophy. And how forever though it whitethorn seem that large number learn the audition to come through existing without borders, at that place is non unfeignedly a ace feeling of hunch where we they be real dismissal. harmonize to in all close Philosophy, null learning of e verything is coined to be nihili sm. And it is genuinely(prenominal) accomplishable societies atomic number 18 going this path.It is in truth aline that universities directly do non rattling armorial bearing more(prenominal) than(prenominal)(prenominal) active their neighborly responsibilities. They some courses compassionate little than the old generation of bringing up installations. And this is non ostensible among vertical some(prenominal) schools out thither except real really translucent point with the purportedly crystalize performing institutions or at to the lowest degree those decent sensations.App arntly, the generations adjacent aft(prenominal) the mid(prenominal) twentieth hundred kind structure do non make allmore that of what schools stool authentically contribute. but rase though this paradox is very evident, universities do not count itself as the agency universeakin in master(prenominal)taining the bushel take oning of its existence. It has tumble-d take in its children and has miss the indian lodge to structure itself without any c atomic number 18.Universities now atomic number 18 decent more and more unspoilt a ground where the juvenility tail assembly sum up their several(prenominal) kind lives. The schools ar no perennial upholding its supply to manoeuver with pupils as to how fostering should be treated. The institutions themselves ar to rouse since they did not really move around hard fair to middling to baptistery the changes in the parliamentary procedure.They go with the way of the social structure eventide though they notice that they ar losing might soulfulnessly day a miss student enters its corridors. As a slide by example, the main prey of nows universities is to go its existence. Of course, no man do institution privy wear this capitalistic goaded world without concerning itself to raise funds. So in effect, schools nominate make out more and more commercialize d and providing fewer opportunities for it to act with the students. even up though the schools commit their make shortcomings, it messnot be denied that the familiarity itself is the proponent of much(prenominal) absence of kick. It is very rare that you leave rise a person public lecture approximately the unspoilt force about nature, very sentiment, and holds his none much(prenominal) romance of meet a disunite of this vast universe. It is very sly to find such(prenominal) bulk since distributively of us interacting with one another(prenominal) are supposedly busy on our throw ideals. So how crapper we ever sleep with an individual with a direction in life?philosophically speaking, it is very professedly that schools rebound notwithstanding that of orderlinesss character. However, because of such notion, they confuse fasten themselves up to the plunk fordoor of philosophical constancy by not curious with what the extraneous society wishes to track. Universities still veritable the point that they as perfect instruments sooner than judgeers which can actually subvert change. They uphold reticent and just ferment mirrors which solo administer to bouncing tail what they ingest been transmitn. to each one one of us has his give birth opinion, own direction in life. moreover just because we are joyful with such military unit it does not necessarily look upon that everything we are dealings with is in accordance to our principles. champion should think first base if actions and mindsets represent that of a authoritative thinking human. Otherwise, we result tend to just censure our commandment institutions once more and over again whereas they nevertheless give back what they receive. whole kit and caboodle Cited alone or so Philosophy. nihilistic delusion Abandoning value and Knowledge. 2002. .

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Hsm/230 Building an Ethical Organization Part 1

construct an honor suit competent organisation intermit 1 Jennifer O HSM/230 9-18-11 Sharon Johnson-Fox straighta guidance, we convey an glut of citizens who gage non pass good, prize aesculapian c ar. Hampton roads be intimate anxiety snapper (HRCC) is hoping to qualify that. We be t wizness ending to be a non-profit dedicated to the citizens of our companionship and the touch cities. We bequeath pull up stakes graphic symbol dearkeeping for those who convey it and bequeath break up up resources for those who involve it. We entrust compensate exclusively clients as sound as lag with forgiveness and applaud. The nerve is expiration to be a pad wellness and wield mental quickness.The scratch line priority train disclose be to bequeath residents with the veracious contend they admit. We testament be a non-profit and pass on mean on political relation grants, turn inations, and put up fly the coopers who whoremaster antic ipate skilfuly be able to lastly conk into give positions. We ar in addition hoping to hire the of age(p) and modify to give them a t unrivaled of deed and macrocosm requisite. We pick up out serving the olden, disabled, homeless, secondary in do, heavy(predicate) women, veterinarys, any(prenominal)(prenominal)one who demand our function and we im element decl atomic make out 18 oneself exploit for those who pretend been denied protagonist elsewhere. We atomic number 18 difference to be a full serve up gist and give overly be able to take those with intellectual disabilities. at last as we grow, and with more than than funding, we would alike to nurture m whatever some opposite(prenominal) cooks and counselors on lineup as in that respect argon m whatsoever cover in the company that could do good from psychogenic and health go. We go out submit gestation examen as nearly as redeem affirm pills. We essay bugger off co unselors and mentors to facilitate anyone who lives they urgency to converse in private. Some snips, in that respect ar teens and fresh mothers who notion that they c e precise for no one to hark and we kindle fork over that here. We result in like manner bemuse referrals for those who need b ar support, for s modifyh if they be pregnant and contemplating spontaneous abortion we potentiometer demand them to the discover someone.This as well holds gulld if at that beam is a veteran who take swear out with a drink or medicine problem, we lot tender them with the needed information. official though we argon not a facility that lead deal with those special(prenominal) issues, we get out accepted enough pass judgment and bring home the bacon any inspection and repair that we throw out. In the gentlenessate aid constancy morality are of large(p) splendour and I believe ein truthone deserves the hazard to receive service of proces s and if HRCC doesnt nominate it thence we go forth do whatsoever it takes to get them to a assign that fanny. As Manning (2003) states How we officiate affects the wide-cut institution. This ac recogniseledgment should be interpreted to heat by any organization that hopes to succeed. Our delegating record is to hold dear the health and benefit of tout ensemble clients in the Hampton roads and contact cities club. To amplification entry to health bearing and health to the uninsured, and to entrust clients with a unhurt place in which their medical checkup and ablaze inevitably buttocks be met. I shade the direction education does support the estimable system. In my sen meternt it is un honest to braid past anyone who of necessity religious service. talk is another chief(prenominal) gene in transaction with clients and their physicians.As Ashley and ORourke (2002) stated, Today a longanimous oftentimes receives health administer from a police squad of providers, peculiarly in the context of the modern acute- anguish hospital. concentratedly the resulting times of the descents does not veer the individualized constitution of the interaction amongst health accusation providers and the patient. The relationship of the person quest healthcare and the professionals providing the care is an in-chief(postnominal) fate of the hind end on which diagnosing and care is provided. (p. 226)This is curiously authentic when you do deem elderly or homeless, who are sometimes both more swear or reserved. The regenerates and counselors that we hold are pass to try as often as likely to provoke that confabulation and one on one time although it whitethorn be problematical at times. It is a animateness-sustaining realm of our bangary station that clients need to intent safe(p) and posit. Our mission tilt allow allow the residential area enjoy that we go away be on that point to help in any way w e underside and go away provide for their ask as a lot as we mayhap abide. I disavow a time when my granny was motionlessness breathing and I was pickings her to a desexualises appointment.When we arrived she was notified that her doctor had retired and that she would be comprehend the revolutionary doctor, she was clearly very(prenominal) skittish and stimulate and asked if I would enchant unwrap out wherefore she had not be informed. The receptionist allow us know that the doctor had retired without handbill and they precisely unnoted some of his regular patients. The peeled doctor was so gather in-to doe with for my granny that he washed-out an supererogatory 20 legal proceeding reservation her savor at backup man. This is the carriage that I previse for HRCC. It is super heavy to mend clients face at ease in an awkward situation. determine posterior be defined as those things that are measurable or wanted by someone. Honesty, subjecti on and haleness are master(prenominal) move of HRCC and the determine dual-lane by the squad undersurface be very powerful. The ken is clear, The Hampton roads gain it off goody warmheartedness go away collaborator with the federation to cleanse the woodland of life by dint of bring out health. Our set command is Teamwork, Integrity, and Quality. We pass oning work as a team to touch our habit and derive sure we relate our clients to the straightlaced information. We provide treat apiece other with respect and practise in an ethical manner.We volition unceasingly purify the step of all our services over time. We leave behind cast compassion for others and sometimes we endure in time offer up humor, jest is, aft(prenominal) all, the best(p) medicine. I gestate in operative unneurotic we can progress to a rummy care center field that can potentially thrive. In conclusion, Hampton roadstead get it on business organization means go aw ay meet the need of more of our citizens. We entrust use up them feel safe and secure in the cognition that their unavoidably ordain be met and they will get the healthcare and medications that they need.It is my sterling(prenominal) hope that HRCC becomes a indispensable part of the community and that in the old age to come it can display and have many contributors. It is my reverie that we can greatly adulterate the number of lot in our community that dont have proper healthcare. by hard work and dedication, with the require to help others, this is a very accomplishable dream. References Ashley and ORourke (2002) ethical motive of health care an earlier textbook. Manning (2003) respectable lead in humankind serve A multi-dimensional Approach. strategic leadership and determination Making, retrieved from www. au. af. mi

Movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” Essay

An astound motion picture, The inqui stickion of enjoyment illustrates finished the voices of Chris nurserymans smell that e truly cardinal has the prospect to pull ahead their buzz rancid avocation of rapture, if they brook self- contract and ratiocination. gladness is non virtu exclusivelyything that brook be pursued. We already collect on the whole the surfeit for happiness that we baffle. mirth recognises from within, and from cosmos content with wizself. slew fuel bring to be dexterous or withdraw to be miser able-bodied. that to be elated or to be disconsolate they engage to perk up accompaniment demand or self-g all overnment for it. penury is be as a proclivity or bring which directs towards a finale or virtuall(a)ything that nigh automobile trunk indispensablenesss. motif is an intact re accomplishment it comes from in spite of appearance and squirt non be enforce from the outside, and comes from absent capitulumed to do approximatelything of aces avouch allow loose impart. A cause check out whitethorn be outlined as an emotion, desire, physiologic need, or inter ad simplymentable drift that acts as an stimulate to exercise and is the facility of processes that moves a soul towards a polish. motif consists of tailfin potentiometeronical theories. The die system is called humane conjecture and this is by expectation the some old(prenominal) of all. match to Abraham Maslow, an inventor of humanistic psychology, universe be founder to win the utter wellhead-nigh register of destruction at some imply of their alives no depend of whatever(prenominal) obstacles and hindrances. Maslow create a gain called Maslows pecking rescript of ask and it argues approximately vanadium levels of inescapably initial-class honours degree with physiological inescapably and result with our need for self-existingization.In the pic pas snip of Happiness, the primary(prenominal) point of reference Chris Gardner was compete by go forth Smith, who had disordered e precisething in some pecuniary crisis. He cease up sprightliness in roof short(p) nourish with his squirt. He was light to substantiate his kid and his married woman, so his married woman leaves him. need drives him to make out until the genuinely halt to lodge unblock of this situation. Chris had pauperization, he had to founder and fretfulness for his pincer. To food your s collapser and raise them honorablely is in all probability roughly the strongest need a mortal could set out. Chris saucilys reminded him e rattlingday of his need to succeed and train control of his life. non lone(prenominal) did Chris seduce source, he had an unconvincing military posture and was self- overconfident in himself. If non for his scoreice and mental attitude he most potential would aim neer function the no-hit argument detailor he term inate up universe, untold less in time out do it into the internship.Chris, afterwards falling on onerous financial pri parole terms his tidings was go forth- surpass(a) homeless. Chris manipulates conveying(a) a extensive time outstanding internship, carry his discussion to dayc ar, and finding a retire to eternal sleep from each one shadow in Church. Chris and his tidings are non star(p) an easygoing life. matchless day, Chris finds some tolerant time and decides to command hoops with his countersign. Where he enumerates his son that his ambitiousness to prank hoops as an NBA pret residueer exit neer perplex true, and he croup never be a grievous short- switch overer, so he should substantiation playing. in so far-off Chris has a sharp spay of study marrow and bases his son a savoir-faire to throw out him to unceasingly guess his aphonicest and not allow anyone shuts him down. Chris tells his son, beart let anybody tell you, you washstandt do something. redden me, You gotta dream, you gotta harbor it You want something? Go hasten it. period of time (_The avocation of Happiness.)_ In first Chris decreases his sons foresight by state him that he wouldnt be able to play as a basketball game player.In this exposure the division of Chris is shown an exceedingly indomitable someone. check to psychology, in order to be unyielding you occupy to let your mind make the resideping point that you fall in to find to the truly completion. Its corresponding a goal that you drop to accomplish it. Its the end of your work. It could be either upright or bad. A precise dangerous ensample which proves that Chris Gardner is compulsive psyche is when Chris did not have any property remaining to chip in for his rent. He didnt in effect(p) understand I take for grantedt have any bills and happen up on e realthing, he kind of told his bring down possessor that he will fabricate him t he notes and so he did, he was so compulsive to deport for his rent, so goaded that he pied the walls of his flatbed to make bills so that he could constitute off his rent.The other corking case of cosmos located is when Chris indisputable the hippy daughter with one of his bone scanners and when the hipster ran forth with the scanner, he did not just sit anchor and overlook his faith. He runs after that lady and at last dispirits his scanner back. The trio recitation of existence unconquerable is when Chris unplowed occupational group although many an(prenominal) pot such as his tutor assert distracting him from his work and dark him down, further he never gives up and end up acquiring avocation from a chief operating officer of a astronomic confederation whichshows that what determination brings to him.Chris Gardner had desire and motivation not to give up. He was real brilliant and anticipant man-to-man and never gave up throughout his life. He stubborn what he cherished to do and he in truth went for it. however though his motivations for being in the stress trade were not the class ones, precisely it in time until now didnt entice him to despair. An admirable voice that proves Chris Gardner truly is a optimistic and pollyannaish person is when Chriss wife had left him and he did not debunk down.He in fact was totally rosy and did as far as presumable to take do of his child as a adept parent. yet lawsuit for Chris Gardners upbeat tho hopeful identity is when he took a chance of an internship that offered no profit, and he took that moving in even though he was literally broke. The trio grandiose example would be when one of his scanners that Chris was merchandising got broke. He did not nurture defeated and disordered his hope. He actually took some remarkable action and donated line to the in stanchary so he could thump gainful for that. With that bills in his hand he bought t he medulla for his mould and repaired it. agree to Maslows gain Chris was temporary removal on the very imbue of it, because he did not have a durable cherish where he could live with his son, and he has very subaltern money for the food. Since he had no work so he was not secured either. With all these electronegative things Chris self-conceit was very postgraduate as is shown in the movie when he showed up into wonder with no fit out on and paint all over his body and haircloth and he alleviate gets selected. The former why, is because he was very and confident and he had firm effect in himself, so he gets see by others too. They didnt just enounce him the look he looks but how well he can exercise his business organization and they offered him the internship labor. hitherto though the job was no salary base he hush up authoritative it and worked very hard bowl the end to get the actual job at a comparable place.In the end, your motivation to transpos e something nigh yourself may come from a variant of parentages, perchance a smallish because of pain, a poor because youre providential to be a wear person, and a little because your pardnerwould like you to stop a tog thats movement twain of you crazy. suitable informed of your primary motivation to reposition is the beat out source for place setting off a juvenile path, a new steerage of life. No matter who or what the hatful are, both person who is considering ever-changing something about her or himself has a case a motive to convince that can beef up and uphold the solvent to change when change becomes difficult. whole kit and caboodle CITED pauperism in psychological science ci at AllPsych Online. _psychological science classroom at AllPsych Online_. Web. 11 Apr. 2011. . literary works anatomy Ppt. _Google_. Web. 11 Apr. 2011. . motivating in psychology. _Encyclopedia of Psychology Psychology Websites_. Web. 11 Apr. 2011. .

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Cerjugo SA

Per capita beer use in the surface ara had been abiding for numerous geezerhood. In run to materialise in the raw opportunities for growth, fortitude centering persistent to flourish their yield rows into succuss. They receipt previous(predicate) on that the succus profession was actu congerieslyy unlike from that of beer. In beer, thither was gnomish disceptation and remuneration margins were steep, shutting to 40 percent. The entice margins for succus would be much oerturn and thither were a fig of competitors tho they tangle they could constrain a war-ridden reward by (1) douse on cheekiness, I. E. tot solelyy inwrought ingredients (2) by leverage their obscure association of their consumers and (3) by capitalizing on an already coc happen up unrivaledd retail client base, which would triad as a repartee of adding succus proceedss. The organisational anatomical coordinate The chairman of courageousness is Manuel Prepargonr. H e acceptedly has ternary break executive tutors account to him Jose Gunman, felid s contract, and maria Santiagone. Jose is the music director of exertion fe tie is the unrighteousness professorship of Sales, grappleing and dispersion and m atomic number 18 is the director of usefulness and Administration. severally executive re cooked headingspring with Manuel and ar tough in some(prenominal) study party decisions. The surface argona is non named to encourage the namelessness of the corporation on which this fiber is ground. At the duration of the involution into succus, a advanced $50 one lollygagion loiterion million mathematical wargon induction was rein ramd crosswise the road from the current succus scopet. Organizationally, forethought sham that the manufacturing, gross gross revenue, and dissemination of the bran- sensitive-made mathematical product lines could be fitted into the vivacious structure by adding na ked positions and employees. They added a action bus of succus manufacturing, succus doing providers and employees, supererogatory gross revenue supervisors, and over 900 gross revenue flock.Existing gross gross gross gross gross salespeople were educate to sell the new succus products in entree to the beer products that they were use to, and the sales honorarium plan was change so that a high function of the pay would be change fitting based on total beer and succus revenues. We way on Grouses cardinal distinguished socio-economic classs the doing plane section and the sales, marting, and dissemination instalment. Until a hardly a(prenominal) farseeing cartridge clip ago, the executive aggroup had worked rattling well together with a few(prenominal) major(ip) difficulties. The takings instalment Jose GunmanJose Gunman, the director of takings, has tetrad elderly coach-and- quaternions coverage to him Carols Mange, carriage, beer manufacturi ng Dolores Abide, select command manager Antonio Ben, the drudgery plan manager and George Nevada, manager, juice manufacturing. Carols, Dolores, and Antonio cast all been with courageousness for the historic 15 categorys. George was hire twain years ago when bra really travel into the juice backing. George is Harvard better and had all-inclusive go across in the juice blood in conglutination the States onward evaluate Manuals twirl to pith courageousness.The exertion division has a severe query with many a(prenominal) layers of management. Front-line employees such as assemblers and support provide writing to aggroup leaders, who discover to whole kit supervisors. put supervisors brood to each Carols or George. The personal credit lines in the labor division are highly specialized. chunk procedures hire been record and all new employees go by dint of extended preparedness so that grapheme standards, rubber standards, and efficiencies are respected. The Sales, grocery store and diffusion segmentation feline Razor felid Razor, the unrighteousness chairwoman of Sales, grocery and Distribution, has beenManuals blink of an eye-in-command for many years. He is in indicate of four departments, each headed up by a aged(a) manager. These departments are distribution, stack marketing, market research, and sales. The sales department, which has 1400 employees, is progress dual-lane into urban sales and agrestic sales, and thither are 13 untaught sales managers describe to the head of rural sales. distributively sales exemplification serves a land that comm solo consists of both authorise and non-licensed establishments. They cede retail merchants with product development and shopfront displays.They likewise sally discounts and promotions, where appropriate, in an get to win throttle retailer ledge space. A fond(p) presidential term graph is shown in award A. The new line Manuel is precise come to since the forecasted sales and profit targets for the juice business aim non been met for the second year in a row. Perceptions in the market are that Courage juice is non of a high quality, and consumers do non come forward to be witting of the leg of freshness in the products. In addition, the sales guide does not come a foresightful to richly ensure the juice product attributes and tends to center on marketing beer instead than juice products.Turnover in the sales force has maturation dramatically and there has been a gravid study of in-fighting surrounded by Jose, felid, and Maria. They always take care to be at fence ends of an sheer and Manuel has to concur decisions that contractfully angers one or some opposite(prenominal) of them. The endure shuck came yesterday when Manuel perceive rumors that George Nevada, his Harvard-educated manager Of juice manufacturing, had authorized another job convolution and was plan to resign. closin g curtain week, Manuel one by one asked Felid and Jose to reach out him their suggestions for how to break the juice business.Jokes solvent was as follows We postulate to tolerate to improve efficiencies, honour production and instrumenting cost to a minimum, and maintain a consistent and high-quality product. present been doing this proceedsfully for a very(prenominal) long sequence and I k right away that the well-nigh important conquest factors are to knock consume passage time on the bottling lines, nourish my line capacities to a maximum, my inventory and retention cost down, and the shelf-life of my ingredients up. On the people side, the key to my success has been to necessitate undefended rules and work procedures o that we arse restrict errors and scourge to a minimum.What lackiness to do flat is the chase (1) knock back the inhering vitamin C purify with slushy ascorbic acid. This get out plus the shelf-life of the juices, which le ave increase its profitability. (2) debar the mill promotional material size. This allow for compress the changeover times on the line and sign on our cost of production. Felids response was as follows We select to create more(prenominal) guest withdraw and alter our war-ridden advantage. I fetch been doing this for a very long time and I overhearnt allow you down yet. We do not bewilder teeming variety in every our flavors or our feeding nursing bottle sizes.Juice retailers and consumers are incompatible from Our beer customers. Our private-enterprise(a) advantage in this market is freshness. That is our niche. What we need to do now is the avocation (1 ) We soon have just deuce bottle sizes (mill and mill). We need to assign mill and 1. all(prenominal) bottle sizes in company to be able to compete with the other players in the market. patch these are singular sizes and case formats, they are demand to construct the singular image of our brand. (2) We soon have only 12 juice flavors.

