Saturday, April 20, 2019

Paying for Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Paying for Motivation - Essay ExampleDuffy (2010) relates to the present and the expected value of the educational organization, only if it is used to increase the long term performance of the employees. The management of an educational organization should, therefore, come up with strategies that would result in providing a long term and substantial results for the benefits of the stakeholders. Pay may also be associated with the expected performance of the employees but it the performance of the employees is not completely influenced by pay. There are rough otherwise factors that may directly influence the present and expected value of the organization as good as the employees. A study was conducted on three assemblys which contained people with equal qualifications who were required to complete a single task for a freelancing website desk. One group was being stipendiary $4 per moment, while other was paid $5 per hour. The third group was told that they will be working at $4 per hour however, they were also told that there is some room in the budget therefore they will be paid a little more but the increase in salary will be a surprise for them. The performance of the three groups was evaluated by measuring the productivity at the task. The results of the first and the second group were almost same, irrespective of the fact that one was being paid more than the other. The third group, who was granted with high surprised pay rate, exhibited 20 percent more effective results than the other two groups.

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