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Copyrights: Intellectual Property and Technology Essay -- essays resea

Copyrights Intellectual Property and TechnologyThe Government and many a(prenominal) other agencies around the cosmea are continuously at survey to improve justifications for intellectual billet rights and the enforcement of intellectual property laws. In like a shots age of digital madness, passing legislation and positively enforcing of those laws becomes a very daunting chore. However, the protection of intellectual property has both singular and social benefits. It protects the right of the creator of some function of value to be compensated for what he or she has created, and by so doing it encourages production of valuable, intangible, creative workIn order to understand the difficulties surrounding the laws associated with intellectual property an understanding of the margin is needed. The Louisiana State Bar Association defines intellectual property as the product of someones mental efforts. It is usually intangible, and its value lies in its appeal to others who c ompetency wish to use it or the goods it describes. Intellectual property understructure be covered and categorized into three separate protective laws those include copyrights, patents and trademarks. The professedly key to understanding intellectual property protection is to understand that the thing protected is the intangible creative work, not the particular physical motley in which it is embodied (Baase, 2003, p. 235).This paper will discuss the sentiments and laws behind copyrights as intellectual property on with the daunting task of protecting that property in a digital age where piracy seems to be commonplace. The honest-use laws and the digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 will also be covered, along with the challenges faced by those who choose to use the fair-use laws for educational purposes, and the impact that the DMCA has had on this law. Finally this paper will discuss what can be learned from having a basic understanding of copyright laws and the impact on world economics that the breaking of these laws could possibly cause.Examining intellectual property can igniter the old argument that standing is more tiring than walking paradox, how do you differentiate between an idea and a creative expression. Copyrights protect a creative expression, which is the expression, selection, and arrangement of ideas. The boundary between an idea and the expression of an idea is often not clear (Baase, 2003, p. 236). Most people... ...industry will quickly cognise that consumers eventually get tired of being slapped on the wrist for obeying the law, and this is fundamentally what the DMCA has done to people that actually follow the fair use laws. The actual impact of boycotting the industry would be an economic disaster. This will most in all likelihood never happen, but Congress is posed with a great task in front them.The first step towards ensuring copyrights and fair use laws would be to ban the use of technology that is produced f or the sole purpose of circumventing copyrights. Congress should then(prenominal) either redefine the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or do away with it completely. Infringement on copyright laws will never completely disappear but managing the problem without stepping on the toes of the owners or the consumer can definitely be accomplished with the right application and redefinition of copyright laws and the fair use doctrine. A new digital age calls for new types of protection without overstepping the boundaries of what is fair and what is not.ReferencesBaase, S. (2003). A Gift of Fire Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computers and the Internet. 2nd Ed. speed Saddle River, NJ Prentice Hall.

Cultural Purity and the Refute of the Inevitable Momentum :: essays papers

Cultural Purity and the Refute of the Inevitable nervous impulseIn the introduction to The Pure Products Go Crazy, James Clifford offers a meter by William Carlos Williams rough a housekeeper of his named Elsie. This girl is of mixed blood, with a carve up common ancestry, and no real collective roots to trace. Williams begins to make the musing that this is the direction that the world is moving in, as Clifford puts itan inevitable momentum. Clifford believes in that, in an interconnected world, one is always to varying degrees, inauthentic. In making this statement, Clifford is mayhap only partially accurate. In the western hemisphere, where Williams was located, perhaps it can be said directly that the influence of raw society has attributed to the lack of general ancestry, as one refining after another has blended with the next. mayhap it can be said as well that, as Clifford puts it, in that location seem no distant places left on the planet where the mien of moder n products, media, and power cannot be felt (Clifford, 14). The intention of this paper is to get off first that there is essentially such a thing as pure culture, and contrary to Cliffords belief, that there are pure unhomogenised cultures that remain (while not altogether untouched by foreign influence), born(p) within themselves. It allow be argued as well that the influence of modern society does not necessarily lead to a loss of heathenish soundness itself, but rather that a presence of certain cultural practices within the respective cultures has attributed to the lasting purity of certain cultures. In this case, we will be discussing the cultures that exist in Haiti and Bali. To address the first part of my argument, we clenched fist must take in hand what exactly is this pure culture that has been mentioned thus far. Clifford believes that cultures, for the sake of the argument being made can be said to be impure cultures, have had to reckon with the forces of pr ogress and subject unification, and that essentially this has led to many traditions, languages, cosmologies, and values being lost, some literally bump off (Clifford, 16). He argues that inevitably, all cultures either will, or have experienced this, and in the end have transformed into an alternate version of themselves. I point that a pure culture is one that has either not had to push-down stack with such circumstances, or has dealt with outside influences, without altering what is wholly exclusive about itself.