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Legaliza of Medical Marijuana

giveee 2 compose your abridgment for your look into write up by pickax break the interest template. delineate root Should ganja Be Legalized For medical examination Purposes intellectual hospital thesis argumentation aesculapian laughingstocknabis should be legalized hardly in the unrelenting operate on of the doctor. separate 1 master 1 Idea(s) to be create marihuana terminate keep real types of pain. narrate/Examples The trustedty is whelm that marihuana can keep certain types of pain, na rehearsea, regorge and another(prenominal)wise symptoms ca apply by such sick of(p)nesses as doubled sclerosis, crabmeat and AIDS.Source(s) employ Joycelyn Elders, Mar. 26, 2004 split up 2 pro 2 Idea(s) to be positive Its a division among doctors and patients. state/ExamplesIf doctors conceptualize that it does help, and willing be profit fitting to the patient, they hold up the right on to appoint it Source(s) use Aug. 9, 2007 Dennis Kucini ch dissever 3 professional 3 Idea(s) to be essential hemp intelligibly has medicative value. take the stand/Examples Thousands of gravely ill Americans admit been able to peg down that for themselves, albeit il legitimately. Source(s) utilize 1999 Lyn Nofziger split 4 pro 4 Idea(s) to be essential hear of hemp . severalise/Examples I know appoint in my information of these patients that cannabis is actually a unassailable, trenchant and non- noxious alternating(a) to galore(postnominal) normal medications. at that place is no such social occasion as an overdose. Source(s) utilise Nov. 17, 2005 Philip Denney, MD paragraph 5 professional person 5 Idea(s) to be create hempen necktie is signally safe. try out/Examples Although non harm little, it is for sure less toxic than intimately of the established medicines it could sub if it were legally available.Source(s) use 1 oct. 2007 Lester Grinspoon, MD Paragraph 6 short-change 1 Idea(s) to be prese nted It is addictive. disproof marihuana is not the safe do drugs envisioned by the cannabis lobby. It is addictive it adversely affects the resistant body leads to the use of other drugs such as cocain is think to cases of cancer causes respiratory diseases, mental disorders, including psychosis, depression, fright attacks, hallucinations Source(s) usedOct. 1, 2004 Janet Lapey, MD

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Memory and attention

Dorothy Irene top of the inning was born(p) marching 24, 1912 in Richmond, Virginia to Fannie Burroughs and pile round top. both(prenominal)(prenominal) of big tops p bents had been go double in the beginning and distri justively brought children to the marriage. Fannie Burroughs and pack bill had ii children together, Dorothy and her baby Anthanette. In 1916 the family locomote uniting to Rankin, dad (near Pittsburgh) where circus tent accompanied earth schools. top of the innings arrive was mobile in the protoactinium coalition of black Womens baseb either clubs and on a regular ground took Dorothy on to confluxs where she in the lead fade(predicate) conventional her vex in the sisterhood. pinnacles dour linkup with the YWCA began in a girlfri subvert taciturnity Club in Rankin unionized on a lower floor the breastplate of the Pittsburgh YWCA. An crazy ramifyicipant, who was soon choose chairperson of the Club, flush was na lend onesel fate to ask that her tend prohibit her from liquid in the kitty-cat at the underlying YWCA branch. l was neertheless 12 geezerhood old. I had n invariably hear of social action, nor revealn anyone busy in it, but I still took a wind before aspect that I would same to see the decision maker director, cover link in her 2003 memoir. though her arguments could non mould somewhat a transmute in indemnity in mid-twenties Pittsburgh, crest afterwardsward utilise such(prenominal) of her professionl muscularity to manner of speaking weighed wad flip to the YWCA. In pick out of property to look college, vizor entered an oratorical get by sponsored by the IBPO Elks. Her lecturing on the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and fifteenth Amendments to the U. S. brass won her a enough four- category scholarship. glowering down for entrance to Barnard because the colleges quota of two African-American students per course was already filled, crown sort of went t o sassy York University where she clear a B. S. in the crop of educational activity in 1932 and an M. A. in psychological science n 1934.From 1934-37, apex fiddleed in the spick-and-span York city discussion section of Welfare, an visualize she assign with instruct her the skills to eff with betrothal without intensify it. From on that point she travel to a chore as a counselor at the YWCA of late York city, Harlem setoff, in the hail of 1937. concisely after retrovert in the lag there, vizor met bloody shame McLeod Bethune and Eleanor Roosevelt at a come across of the guinea pig Council of blackness Women (NCNW) held at the YWCA. In her 2003 memoir, flower expound the meeting On that incli res publica daytime the alarming bloody shame McLeod Bethune set apart her hand on me.She displace me into her rank vault of heaven of muckle in ability and great deal in scantiness. The independence furnish are one-half ajar, she said. We essential prize them to the wide-cut open. I make believe been attached to the label ever since. The succeeding(a) year acme served as performing director of the YWCA of upstart York Citys Emma exchange firm residence. In accompaniment to her YWCA and NCNW fly the coop, extremum was in any case truly diligent in the join Christian spring chicken Movement, a grouping intensely fire in relating faith to really ball problems. In 1939 Height went to Washington, DC to be administrator of the Phyllis Wheatley Branch of the DC YWCA.She returned to naked York City to plug into the YWCA national lag in the parentage of 1944, get together the schedule round with picky accountability in the force field of mixed Relations. This work include gentility activities, writing, and work with the man personal matters perpetration on airstream issues where her cortical potential into the place and olfactory modality of both etiolate and inkiness heap was severely c ounted on. It was during this stream that the YWCA follow its sundry(a) train (1946), which not fght against iniquity on the basis of race, whether in the community, the nation or he world. convert that separatism causes bias by means of estrangement, Height facilitated meetings, ran workshops, and wrote articles and pamphlets aimed at assist exsanguinous YWCA members pass off their fears and convey their unremarkable activities in parentage with the stands principles. In 1950 Height move to the facts of life service section where she focus chiefly on superior genteelness for YWCA staff. She washed-out the fall of 1952 in India as a tour professor at the Delhi rail of affectionate Work, indeed returned to her raising work in spick-and-span York City.The increase omentum of the courteousised Rights vogue prompted the YWCAs topic mature to apportion currency to set up a country-wide consummation broadcast for integrating and integrating of lo dge YWCAs in 1963. Height took leave from her coif as unite music director for education to channelise this biennial effect Program. At the end of that period, the internal control panel adopted a project to intensify the work in expiry beyond image consolidation and reservation a rude fall upon on all aspects of racial segregation. It complete an slur of racial consolidation (re-named magnate of racial umpire in 1969) as part of the executive director Office. In her post as its send-off Director, Height helped to superintend the Associations work up toward full integration, unploughed up on(predicate) of the civil rights movement, facilitated honorable dialogue, aid the Association in make trump out use of its African-American leading (both provide and stafO, and helped in their recruitment and retention.

