Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Another solution could be found in organizations, such(prenominal) as Families First, that literally bridges the gap by providing both types of services. The gelt Department of Social Services founded Families First to deal with child neglect, exclusively staffers soon realized domestic power was also at symbolize in many of their cases (Findlater 92). After requesting domestic violence training, Families First companionable workers now provide domestic violence services as they bugger off into a crossroads with child neglect issues (Findlater 92). Similarly, some domestic violence shelters welcome children and can help them with group counseling (Carter 7). For example, lecturer Azucena Ugarte famed that of the Philadelphia shelters one hundred beds, ten of them were cribs (Ugarte). An often over-looked notice to bettering the treatment for child witnesses is to improve the legal systems interactions with them. detective Nancy K. D. Lemon acknowledges that since the 1970s th e judicial system has done a right sign handling domestic violence victims, but she says it has been slower to lie with the effect of domes...

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