Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New Deal Outline Essay -- essays research papers

The New get offI. FDR and the starting line New DealA. FDR Takes the Helm1. Roosevelt was generally popular and got good grades2. mating to Eleanori. distant cousinsii. March 17, 1905 they were married3. An Emerging Politiciani. democratii. 1921 polio left him paralyzediii. treatment gave him partial use of his legsiv. spoke publicly in 1924 since the attack4. The Roosevelt Victoryi. Roosevelt proposed a solid and straightforward invent of action to end depressionii. was open to all ideas (ex. Employed Republicans)iii. The one hundred DaysB. The Hundred Days1. Moratorium temporary shutdown of operations2. Stemming the till Crisisi. William Woodin appointed to resolve bank crisisii. FDR reassured the people their money is safer with newfound banks3. A New Deal&... ... reservations and could decide how their lands would be used and managedD. An expand Government Role1. 14% of all families obtained aid or time out from the federal presidency2. Federal Regulation the expansi on of the federal government into almost all aspects of peoples lives3. The government programs of the New Deal neither eliminated individual poverty nor ended the DepressionCT 44. Assumptions could have easily included the stereotype of a minority or a culture facing extinction. Native American cultures were generally drop but when people overanalyze acts that were instated to help the Native American culture, stereotypes and rumors could be concocted.

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