Sunday, May 5, 2019

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Seethetwoarticleslistedattheendofthisdocument.Basedonthematerialcoveredinthemicroeconomicsclass,provideaneconomicanalysisofthepolicyscenariogiven below - Essay pillow slipThis may include External Price Referencing element in it. In some countries like Germany, they have free price of patented drugs but use the policy of External Price Referencing in reimbursements. It is non the same in Netherlands which sets a cap on the price of medicines considered to be of therapeutic value. It must be noted that not all types of drugs are subjected to this policy of External Price Referencing. There different guidelines in different countries that are used when using the policy.The drug m market follows the rules of demand and supply in force(p) like other products. The only difference comes in regulatory protection and approval and also on the role played by the demand side. (Mossialos, et al, 2004). This varies with different countries for they have different rules and regulations that gu ide the policy being undertaken on pharmaceutical products. Also the value of a particular pharmaceutical product is determined by factors such as the amount the consumers are willing to pay for the product. This varies in different countries based on availability, accessibility, importance of the drug and other factors like the government policies and controls. The manufacturer and those importing set their own pricing which affects the price of the drug. This varies in different countries which have different tariffs on imported goods.Others factors are differences on be of procurement and even price discrimination by the suppliers of patented drugs on those countries with a factory producing generic drugs. (Olcay and Laing, 2005). The incomes of individual consumers and national, degree of competition in the globe and private sector, the system of health capacity and the public policy in different countries. Those countries that are developing public health cost account for th e jiffy largest government expenditure after staffing cost. (World Bank

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