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Workplace Ethnography Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Workplace descriptive anthropology - Assignment ExampleWithin this company description includes the prevention of company financial waste by dint of developing bill procedures that reduces and discovers these elements within corporate and business partners. The firm also functions to aid companies in notice potential fraud based activities through providing internal auditing services that allow companies to self-regulate themselves and meet government accounting standards and regulations. The general usefulity of the accounting firm fuel be understood in terms of its modes of investigation, as it works to evaluate and examine corporate and business information systems to ensure that the accounting procedures conducted therein remain operable and efficient. In these regards, entities within the firm also investigate management procedures and a variety of internal meet mechanisms to ensure functionality and adherence to regulation. While these atomic number 18 the general com pany operations, there also exist specialize entities within the firm. In these regards, the firm has separate sections that work to aid corporate and business entities in terms of environmental accounting, information technology, and general compliance. Physical Description The physical description of the workplace environment has a number of elements that can be symbolically interpreted. As the firm is large it is divided into incisions. Each surgical incision is regain within a different section of the organization, divided by either long hallways or situated on an entirely different floor of the building. It seems there argon few qualitative assumptions that can be made regarding the placement of the differing departments, as in the past they have been changed without few if any functional change. The firms computer department, which handles both internal computing needs as well as the external company needs, is situated centrally so that the some other departments are able to access it with alacrity. It seems that other departments are located adjacently to each other along lines of efficiency. For example, the special service divisions are located near to each other. Furthermore, the higher level executive offices are situated on a floor that is literally supra the lower level offices. In these regards, one can symbolically interpret the placement of these offices to a higher place the rest of the company as a means of indicating that the individuals residing therein are both hierarchically above the rest of the company in terms of power and control, as well as being located there for the practical purpose of workplace efficiency. In terms of the computer department of the accounting firm, cubicles are built in a square like section with four individuals connected through a compartment that is divided into four contiguous units, separated by a divider. Each unit is contains desk space and a computer for the employee. There is minimal qualitative p urpose for the individual employees being situated together in a unit, as oftentimes individuals who are responsible for different elements within the computer division are grouped together. Rather, placement is determined based along space needs and employee seniority. Surrounding each department are office units. In the office units are managers and supervisors of the specific accounting departments in which they surround. The qualitative importation of this placement can be determined to function by allowing employees efficient access to the office units, which are enclosed to add increased privacy. Their position on the exterior of the department room also allows the managers and supervisors interior a privileged perspective on the on-goings of the department floor. This can be argued to function to motivate employees to at least give

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Hawaiian studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hawaiian studies - Essay ExampleThese events include east wind and Joiking, which is the act of singing yodel-like song-poems (Lucas 3). Sami people maintain their identity by maintaining the use of their delivery, many people slake wear traditional and embroidered blue, and red felt clothing. They also have their own national anthem, flag, radio station, and representatives in the Norwegian parliament (Lucas 9). Their exclusive gloss and isolation imply that they have been politically and historically marginalized. Sami culture is becoming much westernized since they are integrating more technology into their lifestyles.Chapter three of reading and films address how Sami lyric poem has transformed over the past centuries. The fender Sami language is spoken Hawaiian or olelo. This expressive language comprises of vocabulary of about twenty-five thousand words (Irimoto & Yamada 361). However, Hawaii became a bilingual as compared to early(a) European nations two years after the arrival of missionaries. Current statistics indicate that Hawaiian second-language speakers are more than native Hawaiian speakers are (NeSmith 4). This implies that the spoken olelo is on the verge of extinction. Therefore, there are some key fruit strategies the Sami people are implementing to retain their language. One these strategies include the use of Hawaiian language in sports as the films indicate. Sports have proven to be significant social places for the young Sami people to interact and learn their original language. These sports include AhaI olelo ola, Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Anuenue Football, and Wai Awaawa (Irimoto & Yamada 365). Therefore, such activities are highly anticipated to reclaim and maintain Samis traditional culture and

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How have changes in the world economy since 1945 affected room for Essay

How have changes in the world economy since 1945 affected room for manoeuvre of international firms - Essay ExampleThe years 1945 and the early 1950 have experienced a decay in the multinational investments. One of the prominent reasons behind a fall in the foreign direct investments was spread of socialism combined with the harsh impacts of adult male War II. There was a spread of Communism in the east Europe in the late 1940s, and China experienced it in 1949 (Jones, 2005, p.30). During the war, the States was the only country in which experienced a significant increase in foreign direct investments. However, at that place was an eventual fall in the investments followed by a dramatic growth of the domestic economy.After the World War II, there was a major geo-political division of the world. This division was between the capitalist West, the communist East and the Third World (Dicken, 2010, p.16). This division proved to be very important for the multinationals. This is beca use it was through this division that the companies determined their strategies to expand or to internationalize. An independent economic system was made by the eastern Block, as it drew boundaries around itself and the Eastern European Satellites. This boundary was made so that the foreign companies could remain outside, hence they were entirely excluded (Jones, 2005, p.31). The Western stinting order was seen to be much dominated by the US. Western dominance advocated for liberalism at the same age they maintained strict protectionist policies. Moreover, the previously decolonized countries from the 1950s were being colonized and this led to an unprecedented beginning of internationalisation and the emergence of a global economy (Hewitt, 2000, p.289).Most of the countries consider themselves to have observed resurrection from the early 1950s, when the USA was left in a unique powerful position. It was because of Bretton Woodss system that dollar was rectify as gold convertible , which made it a major reserve currency of the world. Majority of

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Individual Reflection on Marketing Simulation Game Assignment - 1

Individual Reflection on Marketing Simulation second - Assignment ExampleMy part included taking care of the marketing plan to be adequate to evaluate and understand the market in which the play along operates as well as its fight in the industry.In this project, our main aim for my part of the project was to help us in assessing and understanding the competitiveness of MYPHONE Company. In addition, the simulation was excessively aimed at creating awareness about various resources such as finances, investigate and development, sales, as well as the costs for carrying out different marketing activities that were required by the company. The bring forth and the knowledge that were achieved from this simulation were intended to be used in sound decision making for the approach of the growth of the company as far as its marketing sector is concerned. The simulation will also help to add more knowledge in the world of marketing in this company, which have not been realized.I was a ble to achieve the goals that this simulation intended to find out. This is because the simulation looked both the internal and the out-of-door assessment of the company. such(prenominal) analyses are very important in finding out which internal or external factors are responsible for the companys growth or barring the company from growing in the market. Such analyses were very helpful in unravelling what marketing strategies should be applied by the company to combat its unfavourable environmental factors and how the favorable factors can be turned into opportunities that can be exploited. MYPHONE was found to operate in a very competitive market.At least from the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats of the company, it is easy to know the level of competitiveness of the company when compared to its competitors. It was easy to know the weaknesses of the company in order to make corresponding decisions and strategies that could be used to tack the weaknesses into streng ths. The strengths of the

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Art and Architecture in 5th Century Athens Essay

Art and architecture in 5th Century capital of Greece - Essay ExampleAthens generated some of the most fundamental and lasting cultural machinationifacts within Western tradition at a time when it was able to slenderize its enemies, and enhance its political fortunes under the guidance of statesmen and orator Pericles. Historians perceive the Athenian 5th and 6th centuries BCE to be the Golden Age of architecture and sculpture. During the period, the ornamental elements and the technique utilized did not differ significantly from the former period (Kinzl 84). Majority of the works were religious in nature and featured synagogues and sanctuaries. The Parthenon represented a symbol of the Golden Mean a time in which architecture, arts, vase painting, and sculpture thrived and every of the art forms benefited from interactions with other art forms. The patron goddess of Athens joins architecture with, and sculpture to shape a whole that reverberates the Golden Mean, the Greek si deline of harmony, order, and balance. The entire of urban Athens features a system of huge walls, which guaranteed that Athens was always open to the sea, and totally enemies (naval force) with superior to her unparalleled fleet could succeed in cutting the city off from vital supplies (Pedley 37). Phidias created long gold-plated marble statues that remain highly commemorated and admired. 2 How extensive reformation and reconstructive memory of the city demonstrate a return to the sanctuary and civic center designs of the 750-450 BCE? The autonomous city-state ruled by diverse aristocracy in which contacts were rich from diverse points of view social, cultural, and commercial. The restored sanctuaries feature refined sculptures, paved roads, and agora as highlighted by the temple of Poseidon and Temple of Hera. The extensive reformations and reconstruction of the city of Athens highlights a tendency to return to or a deviation from the sanctuary and civic centre designs ranging from 750-450 BCE. Examples of prominent works at this period entail reconstruction of the Temple of Plympian Zeus, reconstruction of the Temple of Apollo located in Delphi, and the reconstruction the Acropolis of Athens. This is most apparent at the Elymian site of Segesta, a location where the Elymians started to construct a Doric temple within the 5th century BC, whereby the reconstructions mirror the religious and civic centre designs in the period ranging 750-450 BCE in terms of (1) foot style (2) out(prenominal) decoration (3) underside treatment. The Corinthian foot style comprises of a flaring ring that might as well as be molded, whereas the Attic style comprises of a tire-shaped torus ring foot (Whitley 11). The decorative elements are notable owing to their conformity to the sanctuary and civic centered designs ranging from 750-450 BCE. 3 How the Athenian Acropolis and Agora reflect and Athens that considers itself part of the Greek unified world The Athenian Acropolis can be regarded as the most lavish, technically superior, and programmatically cohesive temple within Greek mainland and represents a fitting commemoration of the Athenians curious and unexpected victories during the Persian wars. Persian wars had thematic significance to the art of Classical Athens, as well as the building program on the Acropolis. The buildings and monuments also avail a broad range of testimony to the divine character of the Late Archaic Acropolis. The Acropolis of Athens represents an ancient citadel situated on an elevated rocky outcrop within the city of Athens, and detailing the remains of a number of

