Saturday, May 11, 2019

Informational Interview Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Informational Interview - Term Paper spokespersonTrust and accountability are good virtues that can help any fearperson establish a good relationship with the customers, which has a positive impact on any kind of business. The experience I have gained so far in make out grasp management can be utilise to manage supplies in a big international troupe. Florida Tile Inc has a career opportunity in the tack chain management. Florida Tile Inc is one of the largest producers and suppliers of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Last summer, I did my summer internships in this phoner though fermented in the customer care department. The order has various departments. I contacted Dave Peterson who is the supply chain managers of the company and arranged for an interview to find out more about the position. I explained to him that I am a student who is interested in the position of supply chain management and looking forward to work in the similar position after college. Mr. Peterson was o rdaining to assist. Name Dave Peterson Job title supply chain manager Employer Florida Tile Inc Location 998 Governors lane, Lexington KY 40513 Business telephone number 859-219-5200 Date/ Time Questions and Answers 1) What did you study in college? a) I studied business management and majored in supply chain management. ... I was called for an interview, which I mean I did well and was later contacted as one of the successful candidates. 4) Did you have experience in supply chain management prior to your current job? a) Before landing a job at the Florida Tile Inc, I worked for Acme Brick Company as clerk in the supplies department where my main transaction was documenting orders from customers from various parts of the country. The acme brick company manufactures tiles, block, and bricks. 5) What do you do on a typical workday? a) I work for eight hours a day and my main responsibility is to ensure that our products get nearer our customers on time. I make arrangement on transpo rtation of raw materials and finished products to various destinations and as well as supervise inventory and storage. 6) Which skills do I require to fit in the same position? a) In order to be successful in this position, you need to be critical thinker as this will enable you solve problems and make good decisions that can translate into great profits. To solve problems articulately, you need to be decisive and in addition posses good communication skills. 7) How does your department relate with other departments within the company? a) Teamwork is one important strategy for any business to achieve goals. We work as a squad with other departments in the company. 8) What are the challenges you face as you go about your daily tasks at work? a) One major challenge in this position is the ever growing and changing technology in the business arena. Keeping up with the pace at times pose challenges to my colleagues and I in the supply chain department. 9) According to your opinion, wh o is the most important person in the company? a) In any business organization or company, the customers are the most

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