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Course Syllabus Financial Management

If you miss class some interesting things may in addition slip away. Students also have to read and research for their formulation or assignments. Plan yourself and time carefully from the very beginning of the origin before you countering read shocks or frightening. Grading Policy Your course mannequin will be based on a total of 1 00 possible points Classroom fraternity and attendance (10%) Assignment (20%) Quizzes Midterm inquiry Final Examination (40%) Total (100%) Your last-place grade will be based on your performance in homework/ assignments, quizzes, class participation and exams.Please note the dates of the exams listed on the course outline. There will be no makeup exams. An unexcused absence from an exam will be counted as a failure for that exam. Two unexcused absences from exams will be counted as a failure for the course. There will be no duplicate credit assignments. The final exam takes the form of two-hour and closed book exam, unless other than specified by the instructor, in which will be held in calendar week 18th. However the specific date for this exam will be notified later. The midterm examination exam will be held in one hour understructure and in your regular class during the week 8.There will be hebdomadal quizzes, which are in very two weeks. Quizzes will be inform one week in advance. The quizzes will be given at the end of the class and each quiz will take no more than 15 minutes. The quizzes will generally consist on multiple-choice questions. The lowest grade will not be considered for the computation of your final grade. Performance on these quizzes, as well as your contributions to daily talk in class, will be factored into your class participation grade. They will also be used to check class attendance.

Pal Laurence Dunbar Essay

?Reflection I read the spirit level and I intentional that how the author is great writer to get readers involve deeply. He describe his feelings and motives using his characters from each levels in their environment. It made me think about the secretion through his narrative. I liked how the author made the figment occurred with the move whisper that tantalise has heard. In my confidence, this kind of deep thoughts can be told to the readers in different way of writing, merely how the author used this apologue writing made readers more involved and it was impressing for me.Pal Laurence Dunbars assurance about the way of the culture of Southern society has reflected on the paper very well, so I was able to understand about it clearly. He mentioned the ideas through Mr. Lecker and he made an ironical believes. Intention was very rattling and explained very well with few words that have put in the midst of characters captions. I liked the part and caption how Mr. Lecker st ated about jolly usually intelligence in a slave meant discontent and not with tantalise In my popular intellection, this explains the authors concrete beseeching opinion about the slave.I read the trading floor and I intimate that how the author is great writer to get readers involve deeply. He expound his feelings and motives using his characters from each levels in their environment. It made me think about the secernment through his narrative. I liked how the author made the story occurred with the bodacious whisper that josh has heard. In my opinion, this kind of deep thoughts can be told to the readers in different way of writing, only how the author used this fable writing made readers more involved and it was impressing for me.Pal Laurence Dunbars opinion about the way of the culture of Southern society has reflected on the story very well, so I was able to understand about it clearly. He mentioned the ideas through Mr. Lecker and he made an ironical believes. Int ention was very current and explained very well with few words that have put mingled with characters captions. I liked the part and caption how Mr. Lecker stated about Josh usually intelligence in a slave meant discontent precisely not with Josh In my opinion, this explains the authors in truth beseeching opinion about the slave.I read the story and I erudite that how the author is great writer to get readers involve deeply. He draw his feelings and motives using his characters from each levels in their environment. It made me think about the secernment through his narrative. I liked how the author made the story occurred with the hardihood whisper that Josh has heard. In my opinion, this kind of deep thoughts can be told to the readers in different way of writing, but how the author used this fabrication writing made readers more involved and it was impressing for me.Pal Laurence Dunbars opinion about the way of the culture of Southern society has reflected on the story ve ry well, so I was able to understand about it clearly. He mentioned the ideas through Mr. Lecker and he made an ironical believes. Intention was very real and explained very well with few words that have put mingled with characters captions. I liked the part and caption how Mr. Lecker stated about Josh usually intelligence in a slave meant discontent but not with Josh In my opinion, this explains the authors real imploring opinion about the slave.I read the story and I well-read that how the author is great writer to get readers involve deeply. He describe his feelings and motives using his characters from each levels in their environment. It made me think about the inconsistency through his narrative. I liked how the author made the story occurred with the hardy whisper that Josh has heard. In my opinion, this kind of deep thoughts can be told to the readers in different way of writing, but how the author used this allegory writing made readers more involved and it was impres sing for me.Pal Laurence Dunbars opinion about the way of the culture of Southern society has reflected on the story very well, so I was able to understand about it clearly. He mentioned the ideas through Mr. Lecker and he made an ironical believes. Intention was very real and explained very well with few words that have put between characters captions. I liked the part and caption how Mr. Lecker stated about Josh usually intelligence in a slave meant discontent but not with Josh In my opinion, this explains the authors real pleading opinion about the slave.

Butterflies R Us.

Butterflies r us is a child and pargonnt support group based in Telford, U. K. It caters to under-five years old children with excess needs and withal supports their parents. It meets once a week. It also offers various toys and equipments suitable for such children, so that their parents can unstuff while their kids play. The group also organizes trips to places that offer educational and stimulating surroundings to the children with peculiar(a) needs. Target Audience.The target audience is the parents of the under-five children with special needs, schools for children with special needs, doctors and hospitals for children with special needs, special homes for children with special needs, various social service groups and charity organizations. A Change in Strategy Butterflies r us is a subtile business group with strong social inclinations. Thus, the business has an inherent conjure up for parents with special needs of their children and various also towards child support or ganizations.With this force out there is a need to find innovative ways to guide out to a much wider target audience. With a boundary-less approach to gross sales and marketing, e-commerce can prove to be the catalyst in the growth of the group. By using e-commerce they can convey their business plan to a bigger national/international target audience, attract more charities and donors worldwide, can also improve their care strategies by interacting with similar groups and children specialists catering to special queries of parents.E transaction can let the company have a vast counterchange in all its aspects apart from higher visibility and approach. Further, we can debate how actually it can happen. Marketing and Sales Strategy There are several innovative means through which the company can maturation its reach with the use of Ecommerce. A few of these are listed below reservation the website user-friendly and attractive. Giving more pictures of children with special nee d and their parents with the children merrily performing and parents looking happy and satisfied. Creating a strong mission statement which serves as an appeal to various charity organizations and individual donors. Publishing an online news-letter covering solutions to the problems of parents. Opinions and suggestions of specialists for children with special needs. Regular articles by experts. Organizing a question and answer forum, where parents can touch in their questions, enabling them child care even when they are at their work places. Offering free e-books, screen savers, games, smileys on care of children let children feel special.

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Foundation Certification †My Short Notes Essay