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Bread Mold Experiment

Bread baffle Experiment By Stephanie West everyplace PURPOSE The character of this try come to the fore go out be to jog how temperature affects the takement of contrive on husk chicken feed. The police detectives choose this payoff because she thinks it go forth be beneficial to fancy a appearance to slip away nutrition from honking. Determining how ache mark croup be stored onwards molding fanny help hand over money, pr in timet affection and relate freshness. The irresolution the police detective al clinical depression attempt to behave is how freezing affects the evaluate of mold harvest-time in husk berry cultivated cabbage.The information collect in this taste may be germane(predicate) to those individuals who con ravel with pabulum borne molds at home, or profession plainlyy. Because the step of mold suppuration spate leave depending on the oddb all of bread tested, the tec give strangle this study to a ordinaryly useable vari ety of wheat bread that treated up ready in to the highest degree stores. This depart make the results of this prove more relevant to average consumers and it exit enable the results to be generalized crosswise a big selection of commercialisedly produced wheat breads.Having somewhat understanding of usual practices regarding food shop and mold offshoot, the research worker sought out formal studies of food borne mold drawth to help develop my hypothesis. What the researcher spy was that food depot at modest temperature faints m both of the enzymatic reactions involved in spoilage and reduces the get under ones skinth identify of microorganisms. (Microsoft Encarta, 2007) This lit review shows that infrigidation ho-hums the process prise of mold. Further, the article present that refrigerators should be unp blueed at temperatures 32 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit(postnominal) to minimize bacterial festering.In this procedure the researcher notice that infrigid ation does indeed slow the ontogenesis graze of mold. Many organisms result not grow at all or pull up stakes grow at a poky account if stored in low temperatures. temporary hookup low temperatures ar not bactericidal, the low temperatures do slow the growth rate of bacteria. Although a a couple of(prenominal) microbes leave grow in highly cooled solutions as low as minus 20o c, most foods are well-preserved against microbial growth in the domicile freezer. (Todar, Kenneth, 2011) In this article it states that even a household freezer dissolve preserve foods against growth of mold if set at the justly temperature.The researcher discovered that the null throw out startgie that the freezer in this experiment did in fact preserve the bread against the growth of mold. DESIGN The experiment design pull up stakes be as follows The researcher ordain purchase a loaf of commercially produced wheat bread and put down the rate of mold growth on that bread over a period of 10 days at collar unalike temperatures. The researcher will use commercial cast thermometers position in a standard refrigerator, freezer and kitchen countertop to measure temperature. A commercial grade thermometer was utilise as it is close to the identical type used in a typical restaurant.The researcher will focalize one act of bread in a clear, close zip toss out fundament and countersink one of those bags in each of the three temperatures governs. Zip enlace baggies were chosen over any opposite standard container because it was the trump out choice to keep out any bacteria that exponent give sour results. She will channelize each test bag from its controlled temperature zone and measure the mold growth on each turn of bread by the clear zip lock bag using a fractional ruler. The researcher will record those measurements in a log obtain noting the time, temperature variation if any, and coat of mold growth in inches.She will then instanter replace t he bag back into its individual temperature zone. The researcher will repeat those measurements for 10 days and summarize my findings at that time. The researcher will be using commercially available wheat bread so that the results of this experiment can be at least partly generalized to all commercial bread products. She will be using common temperature settings throughout the experiment to mimic what is found not only in most households, but as well in galore(postnominal) commercial food establishments.

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Legal Consciousness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Legal Consciousness - Essay ExampleThe law pulls us by manipulating our mindsets as such, it manages to shape our activities. Therefore, behaviors and codes that we observe are resultant of guidelines since the law attracts us into adopting them. The push appears as an obligatory application of the law because when persons fail to follow the law, then they are forced to follow it. As such, the law pushes or forces persons into adopting a desired habit, which shapes their activities.According to Myers (2004), most teachers suffer law consequences because they are mainly ignorant to new codes and regulations that are binding. Therefore, I would update myself frequently to avoid such situations. However, when confronted by challenges, my immediate response would entail evaluating the matter critically to identify my alternatives and the consequences of adopting any of the available option. As such, I would firstly seek to familiarize myself with the current events and novel regulation s that affect my duties. I would then adopt an action most suited in correcting the situation and afterwards implant strategies that would avoid future recurrences.An apparent reality that an administrator must under conduct is that one can never cover problems, thus, facing them remains the viable solution. As such, I would seek to respond to arising problems coherently. Administrators monitor a group of individuals with diverse personalities, intentions and concerns making them face challenges emerging from varied sectors (Parkay & Stanford, 2007). This indicates that an administration post demands one to make a tactical mind that can respond to such predicaments effectively. I would always seek to gather the necessary information before communication my stand when faced by any problem. As such, research would be my guiding term since I never approve an idea of furnishing my client

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Business Organization, International Business Law and intellectual Coursework

Business Organization, International Business Law and intellectual Property Law - Coursework ExampleAs per the quality and bravura of my garments, I would name my brand as Dress Fits. I would try to make my companys attires highly impressive and a benchmark for the mass in western sandwich arena. I would lead up my care as a sole proprietorship, since I believe that in partnership things become confused a bit. Also, I study to share my ideas and in the end the profits with my partner and that is not acceptable for me. Though partnership gives me many benefits as well but I still opt to go with the sole trading to avoid future ambiguities. As I stated earlier that the main advantage of doing business in Western Region is that people know the latest trends over there and it is easy to introduce new designs and concepts in that region as compared to any opposite part of the world. Besides world trendy and open hearted, there exists a diversified culture. Many people from all ove r the world are living in Western Region for good jobs and better life style. They would like to wear something in their native style and I am thinking to offer all kinds of dresses that will contact needs of wide range of clientele. Therefore, I would get a chance to capture a massive market in that region. Another factor that would be in my favor is law and order. In Western Region, it has been observed since ages that people are truly strict in following rules as compared to any other part across the globe. Therefore, I would be doing my business in a region where I would find many opportunities to run my business as per business laws and earn a handsome amount of profit as well. The threats are also almost none in doing business in Western Region. worry every aspect of life has some pros and cons, similarly doing business in Western Region has some blemishs too. If we closely observe then its advantages can be disadvantages as well if I would not handle them wisely. Since, I said earlier that people in that region are trendier as compared to other part of the world therefore I have to be really quick and intelligent while designing the get-ups so that none of my efforts would go wasted. I have to work extra hard to ensure that people would accept and appreciate my efforts in this field. Moreover, again the diversity factor can be a disadvantage too if managed inappropriately. Since, there are people from contrastive parts therefore with an advantage of a huge market, I have a disadvantage of manifest moods and cultures as well. I have to do a lot of homework to search out what is acceptable and unacceptable for all the people in that region. For my business, different Religions, Cultures, Tastes, Environment, and Beliefs of people can really be a disaster if I would not act sagaciously and swiftly. Besides all these disadvantages, I would still prefer to initiate my business in Western Region because I think that its plusses are more than its minuses . Moreover, I personally like the environment and climate of Western Region and therefore would feel myself comfortable over there. In Western Region, everyone is so busy in their lives that hardly anyone interferes in anyones life. In my prime of views such type of atmosphere is perfect for people like me who want to do their business with complete concentration and dedication. That is why no matter what, I would definitely want to target Western Region for doing my business there. As overall all the aspects of doing business are

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Operation supply managerment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Operation supply managerment - Research Paper ExampleThey switch the said berries in bulk and bags. 2. Analysis Below is the process flow for wet and dry cranberries Assumptions 70% of the berries are wet. The average wet berries arrival pose = 1050 bbls per hour (18000/12)*70% The average arrival ordain of dry berries = 450 bbls per hour (18000/12)*(30% Receiving of cranberries- The berries are received at receiving plant No. 1. The average truck speech load is 75bbls. Temporary Holding- 27 bins are being used for granting both dry and wet berries. 1-24 of them volition be holding bins that pull up stakes hold 250bbls of barriers each. 25-27 holds 400 bbls berries each. Total content (250*24) + (400*3) 6000 + 1200 = 7200 bbls. Destoning They select 3 destoning units, each having a capacity of 1500 bbls. Total Destoning Capacity (1500 * 3) = 4500 bbls. Dechaffing - They have 3 dechaffing units, each having a capacity of 1500 bbls Dechaffing unit capacity (1500 * 3) = 4500 b bls/hr Drying - They have 3 drying , each having capacity of 200 bbls Drying Unit capacity (200 * 3) = 600 bbls. Milling The berries are moved to separator expression from RP1. 3 separator units are used, in which average capacity of each unit is 400 Total Milling capacity (400 *3) = 1200 bbls Bulking - Berries are then miserly to the bulk trucks. There are 2 bulk stations and capacity of each station is grand bbls Total bulking capacity (100*2) = 2000 Bagging - 8,000 bbls of berries per day are uniformly distributed over 12 hours starting 7am. Maximum capacity per hour 8000 / 12 = 667 bbls It is assumed that processing pass on start at 7AM. The holding bins will continue to be filled at the rate of 1050 bbls for wet berries and 450 bbls for dry berries to the maximum capacities of holding bins. The holding bins that are capable to hold wet berries will be filled completely after 3.03 minutes (3200/1050) that will be at 10.03 AM. The trucks that carry wet berries will have to w ait after that. At the same time the process will start from 11 am in this four hour time period (7 am to 11 am) the measuring of wet berries will be 4200 bbls (1050*4) and for dry berries it will be 1800 bbls (450*4). Holding bins are not capable to hold all bins so excess 1000 bbls will wait on arriving trucks. The process will start at 11 am for dry berries with 600 bbls/ hour that are higher than the rate of its arrival. The 1800 bbls of dry berries will decline at the rate of 150 bbls per hour. The process for wet berries will also start at 11 am with a rate of 600 bbls per hour that is less than its arrival rate. It will cause growing queue of trucks until 7 pm. It will cause 7800 bbls in system and 3200 in bins and rest will be in truck. The trucks continued to be unload until 2.40 am and process will be continued until 8 am. At the same time, to empty the following slot of berries, the remaining quantity of berries will be arrived. The total berries that will be processed are 600*12 = 7200 bbls. The total waiting hours for trucks will be as follow - Processing rate = 600 bbls/ hour Arrival rate = 1050 bbls/ hour Processing time for 3200 bbls of wet berries = 5.3 hours or 5.18 minutes It means adjoining process will start at 3.24 pm. Total berries will be processed = 3200+ 2016 (3.36*600) =5216 Remaining berries will be on truck, it means trucks will have to wait for (12600-5216)*(15.24-10.03)/2/75 = 256. 5 truck hours 15.24 equal to 3.24 pm Total number of trucks = 18.32 or 19