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Diversity of Individuals Essay

1.1.i DIVERSITYDiversity means difference. It is about recognizing the different give outs and preferences of an undivided and accepting them. This could be related to their culture and personality or dear their preferences. As well as many other factors. Everyone is different.1.1.ii ANTI-DISCRIMINATORY praxisnot to discriminate against someone in terms of race, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation and age.1.1.iii ANTI-OPPRESSIVE PRACTICEIn social cargon you need to take an anti heavy approach. You can not try and make someone do what you pauperism because its easier for you. If the resident would like to do something you can advise only if you can not make them do what you want because you are in a stronger position.1.2 Explain why it is Copernican to recognize and respect an individuals inheritance Every resident should be treated with the same respect they would be if they were not in care. They should be treated as if they could do things for themselves. Car ers are there to assist the resident. Their customs and religious recitations are very important to them. It defines who they are. Some like their dietary needs met regarding not eating porc etc. Some bequeath not accept blood transfusions. We need to honor their wishes to the best of our ability.1.3 Describe why an individual with dementia whitethorn be subjected to discrimination and oppression A resident who has dementia whitethorn not be able to remember her preferences so its down to the carer to maintain out. For example if the resident is Muslim therefore her religious beliefs means she doesnt eat pork. It is down to the carer to respect this and not just take on the attitude of it doesnt matter1.4 Describe how discrimination and oppressive practice can be challenged As a carer if I was to see a colleague discriminate against a resident, first of all I would cozy up the residents preferences and point out what they are doing is wrong. If the carer was still to carry on I would bring it to the attention of my senior or manager who would then recognise with it following company policy.2.1 Explain why it is important to identify an individuals detail and unique needs It is important to identify a residents needs so they can live their life as they want. Sometimes the resident may not be able to express their wishes and preferences so it is important to talk to close family members and friends to find out what they would prefer.2.2 Compare The Experience Of Dementia For An soul Who Has Acquired It As An Older Person With The Experience Of An Individual Who Has Acquired It As a Younger Person It would not be much different amid an older and younger person, they would both still experience the same personal effects that dementia brings to a person. However a younger person get dementia would probably feel more affected as they may feel that its unfair that they realise it so young when they pass water a assign of life left ahead of them, they also may not be able to deal with it very well as most people associate dementia with older people. Their life will change so much and sometimes so quickly, they may have to leave work, stop driving etc. Then they would have to mean about the help they would need, finance etc. which with so much occurrence and changing can lead to a lot of stress and then to depression in a person and sometimes more. Having dementia as an older person is probably more easier to deal with than getting it as a younger person because you have experienced a lot and lived a life so you would be more acceptance of it and deal with it a lot better.

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Review of Related Literature Essay

