Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Analysis of Act 3 of A Dolls House Essay -- A Dolls House Act Three

Analysis of Act 3 of A Dolls HouseFor most of the play, we see Torvald delighting in Noras dependenceupon him but not in his instruction everyplace her, but as the play progressesthe side of Torvald we see is more pushover than dictator. In thescene following the party, Torvalds enjoyment of his control overNora takes on a darker tone. He treats her like his possession, likethe young girl he first acquired years ago. Contributing to thefeeling of control that Torvald is exercising over Nora is that theevening has been of Torvalds designhe dresses Nora in a costume ofhis choosing and coaches her to dance the tarantella in the mannerthat he finds desirable.The hollowness of Torvalds promises to deliver Nora shows how little heappreciates her sacrifice. Nora expects compassion from Torvald afterhe finds out some her predicament, especially since, after learningof Dr. Ranks imminent death, Torvald confesses that he fantasizesabout risking his life to save Noras. Once given the oppor tunity,however, Torvald shows no intention of sacrificing anything for No...

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