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Business plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business plan - Essay ExampleFakiri will manage day-to-day trading operations of the handicraft. Both nurse strong management and administration skills. In addition, Ms. Fakiri has experience as she began working with children as baby sitter when she was at the University of Reading. Those skills support overlord Minders goals.The UKs changing demographics have led to families becoming more fragmented with p arents of young children often finding they have little or no close family support when they start a family. But professional babysitting agencies are an emerge business trend as they provide a cheap form of childcare and represent an seductive option for busy mothers who need help not only with childcare but also with diminish house hold duties.Childcare provision is a clearly segmented market, as a import of legislation1 and constantly changing market needs. British parents pay high childcare bills and despite Government initiatives and measure changes, there is a grow ing need for the expansion of private sector services. Service, price and reputation are essential success factors in the childcare services industry. Master Minders will compete well in this industry by offering competitive prices, high-quality childcare services and by maintaining an excellent reputation with parents. Our stain customers are dual-income, upper-middle-class families mainly managers and senior officers who value the quality of education for their children.We will start our business on the First January 2009, starting with an initial enrollment of 20 baby sitters. Our first office will be based in Reading. We project healthy revenues and a high net arrive at for the quaternion first years. The long term vision includes a number of offices through out UK. The high profit will help the company to achieve its long-term goal which is to franchise and/or to become multi-location.Master Minders mission is to contribute to the community by filling a need for do baby sit ters. Master Minders only works with

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Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Business Law - Essay ExampleThe local anaesthetic and state motor hotels are active within their restricted domain. A hierarchal trend is evident in which the bottom courts have restricted domain, and the relatively superior court have increasing number of responsibilities and assignments. The court has certain jurisdictions which are based on the nature and the location of the shell (Tinsley, 2000).It is advisable, and is per the discreet of the ships company to read suit against any party for its failure to abide by the norms and regulations, or violation of any concord or legal document. In this case, where the company B has betrayed company A, and has tried to defy the accepted deal, the company A is therefore entitled to submit its complain to the court.The issues with reference to the social, family, cultural and religious disputes are handled by the complaisant courts, whereas the cases related to theft, burglary, murder, violence, corruption and fraud are treated by t he criminal courts. The given case in which the company A i.e. employer has been betrayed by another company B i.e. call center has slender relevance with the criminal activities therefore the proceedings of the case are expected to be fetched by the genteel courts. The ambiguities and malpractices mostly related to the unethical and immoral values are brought under the domain of the civil court. The civil court are considered perfect judicial resort where the justice can be achieved, the proceedings in other courts are difficult to be materialized mainly due to the reason that either the court itself go forth rule out the application, or the lawyers of the defendants can prove that the criminal courts are not entitled to plow the proceedings, thus such a case will stand void. Contrary, the civil courts can entitle to conduct the proceedings without any legal barrier, therefore company A is authorized to register a case of manipulation of funds, or detachment from the agreed fi nancial deal against company B in the

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Oakland, Illinois - a Typical American Town Statistics Project

Oakland, Illinois - a Typical American Town - Statistics excogitate ExampleThe ethnic composition of the Oakland urban center is 98.20% Whites, 1.20% African American, 0.50% Native American, and 0.10% from other races. Latino or Latino of any race was just 0.90% of the entire populace (American Towns 1). The mean income for a family unit in the chief city was US$ 38,167, and the mean income for a household was US$ 34,038. Men have a mean income of US$ 29,342 against $20,577 for women (American Towns 1). The per head income for the metropolitan was $15,964. Roughly 8.8% of households along with 10.8% of the population were underneath the poverty line, comprising of also 20.2% of those below progress 18, as well as 7.6% of those above the age 65 (American Towns 1).The city, which was platted, in 1833, is a very small, the likes of most, with a post office, high priced grocery stores, and gas displace being the majority of businesses. The filling stations mostly cater to travelers who pass by to fill their vehicles although the townspeople citizens are also frequent clients. The city has a total of five grocery stores. The only good subject concerning these grocery stores is that they sell food, which is produced from the kingdom alone. Oakland is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone, and there are no secrets between individuals. It can, in reality, be a good thing when everyone knows you, but also a bad thing when everyone is in your business. It takes away the privacy of someone. Another thing that can be seen in Oakland is the small schools and also the small classroom sizes. Even if, the populace of the town is small, at least the government should consider increasing the size of their classrooms in order for their children to learn properly. These classes obtain literary like confinement (American Towns 1).

Contruction & analysis Exercises Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Contruction & analysis Exercises - Essay ExampleThe curtains flapped about in the outline caused by a carelessly half-closed window. And on the floor, to the left of the chairs lay Jerry Pinto, very, very quiet.in fact, very, very all of a suddenbloody shame Pinto entered the room. She had a tranquil air about her her skin looked translucent, her mouth was soft, and her eyes large and dark, giving her an challenge wide-eyed look. She was six months into her pregnancy-a fact barely discernible on her slight figure. Mary deposited her shopping root word on the sideboard next to the half empty glasses, humming a tune, and smiling to herself. Jerry, how are you, good she give tongue to with genuine affection, in the direction of whither she expected him to be sittingNot hearing his reaction she turned around, and stood stupefied for a momentonly for a momentthen she ran to where he lay fallen on the floor. She seemed somehow to understand, as soon as she saw him, that he was dead. Perhaps it was the way he lay. In that strange and smashed fashion She ran over to him and sat crush by his side, gently lifting up his head, cradling it in her lap. The sobs came hesitant and pettish at first, but louder and more abandoned as the moments passed. She must have sat thus, for what seemed like an period to her. But it must have been no more than five minutesMary suddenly halt crying, and wiped her eyes. ... The voice at the new(prenominal) end was familiar Quick Come quick I intend Jerrys dead said Mary into the receiver Mrs. Pinto yes Mrs. Mary Pinto here. I think so. Hes lying on the floor, and I think hes dead she said, as her voice caught on another sob. The call over, she busied herself in the room, moving here and there, straightening up the furniture, trying not to look where it layItHe was it now. No longer Jerry. Before long, Mary heard the salutary of a car. Even before the knock, she was at the door to open it. Two plains clothes men stood there. S he knew them wellthey were Jerrys colleagues later on all. On seeing them, Mary suddenly felt the tears start again. James Hendricks, the young policeman who had joined the force only recently was plainly moved. He helped Mary gently to a chair. Aneez Afzal, the other cop, a veteran, kept his face expressionless. But as he moved towards Jerry, it crumbled for a moment in an expression of grief and despair. Jerry was his colleague and friend, and theyd been working together for the last five years Is he dead Mary managed to ask. Im afraid so, replied Afzal. Tell us what happened, Mrs. Pinto. Where were you, and how long back did this happenYou know, how punctual Jerry is, said Mary. He had just returned from the police station by 5.30, as usual. I was sitting here with my sewingI hadnt cooked some(prenominal) dinner today. You know, every Wednesday we go out for dinner. But Jerry was so tiredHer breath caught on a sob again, and she took some time to compose herself. I thought it better to have dinner at home. I put a leg of lamb in the oven, and nipped across to Vipuls, you know, Vipuls the Indian store down the road I didnt have any vegetables at home. I left Jerry to unwind over a drink. I was hardly away

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Francois Truffaut Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Francois Truffaut - analyse Examplecustom of Quality is the inclination of certain(prenominal) French scriptwriters and directors to mainly depend on literary adaptations to come up with their celluloid works. Although, the term was coined by Jean-Pierre Barrot in Lcran franais to refer to the inclination of directors same(p) Claude Autant-Lara, Jean Delannoy and Yves Allgret for literary adaptations, and the work of scriptwriters such as Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost, it was Truffaut who denounced it and opposed it in his journalistic works. (Gonzlez 2003). Truffaut points out what constitutes Tradition of Quality and why films based on it are only regarded as Frances mainstream cinema. That is, with majority of the prominent French filmmakers and scriptwriters opting for literary adaptations for their films, as part of the Tradition of Quality, and significantly winning accolades including international appreciation for those works, it naturally came to be regarded as the mainst ream French cinema. However Truffaut is totally against this stereotyping of Tradition of Quality as the French cinema and also criticises the creators for forcefully stereotyping it both in the domestic as well as in the international arena. they force, by their ambitiousness, the admiration of the foreign press, defend the French signal twice a year at Cannes and at Venice where, since 1946, they regularly carry off medals, golden lions and grands prix (Truffaut 1954, p. 9).The opposite key component which constitutes Tradition of Quality and which is also a loose end of this concept is the instances of comparison betrayals during literary adaptations. As part of Tradition of Quality scriptwriters in association with directors will change certain scenes featured in the novels and come up with equivalent scenes in the films

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The Muslims lives in recent Anglophone fiction since 1973 Essay

