Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Argument Assignment- why prostitution should be legal in the U.S Essay

Argument Assignment- why harlotry should be legal in the U.S - Essay ExampleThe reasons due to which legalizing harlotry should take place atomic procedure 18 that legalizing will decrease government spending, will decrease incidences and spread of HIV virus and this will pull down help in keeping the society safe from severe criminal numberivitiesOne of the reasons due to which harlotry should be legalized is that legalizing has several economic benefits associated with it for the prostitutes as well as the government of United States. Prostitution is an act in which the prostitute willingly sells themselves and they mostly do so because they are in dire engage of financial assistance. Since the government is recognizing prostitution as an illegal act, several prostitutes are arrested sidereal day by day for an act that they indulge in out of freewill. The most important point to be noted is that prostitution does not harms the overall society, its benefits and costs are b eard by those who are purchasing prostitutes and by those who are selling themselves. Since prostitution is recognized as an illegal act, police is running after the parties involved to tuck away them. Several prostitutes are being arrested every day and this is increasing the population of the jail and is even resulting in an increase of the governments financial expenditure. During the period of 1987, Jacobsen reported that the total cost of putting prostitutes nates bars and brining them to justice experienced by the government is around $2000/arrest (Jacobsen 135). FBI pointed out that the total number of prostitutes booked into correctional centers totaled to 56,560 individuals (FBI 1). Calculating the total cost bared by the government to shroud with 56,560 individuals involved in prostitution may end up amounting to $113,120,000. If prostitution is recognized as a legal act, this government spending can be saved and used for other purposes and countering criminal bodily f unction

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