Saturday, April 27, 2019

Individual Reflection on Marketing Simulation Game Assignment - 1

Individual Reflection on Marketing Simulation second - Assignment ExampleMy part included taking care of the marketing plan to be adequate to evaluate and understand the market in which the play along operates as well as its fight in the industry.In this project, our main aim for my part of the project was to help us in assessing and understanding the competitiveness of MYPHONE Company. In addition, the simulation was excessively aimed at creating awareness about various resources such as finances, investigate and development, sales, as well as the costs for carrying out different marketing activities that were required by the company. The bring forth and the knowledge that were achieved from this simulation were intended to be used in sound decision making for the approach of the growth of the company as far as its marketing sector is concerned. The simulation will also help to add more knowledge in the world of marketing in this company, which have not been realized.I was a ble to achieve the goals that this simulation intended to find out. This is because the simulation looked both the internal and the out-of-door assessment of the company. such(prenominal) analyses are very important in finding out which internal or external factors are responsible for the companys growth or barring the company from growing in the market. Such analyses were very helpful in unravelling what marketing strategies should be applied by the company to combat its unfavourable environmental factors and how the favorable factors can be turned into opportunities that can be exploited. MYPHONE was found to operate in a very competitive market.At least from the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats of the company, it is easy to know the level of competitiveness of the company when compared to its competitors. It was easy to know the weaknesses of the company in order to make corresponding decisions and strategies that could be used to tack the weaknesses into streng ths. The strengths of the

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