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Cultures Influence on Technology Essay -- Environment Environmental P

Cultures Influence on TechnologyCulture and technology are in a constantly expanding positive feedback loop. The greatest changes in gracious beings agriculture are almost always the result of a technical innovation. However, a technology capable of a ethnic shift dirty dog whole deplete come from the culture itself. Without the cultures choice to refine the technology, the practical applications would have been left as totally fleeting ideas technology will exclusively be developed if the culture has some immediate and apparent intention for it. Although a culture will develop a technology establish on its inherent valence towards a particular application, that culture cannot maybe fathom the ultimate repercussions of its collective decision. The inherent multiplier effect in the feedback loop along with unforeseen applications of the technology will guide the trajectories of cultural evolution (Ehrlich 255) in completely unexpected ways. Even though cultures can and do h ave an effect on their form through invoice, it is only slight when compared to the monstrous effect that their technologies have on them. The nature and impressiveness of this type of self-propagating relationship are described in Paul Ehrlichs sustain Human Nature Genes, Culture, and the Human Prospect. Ehrlich describes his own opinion on human development and feedback loops in the following passage It is important to know what shapes the course of history, how that influences the evolution of our natures, and how that in turn feeds back on evolutionary history itself. (Ehrlich 254) The statement briefly describes the general form of the positive feedback loop for human development throughout history. The influences he refers to could be anything from the environment to culture... ...e the resources and could not lease a kiln. They did, however, have an immediate and apparent use for the chariot, which could increase their go and power by an innumerable factor. Although c ulture is able to guide the technological innovations that are borne from it, humanity does not seem to have much of a say in its course through history. Each step through time is a result of an infinite amount of steps ahead it all pushing history towards an unknown end. Even the individual who invents an constitutive(a) technology is only a very small ripple in a tide of inexorable humanity.Works CitedChant, Colin. Chapter 2Greece in Pre-Industrial Cities and Technology. Routledge Press, 1999. pp. 48-80.Ehrlich,Paul R. Ch. 11 Gods, Dive-Bombers, and Bureaucracy in Human Natures Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect. Island Press, 2000. pp. 253-279.

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