Monday, March 18, 2019

The Clifford Ball :: essays research papers

The Clifford evening gownThe Ball, the ball, the ball. The Clifford Ball 1996, the greatestmusical performance Ive ever witnessed, a sequence Ill never for train."Where the fuck is Plattsburg, New York?" That was the main concern ona warm summer afternoon, as we began to pack up the car for a trip that willremain crisp in my mind bust then vacation Ive ever been on. It was Tom, Tim,Joe, Beau, Tom brother Steve, Alex who flew in from Wisconsin, Tims brotherSean and myself Tony. The survive couldnt been better, the mood...excitement,joy, and a little nervousness. After all it was my first Phish show, and Tomwas the lone(prenominal) other one out of us all who had seen a Phish show. I had always want phish, but I was always reluctant to charm tix for a show, I figured I couldwait till they came to colossus Stadium, or The Meadowlands. One day I decided What the hell     Plattsburg was a good 6 hours up I-87 from quiet River Vale, New Jersey.So we spe nd most of the afternoon at Shop-rite, Campmor, and Ramsey outdoor. Wehad sleeping bags, coolers of beer, soda, food, and more beer, tents, stoves,lanterns, bug torches, and clothes. At around 12 midnite Friday morning we hitthe road and embarked, on what would be a scared trip. Tom drove the van withhis brother and myself. Tim in his red Festiva with Joe and Sean, and Beau inhis blue Festiva with Alex. Stopping only to fix and re-fuel, we busted up toPlattsburg, arriving around 6am. It was amazing to see all the VW Westvalias upI-87 with Steal you Face, and dancing bear stickers. Once arriving, we picked aspot to plume camp (out of the Wetlands of course) We followed the lead ofcrickets bouncing gently round room to a nice spot. Close to the potable water,yet far enough from the place smell of port-a-jons. Then we got some neededsleep.We woke up around 1pm and I opened my eyes to my suprise...100,000 otherpeople arrived while we were asleep Didnt imposition me, the more the mer ry.It was really strange. Once I stepped out of the tent, I call up I left somethingbehind. I didnt have a care in the world. I forgot about my job, my house,my life back home. I WAS AT A PHISH SHOW, thats all that mattered. Yeah, inan ordinary situation, the crickets would have bothered me. I liked um. Thereal freaky people that lived off acid and trying to get that one miracle would

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