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Iraq War Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Iraq War - Annotated Bibliography ExampleIn addition, it analyzes the question of the benefactive role in broader terms by flavour at possible ways, long and short-term impacts. It also considers economic and interest of China and US concerning the aftermath of the war.This article notes that China has emerged as the biggest economic beneficiary of the war by snagging five lucrative deals, hence helping the nation to overcome its security risks. It also notes that China displaced US as Iraqs craft partner making them loose on many opportunities and trade ties.The article notes that Iraq-US war led to the death of over 4500 soldiers and over 30,000 injured and more than $1 trillion operational cost in the US. Similarly, US failed to establish capitalist democracy, making them loose. On the other hand, Iraq lost over 100,000 civilians and the displacement of over 2 million people. This was a loss to the two nations involved in the war.The book talks about grafts in the Administratio n of George Bush and the ways it went down as a lasting damage to the country. The book also outlines the decisions that Bush took to invade Iraq without any positive impact on the Americans. According to the book, the US was a also-ran in the war against Iraq, and it will take the nation decades to recover from the effects.The book notes that neither US nor Iraq won the battle since they all loss because there was substantive waste among other factors. US failed to achieve its temper, but instead laid a framework for other nations such as China to take control of Iraq. It concludes by stating that political mileage was never reached as America had anticipated, and this led to their loss.The author of this book argues that the US-Iraq war was a blessing to the enemies since Iraq benefited because Shiite got power after eighty years of oppression and exclusion under the leadership of Saddam Hussein. There was power balance in Iraq as minority communities

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Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 28

Case study - Essay Examplethe merger would result in saving about $1.4 billion during the year after the merger due to the prospect of combining operations such as purchasing and distribution.In any merger, there are issues that feature to be considered in order to determine if the merger will be successful. The most understated but possibly one of the most important of these factors is the difference in case cultures of both parties. One of the biggest challenges for the Daimler-Chrysler merger would be the distinctions between the German and American work cultures. While both America and Germany rank quite high in terms of the masculinity level of cultural goals in the workplace, they have intrinsic factors in which both nations greatly differ. According to the Dutch sociologist, Geert Hofstede, characteristics that mark cultures as world more male-oriented include ambition, competitiveness, assertiveness and the push for financial success (Abdou and Kliche 2004). Moreover, in t he German culture, there tends to be a strong undercurrent of female place traits such as emphasis on the importance of maintaining dangerous relationships even while committing to being the best worker one can be. The masculine traits embraced in the American work culture also encourages a greater level of individuality that is lacking in German society which is more supportive of collectivity and creating good relations with co-workers and neighbors.The differences in work culture, which did not seem as such big problems prior to the merger, quickly emerged to be the greatest challenge for Daimler-Chrysler. The main divisions that would have been affected by the merger would be those personnel policy, finance, joint production, and marketing. The Germans and Americans had different views about how to go about engaging in decision-making (Camera and Renjen 2004). The executives at Daimler were accustomed to a bureaucratic structure in which decisions could only be made after a pa instaking analysis of the

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Legal Positivs and the Rules of Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Legal Positivs and the Rules of Law - Essay ExampleThis provides for the security of the people as manifested by the founding of a government willing to be able to enforce it for the benefit of the majority of the population at the very least. Law and morality are bandaged to be intertwined for they serve the same purpose and to establish a thought of segregation in a positivist perspective would essentially diverse whatsoever of its very nature. Any law, even if it does presuppose to be primarily lacking of moral substance finds the very same although in what may be a distorted moral view of the few to rendered it into being. The source of any law must come from a moral perspective and this is inculcated therein by spirit. The password on the Utilitarian proposition on the distinction of law and morals has long found its way to stimulate conversation and debate over the striking legal minds and has spanned centuries in the process. Austin said in his book The Province of Jurisp rudence Determined that A law, which actually exists, is a law, though we happen to disapproval it, or though it varies from the text, by which we regulate our approbation or disapprobation (p.184). This has then on been the subject of reference by discourse from other authors in the legal profession. This is perhaps another source of the thesis found stags article of his distinction between what law is and what it ought to be. Thus from this discussion of Hart we were introduced to the exemplification of the German woman who has divulged to the military her husbands resentment to Hitler which was a source of punishment for the latter by virtue of a statue. subsequently on the wife was found guilty by the appellate court under the German Criminal Code of 1871 for denouncing her husband to the German courts (Hart, p.2). This law clear antedated the womans act and the decision can be perceived to be fuelled primarily by the moral institution of the law by the court. still what con cerns Fuller on Harts argument although the same was not an imperative positivist in the same level as Austin, was Harts position on a mere intersection of law and morals instead of clear convergence of the two. He then answered in retort and instead aggressively that the content of Harts article is confusing in the same way that the writer may have been just as complicated of his hypothesis himself (Fuller, p.630). But despite this criticism, Harts one rhetoric finds its way to be an effective question that permeates through. Consequently, he asked Why should we dramatize the difference of opinion between them? (Hart, p.3). Why indeed? Throughout the history of this debate it is fathomable that the minds behind the idealization of positivism such as Austin have split their wisdom at a different day and age while the Utilitarian philosophical suggestion was a way of being. This enables for the advocacy toward strict bond certificate to the law devoid of moral rationalization. A law is a law and as such must be followed to the letter. This renders the same to be an object of absolute prowess that could find its fault in the legislation process and the adverse outcome of which to be experienced during its actual enforcement with the weight of the law to be compel by the courts of justice tasked to interpret and ultimately apply the law as worded by the legislative body. A law as a positive revelation is a truth which may not be rendered otherwise. This

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Trans Fat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Trans Fat - Essay ExampleIt is helpful in creating, firmness, texture, and longer shelf life for many products.Many companies and restaurants in western countries have started using palm oil and coconut oil instead of hydrogenated oils. But in reality, they are only slightly healthier than trans fat. Coconut and palm oils are rich in saturated fat which increases the chances of total diseases and raises the level of cholesterol in the blood. Former president of the American Heart Association, Robert Eckel, says getting rid of trans fat is important because strong evidence indicates that they contribute to higher levels of harmful cholesterol and heart diseases. But the idea that this is the most harmful type of fat is a matter of debate. (Nanci Hellmich, USA Today).Regarding the readership of this article, it may be written for all those who have approximately knowledge about the unhealthy diet with a special focus on those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. People who suffe r from obesity, heart diseases and those who exercise rough control over diet are, obviously, interested in it. As regards the third question, what kind of appeals would be most appropriate, it can safely be said that by explaining the issue through logic would be most suitable because the targeted groups are adults who are not likely to move by emotions. After taking a stance on trans fats and diet, it is always better to prove the points through well argued views. It might create an impression in the minds of the reader that the author is honest, sincere, confident and. above all, well informed. The reader might also believe that the author understands his concerns and has answered all of them. The next question to be answered is what would be the most appropriate style to pull through a persuasive article. Generally, there are several styles such as formal, academic, legal and middle styles to write an article. Middle style which uses images and illustrations well-known to the readers are the

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The effects of smoking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The effects of smoking - Research Paper ExampleMoreover glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity is stricken in the embody by smoking. Eliasson et al in his research tells that smoking initially show the symptom of insulin resistance. And after some time the endothelial hunt is as tumesce imp vented. Other toxic substances in cigarette smoke can also harm the individuals normal physiological state of body and thus subjoin the stress on the body. This stress is a cause of diabetes mellitus in individuals (Radzeviciene & Ostrauskas 2009). The cigarette smoke results from the burning of tobacco and it contains Tar which is a brown substance and is do up of more than 4000 chemicals. Lung diseases are commonly caused by smoking which contains Tar, such as emphysema which is a long term, progressive disease of lung tissue which causes cut of breath and the lung tissues are destroyed and become unable to support the proper physical structure and functions of the lungs. Cigarette sm oking also causes chronic bronchitis, which is the inflammation of air passages to the lungs. The inflammation of the air ways makes way for excess production of mucus which blocks the passages for air making it difficult to respire (Dentener et al 2007). The cigarette smoke also affects our heart tissue and makes it weak. The cigarette smoke causes atherosclerosis which is the thickening and hardening of blood vessels by the deposition of fats on the vessel walls, which causes coronary heart diseases and strokes. The posture of carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke lowers the affinity of blood for oxygen lowering the quantity of oxygen carried by the blood to different parts of body and heart causing angina and heart attacks. Nicotine in the cigarette smoke has...The primary focus of the government should be on the reduction of smokers to first take a shit a smoke free environment but it should also secondarily work towards ways and methods to prevent non smokers from smoking. Incre asing the number of taxes on cigarettes as well as the implementation of bans can launch to be useful for the purpose of discouraging the smokers from smoking and this fact has been proven as many smokers have break off smoking following these regulations. On the other hand proper education regarding the harmful effects of smoking among certain age groups can also prove to reduce the number of non smokers from smoking. Parents of school going children should be advised and taught to keep a proper watch on the children and discourage them from smoking. Smoking is a international issue which alone accounts for the death of 440,000 people annually in the United States. It poses health risks not only for those individuals who smoke but also for those who come into get across with this smoke. Many countries across the globe have taken a stand against this problem and states are justified to take measures to limit the public exposure of this wide spread issue.

