Monday, May 6, 2019

Ethical Dilemma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Ethical Dilemma - Essay ExampleThe manifold people encompassed the childs parents and my peer medical staffs though the latter did not have the office staff to overrule the creeds based decision (Guichon & Mitchell, 2009). This is regardless of the parents faced with the bitterness of losing their child, which touched and left wing me helpless besides not knowing how to convince them. Since, on every moment I essay to, they challenged me with Biblical scriptures, for instance, Lev.710-14 (Guichon & Mitchell, 2009). Besides, I could not involve many people to convince them especially the ethicists because of HIPPAs statutes that fetter me to observe patients confidentiality (ANA, 2013).Canada overruled A.Cs case to have a product line transfusion, which was contrary to Jehovah Witness statutes (Bricker, 2008). The solicit argued that the patient was a minor whereby the state via its medical personnel has an obligation of acting in the beat out interests of the minor (Bricker, 2008).Joshua declined receiving blood after undergoing an awful accident whereby he eventually died of excessive bleeding (McAuley, 2010). The adolescent issued this informed directive based on Jehovah Witness statutes, which prohibit its followers from receiving a blood transfusion (Bock, 2012).The outcome of this dilemma culminated to the minors death due to the parents stubbornness. This was a negative outcome, which prompted parents after the childs death experiencing depression coupled with guilty. Since, they chose to observe their religious statutes that could not help their suffer child who was experiencing severe pain. However, after loosing the child, regret was well evident in their faces though they could not pack it verbally. Since, this will contradict what they strongly claim to believe.Mainly, these would challenge some of the creeds beliefs

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