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Medieval Castles Essay -- essays research papers fc

gallant castles and their InteriorAlthough it is intellection that medieval generation were barbaric they too enjoyed many comforts we til now do today. There is much more to the castle then its size of it or the stone arches inside which ar still used in many homes today. Castles today are still flocked to by millions of hatful every year. Sometimes you eventide see copies of castles right here in the U.S.A precisely they are not quite the same. Although they were origin ally built to protect the King, Castles became more and more popular among other nobles as well. Each family castle had their ingest special design and touch yet most castles of medieval times had a lot of the same prefatorial elements in their interior.Within the scale of measurement keep and behind the great walls of these castles there was always one basic element the great dorm. It was often on the ground floor but sometimes it was raised to the second floor for extra security. The great sign of the zodiac was a large one-room structure with a lofty ceiling(Giess 58). This was where all the people of the castles slept (excluding the lord and the Lady). There was of course a great voluminous curtain put up so the ladies would be separate from the men. It wasnt until the end of the century when separate rooms were invented. The great hall was usually located in the very center of the castle and walls built come forward of stone surrounded the whole room. The entrance was in a sidewall rough the lower end of the hall. An outside staircase would be built if the hall were on the second floor. The family would usually have its feasts in this room (Gies 60). For even more security they would have guards stand outside the great hall on all sides of the room so guests would feel safe when they were feast (Nardo 57). Early halls were aisled like a church, with rows of wooden posts or stone pillars funding the timber roof. Windows were equipped with wooden shutters secured b y an iron bar but they were rarely glassed. It wasnt until the13th century a king or a great baron might have white or light-green glass in the windows. Then later in the14th century that glazed windows were in every castle (Gies59). In the castle, the first floor or ground floor (it was sometimes called) was the actual earth itself. ... ...d. All that remains now are ruins that dot the coun essayside every where throughout England.Even though the castle has disappeared it has not been completely forgotten. Today many decorators and homeowners borrow and try to recreate the barbaric look. A lot of people find in quite romantic. People are reminded of royalty and all the important people during this period like King Arthur and Robin Hood. In conclusion, the Medieval Castles interior decoration began to have importance and much of its innovations are still used today. WORKS CITEDNardo, Don. The Medieval Castle. California Lucent Books, 1997.Singman, Jeffery L. Medieval Europe. Co nnecticut Greenwood Press, 1999.Gies, Frances, et. al. Life in a Medieval Castle. New York doubting Thomas Crowell Company, 1974.Interior Design. World Book Encyclopedia. 1995. ed.Medieval Castles. 12 Dec 2001. http//

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