The Muslims lives in recent Anglophone fiction since 1973 - see ExampleTherefore, originals have a great advantage over didactic models of disseminating information. Unlike textbooks that tend to hear by preaching, novels teach the reader by showing. Georg Lukacs, a philosopher and literary critic argued thatnovels posterior depict archives more fully than factual reporting because in novels, Historical necessity is no otherworldly want divorced fiom man it is the complex interaction of concrete historical circumstances in their process of transformation, in their interaction with concrete human beings, who have grown up in these circumstances, have been variously influenced by them, and who act in an individual way according to their personal passions. (qtd. in Zuckert 687)Thus, a novel has the capableness to discuss its topic in the context of human experience not in an abstract and disjunct form. Moreover, it can transcend artificial boundaries that divide people of differ ent backgrounds and civilizations by addressing every aspect of the beneficence of the character. This interacts with the humanity of the reader on many levels, thereby magnifying the similarities and diminishing the differences between the reader and the character. A novel can allow an individual from a vastly different cultural background to deeply generalize the cultural reality of the characters. ... Like Platos divided line, which attempts to direct us towards true knowledge and the discovery of reality, novelists comeback us out of the cave and put us on the path to knowledge by squeeze our imagination, hoping that at the end of the novel, the reader will reach the highest level of the divided line. Roger Spegele, author of Fiction and semipolitical Theory argued that there is no difference between political novels and political theory (114-127). Thus, one can say that novelists resemble political thinkers. They choose a distinctive medium to deliberate social and polit ical phenomena. Edward Said, a Palestinian-American literary theorist, saidThe one place in which theres been some interesting and innovative movement done in Arab intellectual life is in literary production generally, that never finds its way into studies of the midriff East. Youre dealing with the raw material of Politics.. . You can deal with a novelist as a kind of retrieve to something. (Middle East Report 33)Here, Said hints that Arab intellectual life has been less than innovative except in literary production where it is relatively free from external influences. As such, it is uncontaminated raw material that can be utilized to study politics. In keeping with Saids notion that literary production provides the raw material of politics, this study will use novels written by Arabs and Moslems to examine orientalism, colonialism, the search for home and the quest for identity. More specifically, eight-spot Arab and Moslem novels and three Occidental ones will be used to exam ine Edward Saids thesis on orientalism and the hardness of his statement about literature and politics. They will also be used to reveal the historical impact of colonialism

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Paying for Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Paying for Motivation - Essay ExampleDuffy (2010) relates to the present and the expected value of the educational organization, only if it is used to increase the long term performance of the employees. The management of an educational organization should, therefore, come up with strategies that would result in providing a long term and substantial results for the benefits of the stakeholders. Pay may also be associated with the expected performance of the employees but it the performance of the employees is not completely influenced by pay. There are rough otherwise factors that may directly influence the present and expected value of the organization as good as the employees. A study was conducted on three assemblys which contained people with equal qualifications who were required to complete a single task for a freelancing website desk. One group was being stipendiary $4 per moment, while other was paid $5 per hour. The third group was told that they will be working at $4 per hour however, they were also told that there is some room in the budget therefore they will be paid a little more but the increase in salary will be a surprise for them. The performance of the three groups was evaluated by measuring the productivity at the task. The results of the first and the second group were almost same, irrespective of the fact that one was being paid more than the other. The third group, who was granted with high surprised pay rate, exhibited 20 percent more effective results than the other two groups.

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How does al etihad company benefit from the employment from overseas Research Proposal

How does al etihad company realize from the employment from overseas graduates - Research Proposal Exampleal., 2013). Subsequently, the proposed study entrust help identifying how the company will be benefitted from recruiting skilled and talented graduates of the overseas labour market. This outcome of the proposed study will be important in determining a better set of workforce that can contribute towards the sustainable human beings of the overall business (Gold Bars Worldwide, 2013).A better understanding of the research topic can be gained from the brief analysis of secondary sources. As per Chandramohan (2008), HRM ensures proper and productive management of the resources in businesses, deemed as the intimately vital assets required for the sustainability of any organisation (Chandramohan, 2008). Correspondingly, Sims (2012) argued that proper HRM ultimately leads to business success since well-managed employees work expeditiously and with utmost productivity towards attai ning the business goals. However, prior to the application of the HRM principles, effective recruitment of productive members is important to number an effective set of workforce (Dowling & et. al., 2008). As per the report of CBI (2013), employing graduates from overseas markets not only enhances workplace miscellany but also helps companies in the global markets to tackle cultural differences amid customers in an efficient manner. It is through this instrument that by recruiting skilled and education candidates from numerous regions, companies can ensure compliance with the modern day challenges of kind and continuous changes (CBI, 2013). As per the study of Hoo & et. al. (2009), in the presence of graduates from the overseas markets, companies are able to better wreak the potentials of the overseas markets and gain better share in the international markets (Hoo & et. al., 2009). Besides, as Al Etihad is among the fastest outgrowth players in Gold and Silver refinery industr ies, the company requires highly skilled and technically sound employees, capable of relations with such on-the-job

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Case 11-1 SHOULD YOU HIRE A FORMER EMPLOYEE - Essay Example2. How valid were David Heards concerns about the effect of returning employees on the associations culture? David Heards concerns were valid in terms of affecting the companys culture when a origin employee who left the organization is eventually rehired. For a small organization, the comradeliness is more close-knit and the companys culture would somehow dictate the firms overall sentiments, values and beliefs in terms of embracing a returning employee. If the culture is more of acceptance and the skills of the former employee are indeed worthy to be kept (especially if the position is still vacant), then, there would not be any potential dilemma. However, if the culture shuns employees who had not been loyal to their organizations thrusts, then, accepting or rehiring a returning employee would prove to be difficult and would compromise the work behavior of others who were deemed loyal for considerable lengths of time. 3.

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Anticoagulation Therapy for Stroke Prevention Case Study

Anticoagulation Therapy for Stroke Prevention - Case Study theoretical accountMost anticoagulants are associated with adverse drug reactions, concerns for their duration of action, bleeding risk, and the need to carry out supervise while adjusting dosages during the treatment period. Therefore, selection of appropriate anticoagulant for preventing Atrial Fibrillation must ensure that the practitioner considers these factors. From a therapeutic perspective, reports show that Warfarin is the first line anticoagulant for patients with Atrial Fibrillation (Nice guideline 2012), especially when the see to it is primary or severe because it curbs the development of stroke. Besides, reports show that spoken administration has had long-term safety for the recent 50 years (AABB, 2014). In addition to that, its effect can be reversed with vitamin k counterpoison in case of bleeding (AABB, 2014). Moreover, warfarin has reduced rates of major gastrointestinal bleeding and myocardial infarct ion comparing with the novel oral anticoagulants (NHS Information Centre, 2014). Despite its complete absorption after oral administration, Warfarin is slow acting anticoagulant with a long half-life. Its two active enantiomers (R and S forms) collect different therapeutic potency, metabolism, and clearance pathways (Hirsh, 2003). Besides, it has a delayed anticoagulant effect from two to 3 years while its duration of action continues for 2 to 5 days after a single pane administration. However, dosing of Warfarin can be described as complicated this is due to its interaction with some foods containing vitamin K.

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Loneliness in the modern age Essay Example for Free

Loneliness in the modern age EssayLoneliness is inevitable it is crafted out of the modern world and thus is essential from it. It is so pervasive that to be human is to be lonely (as cited in Rokach, 2004). Humankind is continually fight to escape the solipsistic prison of painful alienation, the agonizing pain of loneliness, and its gnawing, saddening, and terrifying effects (as cited in Rokach). This everlasting bout drives citizenrys lives the fear motivates people to attend to and connect with others but in a self-protective and paradoxically self-defeating room (Cacioppo, Hughes, Waite, Hawkley, Thisted, 2006). Social isolation is a to a greater extent perceptible seclusion as opposed to the overmasterive fuck off of feeling lonely which is the longing to fit in and the resultant experience when one cannot. However, two experiences are particularly prevalent in North American culture. Individuals of the contemporary Western bon ton are subject to comparative ly high levels of loneliness and social isolation a result of increasing reliance on technology, selfish ideals, and the pressure culture places to develop relationships. This culminates in poor psychological health and quality of life, creating a cycle of further alienation.Western culture is to blame for the increasing levels of social isolation among the population. North Americans lose significantly higher levels of loneliness compared to other cultures (Rokach Neto, 2005). Though humans infixedly desire closeness, it is the mechanized society to which they belong that is forcing them apart by way of more leisure, either through affluence or unemployment, living longer, increasing our fundamental interaction with computerized equipment, and continuing to respond to various financial and corporate demands by frequent mobility (Rokach).It is the lifestyle of the modern world kinda than a single source that sustains loneliness normality is associated with such conditions as s piritual and emotional emptiness, graphic symbol A personality, and workaholism (as cited in Rokach Neto). Society is structured in such a way so that to pass up loneliness is to eliminate all that Western culture thrives and is supported on. Without society as a supplement, people cannot survive either and so, they are caught in the painful experience of loneliness.As Western society becomes more technologically advanced, social isolation is magnified proportionally. Increased reliance technology and the Internet has negative effects on psychological well-being, such as depression and loneliness (Junghyun, LaRose Wei, 2009). High school students with greater hours of espousal on the Internet fuck off higher loneliness levels than the average officers (Deniz, 2010). Increased internet usage is both the cause and effect of loneliness the lonely turn to the virtual world for a sense of fraternity they cannot achieve in the real world.However, electronic connections cannot take the place of real relationships increased Internet use can increase social isolation as well as depression when it replaces more tangible forms of human contact. (Cacioppo Patrick, 2008, p. 260). As well, North American culture promotes traits such as individualistic success and competitiveness every man for himself. These values are the model for success and are just more articulate in the modern era thus, relationships on the whole have become superficial and exist primarily by necessity. Loneliness is a defining factor in the technologically-advanced and selfish Western world.Loneliness is a predominantly Western phenomenon yet the very same society illogically emphasizes the necessity of social connection. non only does the modern age provide an environment where loneliness and social isolation thrives, it also heightens consciousness of such conditions. Social connection involves feeling part of society and not alienated. Society itself encourages connectedness and meaning(prenominal) relationships an ideal that the population shares. An overwhelming majority of people rated love, intimacy, and social affiliation above wealth or fame, even above physical health (Cacioppo Patrick, p.5) when asked what gave them nearly happiness. However, loneliness is so prevalent that it is very sticky to attain these goals. As such, when harsh expectations are not met, the feeling of isolation is intensified. Loneliness in itself already causes suffering, but not meeting social requirements unduly worsens the experience. The individual greatly relies on the community for support, a sense of belonging, reciprocal sharing with others and ones sense of identity (Seepersad, Mi-Kyung Nana, 2008) thus, the perceived failure to society greatly weakens self-worth.The inherent need for closeness, amplified by the social expectation of having a romantic partner (Seepersad, Mi-Kyung Nana), prompts people to enter relationships apparently to eliminate feelings of social inadequacy and emptiness. In Western countries, individuals view romantic relationships as possibly the most important and central source of love and intimacy (and thus as very needed and desired) (Seepersad, Mi-Kyung Nana). As a result, it appears, for instance, that a good number of marriages start as a panacea to loneliness (Rokach).However, expectations to have suffering eliminated by these artificial relationships are often not met hence the high divorce rate. These unfulfilled expectations resulting in a lack of real, meaningful relationships constitutes an inability to connect with others. This notion in turn is consistently associated with issues of self-esteem and perceptions of social competence. (Hall-Lande, Eisenberg, Christenson Neumark-Sztainer, 2007). Western cultures paradoxical expectations of close relationships in a lonely world only causes more suffering and further loneliness.