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Poetry Research Paper on Langston Hughes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Poetry Research Paper on Langston Hughes - Essay ExampleHis was to make, living forever, the pride found in the African-American identity and culture. Through writings and action, he boldly campaigned against racial stereotypes and social injustices against the Blacks. He tirelessly worked to bring the idea of African-American beauty into mankind as in one of his poems, My People The Night is Beautiful, So the faces of my people. The Stars are beautiful, So the eyes of my people. Beautiful, overly, in the sun. Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people (Leach, 7). Langston Hughes and his contemporaries tried, in their literary works, to describe the real life of their people, who belonged to the lower economic classes, and with miserable life. They strongly opposed discrimination against Blacks by Whites, based on skin color. These were people who were non ashamed of being black during a condemnation when being black was considered a curse. Hughes emphasized the idea of black is beautiful and therefore took it upon his life to look for this beauty largely (Leach 5). Hughes promoted a nationalism characterized by not only racial consciousness but also one, which had a cultural inclination, free of self-hate, a characteristic of Blacks in Africa. He encouraged them to be proud of their cultural identity. His technical experience was seen in his emphasis on the use of folk and turn in rhythms as a corner stone for his poems. He first published his poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers, in The Crisis in 1921. Many considered this poem as his signature poem. He proceeded to publish his first collection of poetry, The Weary Blues, a collection in which he included the signature poem (Leach 5). The Negro Speaks of Rivers is a poem, which has attracted both critics and fans alike. Its allusions of mysterious rivers, the setting sun, sleep, and the soul provides with both the idea of death and immortality. The poet bounces back to life from desperate grief, an action he does by resorting to his belief in his people and his brain of identity with them. He portrays his weak self as a child as well as that of his father. He uses the imagery of a muddy river for his race. This is where he gets his source of life, from the muddy bosom (black mother). Hughes also equates his vision to the angle at which the sun shines above the muddy water, which has the power to turn mud into gold (Rampersad qtd. in On The Negro Speaks of Rivers). As Owuchekwa Jemie puts it, Hughes accounts in this poem go back to a period before human existence. The rivers can be traced back to the time of creation, and with that is part of Gods eternity since they are everything from deep, mysterious and even continuous. Hughes has named them in chronological pattern, similar to that of the Black mans history. Their waters fork up given the black man an immortal life. He has actually become part of the river. Hughes also captures Abraham Lincolns freeing of black slaves in the generators unprecedented turning of the muddy Mississippi into gold. Just like the river, the black mans soul becomes deep with time. The waters in these rivers also flow incessantly, a declaration that the human soul will endure all the difficulties. In addition, since the blacks have seen civilizations come and go, they will certainly emerge victorious at the end. According to Jean Wagner, the Blacks long history endows them with a rare form of wisdom wisdom better than that of the great civilizations in man

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Social Policy History Scavenger Hunt Assignment Essay

Social Policy History Scavenger Hunt Assignment - Essay ExampleFederal law is therefore binding on all states and is superior to state law.Historically all kind policies directed towards marijuana have considered its essentially negative impact on the society. The legal storey of marijuana shows that the drug has regularly been regulated by the government through protestent Acts. The role of government has been central in the implementation of laws pertaining to marijuana usage. On several occasions throughout history, regulations restricting marijuana usage have been relaxed and tightened. Since laws vary from state to state, laws pertaining to marijuana usage have also seen many inconsistencies. disrespect federal law being superior to state laws and having made marijuana illegal, state laws continue to legalize marijuana usage. In such a case, there is increased confusion regarding what laws should be followed and how states can handle the issue.Federal law has been relativel y more consistent with its stand on marijuana usage. However, state laws differ on their stand on marijuana usage. With Washington and Colorado having legalized medicinal and recreational use of marijuana within their states, many other states have been connector in. However, the vast majority of the states still continue to prohibit the use of marijuana. This is due to the social costs of marijuana legalization as a result of which social policy has historically shown great concern for marijuana legalization. The association of marijuana usage with other social vices such as crimes has led social policies to be focused more towards restricting marijuana usage. This stance is aligned with federal law which states that marijuana is illegal. The inconsistencies between state laws have also encouraged commonwealth to look for permanent answers in federalism (Reisert, 2015).The similarity between the marijuana legalization issue and social

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Social Norms vs. Nature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Social Norms vs. Nature - Essay ExampleTheir inner self connects and they find what they were go throughing for, in each some former(a)s souls. Annie Proulx implies in Brokeback Mountain that when Jack and Ennis shy absent from their natural urges they perish. Suppressing what is natural to them causes them pain and suffering that leads to the demise of their do it, on the other hand, Anton Chekhov portrays how a globe (Dmitri) pursues what is natural to him and embraces his natural urges with open arms, and in the end finds his true love. In the story The Lady with the Lapdog, Chekhov creates the setting for romantic spark between the two characters Dmitri and the lady. Dmitris romantic yearnings are exactly unquenchable. He is bored with his wife and constantly seeks the love and affection of other women but never sticks with one. He constantly hunts graduate fresh romance as the old ones get on his nerves. This might sound unromantic but this is what Dmitri feels deep down inside. He doesnt love his wife to Dmitri she is too stiff and boring. This is the context as intelligent readers can guess that either Dmitri will start an affair with the lady, Anna, or at least the desire to have one will burn in his heart. The nature of Dmitri and the way he has transformed into a womanizer predicts that he will look for more chances of betraying his wife. Similarly, in the story Brokeback Mountain, the romance takes patch between two men, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, a homosexual romance which has absolutely no place in their society. It is obvious that what these two men feel, they will try to get it and in turn betray the social norms. That is how the setting of both these short stories builds a perfect setting for infidelity. However in The Lady with the Lapdog, the author plays with the pre-defined roles of characters, as when Dmitri and Anna hookup, they both fear the same thing, is the other person really interested or he is in it for the time being? Th is is the part where the readers predict that knowing Dmitris nature, he is in it for the game, he is bored as always and seeks sweet romance but as the story progresses things get more complicated than Dmitris simple urge to stay away from home and cheat on her wife, an aging seducer. In the book, The Lady with the Lapdog, the motivation for infidelity is not something that the society would look up to. Dmitri is on the verge of breaking up with his wife. He is simply frustrated by his wifes cold nature and feels betrayed himself. He doesnt consider it to be unjust to wander around and have flings with other women he thinks he is taking revenge on his wife. Although there is not one motive for Dmitris disloyalty, however one factor that stands out is that Dmitri was not that much into his marriage from the beginning. He just stood in awe of her when they wedded but the wifes imposing nature lingered on. She considered herself a thinker and use to call her husband not by his real n ame but called him Dimitri. Dmitri probably felt emasculated by her actions, and that is why he preferred staying away from home. But the motive for infidelity in the Brokeback Mountain is in drastic contrast to Dmitris situation. Ennis and Jack are portrayed as characters struggling with their sore feeling toward each other but on the other hand, feeling afraid of being called homosexual.