When you scroll down your playlist, do you encounter the word literary genre on the list? Do you what does Genre mean? According to (2005) it is a class or category of artistic endeavor having a grumpy form, content technique, or like the genre of epic poetry the genre of symphonic music. Genre has different categories these include Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic, Folk, Jazz, New Age, Reggae and Rock. Gravell, D. (2011). We, Philippines also sustain our own category. Do you what it is? Guessed it right, its OPM (Original Pilipino Music). OPM is anything thats performed by a Filipino artist.There be also new genres that made their way on the socio-economic class 2012. On the list are Drill, Trap, Hipster House, Ratchet, Queer Rap, Tumblr-wave and Sea punk. Wagner, D (2012) Yes, they dedicate weird names. Artists tend to experiment and invent new genres so expect every year with sprouting genres of great differences.Who couldnt understand music without singers behind it? With their names, who wouldnt know these male artists like Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz, admirer Khalifa, Pitbull, Akon, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Bruno Mars Enrique Inglesias and Usher? Ayaz, M. (2012) How about airstresses like Ke$ha, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Adele, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Shakira and Lady Gaga are they familiar? Ayaz, M. (2012) These noise makers paved their way to music industry and are now chart toppers including fresh names like One Direction, Cher Lloyd, David Choi, Jireh Lim and some more. I bet you toilet name songs made by mentioned artists. Since we are talking about music, what can music do to its get a lineers, majorly teen suppuraters? It can just now end up into 2 results, the good and the bad result. Looking on the bright side, it can connect two sight of the same undertakings. An case of it is Eminem, a rapper.He usually tells his personal troubles by rapping it. People who listen to it and are stuck at the same situation can relate and the song itself can give hope to the listeners. On the other hand, it also has its negativities. For instances, rapper, adept Khalifa shares a song that depicts drugs and intercourse, without being aware that there are listeners with age groups below 13 it can influence them. It can give complete the urge to use drugs and enlarge egos which is a bad thing. Whatever the inwardness of the song, good or bad, it ends up to the listeners mind and affect them. Mariam, S. (2012) Besides mental effects, music has its health benefits. One of its benefits is pain management. Music is a correct way to divert your attention to pain. Another one is that it can humiliate stress.Listening to calm and soothing music can be a simple way to relieve stress. It can also boost ones repellent system. Research shows that if one listens to opera music it can regulate fringy immune system. If one listens jumpy and active music, it can be ones boost to do exercise. A n example of this is when one listens to music and jives with the beat, exercise is already done. You take singing lullabies at night is childish, well think again. Music can promote sleep and sedatives especially that light and slow music.Getting range of the same beat you hear all over again? Well, people have their ways to discover new music. According to Nielsen (2012) Radio is simmer down the dominant way people discover music (48%)- followed by tips from our friends and relatives (10%), and YouTube (7%), hardly more teens listen to music through YouTube than any other denotation (64%) followed by radio (56%) and iTunes (53%) and CDs (50%) Due to the advancing technology, the use of internet, specifically the website YouTube, have been the big players when it comes to music sharing. Although a lot of complains from artists about YouTube being a fuel for piracy, it still continues its way as a website.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson vs. Walt Whitman Essay

In their respective fields, some(prenominal) Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson were considered to be quintessential American writers. Their thoughts and statements regarding nonconformity and individuality were revolutionizing for the era that they lived. Thanks to them,similar thoughts and statements, be now much more mainstream and unexceptional.Although they used different tactics to digest their points across, their shared opinions become evident.Both Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson believed strongly in originality and personal human facealthough the different tactics that they used to piss their message across were nada short of contrasting.In Emersons case, he was vehemently opposed to a clubhouse that he saw to be oppressive and unimaginative. Emerson was convinced that alone of modern human civilization was in collaboration to crush his uniqueness and overmaster him to a life of a faceless cog. rules of order is in conclave against the manhood of every one of its members. (P. 153)Conversely, Whitman regarded the common man with much esteem and favoritism. In his larger-than-life poem, Song of Myself Whitman spoke of the working class with an unusual favoring and support of their shipway and lifestyle. The sun falls on the crisply hair and mustache, falls on the black of his polishd and perfect limbs, and I lay eyes on the bewitching giant and love him. (P.173) Whitman encouraged the reader to lead an original and unconfirmed life. He celebrated the common man and tells the reader to be blissful with their life and social stature.These ideals might appearm as if completely different, hardly the points that they try to get across, are exactly the same. They are both stating that one should turn its back on the complex structure that is hostel and or else live a simple (although by no means primal or unoriginal) life, unconstrained by conforming and strict social usage or procedures.The tones of Emersons poems and Whitmans ess ay, were quite contrasting. Emersons essay seemed almost cold and apocalyptic contrasted to Whitmans comparatively delightful and uplifting poem. In Self Reliance, Emerson speaks of bon ton with disgust and suspicion. He sees it all as a cruel masquerade that binds hapless souls to its iron will. Society never advances. It recedes as fast on one side as it gains on another. (P.152) In Song of Myself, Whitman speaks in flourishes and silky verses. You sea I resign myself to you also I guess what you mean, I behold from the beach your crooked fingers. (P.180)Emersons essay was very philosophical and coarse to personal interpretation (A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of slight minds P. 144), while Whitmans poem was more detailed and vividly coarse (The beards of the young men glistend with wet, it ran from their long hair, P. 173). likewise notable, is the fact that Whitman spoke to the reader to the highest degree what he perceives and his personal opinions. (I guess it must be the flag of my disposition. P. 170),while Emerson spoke more about facts that he knew to be true, leaving it up the reader to agree or not. Another sort of false prayers are our regrets. (P. 150)From this, it is obvious to see that their penning styles and personal tactics differed greatly when it came to persuading someone of a particular cause.Emerson and Whitman both strived for more originality in society. Whitman was dedicated to creating an authentic American conciseness by dint of his writing, one that was not made up of cast off European procedures. Emerson was committed to freeing the minds and let loose the originality, which he saw society holding back. Society is a joint stock company, in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. (P.140)It is evident to see that both Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emersonstrongly felt the need to free, warn, or otherwise inform societ y of their findings and opinions. Thanks to this sense of obligation and perspective liberty, we all now get to enjoy many other informative do-gooders like them, eager to give the axe and enlighten us in all aspects of life. Ironically, in their attempts to free us of the torture that is society, they have unleashed a quintessential component that makes their fear and underground to this civilization too accurate indeed.That would be telemarketing.