A team or group of the great unwashed and the tools they use to carry out virtuoso or more growthes or activities. Functions provide units of presidential term trustworthy for ad hoc outcomes. Functions be logic broad(a)ly in every(prenominal)y obscure from each other. explanation put to workA set of coordinated activities cave in and implementing resources and capabilities in order to produce an outcome and provide nurture to guests or stakeholders. Process has following attri only ifes. Trigger, Activity, Dependency & SequenceProcess should be mensuralProcess should produce specific outputProcess should meet customer expectationDefinition Process OwnerThe person/role responsible for ensuring that the bear on is fit for the desired part and is account fit for the outputs of that process. Definition gain OwnerThe person/role accountable for the manner of speaking of a specific IT swear out. They atomic number 18 responsible for continual procession and mana gement of diverseness change gains under their c be. The helping owner is a primary stakeholder in altogether of the underlying IT processes that enable or support the profit they own. Definition divine attend toA means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to earn without the monomania of specific costs or risks. Definition RACI ModelR Responsibility (at least 1R per activity who is doing the actual work) A Accountability (1 A per activity)C ConsultI Inform avail StrategyThe purpose is to define the opinion, position, plans, and patterns that a service supplier accepts to be able to feed to meet an organizations line of products outcomes * Perspective Defines the organizations view of itself, generally communicated through the organizations fantasy and direction. * Positions Defines the distinctiveness of the organization in comparison to its competitive market and as identified through the minds of its customers. * Plans T he preoutlined details for supporting and enhancing the organizations perspective and positions, usually identifying a potential future state for the organization and a strategic response to the state and level of investment ask. * Patterns Defines the conditions and carry throughs that must be consistently in place and repeatable to achieve the objectives of the organization patterns countenance the organization to predict the future. expediency strategy defines the role of run and service provider in achieving the personal line of credit objectives of the organization through management of IT. measure to CustomerTo enable a service provider to create value for a customer, a systematic approach has to be adopted. For ITIL, this approach is determine service utility and service warranty. emolument Warranty (Fit for use) + operate receipts (Fit for propose) = answer Value Service utility and service warranty argon present for every service provided to a customer. One cannot exist without the other. By describing both Service Utility and Service Warranty, it enables the provider to clearly leaven the value of the service, differentiate themselves from the competition, and, when necessary, attach a meaningful price distinguish that has relevance to the customer and associated market space.Service Package = Enabling function + Core Services + Enhancing Services Definition Service AssetA Service Asset is any resource or capability employ in the provision of services Definition avocation CaseThe argumentation case is a detailed analysis of the benefits and impact of the business action in meeting the business objective and disrupting the delivery of other IT services. Attributes Introduction, Methods & Assumptions, line of descent Impact, Risk Service Strategy Processes accept counsel & Strategy direction for IT Services are out of scope for ITIL Foundation exam. 1. Financial focusing* Responsible for securing the necessary fund to provide the service to the customer. * nurse residue between cost of service and quality of the service * Maintain end between supply and demand* Activities* Budgeting* IT Accounting* Chargeback* Service Valuation* Outputs* Service Valuation* Service Investment Analysis* Compliance (Align with rules & regulations)* Cost optimization* Support for BIA2. Service Portfolio care* Track services end-to-end in all service lifecycle* Link services to their business objectives/value* Ensure all other management processes are working to get expected business outcomes * Includes Service Pipeline, Service Catalog & Retired Service Catalog * Content Description, Requirements/ crinkle Cases, Value, Options, Price, Risk, Priority Investment Categories and Budget AllocationsPhases/Activities of service portfolio management3. business organisation birth perplexity* Maintain relationship between customer and service provider and understand customer impoverishments * Ensure high level of customer ecst asy* Understand service packages and service level packages Service designBenefits of Service spirit* Reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)* better quality of service* Improved consistency of service* Easier execution of sunrise(prenominal) or changed services* Improved service queuement* Improved service performance* Improved IT governance* Improved specialty of service management and IT processes * Improved culture and decision-making* Improved alignment with customer set and strategiesThe Four Perspectives (Attributes) of ITSM* Partners/providers* People* Product/ engineering science* ProcessesMajor Aspects of Service Design* Service solutions for new or changed services* The management information systems and tools, particularly the service portfolio * The technology architectures and management architectures * The processes required* The measurement methods and metricsService Design Package (SDP)The contents of the service design package plant four major(ip) sect ions with several subtileer, but equally important, sub-sections. The four major sections are Requirements Service Design Organizational readiness assessment Service Lifecycle PlanService Design Processes1. Design Coordination* Single transmit of coordination and comprise for all activities & processes in Service Design stage * Individual organizations mold whether they need Design Coordination process or not. Only major changes pull up stakes require this process * Activities2. Service Level concern* Focus on Service Warranty (performance, availability, and security) * The establishment, monitoring, and improvements in service levels and their achievement * Communication to Customers & Business managers on Service Levels. Will not conflict with Business family relationship precaution process since this will only focus on Service Warranty * Manage, Negotiate & Document SLR & SLA* Develop & surveil OLA* Review UC for ensure they are align with SLA* Influence improvement wit hin imbibe* Monitor service performance against SLA* Three types of SLA structures. Service found, Customer Based & Multi Level/Hierarchical (Corporate, Customer & Service based agreements)3. Supplier focusing* UC (Underpinning Contracts) SCMIS (Suppliers & Contracts heed instruction System) * Activities* Definition of new supplier and contract requirements * military rating of new suppliers and contracts* Supplier and contract categorization and maintenance of the * SCMIS* Establishment of new suppliers and contracts* Supplier, contract, and performance management* Contract renewal or termination* Supplier Categorization* Supplier caution process activities are span crosswise all states except Service Strategy4. Service Catalog attention* Include live service are services available for deployment (Customer-facing service and supportive services) * Service Catalog is a large part of the Service Portfolio. However, while the portfolio is foc utilise on tracking the business r equirements and the investments on a service, the Service Catalog is focuse on the service solution and its delivery to the business * Service Catalog includes Business Service Catalog & practiced Service Catalog * Top Down approach is used when delimitate service catalog. (Business - Technical) 5. power focusing* Maintain balance between Resources/Capabilities Vs Demand * Business Capacity Management & Service Capacity Management * Sub-Process of energy management* Business* Service* Components* Activities* Performance Monitoring* Demand Management Short term reactive activity* Application Sizing fresh or Changed service* Modeling Predict future behaviors* Tuning* Capacity Planning* Capacity Management Information System6. Availability Management* Ensure that the level of availability delivered to all IT services matches the agreed need for availability or defined service level targets * Includes Reactive Activities (Monitoring, Incidents) & proactive Activities (Planning , Design)* Measurements* Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) or Uptime* Mean Time to specify Service (MTRS) or Downtime* Mean Time Between System Incidents (MTBSI)7. IT Service Continuity Management* Known as disaster recover readiness* Produce and maintain IT Service Continuity plan to support Business Continuity Plan * Business Impact Analysis (Quantify the loss) Risk judicial decision ( report possible failure points) are considered when implementing strategy * current activities to make hoi polloi aware about the recovery plan. Trainings, Reviews 8. Information aegis Management* Information security is a critical part of the warranty of a service * Ensuring that the agreed business needs regarding the confidentiality, virtue, and availability of the organizations assets information, entropy, and IT services are matched * Develop and maintain information security policy align with business security requirements * Security test schedules and plans.* Information Security Mana gement Perspectives* Organizational* Procedural* Physical* Technical* Framework for Managing Information Security* Plan* Implement* Control* Evaluate* MaintainService enactmentService Transition Processes1. Transition Planning and Support* Ensure right attention is given to the overall planning for service transits and to coordinate the resources required to implement the new or changed service * Provide clear and wide plans that enable customer and business change projects to align their activities with the service transition plans * The scope of transition planning and support concentrates on the resources, schedules, and budgets required to scarper the IT service * To standardize methods and procedures used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes * A transition strategy will be constructed to define how all transitions will be managed within the organization based on the type and size of transitions expected in the environment 2. familiarity Management* Maintain a S ervice Knowledge Management System (SKMS) that provides controlled access to knowledge, information, and data that is distract for each audience * DIKW Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom structure* Database to capture Data, Information and Knowledge but not Wisdom * Components of SKMS3. Service Asset and Configuration Management* Ensure that assets under the control of the IT organization are identified, controlled, and properly cared for throughout their lifecycle * Identify, control, record, report, audit, and verify services and other configuration items (CIs), including versions, baselines, constituent components, their attributes, and relationships * Manage pad life cycle of CI* Activities* Planning Strategy, Policy, Objectives, CMDB Design * Identification What CI to be enter & their relationships * Control* Status Accounting* Verification & scrutinize4. Change Management* Ensure that all changes to configuration items are recorded in the configuration management system * Optimize overall business risk. It isoften correct to minimize business risk, but sometimes it is appropriate to knowingly accept a risk because of the potential benefit. * Types of changes* Normal Changes admit to go through all steps of change management process * Standard Changes Pre approved changes. Should be possible via service request. No need of RFC * Emergency Change* go* The RFC is logged.* An initial review is performed (to filter RFCs).* The RFCs are assessed and may require involvement of CAB or ECAB. * Authorization of change builds and test by the Change Manager * Coordination of the build and test, e.g., work orders are issued for the * micturate of the change (carried out by other groups)* Change Management authorizes deployment.* Change Management coordinates the deployment (with multiple checkpoints). * The change is reviewed (Post Implementation Review). * The change is closed.5. secrete and Deployment Management* Planning, scheduling, and controlling pra ctices applied to the build, test, and deployment of releases * Define and agree Release and Deployment Management plans with customers and stakeholders * Four phases of release deployment management* Release & Deployment Planning* Release Build & Test* Deployment* Review & CloseService outgrowthResponsible for the current management of the technology that is used to deliver and support the services. Service performance accepts the new, modified, retiring, or retired services fromService Transition, once the test and acceptance criteria have been met.FunctionsUnique to Service Operations is the introduction of functions. While a defined function does have responsibilities in all stages of the Service Lifecycle, the majority of activities they performed are completed within the scope of Service operations. 1. Service Desk* Single point of contact between the services being provided and the users. A typical Service Desk will manage happenings and service requests as well as inter course with the users. Thus, the Service Desk staff will execute the Incident Management and postulation Fulfillment processes with the intent to restore normal-state service operation to users as promptly as possible * Minimize service outage day to day soil* Make sure that agreed services only provide to those who definitive * Structures* Local* Central* Virtual* Follow the Sun* Activities* Logging all request, prioritization, categorization and first level of investigation * Keep user cognizant about incident & outage* Customer satisfaction survey2. Technical Management* Custodian of technical knowledge and expertise related to managing the IT Infrastructure. It provides detailed technical skills and resources necessitate to support the ongoing operation of the IT Infrastructure. * Plays an important role in providing the actual resources to support the IT Service Management lifecycle. It ensures that resources are effectively accomplished and deployed to design, build, an d transition, operate, and improve the technology to deliver and support IT Services.3. IT Operations Management* Ongoing management and maintenance of an organizations ITinfrastructure. IT operations is the set of activities used in the day-to-day running of the IT infrastructure to deliver IT services at agreed levels to meet stated business objectives.IT Operation Control * IT Operation Control* Job Scheduling, Backup, Restore and Monitoring* Facilities Management* Data Centers, recovery Sites, Computer Rooms4. Application Management* Application Management covers the entire ongoing lifecycle of an application, including requirements, design, build, deploy, operate, and optimize.Service Operation Processes1. Event Management* Detecting Event, concord Event, Determining Appropriate Control Action * Three Types of events* Informational* Warning* exception* Populate SKMS with event information and history2. Incident Management* An unknowledgeable interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service, or a failure of a CI that has not yet squeeze an IT service * The purpose of Incident Management is not to prevent an incident, but to reduce its impact by restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible * Ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management, and reporting of incidents * Incident Models Steps and procedures that should be used to manage previously seen and documented incidents * Steps* Order of Steps* Responsibilities Who should do what* Time scale/Threshold* Escalation Procedures* Any necessary prove/prevention actions* Activities* Identification* Logging All incidents regardless of source of that incident * Categorization* Prioritization* Impact + Urgency = Priority* Initial Diagnosis* Escalation* structural* Hierarchical* Investigation and Diagnosis* Resolution* Closure3. Problem Management* Concentrate on diagnosing the ro ot cause of incidents and on find out the resolution to those problems. * Defines a problem as the underlying cause of one or more incidents4. Request Fulfillment* Form of changes that are small in nature, low risk, and low cost in its execution, and are oftentimes performed * Activities* Menu Selection* Financial plaudit Optional* Other Approval Optional* Fulfillment* Closure5. Access Management* Effectively execute the policies in Information Security Management, enabling the organization to manage the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the organizations data and intellectual property.Continual Service Improvements* CSI is unendingly seeking ways to improve service effectiveness, process effectiveness, and cost effectiveness * Review, analyze, prioritize, and make recommendations on improvement opportunities in each lifecycle stage * periodically conducting internal audits verifying employee and process compliance * Periodically conducting customer satisfaction surveys* Continual Service Improvement Approach* CSI Register* Part of SKMS. And animation track of all improvements opportunities. * Anyone should be able to access and submit improvement points to CSI Register * IT Governance has three main areas* Enterprise, Corporate, IT Governance* Types of Metrics* Technology Performance, Availability* Process KPI,* Service* Tension Metrics Resources, Features, Time inventoryThe Deming Cycle* Plan Design or revise business process components to improve results * Do Implement the plan and measure its performance* revert Assess the measurements and report the results to decision makers * Act Decide on changes needed to improve the processSeven Steps Improvement Process1. Identify Strategy for Improvements2. Define What You Will Measure3. Gather Data4. Process Data5. Analyze the information & data6. Present and use the information7. Implement Improvement

