Saturday, May 4, 2019

Philosophy of nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Philosophy of nursing - Essay ExampleThis p cheatnership between harbor and patient evolved from a race where one does things for another, to a therapeutic partnership not only active while the patient is ill but is extended long after getting better.Integrating the immensity of understanding ones behavior and how this affects the delivery of quality care for patients has turned nursing both into a science and art science due to the importance of the basic principles of scientific inquiry and art due to the nurse practitioners ability to be creative in applying or modifying conglomerate concepts and other bodies of knowledge such as evidence-based practice, depending on what the situation needs (Parker & Smith, 2010). In addition, because establishing a nurse-client relationship that is based on trust and integrity has become just as important as the verity and applicability of the care provided, the nurses need to have an awareness not just on the patients whole situation but of themselves as well, to assess whether it is in their capacity to bring the necessary overhaul or if they need other forms of assistance. This combination of methodological and creative thinking has made the nursing concern a science and an art.I have chosen to become a nurse by job because doing so allows me to express various sides of me the scientific and methodological side the creative side and most importantly my caring side. This is because in reality, various disciplines are not strictly separated but rather lap with one another, thus it is important to acknowledge the fact that every kind of discipline, even the nursing vocation borrows other ideas from seemingly-different fields such as psychological theories to business and economics in the process of upward(a) care delivery for patients and other stakeholders. Such ideas were inspired by Peplaus ground-breaking psychodynamic theory, which integrated interpersonal theory, a psychological

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