Friday, May 10, 2019

Technopoly Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Technopoly - examine Example attack aircraft carrier talks about the fact that how the society has transformed. He argues that the societys enculturation seems more like a tool using culture in present(a) scenario and it is losing the natural elements that were present in the culture before. His constant parameters about technology made people to consider him as the Critics of Technology.The accommodate Technopoly The Surrender of Culture to Technology states Postman arguments, ideas and thoughts about the new culture being adopted by the society of which he was highly against. He argues that United States is the only country to have developed into Technopoly. He believes that Technology is not a friend it is not constructive but destructive to the society.He is of the intellection that the dark side to the invention and adoption of technology by the society is that the culture without moral rear end was evolving. Technology is considered as both friend and enemy. This book re veals that how gradually technology has become a bane and enemy to the society.The book is comprised of eleven chapters. Each chapter talks about the element technology from a disparate perspective, Chapter number one, The Judgment of Thamus points to Phaedrus where Socrates tells him a falsehood about Thamus who was a King in the city of Egypt. Postman believed that the story is a total paradox of technology in todays age. He explains that the story involves the issue of a person who is doubtfulabout the innovation of writing and how people will become less reason because of their lack of reliance on their minds.He defends his reason of incorporating the story of Thamus in the start of the essay, He defends his argument by saying I begin my book with this legend because in Thamus response there ar several sound principles from which we may begin to learn how to think (Postman, 1993,

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