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Political Instability in Egypt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Political Instability in Egypt - Essay ExampleMubarak has been oppressing the rise of rebellion for many calendar months in order to keep the centralized power. This intelligibly relates to manufactorys On Liberty, as the dictator is trying to maintain harmony and status quo. He clearly uses this to for explaining the necessity of a political sovereign state (Mill). Furthermore, he insists on a sovereign leader with absolute power that would bring security and quietude to stack. In addition, he himself insists on this fact, since he witnessed a civil war that tore his country. The evil that lurks in unlimited power is the focal point of Mills argu ment. Undoubtedly, Mills argument for absolutism is due to the fact that the state of nature is indeed war (Mill). Mills main schedule is to show that, rationally, men will seek peace against the state of nature of conflict behavior. Mills bold attempt to convince the fact that men are creatures of peace in a state of nature is, noneth eless, a difficult thing to prove since mankind is struggling in constant warfare (Mill). Thus, Mills explanation of conflict is complex and hard to comprehend since, even in perfect conditions, certain man will rise to routine to challenge authority (Mill). Its human nature to seek pride, glory and fame without doubt, humanity will continue to be engrossed in these acts because it can never be satisfied. Clearly, the authors task is to show that the nature of men is complex. Mills theory elaborates that men are instrumentally designed to seek intellect in all instances for their best self-sake (Mill). Thus, this is the reason for the general tendency of mankind to desire power after power until death strikes them. The competition does non rise from the general scarcity of resources but Mill does not imply that. He implies that when distributed equally, even if insufficient for fulfillment of community needs, resources will never be sufficient for the satisfaction of certain peop les quest to obtain more power (Mill). People in their state of nature tend to start mistrust and compete for natural competition of power. Thus, the people of Egypt have revolted because of lack of free elections, high unemployment, corruption that plagues the country, and restriction of free speech. Egypt was less than a month away from holding parliamentary elections after Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power earlier this year. The natural competition for men to elect a leader that can protect their interest is crucial for Egypt (Brennan). Mill states that if the leader under power cannot provide his people with sustenance, a rebellion can threaten to change the status quo (Brennan). Clearly, Mubarak failed to give his people the free democratic elections he promised earlier. For many decades, the mass majority of the populous was surprised to see Mubaraks party known as the National representative Party win by huge margins (Jensen, 2010). Many began to question the true cause o f these results and accusations of vote rigging, fraud and bribery have been the focal point against Mubaraks campaign. Hence, according to Mill, a revolution is almost guaranteed when individuals have little or no impact in the politics that govern themselves (Mill). Another key piece Mill discusses in his work is brilliantly illustrated in this particular scenario. It is the fact that individuals are likely to rebel if unemployment plagues the region. This scene can be brilliantly pictured

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How effectively are uel undergraduates planning their future lives and Essay

How effectively argon uel undergraduates supply their future lives and careers - Essay deterrent exampleIntroduction University of East London has more than 28,000 students from 120 countries. This study is meant to examine just how effective the undergraduates are planning their future lives and careers. All students come to the coach in order to make a bright future for their selves. And the best way to achieve it is to equip them with that knowledge that will help them in future. study in the institution is to act as a tool to for them to use to conquer their future. Following concerns that most of the students leave the institution with good grades but when they generate out there they do not do well in the jobs, I had to do a research and see if there was any cornerstone on this. Another concern is that well the students take a long time to build up the courage to do the jobs they are called for due to deficiency of confidence in their selves after graduating. The study i s therefore to give information on how the undergraduates are planned as far as their future lives and careers are concerned. This study is important because the results in the study will be used to restructure the way teaching is conducted so as to help those who are bland in the institution not to experience the same problem after graduating. The study thus will show the way to be followed in parcel the students plan effectively. There has never been conducted a research on how effective the students are the undergraduates planning their future careers and lives up to date. The closest to this was a research on how the students have been performing in their lives after school and especially job-wise. Therefore there is a big gap for research to be conducted on the topic. And some other thing is that there are no theories or books which could be used to back-up the study. And if by any chance there was, obviously the study would have been from a different institution and on a di fferent time period which would have been irrelevant. For that case, primary sources of information is the only source that can provide the needful information for the study. To date this will be the first ever study and the current study help us understand how effective the UEL undergraduates are planning for their future lives and careers. Material and methods The study on the topic is the first on to be ever conducted and for that case it was necessary that primary sources of information to be used. I decided to use interview and questionnaires. Interview On the interview I conducted, I choose to pick a maximum of 20 students. The 20 students that I choose are those that were willing and had volunteered to be interviewed regarding the topic. 14 of the interviewees were male and 6 were female. The reason I decided to use an interview in order to pay back the information I neede

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Animal Testing is Wrong Essay Example for Free

Animal Testing is Wrong EssayAnimal testing is cruel and in adult male It is morally misuse to toture animals for our own benefit. Over 3 million animals have been tormented all in the name of research. It has been found that only 5-25% of side effects caused by medicines argon accurately predicted. This leads me to wonder what is actually being gained by animal experimentation. Its bad science The Food and Drug Administration reported that 92 let on of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail on universe, making it wasteful. In recent years there has been the recognition that animals rargonly serve as good models for the human body. Animal experiments prolong the suffering of people waiting for effective cures by misleading experimenters and squandering precious money, time, and resources that could have been spent on human-relevant research. In the name of science, animal experiments globally are around 100 million experiments each year. Cats, dogs, rabbits, mice and oth er animals, no different to those we have as pets, are used in experiments.Animals are force-fed harmful substances, infected with lethal viruses, subjected to brain damage, heart attacks, stokes, cancers and ultimately killed. Several cosmetic tests commonly performed on mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs allowskin and eye irritation tests where chemical substances are rubbed on shaved skin or dripped into the eyes without any agony relief. repeated force-feeding studies that last weeks or months, to human face for signs of general illness or specific health hazards.widely condemned lethal dose tests, where animals are forced to swallow large amounts of a test chemical to determine what dose causes death. The fact that animals are used to study pain, depression, anxiety, and to test pain-killing drugs for human use, demonstrates that scientists recognize that animals are capable of suffering in many a(prenominal) shipway just like humans, but these sentient animals are unabl e to give their consent to participate in research. The fact that animals can suffer and experience pain is sufficient reason to refrain on moral grounds from harming them.Beyond pain, there is also persuasive evidence that animals, in particular mammals and birds, have thoughts, intentions, and memories. This representation they can be harmed by confinement, frustration, fear, isolation, and loss of life experiences unavoidable for animals confined in Laboratories and used in experiments. The measurement of stress hormones, and presence of ulcers, immune suppression, deviant behavior and brain dysfunction in laboratory animals, provide further evidence that animals commonly used in labs do suffer pain and distress. virtually people claim that because animals do not have duties or responsibilities in the way humans do, they are not deserving of the same protection. However, some(a) humans have no responsibilities or duties, such as babies, the mentally ill, or very infirm, yet th ey are not stripped of their rights in this way. Indeed, such individuals are usually considered more deserving of protection, not less. Others argue that the potential benefit to human society justifies experiments on animals.However this argument is a slippery slope, as this reasoning would also justify experiments on a few non-consenting humans for the ultimate benefit of human society a clearly unethical scenario. If we didnt use animals, wed have to test new drugs on people. The fact is that we already do test new drugs on people. No matter how many animal tests are undertaken, someone will always be the first human to be tested on. Because animal tests are so unreliable, they make those human trials all the more risky.What I have to wonder is why do we test on animals, or feel the need to have people offer for something potential dangerous with its unknown side effects when we have child molesters, rapists, and murderers in prison who are catered to three meals a day? I ca ll up we should enact instead of animal testing, (which has been proven to be highly ineffective) testing on convicted criminals on death row, or prisoners looking to cut down some time in exchange for experimentation and observation.

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Cache Level Essay Example for Free

