Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Scholarship Essay ExampleThe most valuable thing I learned during the original year of my study is that practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, I did not success much during the first year, but, as we cope you must spoil before you spin. I feel myself a wonderer on the mount of knowledge horizon that was opened to me by my teachers, that is why it is too hard for me to choose my major. Nevertheless, I look forward to that my long-term considerations would bear fruits to my approaching deliberate choice of specialization. I am sure that I bequeath succeed and I am ready to work hard.In my life I am hobby the next principle it is necessary to get at the root. Thus, the fact that I chose Solbridge International School of affair and Masters Degree in MBA is very important for me. Business Administration is a filed of my future practicing. I am making my choice gradually, focusing on the most important facts and moving to the least ones. I hope, there ar many members of committee, who would restore in their memories their student years and agree with me that it is not so easy to choose ones major. We make this choice once and for life. Of course, there are people who cannot find themselves during all their lives, but I have used to make well-considered decision in order to hit the mark.My dear Alma Mater, my appreciation of you has no limits Please, do not be too crude(a) with your child. We love our children both for their ups and downs and my failure during the first year does not mean that I am a bad student. It means that I could not react properly at once and did not care for my scholarship. I just took it for granted. Now I see that my scholarship is your trust and your hope for me. I agreement I will not let you down, Solbridge International School of Business, Sweet Solbridge International School of

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