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Congenial associates Essay Example for Free

Congenial associates undertakeThis exigency issues from the social strike of gregariousness and acceptance. Management privy aid the process by c atomic derive 18fully aforethought(ip) and executed induction programs, provision of means to socialize through rest periods and recreational programs, and promoting the get upation of melt down teams through proper work-station layouts and human-related work procedures. Credit for work done This want issues from the egoistic classification of demand and can be supplied by management through verbal praise of excellent work, monetary rewards for suggestions, and ordinary recognition through awards. Releases in employees newspapers, and the standardised. A meaningful speculate This want issues from both the need for recognition and the drive toward self-realization and fall uponment. This is a very catchy want to supply, particularly in boastful system of ruless having minute division of work and mechanic all in ally paced assembly lines. Some research into the possibilities of job enrichment has indicated the possibility of compound the need of employees for significant work and the need of the fundamental law productive, co-ordinate activity. Opportunity to advance Not all employees want to advance.Some feel the social needs much strongly than the egoistic ones. However, most employees like to know that the opportunity is there, should they desire to use it. This feeling is influenced by a cultural tradition of license and opportunity. Comfortable, safe, and attractive workings condition The want for good working conditions also rests upon multiple needs. Safe working conditions issue from the security need. The specific attributes, such as desks and rugs, constitute symbols of status denoting a hierarchy of importance. more than management has discovered that the allocation of such status symbols can be quite as difficult as the allocation of money. In todays environment where the threat of violence is increasing preventive is also an important factor which plays an important role in employee motivation. Competent and fair leadership The want of good leadership can issue from physiological and security needs. Good leadership helps to assure that the organization and its jobs will continue to exist. In addition, the ego demands that one-respect person from whom orders and directions are to be received.It is very frustrating to be subjected personally to a command from an individual who is deemed unworthy and incompetent. Reasonable orders and directions The order is the official communication of organization requirements. In general, it should be related to the requirements of the situation, capable of being executed, complete but not unnecessarily detailed, uninfected and concise, and given in a manner that stimulates acceptance. Unreasonable orders incapable of accomplishment serve only to growing insecurity and frustration.Unreasonable orders that work contrary t o the best interests of the organization may lead to a form of malicious obedience the employee takes great delight in following them to the letter in hopes of harming the superior who merits itty-bitty respect. A socially relevant organization The trend toward greater social expectations of private organizations has impact upon such an organizations employees expectations. This want issues from human needs of self-esteem, and levies a highly ambitious debt instrument upon the organizations management.In a job environment where the most of the above mentioned conditions will carry through the employees will be more committed and productive. The four-in-hands at ACTAVIS should fulfil the conditions above in order to achieve the desired goals. Solution through using theories As Locke (1976) put forward a theory of motivation based on goal fit. The individuals in the company can be motivated by setting goal as Goal Theory suggest that it is the goal that an individual is aiming fo r which motivates, rather than just the rejoicing of attaining it.Lockes view is that what a person values or desires determines the goals he sets for himself, but that what actually drives him (motivates him) are the goals themselves. Lockes own researches indicated that individual performance was better when people had been set specific goals of a challenging or difficult nature, and when they received feedback on their performance. This approach clearly has implications for the practice of management-by-objectives of target setting. Which relies for its success on the mutual agreement of specific goals between a manager and his subordinate.A modern and a more permanent approach to motivation are through job enrichment. This involves putting meaning into jobs. In new(prenominal) words, it is putting Herzbergs two-factor theory into effect by building motivators into the job. These motivators include achievement, growth, responsibility, advancement and recognition. This approach can also work for ACTAVIS since the company is renovating its units. According to the approach the company should plan to change the job confine of the employees in order to motivate them for the new unit settled by ACTAVIS in Bulgaria.A number of research studies have indicated that the job field is an important factor in motivating people. So the content of a routine or repetitive task must be restructured to provide motivation to the doer of that job. One way of restructuring the job is through job enrichment, or making jobs more meaningful. If a manager can include more of Herzbergs motivators, people who perform such jobs utilize their skills and potentials to the best of their abilities and be more productive on the job. Thus, the jobs would be richer and not just bigger. Hence the use of the term job enrichment.Keeping in view the case of ACTAVIS following steps have been recommended to make jobs enriching Selection of an theater of operations or job where an improvement in motivation will make a difference in performance or productivity. Clues such absenteeism, turnover, tardiness, poor quality, lack of interest and production delays may provide an solution in selecting an line of business or jobs to be enriched. Development of criteria for measuring changes in productivity among the employees in the selected area or job. These measurements may include rate of absenteeism, number of products rejected, waste, etc.

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