Coco Chanel Essay

coco Chanel Coco Chanel was integrity of the around expectant bearing designers of the 20th century. Her contri scarcelyion in the education of bearing bay window hardly be underestimated. In fact, she revolutionized fake in a way, since she was angiotensin-converting enzyme of the offset excogitate designers who made wo custody withdraw of themselves first rather than think how they look for their men, which was a tralatitious view on female fashion at the epoch. In actuality, the significance and her great contri aloneion in the development of fashion as swell as 20th century finis at large was marked by her contemporaries as well as modern specialists.For instance, she was the unaccompanied individual in the field of fashion design to be surnamed on TME Magazines 100 or so Influential People of the 20th Century (Charles-Roux, 145). In such a way, she gained a public approval and popularity which made her name superstar of the most recogniz suitable in the fashi on world. At the same conviction, her vivification was quite an difficult, especially during her onwardshand(predicate) years and war time closes. In fact, she witnessed deuce world wars but she kept practiseing regardless of all the problems and challenges she go about in her life.In fact, her educate was her accredited passion she remained devoted to from her primordial life until the end. Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883. She was a sec daughter of travelling salesman Albert Chanel and Jeanne Devolle in a small city of Saumur, France (Orecklin, 49). In fact, her family was poor and she was raised in poverty stricken neighborhood on with her five siblings. Remarkably, when she got her birth certificate her name misspelled Chasnel because nobody k pertly how to spell Chanel correctly.As a result, the mayor of the city had to improvise and added the letter S in her name, which later became a serious problem for her biographers, who could not tra ce her author and define genealogical tree because of such an error in her name (Orecklin, 51). However, the misspelling of her name was definitely not the biggest misfortune that happened to her in her early life. She lived in poverty and was practically of an opportunity to get a upright education.Moreover, when she was twelve, her mother died of tuberculosis that provoked a serious psychological wound for the child. At the same time, her father could not stay with the children all the time. He had to work to earn for living and to maintain the family, in which he was the only breadwinner. This is why Coco Chanel was sent to the orphanage of the Catholic monastery of Aubazine, where she spent sevener years and where she received her basic education.In fact, it is in the monastery she learned the plenty of seamstress. However, she did not spend all the time in the monastery. During the vacations she went to her relatives in a provincial city, where her female relatives taught her to sew with to a greater extent flourish than the nuns in the monastery were able to demonstrate. In such a way, her interest, her passion to design had approached to develop since her childishness as she learned to sew and gradually she became very skilful in this field.At this point, it should be said that she was apparently a gifted person since she managed to develop her skills and abilities to the extent that she became able not only to create conventional put one across, but she proved to be able to experiment and find red-hot, sure solutions, which were unusual for her time (Dwight, 119). However, at the early started to demonstrate her talent, which though was unvaned at the epoch. Nevertheless, her professional knowledge, to a significant extent, defined her further life, as her first job was the work at a local tailor, where she was sedulous at the age of eighteen as she left the orphanage.In fact, it was her first step in her professional race insignificant it seems to be, but bland it was very important in regard to her future professional career since she could have hardly find a different work. Moreover, it was the only work where she could realize her full potential and implement her creative ideas while developing invigorated abide. At the same time, it should be said that she could not brook workings at a tailor for a long time because she unavoidable to realize her ideas and she wanted to create clothes of her own.However, she could hardly start her own business, if she had failed to meet Etienne Balsan at the tailors shop where Coco Chanel worked. In fact, it was an occasional encounter which though outgrew into a love action which outspokened Chanel the way to a new, different and better life. Etienne Balsan was rich and quite influential. It is during her life with Balsan, Coco Chanel started to design hats. At first, it was just a sideline which gradually transformed into a true passion for designing new clothe ite ms, especially hats, where she grew more and more skillful.Her early works were characterized by full(prenominal) originality since they were quite different from traditional hats. At the same time, the high quality of her products attracted a lot of customers, while her acquaintance with Balsan allowed her to engage customers representing the quality of the French society (Charles-Roux, 210). Nevertheless, her love affair with Balsan failed to evolve into a true love. At any rate, their relationships did not last for a long period of time and Coco Chanel left Balsan, moved to genus capital of France and took over his flat tire in the French capital.In 1913, she opened her first shop, where she sold mod raincoats and jackets. Remarkably, the originality and quality of her wear contributed to the huge victor of her shop which allowed her to maintain relatively high standards of life and she became very popular in Paris, which, at the epoch, was one of the worlds centers of the fashion industry. However, the development of her business in Paris was overshadowed by the outbreak of World War I, which started in 1914 and affected the life of the entire country dramatically (Charles-Roux, 219).Nevertheless, Coco Chanel had never incumbranceped working and continued designing new products which unbosom remained popular and the demand for her wear was traditionally high. But she had to stop her business in Paris because she was deprive of all her properties. Nevertheless, Coco Chanel was not discouraged and carried on her professional work and designing became an essential part of her life. On the other hand, she could live with her ideas only. She needed money to earn to maintain living. In this regard, the assistance of Balsans friend, Arthur male child Capel proved to be very helpful for Coco Chanel.Their friendship evolved into a love affair which made them very close and Capel helped Coco Chanel to open a new shop in Brittany, France, which, similarly to the shop in Paris, became very popular among local customers (Weber, 35). It is charge mentioning the fact that celebrated French actresses buy wear in Chanels shop which was very important for the promotional campaign of her shop. In fact, the interest of celebrities to her shop contributed to the growing popularity of her products and her design in France that contributed to her professional recognition, while the popularity allowed her to expand her business steadily.Due to her popularity, she managed to introduce new womens sportswear at her new boutique in Deauville. In such a way, she could expand her business, but, what was even more important, Coco Chanel changed the philosophy of womens wear. To put it more precisely, her new design and new wear made women confident of the fact that they were supposed to dress for themselves but not for their men. In fact, it was a revolutionary philosophy for France as well as the entire world at the epoch of World War I, when the omi nance of men was unchallengeable, while the development of feminism was still insignificant (Charles-Roux, 248). Nevertheless, the design and new philosophy of Chanel produced a significant impact on the development of fashion and the 20th century culture at large. Remarkably, as Coco Chanel grew more and more popular she attempted to change some facts from her foregone. For instance, she pretended to be born in 1893, instead of 1883, while she insisted that she lost her mother at the age of six, instead of twelve.In such a way, she created a mixture of tragic image of an orphan girl, who managed to achieve a tremendous success due her talent and hard work. At the same time, such manipulations with her past evoked numerous controversies which were insurmountable for her biographers. This is why some details of her life are still quite controversial and unclear. The 1920s were the epoch of the sporting progress of Coco Chanel as a designer and her business real successfully. He r design was really unique and her wear was very popular in France as well as in other countries.In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that her acquaintance with Vera Bate Lombardi, a daughter of Adolphus Cambridge, 1st marquess of Cambridge and Duke of Teck, became of a paramount importance for Chanels empire. In fact, Vera Lombardi became Chanels meditate and public relations liaison to a number of European imperial families, including the British royal family. Her acquaintance with representatives of royal families and upper-classes contributed to her empire growth in power.As a result, before World War II, Chanels was one of the most influential designers in Europe as well as the world, because Europe, especially Paris, where Coco Chanel resided in the Hotel Ritz Paris, was the heart of the worlds fashion design (Barringer, 28). However, World War II forced Coco Chanel to stop her work and business. Nevertheless, she remained in Paris even during the German occupat ion. This period in her life was probably the most controversial because, after the war, she was repeatedly impeach of collaborationism.For instance, she was suspected of having a love affair with a German military officer and Nazi soy Hans Gunther von Dinklage. Moreover, she was even arrested after the war but she break loose the t rial after the interference of the British royal family, but she was forced to move to Switzerland where she lived until 1954. In 1954, she returned to Paris where she renewed her work and her business, but her new collection did not have much success with the Parisians and French because they believe Chanel to be a collaborationist, which produced a negative impact on her public image.Nevertheless, in spite of the failure in France, Chanel had open a new securities industry, the USA, where her wear became extremely popular and the USA became her main market in the post-World War II period. On the other hand, even though the USA was the main market f or Chanels Empire, Coco Chanel, herself, had never left Paris and stayed in this city until her death on 10 January 1971. She died at the age of 88 in her private suit in the Ritz Hotel Paris and she was buried in Lausanne, Switzerland (Charles-Roux, 341).Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is come-at-able to conclude that Coco Chanel was a very influential fashion designer. She had changed the traditional view on womens wear and she had changed the womens philosophy in regard to the wear. She was one of the first designers who made women think of themselves above all, instead of thinking of their men when they choose the clothes. At the same time, her personality is still quite controversial because, in spite of a huge popularity before World War II, she failed to regain the popularity in France after the war.

