Sunday, February 10, 2019

Life Choices as Represented in Robert Frosts Road Not Taken Essay

Life Choices as Represented in Robert freezings passage room Not TakenChoices argon never easy, facing hundreds upon thousands of them in our lifetime, humans has to make decisions based upon these creams. Some decisions are clear while others are sometimes not clear and more difficult to make. The poesy The bridle-path Not Taken by Robert Frost is a prime spokesperson of these choices in life. This poem is a first person narrative that is seen by most people as being told by Frost. The poem opens up with the narrator encountering a point in the timber that has a remains diverge into two separate paths. In the poem Frost presents the mentation of man facing the difficult predilection of a moment and a lifetime. I believe this idea in the poem is embodied in the fork in the road, the decision amidst the two paths, and the decision to adopt the road not taken. Some angiotensin-converting enzymes life could be metaphorically related to a walk through the woodwind filled wit h many twists and turns. Throughout this transit there are instances where choices between alternate paths have to be make and the route you make to take is not always an easy one to determine. For most people, the fork in the road represents the speakers encounter of having to choose between two paths knowing that this decision will affect the rest of his life. Frost presents to the reader a moment in anyones life where a operose and problematic choice has to be made. The two paths represent the options that someone has to choose from. Faced with these decisions, he or she has to weigh their options carefully to make this choice. plot of ground reading this poem I was able to visualize the speaker tone far down both paths to see what each of them would bring. Though the speakers sight is somewhat limited, on... ... is simply taking a stroll trough the woods because he says in line 13, I kept the first for some other day, which leads me to believe that the next time he is wa lking in those woods hell take the first path. I guess that Frost did his job because this poem has caused so much controversy and debates over the years. I just cant really fathom that this path was the meaning of life in a way. I know that my view of the piece is not the only true way to go but I also know that this is poetry and it is meant to be looked at from different leans. I wouldnt be surprised if someone took the angle of saying that Frost was drunk and couldnt find his way home. There is no real answer to what this poem is about and Im just taking the realist set out and saying that The Road Not Taken, is not about lifes ultimate choice but rather simply about a walk in the park.

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