Monday, January 21, 2019

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Sister Elizabeth Ann Seton was born Elizabeth Ann Bayley on revered 28th, 1774 in New York City to wealthy parents. Elizabeth suffered more losses early(a) in life-time starting with the loss of her mother when she was just tercet gray-headed age old, and a younger sister two years later. She was embossed Episcopalian by her mother and stepmother. Her father was a humanitarin who taught his daughter to cognize and be of service to others. Elizabeth had a groovy interest in recitation and particularly liked reading the bible and scriptures in which she found great comfort.In 1794 at the age of 19, Elizabeth married William Seton and together they had five children. Four years into their marriage Williams father died leaving Elizabeth and William in charge of caring for his many brothers and sisters. A few years after that, Elizabeths father died. Not keen-sighted after that, Williams business began to fail along with his health. William and Elizab eth thought that a ocean voyage to Italy would help him to feel better. William died while in Italy and Elizabeth became interested in the Catholic faith during that time to which she later converted.She felt a finicky devotion to the Blessed Virgin having lost her own mother at such an early age. To support her children Elizabeth opened a school for girls in Baltimore. After joining the Catholic Church in 1805 Elizabeth devoted her life to Gods will for her. In 1809 she took her religious vows and became known as set about Elizabeth Seton. She organise a community of sisters called the Sisters of Charity which included one of her daughters. Mother Seton died on January 1st, 1821 from tuberculosis the same thing that killed her husband.She was just 46 years old when she died. Elizabeth is known as the patron saint for the loss of parents. Her feast day is celebrated on January 1st. Mother Seton became the first american saint to be beatified in 1963 and then later canonized in 19 75. Mother Seton told her follow sisters, The first end I propose in our day-by-day work is to do the will of God secondly, to do it in the way of life he wills it and thirdly, to do it because it is his will.

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