Hydroxyl group Essay Example for Free

Hydroxyl group EssayVanillin is the primary component of the extract of the vanilla extract beans that is used as a popular flavoring agentive role in food stuffs. Recently, it was found that whatsoever of food processing and food manufacturing companies are making food items using harmful ingredients in give to save their production cost. Since vanillin is used widely in food items as a flavoring agent, I wanted to know more about vanillin through this experiment. The Vanillin constitutes a pretensionless, prismatic needles which are readily oil-soluble in the common organic solvents. It is also readily soluble in boiling water, but it is slightly soluble in cold water (E. Gildemeister, 1913). Acetylvanillin will be formed via esterification of vanillin in a basic solution. Procedure1 In this experiment, vanillin will react with the acetylating agent acetic anhydride to form the acetate ester of the phenolic hydroxyl group. mellow the vanillin (3. 04 g, 0. 020 mole) in 1 M sedimentary potassium hydroxide (22ml, 0. 022 mole) in a 125 ml Erlenmeyer flask. Add it to acetic anhydride (2. 1 ml, 2. 27 g, 0. 022 mole) in ether (45 ml).Stir the mixture until it loses its yellow color and the lower, aqueous layer becomes almost colorless. Pour the mixture into a separatory funnel and draw off the aqueous layer. Decant the ethereal solution into an Erlenmeyer flask and dry the solution with anhydrous magnesium sulfate. Remove the drying agent by gravity filtration into another Erlenmeyer flask. Using the steam bath, strip off the all the ether and deliver the residue of acetylavanillin to cool to crystallize. As the final procedure, Recrystlaize the crude product from 40 ml of 50% ethyl alcohol in water.

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Costa Coffee Essay Example for Free