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Math and Running a Business Essay

I receipt I founder been to umteen t delivers in my life and noticed people trying to make a living at pass v closureors. There are domainy track vendors in many cities across the US as well as other countries such as Chicago, New York, and Cancun Mexico just to name a few. I have never had or thought to ever communicate to a vendor slightly commerce. No matter where they live or what they sell they all prate ab out subscriber line just similar any CEO or large telephoner Executive would ( Charan, 2001, P 1). They are all out to make a pelf. They all occupy to find a substance to make sure the harvest sells and quick so a earn can be made.So a vendor entrust start his daytime with quality and quantity, he call for to make sure he will not have also much inventory at the end of the day so he whitethorn purchase more product for the conterminous day. Say something give care fresh fruits or veget equal to(p)s. The fresh products are fixed in the presence (ret ailers call this merchandising) (Charan, 2001, P 23). Any vendor involve to watch their opposition and look to see what their product is selling for. This will happen both day so as the vendor is ceremony he may also have to cut his prices so the pass judgment would increase for the customer. The adjoining day and the day after will go the selfsame(prenominal) way its all about how to make a profit.Being a atomic number 53-person transaction may seem simple, its not on that point are many decisions that quest to be made. all business is the same whiz way or another they need to make bullion to survive. Math is an essential asset in the business world, without mathematics no business would be able to operate. The business world revolves a lot math, from profit and loss statements, bookkeeping, taxes and employees salaries. Formulas and equations are physical exercised to determine how much product one might need. For example a vendor will start his day with quality an d quantity. He inescapably to make sure he will not have too much inventory at the end of the day so he may purchase more products for the next day. Say something standardized fresh fruits or vegetables.The fresh products are placed in the front (retailers call this merchandising) (Charan, 2001, P 23). Any vendor needs to watch their competition and look to see what their product is selling for. This will happen every day so as the vendor is watching he may also have to cut his prices so the value would increase for the customer. The next day and the day after will go the same way its all about how to make a profit. Being a one-person business may seem simple, its not there are many decisions that need to be made.Every business is the same one way or another they need to make money to survive. Business ownership requires more than skill in creating a product or talent at providing a service. Overseeing the monetary resource of your company is the key to survival and success. Unde rstanding elementary business math is necessary for profitable operations and accurate record keeping. Knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, round and use percentages and fractions is the minimum you need to price your product and meet your budget.If math is not your strength, partner with someone who can take over that spot or hire a trusted employee to help your operation gruntle in the black and grow responsibly. (Deeb, 2012, WS). Whether you are a fillet of sole proprietor, small business owner or corporation location is a liberal concern. Location shows us we need to do the math. Will I have enough customers to make this business work? Will my product sell? Am I going to make a profit? What are my expenses going to be?I have learned a lot about being a business owner from translation What the CEO wants you to know (Charan, 2001, NP). I find it very interesting that withstand you are a street vendor, a sole proprietor, or a CEO of a large corporation it all comes down to one thing. Show me the money everyone in business for themselves or corporation needs to have the income to survive. I have learned the basic building blocks of a business and the hard work it takes to be able to run a business.Not everyone will succeed in the business world, but if you enhance dedication and hard work dreams of being a sole business owner can come true. There are so many move to follow to be a successful business man. Those steps are called the business acumen which include cash generation, return on assets, making your margin meaningful, making velocity meaningful, growth and going in the right direction. You also need to make sure you have customers, and be able to know your customers.Wealth is more than making money (Charan, 2001, P 77 C 5). The best business men know and literalize that money making and wealth creation are linked through what is known as the price earnings multiply (Charan, 2001, P77). PE multiple is a number and it represents exp ectations about a companys current and future money.Everyone in business for themselves has one goal and that is at the end of the day they need to deliver and make a profit. I like the way that push Charon uses in the book as he is teaching a class. He asked the question Think of someone you experience being good with people? The students always come up with phrases like outgoing, enthusiastic, personality, or well liked.Personality alone is not what makes a company deliver. It takes knowledge and insight into how an organization really works. (Charan, 2001, P94). I use that a lot every day in my own prank as I work with students helping them build their resumes, talking about what they want to do after they graduate, and how to help them with interview skills. I rail each student just like any business man would coach their staff or team. Team + knowledge = success.Building you own company is the big pictorial matter you need to know how to be a leader, and to stay focused. W ith the right tools and endeavor anyone can be a business owner. There are steps to starting up a business, premiere you need to write a business plan to form goals and objectives, evidence your business and file a (DBA), obtain a federal appellation number and satisfy business licensing requirements. The easy part but static very valuable part starts as to opening a beach account, purchasing insurance, establish a business presence, and in todays day and age establish a website. Getting you name out to the community is the most important part without customers you will fail as a business owner.Advertising yourself is the key to a successful career. A business needs to advertise in the community join the put up of commerce, flyers and the local church. Research is needed identify where to get help, smart business owners know where and when to seek advice from other sources. Identify accountants in the area who may be able to assist you with specific questions about a startup business. The question is answered with much difficulty. One could easily argue that in set out to be good at business you simply need to have a good mind for management, decisions, and people skills.However, math is a big part of business and while you can always rely on other people to take care of it would you really want to? lone(prenominal) you can decide whether or not you feel math is important for you. Decide what to do, despite the clutter of day-to-day business and the complexity of the real world. Many people spend more than a hundred constant of gravitation dollars on an MBA without learning to pull these pieces of the puzzle together. Many others lack a formal business education and feel shut out from the executive director suite. What the CEO Wants You to Know takes the mystery out of business and shows the secrets of success.What the CEO Wants You to Know by Ram Charan CNET Download.comBuilding you own company is the big picture you need to know how to be a lead er, and to stay focused. With the right tools and determination anyone can be a business owner. Starting a newfound business can be fun and very rewarding at the same time. You become your own boss, and eventually, you might even be able to hire your own employees. Everything would depend on how successful your business is in making profits. So the next time you see a street vendor you might want to take a moment and talk to that vendor about his or her business.ReferencesCarol Deeb. (2012). importance-basic-math-business-41097.html. In The importance of basic math in business. Retrieved October 13, 2012 from http// Charan (2001). WHAT THE CEO WANTS YOU TO KNOWCopyright 2001Ram Charan knowing and developed by FSB AssociatesWhat the CEO Wants You to Know by Ram Charan CNET

A 20th Century Leader

Robert Kennedy His Life is the autobiography of Robert F. Kennedy (popularly referred to as RFK). It was written by Evan doubting Thomas, a occasion senior editor of Newsweek in Washington.He was the first biographer to have access to Kennedys personal papers as attorney gen timel. Thought the book contains no shocking revelations, there is a lot of fresh information garner from Roberts surviving colleagues, files and other sources. In the book, Thomas gives an elucidation of the existences strengths as well as failures, and discloses the complex web of relationships in the Kennedy family.Depicting RFK as a man whose house had a lot of mansions, Thomas refers to him as the lucky one. Throughout the book, Thomas brings out the numerous phases of Kennedys personality. He was a very rich individual who could turn of events like a spoiled churl one day, and show fellow feeling to the minorities the next. Though the book honors a man whose potential was cut succinct too soon, Thom as book focuses on a man, a family and an era about whom Americans will never fully understand.Robert was the younger fellow of U.S. chair John F. Kennedy (JFK). Born on November 20, 1925, he was the seventh born of rise Fitzgerald and Joseph P. Kennedy. After living in Brookline, Massachusetts for two years, Robert and his family moved one by one to mansions located in different parts of New York such as Riversdale and Bronxville.Robert schooled at Riversdale and Bronxville elementary schools till 5th grade, and then moved to Riverdale estate School for 6th grade. In 1938 when 12 years old, Robert took his first slip up abroad with his family to England, where his father was serving as an American envoy. After polish high school in 1943, Robert was drafted into the U.S. Naval Reserve as a trainee seaman.Robert Kennedys involvement in politicsAccording to Brian (1996), when World War II skint out, Robert took a break from studies at Harvard and joined the U.S. Navy. After the war, he went on to complete his studies and graduated with a law degree from University of Virginia. In the 1950s, he served as a counsel to a US Senate committee examine labor unions, leading to his open feud with the Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa.Roberts political career is more closely associated with his brother, JFK. He oversaw JFKs roaring campaigns for the US Senate in 1952 and the presidency in 1960, and then was appointed as Attorney ecumenic in Johns administration.He was at the avant-garde of enforcing civil rights measures in the South and became the presidents closest advisor on all issues, for example foreign policy matters such as the Cuban missile crisis. After his brothers assassination in 1963, Robert continued to serve in the Lyndon Johnson government as Attorney General and was unhappy that Johnson overlooked him for vice-presidency in 1964.Robert ran successfully for senator of New York. As senator, he was loved by African Americans and other minorities such as immigrant groups and native Australian Americans. He spoke convincingly in favor of the excluded, disaffected and impoverished, thereof getting the support of social justice campaigners and leaders of the civil rights struggle.He plump for President Johnson on domestic matters, particularly civil rights and the war on poverty, but did agree with him over the war in Vietnam. By 1968, he was one of the most vocal advocates against the American policy on Vietnam. On domestic policy however, he became more and more liberal and actual a soft spot for the dispossessed and the minorities.Robert declared his candidacy for the US presidency in early 1968. He was assassinated on June, 5, 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles just after delivering a speech to his supporters upon capturing the calcium primary. He was pronounced dead the following morning.Attitudes and ApproachAccording to Brian (1996), Robert as a child was frequently the target of his fathers domineering temperam ent. However as he got older, he won the admiration of his father and brothers through his competitiveness. During his brothers campaigns, Robert was more tenacious, passionate and involved than the candidate himself, aggressively tackling all(prenominal) detail and fighting every battle.

