Thursday, February 7, 2019

Safety in Global Workplace :: essays research papers fc

IntroductionAdvierta este papel entrar en llamas en diez segundos If you can read Spanish you might have already dropped this paper. However, if you cannot, let me translate the first line for you. It readsCaution, this paper will wear into flames in ten seconds Imagine yourself as a foreigner work in a country without being able to speak or read the lyric. M any foreign workers are too embarrassed or afraid of termination to admit that they do not understand instruction manual or natural rubber procedures. A recent Census Bureau pass over indicates the number of United States residents for whom English is a foreign language is nigh 32 million 1. Mexican immigrants make up the largest minority concourse in our country today and many of these individuals have poor English language skills or none at all. They come to this country for an fortune to work and make a better life. In order for these employees and their buster workers to be protected properly, a way essential be build to communicate safety information to them. We must familiarize ourselves with the way in which people communicate and learn and adapt our techniques to get the message across most efficiently. A 16 year old Mexican immigrant working for a social structure sub asserter from Texas who had been contracted by a framing avower in Oklahoma, who in turn was working for a general construction contractor in Alabama, fell to his death from a roof at the construction site in Alabama. The Texas based contractor had a safety plan but it was written only in English. The general contractor in Alabama had a safety plan for its employees but it did not make any provision for subcontractors. Evidence indicated that the crew understood atomic or no English. Evidence gathered during OSHA interviews of the crewmembers, indicated that the crew had no cognition of the safety plan 2. There were many mistakes made in this scenario and we must be mindful of this type of situation due to the chan ging formation of the modern workplace. As managers, we will face employees with various cultural and language backgrounds and these employees must be a vital and productive part of the general scheme. The general contractor in this case should have incorporated any subcontracted employees in its safety plan. In so doing, these contingencies are provided for before they pass along and may limit the companys liability.

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