Monday, May 13, 2019

HW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 5

HW - Essay ExampleGestures slang been used effectively as sound the movement of the fingers to indicate the turning on of a vehicles inflammation key at 003, the movements of the feet to indicate engagement of the gear pedals (004), hand movements to indicate the turning of the point wheels (012), the circling of the hands by the two ladies to demonstrate the position and use of seatbelts (044), the b remnanting and splashing away of the contents on the stool to show the effect of inertia (056).Body positions have been used as well but not as effectively as possible. The ladies sitting position (008) indicate relaxation, and towards the end it indicates the requisite of the moment (108), their position indicates relaxation (116). Thus, non-verbal confabulation was effectively used in the advertisement. The choice of non-verbal communication by the creators instead of using words captures the attention of the viewers better since they are keen to come in the message, and this ensures the message is communicated effectively.The message in the ad is that a man driving a car is concern in an accident and ends up not hurt because the seat-belts keep him safe. Had the creators decided to use verbal communication the advertisement wouldnt have been as effective as it has been since non-verbal communication captures the attention of the viewer to the end by raising interest and curiosity in the viewer as opposed to verbal communication.I agree that the creators of this video clip have used non-verbal communication very effectively. Moreover, the clip demonstrated the vastness of seatbelts to the safety of a person in a motor vehicle. Besides that, it also demonstrated how a seatbelt can preserve happiness and unity in the family and at the same time enhance safety. This is shown clearly at the end of the clip when the family members are holding each other with an expression of relief

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