costa coffee tree Essay1. Executive summary In this business wrap up we be analysing the business surroundings in which our company BESO and its main contender rib Coffee operate. The main objective is to research, analyse and image the competitors business dodge, to find out if there is a gap in their process envision and how we can take wages of this. The report consists of SWOT outline of BESO and PEST analysis of two companies. The butt joint foodstuffs of both(prenominal) BESO and costa Coffee are similar. That makes the competition between them flush larger.The report as well as discusses the merchandise approach and the various advertising travails conducted by costa Coffee and the advertising techniques we decide to wear in the long run. The distribution system of costa Coffee is withal considered and plans to expand to different locations. The set schema of BESO is based closely to the strategy of rib Coffee as we have produceed warlike set. In terms of estimable issues we examined the various types of corporate companionable responsibilities of rib Coffee. 2. Introduction.The business report includes an analysis of costa Coffee as a main competitor of BESO Coffee. The report examines the business environment where both companies operate in. It has been requested from the Marketing Director of BESO and overly has to be foc intaked only on the UK trade. 3. BESO skeleton history BESO Coffee is a cocoa chain settled in the UK in 2001. It has been established by an independent trader but later on when the business has agen, new stakeholders appeared. At first BESOs target market place was limited as well as the products it brooked- only a few types of hot chocolate bean and limited types of confectionary.However, only two years after installing BESO on the market it became general done different groups of people, thereof the menu became much diversified and the target market as well. BESO has shown great motion during the years and has become one of the most recognized names on the current market. That is why costa Coffee is determined as a main competitor of BESO. 4 5 The Marketing barter 4. SWOT and PEST analysis 4. 1. SWOT analysis Strengths Efficient and trained staff Customer devotion Brand recognition High quality deep brown Friendly and relaxing atmosphere for our guests.Weaknesses Limited identification number of outlets Low levels of advertisement Interior design needs updating More range of the types of umber available. insistent change in consumer taste Can be seen as an unhealthy product Opportunities establish in Central capital of the United Kingdom which covers a large demographic of customers Olympics 2012 go out bring in more sales Introduction of new products including healthy options. Retailing mugs and burnt umber equipment Threats Customers demanding sensible-trade and organic chocolate. Big chain coffee patronages bossy the market. Economic issues and crisis Lack of ownership of primary resources e. g.Coffee farming. 4. 2. PEST analysis There are umpteen different Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues that both our company and also rib Coffee face in spite of appearance the coffee industry. Firstly, the first political issue to consider is that majority of coffee beans are brought and made in ontogeny countries, so companies need to tally that their coffee is made by fair-trade dealers and they need to consider the ethical conditions of the labor manipulationd. Another political issue includes all the taxes and tariffs incurred by any business operating within the UK, whether it be import tariffs or VAT on goods sold.The economic factors that our companies face are similar to the issues approach by numerous another(prenominal) businesses within the whole goods and service of processs market, this including the economic recession of 2008. Customers forthwith have little dis posable income to spend and as a result cut-down on the purchasing of non-vital goods. This is due to of unemployment rising and the levels of debt increasing. The social factors that need to be taken into consideration is that consumers are spending more money on coffee due to the demand for quality goods.This can be seen in the comparison of rate of tea and coffee industry with coffee valuing at 738 million according to the Times (2008). As a result, companies need to ensure that buying coffee is not only a quick purchase, as they need to have value-added for customers including graduate(prenominal)school quality coffee and a relaxing 5 6 The Marketing Profession atmosphere.Lastly, the technological issues that both our company and rib face is the introduction of self-made home coffee by the use of coffee machines specifically tailored to make at home, for example, the Senseo coffee-machines. This can be seen as a threat to coffee shops as it is a cheaper alternative for custom ers in the long run.5. Target market According to a Mintel report titled Coffee Shops published February 2012, Two thirds of consumers buy coffee out of home, rising to troika in four among 16-24-year-olds as core users. Costa Coffee has the highest number of outlets within the UK totaled to 1,302 coffee shop chains as opposed to Starbucks who has 739 and Caffe Nero with 509 shops. It also claimed that Costa has different store designs to suit different purposes such as Metro which is aimed at the younger/urban consumers and Evolution which is designed for more mature customers in provincial locations.It states its customer segments are Recharge, Relax, Refuel. Therefore the target market for Costa Coffee ranges from a wide range of customers of different ages as it caters to galore(postnominal) different needs. Students have been said to make up 30% of their target market, Professionals 45%, Families 10% and mature consumers 15% of the clientele. At BESO Coffee, our market we ai m to target at is very wide as it ranges from teenagers to mature customers. We even target at families as we hug drug menus for younger children and parents.Our products are reasonably determined so it can be bought from people of many different income level groups, from working to speed class. 6. Marketing approaches Costa coffee have used many different merchandise approaches and campaigns in society to succeed within the industry as it is grand to continually update their marketing strategies. Costa has introduced campaigns such as How Do You Like Yours, which allowed customers to customize their coffees by for example adding espresso or syrup.This helps them key themselves from competitors as it gives consumers more power and control over their purchase. Another campaign introduced by Costa was the reach of Costa light in 2011, which offered low-calorie and healthier options to customers. This was an important step for Costa as there has been an extend in healthy eating trends, which can be seen in the figure below. Figure Consumer demand for boasting of calorie content on restaurant menus, June 2010-December 2011 6 7 The Marketing Profession.Other campaigns included the launch of Costa Coffee Gift Card in November 2011 which allowed customers to buy card with pre-paid get alongs of up to ? 75 and a more recent campaign at the beginning of 2012 when Costa collaborated with the Spirit Pub Company which ensured that Costa coffee would be used in its restaurants chains including Chef Brewer and Flaming grill. Costa has used many forms of media to advertise their campaigns to the public. One method used to inform customers was through the use of television advertising in 2008 whereby Costa launched its first ad.The advert helped to illustrate the superiority of Costas products and according Reynolds (2010) its message was that the brand is on a mission to save the world from mediocre coffee and seven out of 10 coffee lovers favor Costa. Other form s of media used by Costa include Billboards as it can be seen by many commuters within the UK by their use of big bold writing and minimal distraction of the main message. Their billboards are distinctive as they have a continual theme colour, text and logo, which are recognised by customers.Our approach to our marketing campaign is to use alternative uses of media to portray our message, including the use of the Internet, as it is a popular form of media used in todays society. We aim to use Facebook and Twitter to advertise our campaign and the company as a whole as it covers a large demographic. 7. Distribution strategy Costa operates in the UK through its own coffee shops, franchises and wholesale outlets. On the18th of October 2011, Whitbread stated that the number of Costa UK stores had arise from 1,217 in knock against 2011 to 1,302 in September 2011, including 95 openings and ten store closures.In comparison, Costa multinational increase its stores from 654 to 701 during the comparable period, including 72 openings and 25 closures. Meanwhile Costa Express/Coffee Nation units increased from 877 in demonstrate 2011 to 934 in September 2011, taking account of 79 openings and 22 closures. These units are partnered with service station operators such as Moto, Esso and Welcome Break, retailers like Tesco and The Co-Operative and foodservice group Compass (Mintel 2012). In a market with low loyalty levels, advertising and promotion is important in keeping brands in the forefront of consumers minds.Costa Coffee looked to sustain an emotional response among consumers with the marketing supporting its launch of Costa Light contour in autumn 2011 through an advertising campaign that used slogans such as All the love, no(prenominal) of the handles and Extra feel good in every cup (Mintel 2012) Customers were also encouraged to see the lightness side of life with its Costa Light Comedy Challenge competition. Costas aim was to compositors case up-and-coming comedians by asking them to submit a one-minute film via its website.A public vote so saw the top ten entries from five regions go through to a further round to be judged during one-off events across the UK, with the campaign finally culminating in two regional winners performing at The Comedy Store, London (Mintel 2012). Costa Coffees distribution system is broad with a balanced portfolio across high streets, retail parks, concessions, airports, rail and other travel hubs as well as an increasing number of stores in new locations such as universities and hospitals. Innovative distribution channels, such as Costa Express and mystify Thru are developed.They allow for extend the brands reach and increase accessibility for the customer (Whitbread, 2010). 7 8 The Marketing Profession Andy Harrison, chief executive of Whitbread said that popping out for a coffee has become a firm fixture of peoples go bads. Coffee culture has grown massively over the drop dead five to 10 years peo ple have a real demand for quality coffee and a choice of different coffees, he said. When I was kid everyone wanted a Nescafe that has definitely changed. (The shielder 2011). 8. Pricing strategy.Costa Coffee is a well-known, high valued and trusted cafeteria all over the world. They offer wide range of high qualitative coffee drinks and food, excellent services and relaxing atmosphere. Costa relies on their superiorities and offer comparatively higher prices because they have realized that the luxury comes with the price. Costa Coffee offers two sizes of drinks metier and large and the price difference between them is not significant. In this counsel they encourage their customers to buy the bigger size, because the amount of the drink is bigger and is on almost the same price as the medium one. save even the medium size of cappuccino is served in a cup with the size of soup bowl, so Costa Coffee has a reason to charge a relatively higher price because of the value they giv e, even though in most cases customers do not need such a big amount of drink although they have to pay for it. In this counselling, Costa is able to sell cheaper coffee to regular customers, who are aware of the amount of the drink (with elastic demand) and sell more expensive coffee to infrequent visitors, therefore the cafeteria makes big profit from each cup of coffee.This is the corporate strategy and how Costa found a way to charge comparatively higher prices than most of their competitors. This strategy has some disadvantages and threats such as the present book of facts crunch, which might affect the sales and the budget of Costa Coffee as they target middle and upper middle class, therefore in the time of recession customers may prefer some of the cheaper competitors. 9.Pricing strategy that we will adopt competition based determine strategy One of the biggest advantages of the Competition based pricing strategy is that in the same time you are focused on your business and objectives and on the competitions strategies. one time you understand what the competition is doing, you have the chance to do everything better and to gain a competitive advantage (Jobber 2008), therefore to increase the number of customers and to gain bigger market share.There are three types on competition based pricing methods Price your product the same as the competitor Set your price to increase customer base Seek larger market share through price Compared to Costa Coffee we are fairly new to the market so it would be more appropriate for BESO to adopt the Competition based pricing as a strategy that will allow us to grow fast as competitive brand. In order to achieve biggest results we will match/mix the three competition-based pricing methods.BESO will offer similar products as/like the Costas products but on lower prices, therefore BESOs market department must always be aware of what the competition is offering in order to provide better value for money. In this w ay BESO will has the opportunity to outline its advantages as compare similar products as those of the competition but on lower prices (even pence). Once customers understand our priorities they will use to come to BESO as a place, which offers better value for money, 8 9 The Marketing Profession.therefore we will increase our market share (Palmer and Hartley 2006). In terms of increasing customer base, the process is similar to market penetration, we have to select a price that will beat the competition and doing that we will motivate customer to notice our products and to make a purchase decision. Market penetration pricing works well in the introduction stage of the product life cycle and in a highly competitive market, as you increase the payoff some of your costs will decrease. During the next stages of the product life cycle the price can be increased (Jobber 2010).The easiest way to increase the market share of BESO is to select prices that will draw and quarter and hold a s many customers as possible (depend on target). It is recommended to adopt the Market share pricing after the business achieved market penetration, because they are linked as the market share happens when large good deal of products are sold. So it is better if things happen step by step. And finally the market share is mensural by dividing the amount of each company sells out of the total market and in this way the market leader is determined.9. 1. Disadvantages of Competition based pricing There is a danger to ignore your own production cost if you focus too closely on the competitors prices. It takes more time to research and update competitors information. Competitors also can copy whatever price you select. 10. Customer service Loyalty is particularly low in the coffee shop market, making customer retention a key area of remedyment passing play forward (Mintel 2012). At the start of 2012 Costa Coffee launched the Just How Do You Like Yours? campaign.It aims to highlig ht the customizable elements of its products, a key differentiator to its lower-priced non-specialist competitors such as EAT and Pret A Manger. A clear pricing strategy was also included in order to appeal to consumers sense of value for money. For example, customers can now add an extra shot of espresso or sugar-free syrup shots to their drinks for 35p per unit. Also, in 2011 Costa Coffee launched gift tease (Mintel 2012). Although consumers state that convenient location is more important to them than the brand of coffee chain, operators can still nonplus consumers attention through qualities other than price.For example, two in three users think that quality is the most important decision-making factor when choosing where to buy hot drinks, whilst nearly half disagree that they usually choose the cheapest venue. However, with so many brands trading off of a quality positioning, operators have to ensure that they are differentiating themselves on additional levels, hence the tr end towards lifestyle branding in the wider eating out market (Mintel 2012). Costa Coffees reputation for excellence applies not only for the exceptional coffee but also the insistence on perfect service.Recruiting and retaining highly motivated and talented people is essential and great emphasis is placed on improving the skills, expertise and 9 10 The Marketing Profession performance of our people through demo winning, industry-leading training and developing programs (Mintel 2012). 11. Costa Coffees attitude towards environmental issues Consumers are extremely overcareful about environmental issues, trying to buy environmentally friendly food and drinks. Most of the customers feel that it is their employment to save the environment in order to live healthier.That is why most companies are under a lot of pressure to change their attitude towards the environment most often related to greener, packaging solutions, cycle and many others. Costa Coffee is the first UK coffee chain buying beans from Rainforest Alliance informed farms. From October last year, almost 100% of the coffee beans for Mocha Italia blend are from certified sustainable farms. Costa Coffee is also a member of UK Paper Cup Recycling Committee, their cups are made from sustainable sources and thats saves about 1,100 trees a year.The fractions from which the cups are made of are all from iconic recyclable corporeal and are made using only certified sustainable pulp. Vegetable Costa Coffee is also concerned about its coffee-growers and in 2006 it registered a Costa Foundation, dealing with the improvement of the welfare of coffee-growing places like Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Uganda and Vietnam. Costa Coffee is also a partner with Cafechurch network, supporting local community. The organization deals with environmental issues, fair trade, divorce and stress problems and others.People are feeling well, being part of a great atmosphere, live music, good communication, and a lot of interviews, having the opportunity to understand more about the Costa Coffee Foundations. 12. The competitors CSR activity Costa Coffee is not achieving basic standard of Corporate Social function (CSR). The coffee company does not give a specific data for the carbon footprint. Its environmental data is part of the environmental data of its parent company-Whitbread. 13. What is your attitude to CSR/environmental issues going to be?The aims that Costa Coffee manages to do are quite a lot. Some of the first ones are Developing Costa Coffees talent environmental strategy. Managing carbon reporting and ensuring compliance for CRC. Maintaining the ISO50001 system. Working with manufacturers waste contractors and NGO to improve takeaway cup recycling. 10 11 The Marketing Profession Developing Costa Good together CR programme . By 2012/13 Costa Coffee aims to help 15, 000, providing them access to education. That target will help to bring together the communities, helping adults to find jobs and trades.The coffee chain aim is to raise ? 750,000 entirely during 2012/13. Costa Coffee will try to dedicate Energy Environment Manager in Costa Coffee. That will be useful, trying to insure more control and to organize the best structured plan for the company. Costas cardboard cups are not recyclable, even though the cardboard can be recycled. The other ingredient in the cardboard cups, the ink and the glue, cannot be recycled. The target environmental plan of Costa Coffee is to use vegetable ink and degradable glue on its cups.Costa Coffee is raising money to build schools in regions where a lot of coffee farms take place. There are already 22 schools in developing countries. That makes a big difference for a lot of young people who have the opportunity to study. Costa Foundation is also taking care for the supplement of special healthy nutritious meals and laptops for the children. 14. Conclusion Based on the researches and analysis that have been do ne BESO has a great potential to use Costas disadvantages and to convert them into our opportunities for prosperity.Offering similar products as those of Costa Coffee but on lower prices and in the same time launching our own products (BESOs cupcakes) is a good strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Slight changes in the interior design of our cafeteria would be refreshing and a good way to attract new customers. Furthermore increasing our advertising activities would be an opportunity to remind our customers and in the same time to inform our new potential customers about BESOs fantastic services and great value for money.15. References Baker S. (2003), New Consumer Marketing, West Sussex, John Wiley Sons Ltd Cooper D., Schindler P. (2011), Business Research Methods, New York, McGraw Hill bringing up Economics Help (2008), Costa Coffee UK and Sales Techniques. Available at http//econ. economicshelp. org/2008/08/costa-coffee-uk-and-sales-techniques. html Accessed 20th March 20 12.Government of Alberta (2012), Methods to Price Your Products. Available at http//www1. agric. gov. ab. ca/$department/deptdocs. nsf/all/agdex1133competition Accessed 20th March 2012 Jobber D. (2010), Principles and Practice of Marketing, London, McGraw Hill Education 11 12The Marketing Profession Kotler P. , Armstrong G. (2006), Principles of Marketing, The United States of America, subroutine library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data LinkedIn (2011), Costa Coffee Energy and Environment Manager at Whitbread. Available at http//uk. linkedin. com/pub/ollie-rosevear/14/672/948 Accessed 20th March 2012 Mintel (2012), Brand Communication and Promotion. Available at http//academic. mintel. com/sinatra/oxygen_academic/search_results/show/ march/id=59 0036/display/id=611992hit1 Accessed 20th March 2012 Mintel.

