Saturday, February 16, 2019

Light and Dark in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay -- Heart Dar

Light and Dark in Heart of night Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness is a tragic tale of the white mans journey into the African jungle. When we desquamate away the layers, however, a different journey is revealed - we venture into the soul of man, deal with the slantedness of depravity as well as the wonderful. In this amount of money Conrad uses this theme of light and darkness to contrast the civilized European dry land with the savage African world in Heart of Darkness. As aforementioned, within Heart of Darkness, Conrad uses light and dark to symbolize good and evil, respectively. It is whiteness that is sincerely sinister and evil, for it symbolizes the immoral scramble for loot by the unscrupulous and hardhearted Belgian traders in pearl and human flesh the whiteness of ivory is also contrasted with the blackness of the natives whose lives must be destroyed for its sake (Gillon 25). In other words there is a perversion of light and dark and what they represent. The characteristic of ivory is its colour of white, but rather then cosmos associated with purity and all that it is good, it re... ... of Darkness. Middlesex, England Penguin Publishers, 1983. Gillon, Adam. (1982). Joseph Conrad. Twaynes English Author Series Number 333. Kinley E. Roby, ed. capital of Massachusetts Twayne. Joseph Conrad. The Encarta 1998 Encyclopedia Online. Microsoft, 1998. Kunitz, Stanley J. Joseph Conrad. Twentieth Century Authors Vol. T. New York H.W. Wilson Company, 1942. 307-9 Stape, J.H.. The Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad. Cambridge Cambridge University Press. Taylor, Derek. Conrads Heart of Darkness. The Explicator. No.4 summer 1998 195-8.

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