Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Good Use: What is it Good For? :: Teaching Writing Education

correct Use What is it Good For?I sit here at my computer surrounded by writings about strong aim. They are beside me, in front of me, beside to me. I stick out read them all many times and I still wonder if I have figured out an effect to What is unafraidly use and what is it good for?Good use is something that I come up is ingrained in us from kindergarten on. We are taught the proper way to economize and the proper way to talk. It distinguishes the educated from the uneducated. Oh, we may try to say that good use does non matter, but we notice when bad use is evident. We see words that are misspelled and sentences that make no sense at all. We hear words employ totally out of context or mispronounced. We try not to be judgmental, but, in the back of our minds, there is a little gnome utter little opinionated thoughts about the ignorance before us.Okay Okay I can see everyone acquiring defensive on that last comment. except if we are honest with ourselves, it is tru e. We talked in course of instruction about good use being a class distinction. There is no avoiding it. Of course, there are the extremes. The example of Niles from Frazier is the utmost extreme in constant good use. Or is it? Maybe it is just an example of class. But Frazier would be of the same class as his brother and he does not speak in such extremes. This is very sad. Now I am arguing with myself in this paper. I think I have triggered an idea, though - Niles is not an example of good use. He is using a artistic style that he is comfortable with, that is not common among us. It makes us think of good use because it is so formal. The dialect does consist of good use, but it is not the epitome of it. Frazier and even his soda water speak in ways that would constitute good use. You do not have to use formal english to be considered using good use. Now it may sound like I am getting away from the class distinction, but I dont think that I am. I think the class still shows up, especially in people who have not had a chance at an education. Then there is a definite lack of good use, as we know it.

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