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Negotiating a Starting Salary Essay -- Business and Management Studies

Negotiating a scratch earningsWith earnings access available to nearly everyone, blood seekers arearmed with more than information than ever before. Information drop beobtained for agate line openings, job descriptions, and even salaries. close totimes when filling push through an application, a box exit ask for a netdesired. Some advertisements ask to send your resume with salaryrequirements. These are any(prenominal)times elusive questions to answer. How muchdoes that job normally pay? Is the job applicator charge the top pay?This paper entrust explore the various factors entangled when attemptingto negotiate a starting salary. Topics such as helpful internetsources pull up stakes be introduced, along with salary ranges, and helpfulinterview techniques will be discussed to better position one self toobtain the salary desired.Some basic concepts should be understood before attempting tonegotiate a starting salary. First of all realize that a job in in the altogethe rYork city will most likely pay more than the same job in rural Ohio.Geographic locations and cost-of-living play a major role whendetermining salaries. For example, comparisons were made for an entrylevel job as a bank teller in Elyria, Ohio and New York, New York. Theresults were interesting. The median(prenominal) expected salary for a typicalTeller in Elyria, Ohio is $20,913 with the 25th percentageile being$19,642 and the 75th percentile at $22,645. The median expected salaryfor the same job in New York City is $24,274 with the 25th percentilebeing $22,799 and the 75th percentile at $26,284 ( supplement and demand also play a part. If job candidates are openhandedthen negotiating exponent is limited. However, some fields are in senior highdemand and college graduates in those fields will find they stir their excerpt of employers. For instance, according to The American AlmanacOf Jobs And Salaries, the occupations with the largest job refuseare sewing ma chine operators. This data covers the time period from1996 to 2006 and they are in decline by 26 percent (xxviii).Conversely, according to intensify Occupational outlook Handbook, thefastest growing jobs are computer related. From 1998-2008 computerengineers, computer live on specialists, computer systems analysts,and database administrators are expected to grow by 108, 102, 94, and77 percent respectively (18).A third concept to remember is that ev... ... appeal to their power and position in thecompany. Say something like, If you have the power. Most managerswill enjoy the positive comment and if they can get it done for youthey will ( negotiating techniques highlight just some of ways a jobapplicant can better position themselves for a better starting salary.Salary wizards on the internet will give you a pay range. motleyarticles at career related web sites can give you some valuableinsights. And of course your local library will always have books on hand to guide you through your job and salary hunting as you prepareyourself for the challenges of the working world of the 21st century.Works CitedFarr, Micheal J. and LaVern L. Ludden, Ed.D. Enhanced OccupationalOutlook Handbook 2000-2001 ed.Caroline Levchuck. How to Determine Your Salary localize. 10-30-2004.Lussier, Don Job Search Secrets. Lincolnwood NTC/Contemporary,1998Wright, John W. The American Almanac of Jobs And Salaries 2000-2001ed.The unsatisfactory Offer Negotiation Technique. 10-31-2004. . 10 Tricks for Negotiating a Higher Starting Salary. June 20,2004.Employment Digest. 10-24-2004.

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