Friday, February 8, 2019

Ultimately Disgusting :: essays research papers

Ultimate flake is one of the most brutal and uncivilised sports ever to be seen on television. Ultimate competitiveness is a no-rules chip competition, designed to provide violent entertainment for its viewers. In this competition a fighter is allowed to punch, kick, and choke his opponent to win a fight. Ultimate fighting first came to the United States in 1993 when SEG began promoting it as, The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Ultimate fighting is an unsafe sport and people should not be permitted to view or compete in such(prenominal) violent competitions.Dr. George Lindberg editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association says, Someones spinal cord could be fractured, an arm could be broken, and choking could result in brain damage. The possibility of injury is precise high (Sokolove 1). The American Medical Association wants an all out ban on boxing and ultimate fighting. Senator John McCain, the leader in the opposition wants it banned because he is concerned abo ut injury to the competitors (Kirby 20). In the UFC competitors have stock broken arms, damaged their spinal cord, and been knocked out on several occasions. In a recent event in the Ukraine, a competitor died after on he was beated badly. After the fight he collapsed, was taken to a hospital, and later died (Kodi). Cockfighting is banned in almost all states in this country, however in most states ultimate fighting still goes unregulated. Why are we allowing homo to compete in events that we have decided is too dangerous for animals (Sokolove 1)? Isnt allowing this persona of event to go on telling our children that it is ok to fight? This grammatical case of event serves no positive purpose, and only increases the tolerance for violence in our society. Fans and promoters of ultimate fighting argue that fighters should be allowed to compete in all emblem of violent event if both participants are consenting. Isnt there a point then where all of this goes to far though? Suppose person wants to televise the death of someone who consents to being killed. Under their logic this type of thing would be ok because everyone is consenting. We have already banned such consenting activities such as prostitution, drugs, and assisted suicide we should just supplement this to the list. John McCain believes that the fighters consent is deceptive. He says a fighter is, driven by gain or the enticements of publicity associated with it and unknowingly is placing his or her life at seek (Kirby 20).

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