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Reasons for United States Possible Attack on Iran Essay Example for Free

Reasons for United States Possible Attack on Iran raiseThe topic on the possibility of United States founding a military attack against Iran has dominated oftentimes news for several years since the Bush disposition and during which some quarters speculated that such an attack would be ordered before the administration left office. As early as 2005, a number of articles had started bring out the imminent plans by Pentagon to order military operations against Iran. While people and the media may speculate and go away their opinions about many aspects of the imminent war, the most important issue to understand is the reasons which may spark the attack. It is and so the objective of this paper to discuss the reasons why US would engage in a military refine war with Iran. 2. 0 The Euro-Based Oil Bourse This is one of the major reasons which revolve around the plan by capital of Iran political sympathies in 2005 and 2006 to start competing with the New York Mercantile Exchan ge (NYMEX), the openhandedst physical commodity futures exchange in the world based in New York and the London based International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) by using the euro-dominated oil trading mechanism (Clark, 2004).The logic behind this is that by using this mechanism in international oil trades, the euro is going to take dominance and establish a firm ground which testament serve to overshadow the strength of the U. S sawbuck in the global oil market. The U. S government therefore considers this a real threat by Tehran government which warrants intervention to protect the dollar from being toppled off from its long term monopoly in the critical international oil market.It is worth noting that wishing of an oil pricing standard that is euro-dominated also referred to oil marker in the oil trading sedulousness is one of the technical challenges facing the euro-based trading system in oil trans meets. The oil markers currently in operation today are the U. S dollar dominated which include Norway Brent crude, West Texas ordinary crude, and the UAE Dubai crude. In the spring of 2003, Iran laid down a requirement that all the transactions for its Asian and European oil exports be conducted using the euro currency though the pricing of oil was still predominantly controlled by the dollar.Following an official announcement in 2004 that Iran had intentions to develop an Iranian oil Bourse, it raised the concerns that a lactating competition would ensue between the Iranian oil bourse and the U. S owned NYME and the IPE (Clark, 2004). The macroeconomic implications of such a development would cause a shift in the international commerce in both lay East and the European Union which is the largest importer of oil from OPEC producers.Consequently, the financial hegemony enjoyed by the IPE and NYMEX would be greatly challenged and thus the U. S is likely to avoid this through military action. 3. 0 The Ambitious Nuclear Program of Iran The Tehrans nuclear ambiti on is another possible reason as to why the U. S may launch a land military attack on Iran. This has been seen from the latest series of sanctions on Iran by the Obama administration which mainly targets the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps which is the most powerful social, political and economic institution in Iran.The organization also has a large number of companies and banks and therefore makes it an appropriate target for these sanctions (LANDLER COOPER, 2010). However, the critical occasion to focus on with regard to this issue is whether these sanctions have the capacity to compel Iran to halt its nuclear program. If the memoir of political and economic sanctions against countries is anything to go by, then Iran may not change its course despite the sanctions and this may lead to war.The reason for the sanctions is to contain Tehran which depicts a link which leads from diplomatic pressure to military action (Nadal, 2010). Tehran views this threat as real considering th at its two neighbors to the west and to the east have a large number of U. S troops. 4. 0 Conclusion A possible military action on Iran by the US cannot be overlooked since the reasons surrounding this possibility would also have major effects on the economy and the security of the US.Considering the economic problems facing the US, the attempts by Iran to establish the euro-based oil bourse may seem as an attempt to suppress the dollar in the international oil market. The nuclear program also would scupper the security not only of the US but also of the world if it is not either modulate or completely halted. To aver the nuclear weapons development, Washington ought to try and alter the perceptions of threat harbored by Iran against America.ReferencesClark, W. (2004). The literal Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target The Emerging Euro-denominated International Oil Marker. Retrieved princely 20, 2010, from http//www. globalresearch. ca/articles/CLA410A. html LANDLER, M. , COOPER, H. (2010). U. S. eyeball New Sanctions Over Iran Nuclear Program. Retrieved August 20, 2010, from http//www. nytimes. com/2010/02/10/world/middleeast/10sanctions. html? _r=1 Nadal, A. (2010). Sanctions against Iran and the Next War. Retrieved August 20, 2010, from http//www. campaigniran. org/casmii/index. php? q=node/10518

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Project On NCO Essay Example for Free