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Prevent Animals and Plants from Dying Out Essay

Increasing number of animals and plants are dying out, but footling has been done to sustain. This problem has given rise to great public misgiving now. In this essay, Ill analyse some possible causes of this phenomenon and then intimate some solutions.Firstly, some people think it is waste of resource to prevent animals and plants. They suggest that the money should be better spent on manhood population. They want take more space and totally ignore the animals and the plants. Secondly, gentlemans gentleman being is selfish and greedy, some people cannot resist the temptation of have on the fur coat or eating the delicious food, (such as sharks fin, wild animals etc.) though they have been aware of this problem for a long time.Based on the above analysis, I think at that place are some ways to deal with the problem. To start with, the sense of vindication animals and plants should be enhanced. To let people know that the disappearance of animals and plants will resolve in serious threat to the balance of ecosystem. It is hard to imagine what our world would be equivalent without animals and plants. Next, a healthy lifestyle should be advocated, like healthy diet, simple life, get alone well with natures. Finally the virtually important thing is to lay down the low to punish those who consume animals or cut plants without permission strictly.In summary, to protect animals and plants is to protect our vivacious environment. Every individual should participate in doing something to preserve animals and plants from dying out.

An analysis of television chat shows Essay

Television chit c entirely down tests be probably the favourite genre of the majority of daytime viewers, with the history undecomposed to bursting point with them, there atomic number 18 a couple of(prenominal) channels that channelise fewer than twain lambaste exhibitions on a daily basis. at that place are few times when you can switch on your video and the screen non be filled with the smiling establishments of a murmur expose host and his thickenings. There are a wide throw up of chat return names alone they all conform to the same basic conventions. The conventions are that the host is famous and very much comes from a journalistic terra firma and their show is named after them.The guests are famous battalion and come on to the shows to uphold themselves etc. the set is basic with just a few chairs and sometimes a table and in kindred manner there is an interview who are in the studio watching the show live. In the handed-down style chat shows the se conventions are followed as if they were law. In the newer forms of chat shows these rules arent followed as closely. Although they have a host, guest and audience there set is non basic and is full of props such as computers and fake plants to tot effect.The purpose of this assignment is to analyse and explore a traditional chat show in the style of Parkinson and a new-age style chat show in the form of Friday Nights All Wright Michael Parkinson is assuredly the finest example of a traditional British television chat show host. His show Parkinson is rise up respected, exceedingly respective and conservative and is produced by the B. B. C. his reputation exceeds him and this is echoed by the shows status. The way that Parkinson dresses excessively reflects the style and status of the show. As sanitary as the dress compute of the show, the act sequence is also real sophisticated.The title sequence is an implicit in(p) part of the show because it is the first thing that i s seen by the viewers, so it entrust have to display the style and reputation of the show as comfortably as appeal to the more mature viewers which is the shows intended audience. The title sequence for Parkinson consists of numerous muted shots of previous guests such as billystick connel1y and Heather Mills-McCartney smiling and sprightlinessing relaxed and comfortable. Some of the shots are posed just now the majority look as if they were taken during the show, this gives the audience the idea the guests are normal populate and that the show is in a very relaxing environment.As the title sequence comes to an end we are presented with a collage of celebrities faces which them form a real still shot of Parkinsons face and this then goes in to a dissolve and into the show. The practice of medicine used to inhere in the opening title sequence is classy, cheerful and has a big lap smacking, which I hypothesize would appeal to the viewers of the show because generally the people who watch the B. B. C are from the older generation and are thusly more conservative than the viewers of I. T. V. Parkinsons appeal is stylish and grand.He enters at the top of a staircase to the theme music from the show and walks slowly to his seat this grand entrance is a convention of a typical television chat show. It is at this point that it becomes clear who is in charge of the show. Compared with this grand entrance the entrances of Parkinsons guests are mediocre. Elton john entrance is from the side of the stage probably because he had just been performing his in style(p) song. When Parkinson introduces Elton john he is full of compliments and the language he uses is full of flattery. He refers to Elton john as a superstar of Rock and deplumate and lately ennobled.This may be used to begin Elton pure tone relaxed and confident. He uses these phrases so that the audience result have to guess who the guest is and this will help to create suspense amongst the aud ience because he does not key out his guests name until the end of his monologue. After Elton takes his seat his consistency language is rather defensive with his hands clenched unitedly and he doesnt look straight at his interviewer. Parkinsons body language shows that he is confident and open and I also look at it shows he is experienced. He sits with a straight back end and his hands are open palms up on his lap.Parkinsons opening question to Elton is whats up I speak out this bare(a) question is used to direct the interviewee to the reason for his appearance on the show. It also shows that although Parkinson uses formal language his language can also entangle some Yorkshire dialect. Elton John answers politely and hints at wherefore he is on the show. The body language of Parkinson is open and appealing, this is so that the guest will feel relaxed in his company and will answer his questions more openly. Eltons body language shows that e is defensive and doesnt want to reveal withal much to his host.The style of questioning used by Parkinson is set so that it would help Elton to open up and become more confident in the answers he gives. Although the questions were probably agreed before the show they will still tell the audience what they want to know about the guest. Elton Johns appearance on the show in terms of his reasons for being on the programme cope with the conventions of a chat show because he is on the show to promote something that he is doing at the moment in his career and one of the conventions of a chat show is that the guest in famous and appears on the show to promote there career.The set for the show is simple yet sophisticated. It has a pale blue background which is used to relax the interviewee and it gives the studio a modern look. Also there is a hint of pink which would make the studio warm and homely. The guest and host sit close together separated only by a small table. The guests who had appeared earlier on in the sho w sit further away from the host but they are still quite close. There are probably quad cameras used to film this show. One camera will cover two host and guest, this would be used when the host is asking a question. dickens cameras would cover the host and his guest individually, these cameras would be used to show the soul who is speaking. The final camera is used to cover all four people that are on the stage. Most of the cameras are fixed and would just snub from shot to shot by dint ofout the show. When the guest is speaking they would use a big close-up to show their facial expressions and emotions. The audience only participate in the show when a guest or the host enters onto the stage or when a guest finishes a performance.Ian Wright is a light weight chat show host when compared with Parkinson. His show Friday nights all Wright is not as well known as Parkinson and it is targeted towards the younger generation viewers. It is not a very conservative show which is a cha racteristic of the house style of I. T. V 1 which is not a conservative channel. His reputation as a chat show host is limited but his reputation as a footballer is legendary. Ian Wrights dress code reflects the style of the show. He is wearing a black short sleeved t-shirt and pretended leather pants.The style of the show is also tacky compared to the sophisticated Parkinson. In the clip Ian Wright comes onto the show to loud music, this music is similar to the type of music played in night clubs and it gives the impression that this show is modern. Prince Naseem enters onto the stage accompanied by the same loud music played when he enters the fisticuffs ring. He goes straight to Ian Wright and high-fives him and then he goes into the audience and interacts with them. He walks through the audience and plays up to them and shakes hands with them.When he returns to the stage he erst again high fives Wright. When he takes his seat naseem sits with his arms open wide, this show tha t he is confident and cocky. The opening question asked by Ian Wright is so why did it take you so long to get in the ring? he uses this question as a joke to make naseem feel at home. He also adds talk to me in a Jamaican set phrase to make the audience laugh. The language used throughout the show is get into and it is not very sophisticated and this echoes the style of the show.The set is cheap and simple with a fake brick wall background to give a feel of the inside of a house and there is a mural of the area side on other wall which I think is sibylline to give a calming and relaxing effect. The host sits on a simple purple leather chair with a table with a C. C. T. V screen on top of it. Then there is another simple purple sofa for the guest to sit on. There are two steps down from the stage and in this area the audience sit in groups on simple chairs around small tables as if they were in a pub or night club.In the boxful of the studio there is a cage containing footbal l fans. I think that there are probably three cameras, the first is at the back of the studio and is used to show the guest, host and audience together and the arcminute and third cameras are used so that both the host and guest have individual shots when they are speaking. The audience participate more in this show than in Parkinson because they shake hands with the guest when he enters and also they laugh a lot more than in Parkinson and the laughing is not forced as it often is in Parkinson.The most effect of these two chat shows is probably Parkinson because it will appeal to a wider audience than Friday nights all Wright and also the guest will be more sophisticated and well known than those on Ian Wrights show. Out of the two chat shows I think I prefer Parkinson because there is a wider range of guests and the guests are often in the news at the time so I like to hear there views on current affairs.

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Cost Accouting Essay

Many entrepreneurs turn the mistake of bringing a result or service to the market without fully understanding the sum of money cost involved and the prices they base charge. As a result, they discover they batcht sell enough of the product or service to murder a profit. One of the most important tools you can drop to make better business decisions is the break- nevertheless digest it enables you to determine with great accuracy whether or not your estimate is a profitable one. Best of tout ensemble, you can use this tool to evaluate every product or service you offer. The break- even point is the starting point for CVP analysis because before a order can earn profits it must first cover altogether of its variable and intractable costs.What is CVP?Cost-volume-profit analysis is a tool that can be utilized by business managers to make better business decisions. Among the tools in a business managers decision-making arsenal, CVP analysis provides one of the more than detai led and objective ways by which a manager can assess and even predict the course of business for the caller-up and its employees. some other major benefit of CVP analysis is that it provides a detailed snapshot of company activity. This includes everything from the costs needed to produce a product to the amount of the product produced. This helps managers determine, very specifically, what the future will hold if variables are altered.For instance, transportation expenses and costs for materials can change. These variable costs can affect the bottom line. CVP analysis allows the manager to plug in variable costs to establish an idea of future performance, within a range of possibilities. This, however, can be a disadvantage to managers who are not detail-oriented and precise with the data they record. Projections based on cost estimates, rather than precise numbers, can result in imprecise projections. Cost Volume Profit (CVP) AnalysisModel says(Sales variable costs) dictated costs = Operating income TC = VX + F* If the sale minus all costs (variable and fixed), we can make a profit * The contribution valuation reserve (revenue variable costs) helps to pay fixed costs * The contribution margin = fixed costs break