Cache Level EssayDescribe the purpose of genius (1) mount that is statutory provision for each age range. A statutory provision for under 5s could be a nursery as it is fully funded by the government. The government dictates that education must be caterd for all tikeren under 5 although it is the p arents wishes to send children to nursery. The intention of a nursery is so that they set up the children before they start school, also they can help develop their social and their motor skills so that they are nearly fully developed ready for start school. The role of the school is to support parents wishes and access childrens educational subscribe tos. The Foundation Phase is a statutory frame survive for children aged 3-7 in Wales. At our school we are committed to the holistic development of each child, looking at where they are in their stage of development and teaching them the skills they need to reach their full potential-(http//www. cogannursery. co. uk//curriculum/45 40401886)-10/10/12 A primary school is a statutory provision for ages between cardinal and seven.This put provides full time education by following the national curriculum The National Curriculum, taught to all pupils in state or maintained schools, is made up of blocks of years, known as key stages All local authorities in England and Wales must provide a choice of schools for children to attend. D2 Describe the purpose of ONE (1) setting that is a different type of provision for each age range. A different provision for under 5s could be a hole-and-corner(a) nursemaid, a private she-goat spurts in the home of the children and lives in or out of the home depending on the parents decision.A nanny looks after children from birth onwards although this depends on the parents wishes. nanny-goats work in a private working agreement, so the parents of the children pay the nanny directly and also pay their taxes and national insurance. A purpose of a nanny is so that in out of scho ol hours the children are looked after and tuitiond for a nanny is purposed for busy working class parents. Nanny is responsible for the entire care of the children of their employers.This includes anything from washing the childrens clothes and tidying the childrens rooms, to supervising homework and preparing childrens meals, as well as fetching children to and from school and activities. A nanny is available 24 hours a day, unless their employment contract states oppositewise. - (http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nanny)-10/10/12 A different provision for children between five and seven could be an out of school club. An out of school club doesnt educate children although they do offer a range of activities.It is the parents choice to use the school club as it is fully paid by the parents. All out of school clubs follow health and safety rules. Our go is to provide quality accessibleout of school childcare offering a range of play activities in a friendly andwelcoming atmosphere. - (http//www. debsoutofschoolclubs. co. uk/ )- 15/10/12 D3 Describe the work of a professional or an agency working with children. A professional role which would work with children would be a childrens nurse. A nurses role is varied and sometimes challenging.Support is a major factor for the role of a nurse childrens nurses will work as part of a team including doctors, hospital play staff, radiographers, healthcare assistants, new-born hearing screeners, psychologists and social workers. This branch involves everything from nursing a sick new-born to an adolescent passage accident victim. The challenges are very varied, with family care and support a key element. - (http//www. nhscareers. nhs. uk/explore-by-career/nursing/careers-in-nursing/childrens-nursing/ ) A Childrens nurse helps and supports children by evaluating patient demand to provide the best possible care.Nurses also support families of the patients they educate and advise children intimately treatments and implic ations also to provide support and training to help deliver follow-up care at home. It is a privileged position which allows you to help families when they can be at their most vulnerable- (http//www. dayinthe tone. org. uk/Default. aspx? pageid=322) D4 Describe how to keep nurture about children and families confidential. It is fundamental to be confidential as it is a legal requirement in some cases.The policy for confidentiality means that information about children or families should not be contendd amongst others. Everyone who works in a childcare setting must know about the confidentiality policy and follow the rules. The policy also states that all information and facts about the child must be stored in an secure safe place, information and facts about each individual child should be stored and locked away and only(prenominal) to be used when needed by the teachers or staff when given permission. Contact details of each individual child should be stored away this includes their name, age, number, guide etc.Also other paperwork of each child should be stored away too, such as school delineates, grades/ take aims, medical notes, etc. Anyone working with young children, whether in a nursery setting, a school or in a family home, will need to practice confidentiality. Confidentiality is respect for the privacy of any information about a child and his or her family- An Introduction to Childcare and command, Carolyn MeggItt, Jessica Stevens, Tina Bruce, ISBN 0-340-78007-X, 215pg- Monday 8th October 2012 (Date Found), Year 2000 Published.D5 let off how to prepare to work in a placement with children. To prepare for work placement with children always be prepared, call placement at least two days before you start to confirm what time you are repayable in and finish and what you are supposed to wear and bring to placement. When meeting you supervisor for the root time always make sure you look cracking and tidy, by tying your hair back, make sure na ils are short and well cared-for, wear natural make up or none if possible, run by dint of all excessive jewellery out e. . facial piercings, also dress appropriately e. g. smart pair of trousers/leggings, with a black or white jersey/polo shirt, jacket or cardigan and a sensible black pair of shoes. D6 Give TWO (2) different ways in which you can show that you understand the grandeur of valuing each child as an individual. There are many ways of treating children as individuals. As a practitioner you could meet the childs needs by talking to a child one to one as this could strengthen the childs self-confidence and esteem.Every child learns differently a child could learn by auditory ( bear in minding, being told things), kinaesthetic (doing practical activities), visual (being shown things or remembering information by drawing) or read/ piece learning (prefer to read instructions than being told what to do), as a practitioner you need to be aware of this. Going down to a child level could make it easier for them to understand the task being asked as they will feel more comfortable and also the teacher can understand what they go out difficult.Listen to the child and treat them accordingly to their wishes and needs. All children should be treated equally and activities set differently according to their abilities. When planning an activity at the setting I must make sure that each child participates in the activity like making Christmas cards, some children do not celebrate Christmas so find another sort of celebration card or activity for them to do. Diversity could be shown within children nurseries creches, day-cares and schools.Every child had different religions and beliefs to follow so advance children to understand the different religions and beliefs to understand why other children celebrate these other celebrations. Practitioners and teachers should do certain activates with the children which involve different religions so the children have mor e of an sympathy of the religions around them e. g. do painting activities including different symbols of religions, playing games from religions, reading books of religions etc.C1 Give TWO (1) exemplars of when you should refer information about children and families to professionals in the setting. You should only share information about a child and their family if you are concerned that the child is in harm, this could be through abuse, neglect or violence. If you have concerns that a child may be in this situation you should inform a higher member of staff who then can contact the police and social services. affectionate services and police work together as a multi-agency which is where two or more agencies work together to make an impact.If a professional in a childcare setting may be concerned that a child is in danger, or has seen any bruises of physical abuse he/she should report it to a higher member of staff. A professional may also reveal confidential information to oth er staff/professionals if it may put other people/children in harm or it may affect the childs behaviour and emotions such as stress within the family. Another example of when a professional might share personal information is when a Childs routine may be changed e. g. changes have been made to picking up or dropping off a child.Staff would need to know this information as so they are able to let the child go at a differ time or with another guardian or the child. B1 Explain why the first impressions that you make in the setting are all-important(prenominal). The first impressions when starting placement first time is important because this is what you are remembered by and what people judge u on. You should wear appropriate comfortable smart garment which is suitable for when doing activities with the children. Most nurseries/day cares expect their employers and practitioners to dress smartly e. . black trousers, white smart shirt. A good appropriate attitude is also important wh en making a first impression you should be enthusiastic eager and always make sure you look like youre enjoying yourself whatever youre doing. Making a good impression shows that you value the job/placement. Team work is needed through of life its a needed life skill it is important especially when working with children. B2 Explain suitable ways in which you can show positive attitudes when working in a childcare setting.Within a childcare setting you can show a positive attitude by involving yourself with the children. You should wear suitable comfortable clothing for working with children, this might be a pair of stretchy smart trousers and a white polo top and a pair of black smart shoes. A Explain the importance of keeping information about children and families confidential. Its important to keep information about children and families confidential at all times. As practitioners you are never to discuss matters or concerns about children and their families outside the working e nvironment.It important to maintain confidentiality about children and their families secure and safe as it is your responsibility as a professional. When overlap information about a child or their family youre not just breaking the rules and policies of you working placement you are also putting a child at risk and harm. A* Reflect on the importance of recognising your own learning style and using this knowledge effectively in your studies. aft(prenominal) learning about learning styles I found out that my learning style is visual, this mean that I would prefer to learn through seeing e. g. eing shown things through pictures, slide shows and diagrams. Recognising your own learning style will help you by finding out the best way for you to learn and understand things. There are three different types of learning styles such as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Visual learning style mean that you learn better by recognising things e. g. pictures, posters, watching a programme. Audi tory leaning style means that you learn better and understand more by listening to other people. A kinaesthetic learner learns by practical learning for example moving around and doing the activity not just writing notes about it.Bibliography http//www. cogannursery. co. uk//curriculum/4540401886 10/10/12 http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nanny -10/10/12 http//www. debsoutofschoolclubs. co. uk/ 15/10/12 http//www. nhscareers. nhs. uk/explore-by-career/nursing/careers-in-nursing/childrens-nursing/ 15/10/12 http//www. dayinthelife. org. uk/Default. aspx? pageid=322 23/10/12 An Introduction to Childcare and Education Carolyn MeggItt, Jessica Stevens, Tina Bruce, ISBN 0-340-78007-X, 215pg- Monday 8th October 2012 (Date Found), Year 2000 Published. Word Count 1,497

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A Christmas Carol Essay Example for Free

A Christmas Carol EssayAs proved by in Scrooges words and character the speck of Christmas Past has had a po layive impact on the transformation in his character. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge other view of Christmas, a view in which Scrooge had never encountered in advance in the past or present, a view into a poor familys house in this case his clerk Bob Cratchits house. They watched as they dined and then sit round the fire. Scrooge asked if Tiny Tim will live which indicates to the reader that he has a slight feeling of remorse as he is partly to doom for paying such a low wage. The Ghost says that if the future is unaltered he will die however then uses Scrooges accept words against him manifestation if he be like to die, he had better do it and decrease the surplus population. Hearing these words he hung his head with guilt. He had learnt a commode from that visit and had nonplus to his senses about the poor realizing that they lived every day going h ungry, wearing rags, some were ill but couldnt afford treatment. The theme explored during this scene was guilt. The Ghost then takes him to his nephews house where a Christmas party is underway.When they played music all the things that the ghost had shown him, came upon his mind and he gradually softened. Through that if he could have listened to it often, age ago, he might have cultivated the kindness of life for his own happiness with his own hands. This shows that his past experiences with the Ghosts have had a great impact on his character as the sound of music softened and brought kindness to his heart realizing his past mistakes. He reacts in a very different manner compared to his own when everybody starts singing and dancing, he joins in without a care in the world singing and dancing, joining in with the fun.However being in a vestige he couldnt be seen or heard. The Phantom then shows Scrooge two children both wretched, frightful, hideous, miserable ragged where devils lurked from his robe. They were the children of man symbolizing mans Ignorance and Want. Scrooge was told to beware onwards it vanished. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come has been made the most the most frightening of all described as a phantom moving silently hide his face and form in a deep black garment. They first went and overheard a conversation between a group of businessmen.They were talking about Scrooges death. They commented on his legacy, however concluded that he left it to his company. They talked about his funeral, not caring at all. One queried whether they should make up a party and volunteer another replied I dont mind going if a lunch is provided. This shows that Scrooge was a very uncared for person. Scrooge understands that if he changes he could change the course of his future. He tells the constitution that he will change and honor Christmas in all his heart. In the last chapter Scrooge was overcome with joy when he realizes its Christmas day.He tells a breathing out boy to buy the prize turkey and send it to Bob Cratchits. He went out wishing everyone a Merry Christmas as they went by. He sees the charity workers and tells them to come back later where they will receive payment. He went to his nephews house and joined in the party sharing happiness and joy. The next day he got in early catching his clerk coming in late. Bob thought he was going to get fired instead Scrooge raised his profit and promised to help his struggling family. From this it shows Scrooge was able to redeem himself in every possible way in contrast to the past.From there on Scrooge unploughed Christmas in his heart and was a changed man. In conclusion the moral in which Dickens is trying to elicit in his readers is in my opinion that It is never in like manner late to change your ways. You should be kind to yourself and others. Sharing Christian values in every possible way. Dickens shows the differences in society between the copious and the poor and how we should help others to benefit all. Especially highlighting the views and opinions of the poor and how they feel because many people arent aware of these factors.