Project On NCO EssayINTRODUCTION I dumbfound worked for the army as an NCO for the blend in 13 years and I imbibe always tried to be accountable as more as I cornerstone, to live up to the standards of this base and drip out all my responsibilities abiding in the set out rules and regulations. As an Non equip Officer I moldiness be empathetic and positive. And, as always, must set the standard for integrity and character.However in the recent past I appoint myself on the wrong side of the matter when over speeded in the base. ABSTRACT The script uses a international depart to filter, consolidate, and sort the timing ravishments. The contents of the global array are then presented in a report of unify timing violations. There is illustrated a block of an exemplary global array. The global array includes a plurality of records. Each record includes fields for warning type, clock sentence of event, data events, setup cadence limit, hold time limit, amount of violation, time of last warning.Because experience teaches us that there are close to people that only learn by stripping them of their funds. There are opposites that the mere threat of that impairment ordain keep them on the straight and narrow for 20years to come. And the officers that I know that are the biggest benefactors of professional politeness deliberately disobey laws because they believe they can do so with imp building blocky. A warning isnt going to do it for them. An example is a Passaic County Sheriffs Office incident. The Virginia deputy break awayped them, advised them of the applicable law, asked them to obey it, and did non come up anyone. Everyone agreed that he was polite in doing this. The guys pulled back onto the highway resumed doing exactly what they were doing before, and then tried to rush the deputy fired when they got home.I hereby submit my Post Violation Report out-of-pocket to my misconduct. over hie is the main cause of so many accidents in the army base and other areas in the United States of America. I strongly believe that I was non supposed to go against the ethics, rules and regulations in the base. As an NCO am supposed to set out a good example to all other grounds men. However in every day world, we sometimes find ourselves in such(prenominal) situations. In closely cases it is non due to our own will alone we accidentally find ourselves mingled with a play and a hard place and therefore try to blend in ourselves out of it.This being the first time I have do this, I know I have not done such a big criminal activity. I never said that I dont commit traffic violations. I think Im pretty careful, but I have missed stop firms, exceeded the speed limit, failed to signal a turn, etc., like everyone else. So far, either I have been lucky or my violations were not so flagrant that they merited a stop. But after pushing a patrol car around for 13 years, I have to say that I cant re component even once forgetting which car I was in, the patrol car or my personal car.And even in the patrol car, if I committed an l get traffic violation, it was to accomplish some job-related task, like get turned around to chase a law offender or in the field and have to ignore some rules to in order to hit the target. It has never occurred to me to try this in the field of work nor in my private missions without a good reason.If your situational awareness is so poor that you cant remember whether youre on or off avocation or which car youre operate, your problems go way past an officers discretionary decision making, and your head is definitely in the clouds. I think its interest that you claim that you would have no problem with ignoring a lawful direct order from a passkey officer, but you would fear retaliation and would decline to take enforcement action on a clear violation of the law if an officer was involved. If this is truly the situation youre working in, your agency is in serious trouble.May be so, but so what? You never had a brain fart, or were on automatic pilot, you unfortunately cant control all this.I admit however that on several occasion, when driving off duty in my private vehicle I have driven in the midnight hours because I forgot I was driving in my personal vehicle. Missed to obey the signs and instructions to the drivers.I am not advocating for over speeding in any way, and never have advocated for the same, writing every Amy officer you stop. That is just as a great deal an abuse of discretion as not writing anyone who is an NCO.RESPONSIBILITIES OF AN NON COMMISSIONED OFFICERThe duties and responsibilities of NCOs has remained the same for quite a longtime.As an NCO I should be responsible for the succeeding(a) Should know where your soldiers live and how to contact themUse the unit to accomplish, as many missions as possible and at all cost never give out unpaid worker troops.Managing a specific launch vehicleSystem administration with decision-making authority.Training new Operations preventative TechniciansIn fact sometimes it has never been a prudent thing to do some of the followingSending food back to the kitchen.Telling your significant other you have had better.Commenting in front of your headman I can find a better job tomorrowDating a confrere/boss/bosses daughter.At one point I found myself over speeding just because I could not let it go or because I needed to hit some deadlines.Because most of the violations were not all that grave and my impression was that I had a wake-up call from the stop itself. Was I driving safely? Mission accomplished. But the guy that clearly knows what I was doing got me stopped, and who will resume that same activity as soon as were done because we thought he had the right to do that, if not a depend upon in the back seat.As I qualified many times prior, anyone can talk themselves into a ticket. Just because you are military or physician does not mean I dont run your driving license. I never said that every one of these members gets a pass, I have written military, physicians and other army officers.Here are the facts, I would like to assume that a member of our armed forces is a reasonably decent individual service that few would undertake and regardless of institutionalise they deserve my respect and appreciation.Discression is a funny thing. Where you might exercise it, I might not. Where you think me lax, I might think you unnecessarily vinegarish. Though you are correct in the spirit of your argument, its execution is not so easy. If this were easy, anyone could do it. I made discretionary decisions every day, and I dont think I was harsh with them. The difference is that I used criteria that were relevant to the situation and that I could defend to anyone that questioned why I had done what I did. You want to bring in criteria of your own choosing that are based on your fears and deflectes. Overcoming fear and bias is something every one of us has to do i n order to be an army officer. , or you get out.I could have shined on any or all of these people, and no one would have cognise except them and me. As for is Fort Jackson SC copper that I didnt know was a cop until after I had slewd the ticket, he probably deserved a warning, as he was an out-of-towner who was unfamiliar with the point of intersection and turned left in violation of a posted sign. The cop part of it had nothing to do with whether it was a bad decision or not.One of the sergeants tried to condemn me within the department for solace another ground officer and that upset me very much.One more thing say youre driving around tomorrow in your private vehicle running errands, and you run a red light. No intent to break the law you just got distracted for a second, make decision without influence, and accept any(prenominal) consequences follow your conduct.Some examples where premeditation discretion, in and of itself, doesnt make sense there comes a time when you ha ve to attend to an emergency, and here is where our perspectives diverge. All of those applications of premeditated discretion to use your term are enacted pursuant to due process of law and legislation, formulated in compliance with the set out rules and regulations in the base, and is promulgated to the citizenry.As noted above, a large number of substantially contemporaneous timing violations in a item module can be the result of a single cause.The violation time is the difference between the given speed limit and speed you have exceeded, and is calculated from the limits (setup or hold) and the difference in time between the clock and data events. The first warnings are used by the script to report consolidated information regarding multiple timing violations that occur at a particular module.ACCOUNTABILITY OF AN NCOSenior leading, must afford these to junior troopsResponsibility, to instill a sense of worth, pride and accomplishmentAuthority, to effectively carry out tasks th ey are responsible forAccountability, for actions right and wrong andAssistance, to help junior troops learn from leaders experience and expertise.Such actions by leaders are vital to developing junior troops who will be tomorrows leaders. Senior leaders must coach, teach, mentor and train subordinates to effectively replace the leaders in the future.EXPECTATIONSLooking at what American military officers transmit from their senior NCOs and vice versa. Officers in the U.S. military expect their senior enlisted leaders to be tactically, technically and strategically proficient to be professional beyond rail at and to be the eyes and the ears for the commander the voice of service members and their families.Senior NCO leaders should expect several things from their commanders and carry out the followingTrust and accord respect.Direct and open communication. No one has permission to stop me from seeing General PaceThese are not a right, but must be earned through consistently profess ional and proficient actions.Freedom of movement throughout the command. You need to tell that commander, Sir, I need to have freedom of moment throughout my area of responsibility. The only way I can advise you is if I see it,Senior U.S. NCOs are empowered in many ways. However, empowerment is not about having power per se, but about influencing junior troops to do the right things. Infact power is not an issue the big concern is how leaders exercise influence over their subordinates.Maintaining good orderA person designate as an NCO should be responsible for a defined general area within the barracks, e.g., hallways, laundry get ons, dayrooms etc., in writing and post this NCOs recognise.Conspicuously in the vicinity of the assigned area. This NCO will, at a minimum, be responsible for reporting common area deficiencies to the Battalion RU NCO. This person will sign for any furnishings and other accountable piazza located outside of individual soldier rooms.Maintain room assi gnment rosters for the barracks. Assign soldiers to barracks byrequesting that the FMO issue barracks furniture to occupants. Units may appoint a barracks manager or similar person to assist in managing this function.Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs). NCOs have the primary duty of maintaining the health, safety, welfare and discipline of the soldiers assigned to them. These duties extend toEnsuring that their soldiers have a hygienic and safe living environment that complies with theArmy values and enhances unit readiness and discipline. NCOs are the key element of command.Presence in the barracks. NCOs may exercise this leadership as common area NCOIC, SDNCO,And CQ. NCOs will also exercise this leadership as first line and high supervisors of soldiersLiving in the barracks. At a minimum, NCOs willConduct inspections IAW Chapter 4 below. monitor all barracks activities to ensure compliance with the letter of this regulation and the spirit of the Army values.Ensure the barracks are the safe, healthy environment for soldiers and other NCOs.Inspect barracks furnishings for accountability and serviceability.Barracks CommandingCommon areas. Assign an NCO to be responsible for a defined common area within the barracks, e.g., hallways, laundry rooms, dayrooms etc., in writing and post this NCOs name conspicuously in the vicinity of the assigned area. This NCO will, at a minimum, be responsible for reporting common area deficiencies to the Battalion RU NCO.This person will sign for any furnishings and other accountable property located outside of individual soldier rooms.Maintain room assignment rosters for the barracks. Assign soldiers to barracks by requesting that the FMO issue barracks furniture to occupants.Units may appoint a barracks manager or similar person to assist in managing this function.SupervisionUnder supervision the NCO is required to motivate and control the followingCounsel soldiers and maintain focal point records.Conduct corrective training whe n requiredKeep soldiers informed during their work and events taking place and exercises.Enforcing the bear on opportunity program in the forcesCONCLUSIONAs a Non Commissioned officer I get a line that by over speeding in the base posed a srious danger to me and also to the other officers on duty. This was actually putting my life at risk. Also as an officer who is supposed to be a good example to my subordinates, I acted in a manner trying to suggest that is not a good example. I stronglybelieve that this was a great mistake and am dogged to rectify any harm that may have been caused by my misconductREFERENCES. Robert Sterling Rush (2006) Non Commissioned Officer GuideStackpole Books, United States.2. United States Court of Claims, (1988) Federal Reporter, West Pub. Co3.Braham Clark Freeman, The American states report, create 1895, Bancroft-Whitney Co. Publishers4.By Lawyers Co-operative, (1905) Lawyers Reports Annotated, Publishing Company Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co.

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Student Council Speech Essay Example for Free

Student Council Speech EssayGood morning my friends, my comrades. Exactly a year and five days ago, I stood behind this podium speaking to all of you, as a peculiar, but on this day, I stand behind this podium non as a stranger but as a familiar classmate and representative. As for the few who do not recognise me well, Im Ray Liu, a dedicated, confident and the mad scientist of last years school-age child council.In the past year, I concur helped the student council organize and set up many several(predicate) activities, and Im also familiar and experienced with the code of conduct and procedures of the student council. As you dissolve recall, last years Job action has certainly affected you. Sports teams were locoweedceled and many clubs were disbanded. I can tell you that this hurts me just as much as it hurts you. That is why I went to the Walk Out to suck up the government to listen to our voices.During the walk-out, I noticed that many people were getting away from the reporters to avoid macrocosm interviewed, but I stood there, not caring astir(predicate) the rain or the cold, I only cared about being a representative of our school and getting our message out. When the reporters came, I told them that, we being as students, does not mean that we are powerless, or that we are mindless, instead, we being as students only means that we are fearless, and we have a voice to be heard.We will not let the government do what they feel manage doing, we will not let them cut the budget and cancel our clubs, our dances and our sports teams then expect us to fade silently into the night. It is purely up to you if Im the student council representative of 2012 and 2013, but before you vote, enquire yourself, are you voting for who has the coolest shoes or the latest Apple Product, rather than someone will channel good care of the school, someone who can lead the school through misfortune, and someone who stands tall in the face of fear.I cannot promi se you that I will be able to play Gangnam Style customary on the announcements or replace silent reading with silent texting, what I can promise you, is that I will dedicate myself to helping the student council, the school and most importantly you the students, as much as I dedicate myself to carrying a 60 pound highschool voltage pulse capacitor home, and when you fill out science as much as I do, you know that is a lot of dedication. It will be my honor to serve you all again this year.Thank you for staying awake, and as always, have a nice day. divagation from that, Im also the winner of this years Palmers annual science beautiful with my project about wireless energy transmission using a dual resonant high frequency transformer, or as I like to call it, the machine that shoots lightning and sets things on fire. After engaging Palmers annual science fair, I moved on to the regional science fair where I claimed a silver medal and two special awards with my machine.

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Reading Is a Skill Essay Example for Free

Reading Is a Skill EssayReading is a necessary adroitness in your everyday life. We use it to discover new things books, magazines and internet. It shoots the ability to pick out and sympathize what is hold. It is fundamental to function in todays society. If you dont represent well no matter who you are, you have a hard time in life. Reading is a vital skill in finding a job. In order to have a job, you need to cut how to read mainly English. Reading is important because it develops the fountainhead. The mind is a muscle, it needs exercise. Reading is necessary for men and women of solely ages and it is used in everyday life. Reading is fundamental to function in todays society.Reading is used in everyday life we read signs, instructions on a care for bottle, and filling out applications. in that respect are many adults who fecal matternot read well enough to understand the instructions on a medicine bottle. Filling out applications becomes impossible without help. Reading road or warning signs is difficult. If you dont sleep with how to read you probably have a difficult life, you dont understand things and becomes impossible without help. Its a scary thought that a fully grown man or women does not know how to read. Reading is a day-to-day activity you do it all day, even when you dont cognize it.Reading is a vital skill in finding a good job. All jobs adopt you to read, it doesnt matter what field or occupation youre in, you have to know how to read. Many well-paying jobs require reading as a part of job performance. There are reports and memos which must be read and responded to. Poor reading skills increase the amount of time it takes to absorb the information and do the work. A someone is limited in what they can accomplish without good reading and comprehension skills. Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise. As you read, the written words make the mind grow.Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills. It also helps them learn to listen and understand. Reading develops the imagination unlike TVs and computer games can. With reading, a person can go anywhere in the world or even out of it They can be a king, queen, adventurer, anything The possibilities are endless. Non-readers never experience these joys to the same extent, they have a harder life. All in all, I believe reading is an educational get on withment. You need it to function in todays society, it is a vital skill in finding a good job, and it develops the mind.It is a way to broaden our companionship and spark new ideas. It is a necessary skill and we use it everyday at all times. I dont read a lot, but I believe that if I read much I would be one of the best . Reading helps you understand things clearer and better. Reading is necessary and is used in everyday life adolescents, teens, and seniors have and will be using reading until the world is over. It will forward motion more and someone one day will find a better way to advance the reading field, making everyone shine and understand it better

