Friday, March 8, 2019

Focus on the Murder of Simon in ‘Lord of the Flies’ Essay

Read from Towards midnight to the end of Chapter 9. Contrast this description of Simons beatification to the previous description of his murder. How is Simons government agency in the fresh captured by this extract?The description of Simons murder and the description of his last journey out to sea after his death atomic number 18 in all different to each other. In the first, the sons brutally murder Simon beca practice they think he is the beast. In the second, Simon is beatified and martyred as his body is carried out to sea.When the boys murder Simon, Goldings implement of verbiage helps to create the sense of crowd mentality that the boys atomic number 18 feeling as the beleaguer around them grows. Language such as unbearable noise, explosion, and abominable, give the impression that the storm is deafening the boys, and that the cacophony of heavy(a) is contributing to the sense of hysteria that is driving the boys to their actions. In comparison to this, the use of lang uage in the description of Simons beatification is much softer, and gives the subscriber a sense of calm, in contrast to the feeling of agitation in the description of Simons murder. For example, there is a wide use of language suggesting light in the description, such as, phosphorescence, moonbeams, and brightness. This gives the reader the idea that Simon is being watched e actuallyplace by God, or a higher being, and therefore suggesting that God is pass judgment Simons body as a martyr.Goldings use of miserable fallacy as well as contributes strongly to the contrast between the two descriptions. In the first description, the clouds opened and let down he rain the likes of a waterfall, and the dark sky was shattered by a amobarbital sodium white scar. This description of the intensity of the storm emphasises the madness of the boys. In contrast, in the description of Simons beatification, the rain ceased and the clouds drifted away, and the air was cool, moist and clear. Th is calming of the storm allows Golding to prepare the reader for the sense of reverence they should feel at Simons death.The manner in which the boys are presented in the first description is also significant. Language such as struck, bit, tore and teeth and claws, portray the radical of terrified boys as an animal a beast. However, the pigeonholing also believes that they are killing the beast, who is in fact, Simon. This shows the boys complete descent into savagery, as they become the very thing that they are trying to destroy. In complete contrast to this, the jobless body of Simon, the beast, is described using language such as silver, marble, and pearls. This use of precious white minerals suggests Simons innocence and purity, the polar opposite of the group of boys who murdered him.This extract describing Simons beatification helps to capture Simons boilersuit role in the novel.Throughout the novel, Simon is the nevertheless deterrent example and religious boy on the isl and. He is first singled out by Ralph and described as vivid. On the boys fist journey into the jungle, Simon is fascinated by the beauty of the cd bud plants. When the boys are supposed to be building huts on the beach, Simon is the only one who stays to help Ralph build. All this shows Simons sensitivity and moral integrity.After his death, Simon has a Christ-like quality that singles him out from the rest of the boys. This is because of the spiritual intelligence that he shows throughout the novel. This final description of Simon also captures his role as a kind of guardian angel to Ralph earlier in the novel. When Ralph is despairing that the boys were becoming savages and would never get rescued, Simon appears to comfort him. He says, I think youll get back all right. This suggests that Simon has some kind of prescience, as he realises that Ralph will get home, but that he himself will not. This foresight also contributes to his other-worldly spirituality.Overall, Goldings us e of language in the description of Simons beatification helps to suggest Simons spiritual and moral role in The Lord of the Flies.

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