Reflective Statement Essay

How I create a collateral(p) larn surroundingsA positive development environment are trust, open parley and shared learning experiences.Trainer is one who can create a positive learning environment, which will e real last(predicate)ow the students to feel comfortable, safe and engaged something that all students deserve. I applied some factors that build a positive learning environment. Adult learners require the learning to be relevant, are highly motivated, submit active involvement in the learning process, a miscellanea of learning experiences, positive feedback, need to be recognized as individuals with unique experiences, to prolong their self-esteem. A positive learning environment requires the involvement of learners to ask questions and feedback, instigate discussions, group and individual activities, group discussions, visual aids, role plays.The effective trainer helps to create the positive learning environment when employ a variety of techniques for providi ng positive feedback. To provide positive feedback is to give verbal praise, to use positive responses during questioning, recognize appropriate skills. Be sure to shell out the participants as individuals when using participant names, to involve all participants as often as possible, to treat participants with respect, to allow participants to share information with others, to maintain the self-esteem of learners with reinforcing workouts and beliefs embodied in the activity, providing corrective feedback in an appropriate manner, providing training that adds to their sense of competence and self-esteem, recognizing participants accomplishments.The feedback I received from learner participantsThe feedback I receive is very positive. The learners rated all of the activities very highly. Content is rated 4.6 from 5 which is Excellent.Organization is rated 4.0 from 5 which is real Good.Use of instructional aids is rated 4.4 from 5 which is near Excellent. Creating interest in to pic is rated 4.8 from 5 which is Excellent. Involvement of participants is rated 4.4 from 5 which is near Excellent. Met my needs is rated 3.8 from 5 which is near real Good.Suitable to my level of experience is rated 4.2 from 5 which is Very Good.Interesting is rated 4.4 from 5 which is near Excellent.Included sufficient examples is rated 4.6 from 5 which is Excellent. Understandable -is rated 4.2 from 5 which is Very Good.This lead to conclude that activities provides interesting information. The feedback I received it is very expedient and helping me to understand where I can develop my lessons in further.My perceptions of the long suit of the activityI felt engaged and that the content of the learning real(a) was interesting and meaningful. The explanations given helped me to clarify and repute ideas, and the activities gave a way to remember the information in a clear way. That makes a difference in understanding the material, because I can see the strategies in acti on sooner of just reading about them.The results of the team work activities are dear towards learning process and helps enhance learning process. Looking at the deliver as a whole, one of the most valuable things is just sacramental manduction experiences with other participants. Because you just learn so much from each other. I think the whole focus behind the effectiveness of the activity it has make me reflect a lot more on my own practice and future development.2 recommendations to improve my future performance

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How does Steinbeck make Lennie a sympathetic character? Essay

In the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck deliberately creates and describes the function of Lennie and the nonethelessts that surround him in the aim of evoking the commentators savvy towards him.It is apparent from the beginning of the novel that Lennie is in some way mentally disabled, and has the learning ability and actions of a chela, the graduation exercise time that a computer address mentions this is boil down, who remarks that Lennie is Jes like a kid, Curleys wife also point out that he is jus like a big bodge. It is obvious to the commentator of Lennies mental ability by the way he speaks, as he has a definite speech impediment. By having Lennie be described as like a child and by his actions creation like a child, it effectively creates sympathy for the character from the readers. This is because it is always well-fixed for a reader to go through sympathetic towards a person with mental difficulties as you bed understand how challenging it must be in th eir situation.The events which occur round Lennie are a main itemor in creating sympathy for him. The first incident when the reader whole tones extremely sympathetic towards Lennie is when he is petting a dead mouse and George takes it off him, at which point Lennie starts to cry He heard Lennies whimpering cry and wheeled approximately. Blubberin like a baby? Jesus Christ A big guy like you. This highlights Lennies immaturity and his childlike characteristics, it is like a young child being scolded and having something taken off them and then starting to cry, this is how Lennie reacts to this situation.Often in the obligate George will say to Lennie Good Boy, this further shows the childlike character Lennie is, as it has George talking d admit to Lennie and comforting him, the way a child needs comforting. Early on in the book, Lennies pathetic withal amusing attempts at proving to George that he could survive living on his own shows what a sadly hopeless character he is, if you dont want me, you tho jus got to say so, and Ill go off in those hills right there and live by myself. We receive for a fact that Lennie would be completely incapable of surviving on his own let alone surviving in the mountains, the effect this exchange has on the reader one again points to Lennies hopelessness and adds to the sympathy you feel towards him. get ahead on, Lennie is mistakenly taken to be laughing at Curley and Curley begins to punch him to which Lennie only reacts when ordered to by George. Lennie does not realise his own strength and crushes Curleys hand, which was an unintentional way of get him to stop. After this incident Lennie is described as crouched fearfully against the wall and he cries how he didnt wanta hurt him. near after he has broken Curleys hand you would not feel any sympathy towards Lennie, it is not until he shows his regret and remorse about the incident that it shows his timid and childlike side again.No sympathy is matte up towards C urley during this, because of the dislike built up against his character by this point even though he is the one solidly injured, all the sympathy is mat towards Lennie by the characters and the readers alike. After the encounter and being comforted by George, Lennie exclaims I can still carry the rabbits, George? it shows how easily satisfied Lennie is and also how easy it is for him to forget major occurrences and get over them. When Lennie is accustomed one of Slims pups it is a dream come true for him, George describes how it was a sanatorium of a lot to him. Jesus Christ, I dont know how were gonna get him to sleep in here. This shows Lennies deplorable mentality and how such a small thing can take so often pleasure to him, the reader feels a certain sympathy for Lennie at this point for his childlike mentality.Towards the end of the book, Lennie accidentally kills the puppy which was given to him, by stroking it too hard. Initially he reacts to this by getting upset an d crying why do you got to get killed? this highlights his lack of cognition and understanding with the c oncept of death, the reader feels sympathy towards the sorry state he is. However, Lennie then begins to get frustrated and angry about it and hurls the puppy away, he worries that by what he has done George will not let him tend the rabbits. At this point the sympathy towards Lennie stops, as this part shows his aggressive and egotistical side as he is worrying for himself.The situation soon becomes much more serious however, when Lennie goes on to accidentally kill Curleys wife by breaking her neck whilst stroking her hair. This time Lennie realises more the serious implications of his actions and leaves the ranch to hide in the place where he was instructed to by George. In my creed, by this point sympathy towards Lennie has all but stopped, even though he killed Curleys wife by accident he did it by viciously holding his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming, as he fe lt that him being able to tend the rabbits would be jeopardised. This is Lennie once again looking out for himself.The sympathy felt towards Lennie is however regained, by the end of the book. Lennie is deeply remorseful about his actions and understand the burden he must be for George I wont be no more trouble to George, and how what he does affects everyone else. In this final part Lennie is more childlike than ever, he cries and worries and calls for George like a child for its parent. George finally shoots Lennie and kills him, accept it is the best for Lennie and everyone else, a sort of mercy killing. However, you do not feel deep sympathy towards Lennie at this point as in a way he is free now of his mental burden, in my opinion I am glad that this was what happened to Lennie as his shackles have been cut gratuitous and he nor anyone else has to suffer.

Why Is Listening the Most Difficult English Skill to Master

In the languages that exist in the world, English is the most employ, yet not for being the most used, is the easiest of every. For example, a mortal funding in the United States dont tattle like one living in Europe, wherefore?, because in every country in that location ar different idioms that people speak, so why people from different countries, that speak English, dont understand betwixt them well?, the answer is because they harken in a different way what the other tell them. thither are different ways to listen a person speech, alone are all the ways correct or are scathe? perhaps this topic doesnt open a correct or a wrong way to be developed, because every person have their own listening strategies to understand what others want to tell them.The challenges that every person have when listening are 1.New vocabulary because if you dont hunch forward a word that roughlyone tell you, and you preemptt relate it with another(prenominal) one, you study stuck, and you lose the rest of the fancy because you stop thinking nearly that NEW word. 2.Accents / dialects theres a grant of difference talk with a person of your same country, than speaking with a foreign person, why?, its so simple, because they have different accent or dialect, so they pronounce a lot different the words, so if they are give tongue to a simple sentence, it becomes a difficult one, cause you wont understand them quite well and there will be some troubles with the communication. 3.Speech speed theres a lot of difference between a person that speaks slow, than other one that speaks fast, even if you are used to listen a lot, its difficult to have a communion with a person that speaks really fast.There are a lot of challenges that a person have when listening, that to a fault there are a lot of strategies to understand better and bring on all the idea that the other person want to transmit like 1.Repeat always there will be an idea that you wont understand, so is p rincipal(prenominal) that if you dont get one thing, ask if they can repeat, so you can clarify that idea and understand the whole idea that was exposed. 2.Read frontmost is always smart to read before the speech begins, if you know around the topic that will be exposed, it will be easier to understand it. 3.Pay vigilance it is always important that if you are listening, you have to put assistance to the speaker, but there will be moments that you will have to put all of your attention in the speech, like in the introduction and in the conclusion, to get the idea of what they are talking about.What I have wrote is only a little part of some challenges and strategies about listening that we will showdown in our life, personally I always have to put attention to what they are speaking, so I can get the idea and also I have to know something before the speech, so I can relate what the speaker is telling us, to what I have read, so is easier to get the idea and understand better, t here are a lot of strategies to emend the listening skill, so what is your strategy?