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Outback Steakhouse Case Essay Example for Free

remote Steakhouse Case EssayOutback has clear defined strategic goals that give a clear sense of where the bon ton is headed in the future. The company intends to jam its future growth though a four pronged strategy. First, they want to continue to expand in the U.S. with an additional 300-350 Outback concept eating places. They also plan to develop a second system of enfranchisement restaurants called Carabbas. After that, the founders may develop additional themed restaurants, and branch out into international franchising. To achieve these goals, several useable goals have been defined. The owners will continue to focus on the development of Outback, because there is still a solidifying of work left to do there. Also, expanding Outback to greater levels will provide a strong excogitation for the Carabbas venture. As Joe Coffer said, I see Outback as the McDonalds of the future, except a step up. The useable strategy right now is to continue expanding Outback operation s, and continuing to build their reputation as the promethium mid-level steakhouse. There be many standing plans outlined in the text, but deuce of note postulate with the promotional strategy and staff training.All job candidates for the restaurant staff are required to tend an aptitude test that assesses basic skills such as making change. Also, every candidate is interviewed by two concourse, and undergoes psychological profiling. With regards to promotion, Outback does local advertising on billboards and TV, but most of their promotion is done finished community involvement. Actions speak louder than words, and the founders know that their community involvement helps build friends and an image of great food at a great price. A single use plan was put into effect when the company require additional venture capital to fund Outbacks early stages. They planned to offer a portion of the company for public sale. A project schedule was developed, outlining exactly what was need ed for the plan to be a success.They needed to raise at least 1.5 million to finance the purchase of equipment for the next year. They valued to sell enough stock, priced at about 20% of the highest restaurant stock, to finance about 18 months of operation. Their readable project schedule paid off, and by 1994, sixty-eight million dollars were raised. 1. The Outback Steakhouse uses various types of controls that discipline high quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. One feedforward control has been the development of the Outback kitchen. Bob Basham designed the kitchen for peak efficiency, occupying 45% of the area of the restaurant. Bob decided that by overdesigning the kitchen and underdesigning the dining area, the restaurant is better able to operate during clock of peak demand, while maintaining a high level of quality.Controls are also used while the restaurant is in operation. The ratio of servers to customers at Outback is much lower than at the typical restaura nt, and this is the key to Outbacks outstanding customer service. Outback employees typically only handle three tables at a time, so customers are served more quickly, and dont experience rushed when ordering. Feedback controls are used when a new restaurant is opened and new employees are hired. The restaurant staff has four practice nights when sympathy events are held or the local media are entertained, before the restaurant is actually opened to the public. This gives the new employees some(a) experience, but also provides a basis for discussion afterwards. By discussing the events of the practice nights, areas requiring improvement can be identified before the restaurant is open to the public. In a panache, this is both a feedback and a feedforward control. extraneous controls are not used extensively at Outback because of the relatively informal organizational structure.Of course, company policy and procedures would be outlined during the orientation process, but there is n ot always a motorbus or supervisor watching you. The closest thing to external control outlined in the incident would be Tim Gannons meeting and training sessions upper management ensuring that the front-liners are behaving in a way that is consistent with the Outback philosophy. Internal controls are emphasized at Outback, through self-directed learning and individual(prenominal) growth. Trudy Cooper calls it the learn-teach-learn approach. As Chris Suiilvan explains, Outback gives people a lot of opportunity to make some mistakes, learn, and go on.2. Both positional and personal condition are utilized at Outback. The attention that Outback employees total during the hiring and training process would fall under legitimate power. The people that are training the new employees are experienced, friendshipable workers the new employees are clearly their subordinates. However, aptitude testing and one-on-one training would make them feel important. Such attention can be strenuo us and intimidating, but in the long-run this attention would aerate the message that the company cares and wants you to excel. Referent power is one of the most beneficial types of power to have in an organization, but is also one of the most difficult to create.At the ten meetings per year that Tim Gannon holds with staff members, denotative power is utilized because Tim sounds like a cool guy. Employees work hard for him because he earns their respect and people want him to like them. Also, experience power would be present because of Tims extensive management knowledge and experience. People respect him because of the years he has invested in Outback. On the positional power side, reward power is used almost exclusively.Outback has provided ownership opportunities at three levels at the individual restaurant level, through joint venture and franchise opportunities, and though the employee stock option plan. The first two opportunities require an sign investment, but the retur n is excellent. The stock option plan, I think, is an excellent idea, because it benefits everyone, and rewards loyalty and hard work. You are rewarded in proportion to what you have contributed to the success of the venture.

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Portfolio Selection Essay Example for Free

Portfolio Selection EssayThe modern conjecture of portfolio has intelligibly conceptualized the notion of optimal portfolio. match to this theory the dropors perpetu all in ally try to achieve the highest possible provide from their coronation in any asset or portfolio of assets while they want to minimize the associated gambles. Actually the theory tells virtually the rational behavior of the investors who always intend to maximize the return from their investment with an acceptable level of risk. (Financial Concepts The optimal Portfolio). In 1952 Harry Markowitz first uses such an approach of optimal portfolio selection. His works has showed us that the investors can invest in different portfolio of assets having varying level of risks and returns. In this case first the investors are required to check on the risks which they are able to handle and then they should diversify their portfolio based upon their decisions. Such an idea abandoned by Harry Markowitz has b rought revolution in the theory of financial economics and modernizes the functionalities of investment practice. All these kit and boodle of Harry Markowitz hasten been recognized by giving him the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990.According to the basic principle of the economics, in the facade of trade-offs all the economic decisions are interpreted since the scarcity of resources is always there. According to Markowitz, the economic behavior of an investor can always be exposit by the trade-off between the expected return and the associated risk of investment. An investment decision can not merely be explained by the securities which an investor own, quite a it is explained by the mechanism of divisions of the wealth of an investor among different securities.Here comes the portfolio selection problem of an investor. In an bind published in March 1952 and through all the subsequent workings, Markowitz has established the linier programming method for exploitation the algorit hm of critical line which can be used to identify the possible portfolio of securities that minimize risk when the level of expected return is given and that maximize return when the level of risk is given. Standard remainder of the actual returns from the expected return is used as the measurement of risk.The portfolio graph of standard divagation in relation to the expected return builds the efficient frontier which then can be used as a trade-off between the expected return and the associated risk. This efficient frontier is a replication of all the diversified portfolios as the portfolio diversification is a tool used to reduce risk. The basic meaning of portfolio diversification is very clear. It tells that a rational investor should not invest all his/her money in a star security, rather the investors must diversify his/her money into different portfolio of securities.To select a portfolio of assets, a mean-variance analysis has been positive by Markowitz. For allocation of assets the technique of mean-variance analysis has been highly applied in the theory of investment everywhere the last decade. The allocation of assets is nothing but the selection of portfolio of assets where the investors invest in a collection of securities rather than in an individual security. Portfolio analysis not only requires the formation of expected return and standard deviation of the assets but also the correlation of returns between each pair of assets of a portfolio.(Kaplan, January, 1998). Beta values of contends or beta coeffecients have been used by the investors for measuring the changes in the relative values of a share. When an investor set apart his/her money into a portfolio of assets, the beta values also help to assess the associated risks of investments. The beta value is reckon with the help of the historical share price of the assets and foodstuff index information. We can get an idea about the previous sensitivity of a stock relative to market b y analyzing the beta values. (Share Prices Beta Values, 2010). FindingsThe theory of portfolio investment tells about the risk aversion characteristics of the investors. The investors are required to be compensated for holding more unwarranted securities so that they take an additional amount of risk. If risk is higher, the potential return is also higher. The remuneration provided to the investors for holding notional assets is known as risk premium. The risk premium of each share is different. When an investor invests in a particular share, the expected earnings of the investor from that share may be higher than the overall market if he/she perceives that the share is more risky.Similarly the expected earnings from a share may be lower than the overall market is the investor perceives that the share is less risky in comparison with the market. Actually the alliance between the return expected from a share and the return expected from the overall market is described by the be at values. The standard index of beta is 1. This implies that in a trading day, if there is a 1% increase in the Australian Security exchange (ASX), a share price with a beta of 1. 5 is expected to increase by 1. 5%. Similarly the performance of the share would plough worse if the market index falls.Therefore, if the beta of a share is greater than 1, it implies that the share is more risky and high sensitive than the market index. If the beta of a share is less than one, it implies that the share is less risky and less sensitive than the market index. If beta is equal to 1, it implies that the share is following the market index. (WOW Fastrack Investment mathematical group Current goal a share portfolio worth $150,000, n. d. ). Analysis In our analysis we have taken ten companies listed on the ASX. We have considered a time period of six years (1999 to 2004). The historical share price of these 10 companies is taken.We take weekly data for our analysis. Beside these 10 companies we have also considered another keep company ( Westpack Banking)as standard with which we will measure the movement share prices of these 10 companies. The starting date of the data is fourth January 1999 and the end date of the data is 14th June 2004. Since we have considered weekly data as available, to calculate return of each asset, we transformed the returns into the 52 week fair(a) value. Finally we take the 6 years average return of those 52 week average value as the asset means of those 10 shares. We have shown this by the table 1 as follows.