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Richard Character analysis Essay

The hire Little lady friend Sunshine directed by Valerie Farris and Jonathon Dayton tells of the Hoover Familys emotional and physical journey from New Mexico to Florida for the youngest member, olives yellowish pink pageant competition. The visual senseing audience is introduced to several causas in the tooth root of the film and are fitting to front their development and smorgasbord as the film progresses. Richard Hoover is the father of the dysfunctional Hoover family who shows an strategic convert in values and viewpoint of life and people. He is introduced as a narrow-minded and arrogant nature, however as a endpoint of his emotional journey he encounters he is later viewed as a respectable family man after re-evaluating his own perspectives, and priorities in life.Richard shows the change in thinking and life philosophy, from narrow-minded to accepting of those almost him and himself. In the tapinning Richard is very concerned just to the highest degree his sta tus, and lives off his definitions of losers and winners. There are devil types of people in this world, winners and losers. This shows the extent of his narrow-mindedness as he does not ack directledge or understand that an individual could exhibit traits of both a winner and a loser, and that we should not be defined by a superficial title. The diner scene is a key scene in the number 1 of the film that shows Richards narrow-mindedness through his black-and-white perspectives about the controversial issue of concern for ones appearance throughout the pageant society. Richard shows a clear bias towards those thinner through his terminology of fator nice and skinny. He is portrayed as a dislikeable display case in the beginning scenes of the film.However, when faces with the difficulty of Olives role spirit that does not fit in with the strict expectations of competitors in the beauty pageant, Richard accepts that fact although society may not condone or view Olive as the winn er of the pageant, Olive is still the Little Miss Sunshine of their family and ultimately a winner. Through his consistent encouragement and verify whilst Olive is performing on stage, we are able to see the new acceptance and appreciation he demonstrates. He exhibits the attributes of a supportive and care father, who is able to accept Olive for who she really is. From this,we see the change of Richard from a narrow-minded and careless character to an accepting and supportive father.Richard began as a character that was extremely conscious and perhaps uptight about gentle society and upholding the law, however he develops into a character that is willing to run rules to meet the means of the situation at hand. When faced with a terrible situation of getting pulled over by a police officer. Richard acts very cautiously, not wanting to displease the officer or raise distrustfulness for their potential crime. Everyone pretend to be normal. is a quote said by Richard, showing hi s need to please society and acting normal when understandably they are a very unique, dysfunctional family of characters far from normal. We see his antecedency of upholding the standards of society and pleasing people. However, from this we can see his self-consciousness and uptight character displayed in the film. Later as the film progresses, Richard is able to develop into a character that is unafraid to break the rules at periods to fulfil an ambitiousness or goal. With the Hoover family running late to the pageant venue, Richard is sent o make the abrupt decision of Im not sack back and potentially puts his family at risk.He bypasses the chained gateways and parking barriers in order to fit the means of the situation and arrive on time through this shortcut. He is decisive in leading his family to the objective and now willing to bend rules, though he would have been reluctant to do so previously. Through this we are able to see the change in Richards behaviour and action s, as he is able to quickly mensurate the situation, be decisive and less uptight. Another world-shaking change Richard demonstrates is the change in his priorities, where he begins as a selfish man with no regard for those around him including his family. He changes into a father wiling to sacrifice his pride, for the stake of his daughters potential happiness. In the beginning scenes of the film, we are able to see Richards selfishness as he hastily listens to the familys voicemail shape recordings and dismisses all information irrelevant to himself. When talking on the phone about a business matter he tells those around him to remain unruffled for him.His only shows concern for himself. We are able to see that he doesnt tend to prioritise family above his personal matters, and displays his selfishness through this action. However, as the film progresses he becomes moreselfless and willing to sacrifice his pride to beg for Olives chance to compete in the pageant. As he gets d own on his knees and begs You dont know what weve been through. for a chance, we see the vulnerability and selflessness in Richard which contrasts greatly with his character in the beginning scenes. He changes into a more selfless character, with the newfound sense of what his priorities truly are, as he puts the happiness of Olive before his own pride.The character of Richard Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine displays a significant change in philosophy, attitude, priorities and behaviour through the contrasting in character in the beginning and end of the film. He is introduced and developed into a dislikeable character due to his selfishness, close-mindedness, uptight and need to please societys expectations of people. However, he develops and changes into a selfless, accepting father with his family as a higher antecedence in his life. The happiness he receives and gives to those around him due to his change in perspectives and character show us the importance of discontinuing a l ife centred around ourselves. He demonstrates the change one goes through in behaviour, thinking, and actions when able to prioritise others before oneself.

Aboriginal Culture

The Indigenous aboriginal people ar one of a kind they mostly reside in Australia both the mainland and the Island Tasmania. The Aboriginals were natural to the spotless and has resided there since the late sasss. There are over 400 assorted tribes wealth the Aboriginal culture and they all have deferent dialects, and languages. colloquy amongst the Aboriginal people is much different they use terms such(prenominal) as full blood or half caste mean non of the same biological parents.Mainly they use terms within their item tribe so that outsiders are not able to butt in on soulal business. Terms homogeneous Aborigine, and Aborigines are of iniquity and are terms used in connection to harsh times of enslavement. It is disrespectful to mention a deceased persons name for up to dickens weeks after death following their cultural guidelines. Time orientation is not of great importance in Aboriginal culture as it is in Western civilization.The Aboriginal people use the positi on of the sun and he closeness of the season to tell time weather. Personal space is not of great importance either. Men usually breed men and consequently are either invited or ask to address the woman. Social roles are genuinely Important as the Aboriginals execute by elders, Elders lead the corporation and If Ill the entire village will participate In fondness for the elder whether personal related or not. When entering a agency it is respectful to address the elder first and then males and lastly females.Religion is found upon little paragons. The Aboriginals commit that everything in life is made from the earth such as serpents used to create pathways for the people. health beliefs are looked upon as any ill person is sick by sin. Their belief is that a person who has a disease is being punished by a God for some kind of sin committed. Health practices are preferred to be done holistically. Due to the fact that they believe everything is from the earth they also bel ieve that the cure shall come from the earth.Health Issues such as cardiovascular diseases, mental health, diabetes, cancers, and Injuries are mall health concerns within their culture. The dietary preferences for the Aboriginals are not of vastness because they are very poor and almost all foods come from the grubs and bushes. Foods like berries, fish. Nuts, and wild game are main course meals. Both the mainland and the island Tasmania. The Aboriginals were indigenous to the tribes within the Aboriginal culture and they all have different dialects, and address the woman.Social roles are very important as the Aboriginals lead by elders, Elders lead the community and if ill the entire village will participate in caring the earth they also believe that the cure shall come from the earth. Health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, mental health, diabetes, cancers, and injuries are main health concerns within their culture. The dietary preferences for the Aboriginals are not of imp ortance because they are very poor and almost all foods come from the grubs and bushes.

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Ozone Depletion and Global Warming

How the video was a good example of a glib obstetrical delivery? The video was a good example of a persuasive essay because of its overall social structure from attention-getter and visual aid to the conclusion and performance. The verbalizer began to start his persuasive actors line talking some world(a) warming and what we the attendee can do to prevent and lower down the devastating effects of world(prenominal) Warming. The speaker allowed us to know what type of deliverance is he exactly freehand discipline ab come out and told us a per tidingsal story into his animation to keep the listeners engage.The speaker gave much nurture of his speech and the effects on Global Warming to today. He pursues the listeners to stand up and do something about it by including the lives of mankind into the equation of orbicular warming saying that things would save get worst if we do not act now. The speaker had majuscule use of visual aid, which supported his entire speech and ke pt the listeners sedulous by saying examples and slides that helped pictured out everything for the audience instead of the listener running off with their imagery of which the speaker was talking about.He also utilize video clips in helping getting his points across. The speaker showed examples of the speech and Global Warming meaning and Activity such as the ultra-violet rays and the ozone layer be these such example showed in speech. He used graph to show us exactly how long Global Warming has been affecting us and its rate in growth. The visual aid was very useful to his persuasive speech and his performance of pursuing the audience to act.In the movie small clips had scrape up up as the speech had progress turning out to be his attention-getter and the reason why he had chose to talk about this speech. For his attention-getter he mentioned that his son was playing on the playground and a car spiral out of control resulting in an accident. His son was on life support in the hospital. With that tragic attention-getter he managed to get his audience engaged in his speech.When he started progressing through his speech the small clips would pop up again beingness stated as his source and research into his own dedication of the speech. In the movie the speaker brings up three main-points in his speech, these main-points argon what is global warming, global warming affects, & whos doing what about global warming. The main points are placed well in his speech as oppose to the information being scattered. He used a great deal of information and he even involved his self into getting the information he needed by traveling where needed to endorse up is thesis. For example, he traveled to where the affects of global warming had taken place. He had said from his speech Japan had worst tsunamis now than they did in the past decade, in concomitant tsunamis constantly appeared in Japan. The structure and source the speaker used to back up his speech was overall am azing and very useful in creating a persuasive speech of my own. The speaker uses of his own knowledge of global warming was very helpful and believe this is the best persuasive speech I have heard.

Cracker Jack Case Analysis

The primary reason for the Borden Foods to divert itself from noshs is to emphasis its efforts and imagerys in the reaping of their whole-wheat meal segments. Because of this valuation they had and a growth plan they had they unconquerable to announce sale of cracker seafarer in 1997. The counsel police squad of let out also recognized that with the increase in competition they claim not been able to successfully grow the gross sales figure in past five years. Also because the banger mother fucker brand has miscellaneous packaging options and has been maintaining a huge product line of 32 Stock-Keeping Units (SKUs). However, currently Broaden production facility had only 32 percent of lacuna allocated to Cracker old salt Products and has been operating at 32% of its full capacity.Cracker Jack Management believed that the broadened dispersal was the most important element of their new strategy. They believed that Broaden sales force and broker/distributor bring inwor k currently in use should be replaced by a conduct-store-deli truly sales force. It was believed that a DSD sales force would provide product placement in the grocery DSD snack aisles, which is the luxuriouslyest velocity snack aisles in super grocery stores. However, a DSD sales force is more resource intensive than Bordens present sales and distribution network. Borden Foods management was neither prepared to make the investment required nor equipped to conduct a DSD sales force for Cracker Jack given the resource demands of other business opportunities.Problem identification and root causeFrito-Lay is the market attraction in the salty snack food production having something different in their products ordain get a competitive advantage. Cracker Jack as a brand has a 97% awareness with people from the ages of 15 to 60 and a 95% awareness amongst the caramel popcorn users. This was a very well known brand even with a very a couple of(prenominal) advertisements. There are oth er several reasons which is explained below wherefore Frito-Lay unconquerable to acquire the Cracker Jack. Frito-Lay sales and distribution team were starting to do the research as soon as the Cracker Jack eruditeness fortune became public. It was a great opportunity to fit in Cracker Jack in the existing Frito-Lay sales and distribution infrastructure. The Cracker Jack name registers virtually universal awareness and Cracker Jack has decent brand equity due largely to its heritage and generally prosperous imagefoundation.It is a recognized brand with a positive account that has lost its momentum in recent years but mum has that chance of growing to the peaks. According to the results of Simulated Test Market , near 50% of the consumers are not buying this product because of no advertisements, non-availability in the area and product quality or value. Here is the best opportunity to improve and re gain that 50 % market share by winning over these customers. This might be on e of the major reasons why Frito-Lay decided to acquire the Cracker Jack. Additionally the new division of the attractive snacks dope fix opportunities for the Frito-Lay by using appropriate existing distribution networks and marketing channels for the new add on product. Addition of Cracker Jack is one of the example of marketing enhancement which impart create the additional retail selling points, giving Frito-Lay distribution opportunity in both salty and confectionery.SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong and Reputed Brand Name much Numbers of wish wells compared to dislikes of the products Brand awareness of 97% amongst the 15-60 years old A 100 years history of existence Huge room for expansion or addition of new products as has 50 manufacturing and processing plants bemuse tools and infrastructure to work closely with 480,000 retail trade locations weekly. Opportunities Stimulated quiz market Brand Extension Flavor extension Sales through with(predicate) different channels like small and large scale business. flunk CJ has too many products SKU numbersThe weak financial position of Cracker Jack which incurred losses in 1995 and 1996 CJ increased the price of the product to maintain their net income resulting the Frito-Lay to decrease to remain competitive.Threats Competition Lack of adaptability Internal Developmental cost High price than other.Evaluation of AlternativeCracker Jacks sales will represent a tiny part of the Frito-Lays business currently, however the chances are high to get the numbers high from this division if proper decisions are made. Frito-Lay is the leader in the US market concerning market share and sales volume. So they can use their advertising and marketing experience to uplift CJ. CJ should be marketed as a stackable treat which is healthy as of natural ingredients like popcorn. Marketing researchers should focus on the small children as the target market as well. By launching the different sizes and convenient packages to th e customers so that they can grab it and go rather than having a box. The CJ should be made gettable to as many stores as possible by utilizing the same direct store delivery channels. A careful analysis has to be make to change any features like gifts in each bag and the smelling of the CJ, because that is the major point of CJ and most of the customers are attracted because of that particular features.RecommendationIn my opinion the Borden Foods will sell the company for above 30 million dollars based on the assets it has and the goodwill for the year ending 1996. However the Frito-Lay should only pay some 25 million dollars for acquisitions of the company. Because of the Cracker Jack current market shares and the popularity in that location is much more work needed to be done so that the product can gain the similar amount of sales figures as other general Frito-Lay products does. Also the price of the product has to be move to remain competitive which is another factor for Frito-Lay.

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Deception Point Page 40

This photo reveals, Tench said, that your evokedidate is holding secret meetings with an system that represents private di stance enterprises. Tench motioned to several other documents on the table. We excessively have internal SFF memos c alto sithering for huge sums of money to be composed from SFF member companies-in amounts commensurate with their net worth-and transferred to accounts controlled by Senator Sexton. In effect, these private space agencies are anteing up to put Sexton in office. I throw out only assume he has agreed to pass the commercialization beat and privatize NASA if elected.Gabrielle looked at the pile of papers, unconvinced. Do you expect me to believe that the discolor House has evidence that its opponent is engaged in profoundly vile race finance-and yet, for some reason, you are keeping it secret?What would you believe?Gabrielle glared. Frankly, considering your skills for manipulation, a to a greater extent logical solution seems that you are pl ying me somehow with phony documents and photos produced by some enterprising White House staffer and his desktop print computer.Possible, I admit. But not true.No? Then how did you get each these internal documents from corporations? The resources required to steal all of this evidence from so numerous an(prenominal) companies certainly exceeds the grasp of the White House.Youre right. This information arrived present as an unrequested gift.Gabrielle was now lost.Oh yes, Tench said, we get a lot of it. The President has many powerful political allies who would analogous to see him stay in office. Remember, your outlook is suggesting cuts all over the place-a lot of them right here in Washington. Senator Sexton certainly has no qualms about citing the FBIs bloated budget as an instance of government overspending. Hes taken some potshots at the IRS, too. Maybe someone at the bureau or at the service got a little annoyed.Gabrielle got the implication. sight at the FBI and IR S would have ways of getting this kind of information. They might wherefore send it to the White House as an unsolicited favor to uphold the Presidents election. But what Gabrielle could not make herself believe was that Senator Sexton would ever be engaged in illegal campaign funding. If this data is accurate, Gabrielle challenged, which I powerfully doubt it is, why havent you gone public?Why do you debate?Because it was gathered illegally.How we got it makes no difference.Of course it makes a difference. Its inadmissible in a hearing.What hearing? Wed simply leak this to a newspaper, and theyd run it as a credible-source story with photos and documentation. Sexton would be guilty until proven innocent. His vocal anti-NASA stance would be virtual proof that he is taking bribes.Gabrielle knew it was true. Fine, she challenged, then why havent you leaked the information?Because its a damaging. The President promised not to go negative in the campaign and he wants to stick to tha t promise as long as he can.Yeah, right Youre telling me the President is so upstanding that he refuses to go public with this because people might consider it a negative?Its a negative for the country. It implicates dozens of private companies, many of which are make up of honest people. It besmirches the office of the U.S. Senate and is bad for the countrys morale. Dishonest politicians hurt all politicians. Americans need to trust their leaders. This would be an ugly investigation and would most in all probability send a U.S. senator and numerous prominent aerospace executives to jail.Although Tenchs logic did make sense, Gabrielle unflustered doubted the allegations. What does any of this have to do with me?Simply put, Ms. Ashe, if we release these documents, your candidate give be indicted for illegal campaign financing, lose his Senate seat, and most likely do prison time. Tench paused. Unless Gabrielle power saw a snakelike glint in the senior advisers eyes. Unless what?T ench took a long drag on her cigarette. Unless you define to help us avoid all that.A murky inhibit posturetled over the room.Tench coughed roughly. Gabrielle, listen, I decided to share this hapless information with you for three reasons. First, to show you Zach Herney is a decent man who considers the governments social welfare before his personal gain. Second, to inform you that your candidate is not as fiducial as you might think. And third, to persuade you to accept the offer I am about to make.That offer being?Id like to offer you a pass off to do the right thing. The patriotic thing. Whether you know it or not, youre in a unique position to spare Washington all kinds of unpleasant scandal. If you can do what I am about to ask, perhaps you could even sack up yourself a place on the Presidents squad.A place on the Presidents team? Gabrielle couldnt believe what she was hearing. Ms. Tench, whatever you have in mind, I do not appreciate being black-mailed, coerced, or ta lked down to. I work for the senators campaign because I believe in his politics. And if this is any indication of the way Zach Herney exerts political influence, I have no inte wait in being associated with him If youve got something on Senator Sexton, then I suggest you leak it to the press. Frankly, I think this hale things a sham.Tench gave a dreary sigh. Gabrielle, your candidates illegal funding is a fact. Im sorry. I know you trust him. She lowered her voice. Look, heres the point. The President and I will go public with the funding issue if we must, but it will get ugly on a grand scale. This scandal involves several major(ip) U.S. corporations breaking the law. A lot of innocent people will profits the price. She took a long drag and exhaled. What the President and I are hoping for here is some other way to discredit the senators ethics. A way that is more contained one in which no innocent parties get hurt. Tench set down her cigarette and folded her hands. Simply put, w e would like you to publicly admit that you had an inter-group communication with the senator.Gabrielles entire body went rigid. Tench sounded utterly certain of herself. Impossible, Gabrielle knew. There was no proof. The sex had happened only once, behind locked doors in Sextons senatorial office. Tench has nothing. Shes fishing. Gabrielle fought to conceal her steady tone. You assume a lot, Ms. Tench.Which? That you had an affair? Or that you would abandon your candidate?Both.Tench gave a curt smile and stood up. Well, lets put one of those facts to rest right now, shall we? She walked to her wall safe again and returned with a red manila paper folder. It was stamped with the White House seal. She unhooked the clasp, tipped the envelope over, and dumped the contents out on the desk in front of Gabrielle.As dozens of color photographs spilled out onto the desk, Gabrielle saw her entire career come crashing down before her.46 remote the habisphere, the katabatic wind roaring dow n off the glacier was nothing like the ocean winds Tolland was accustomed to. On the ocean, wind was a function of tides and blackjack fronts and came in gusting ebbs and flows. The katabatic, however, was a slave to simple physics-heavy cold air go down a glacial incline like a tidal wave. It was the most resolute gale force Tolland had ever experienced. Had it been coming at 20 knots, the katabatic would have been a sailors dream, but at its current cardinal knots it could quickly become a nightmare even for those on satisfying ground. Tolland found that if he paused and leaned backward, the stalwart squall could easily prop him up.