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Case Study Retailmax

Case Study RetailMax occasion for Cam genus Sagittarius and Regan Kessel Elizabeth Smith Grand Canyon University, LDR 610 April 10, 2013 Everyone has purview to some degree. cut and Raven (1959) distinguished five types of federal agency de nonive world-beater, expert power, reenforcement power, coercive power, and legitimate power and with each of the five types, the heftyer the basis of power the greater the power. Power is defined in terms of the warp a person has over the ability to change behavior, opinions, attitudes, goals, ineluctably, and values (French & adenosine monophosphate Raven, 1959).Cam archer is in a go under of power at RetailMax she has the chief operating officers support to take over either a more(prenominal) lucrative dress in the Professional Services (PS) Department or a trade side with Regan Kessel, the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing (PMM) (McGinn & type A Witter, 2006a). Which position will provide genus Sagittarius wi th the power to meet her needs will Kessels power be affected if genus Sagittarius accepts the position within his department? The power bases and companionable influence of both Cam Archer and Regan Kessel will be evaluated to delay which of the two most effectively utilize their power sources.Cam Archer is in an interim position as a retail account executive with RetailMax, Inc. , a software community base in Boston. Upon graduating with her MBA from a leading business school, Cam began run lowing for RetailMax, a company providing merc potise optimization software. eon working in business information where she was responsible for managing strategic alliances and partnerships, RetailMax was forced to downsize and all areas that were not directly knotted with making or selling software were laid off.Cam was asked to join the gross tax revenue team up, an avenue she was not interested in, but one she agreed to accept because of her belief and faith in the entrepreneurial culture and service cargo RetailMax could provide to retailers during the current recessionary period (McGinn & Witter, 2006a). Cams dedication, drive, sacrifice, and social influence paid off within the first y auricle of sales she had built solid congenital and external customer bases. Cams authority power was great. She had the trust and respect of the executive team and the support to fall which position she would accept her fate was in her own hands.Cams referent and expert power is recognized by the CEO when he recruits her to track an emergency situation with a new RetailMax customer who was one of the largest big-box retailers in the country (McGinn & Kessel, 2006a). Regan Kessel, a seasoned software executive, was recruited by Todd Elman, CEO of RetailMax to head harvest management and trade because of his task, knowledge, and in-person power. Kessel was move in place during Elmans turnaround of RetailMax, and upon assessing his team he determined his produ ct managers did not pass the time or skill set to train a consistent and clear marketing message.Although Kessel had the legitimate power to determine a strategy for his marketing dilemma, the solution came through another avenue. An snug meeting with Elman and Archer led to a brainstorming session that produced a plan of how to move Cam into the marketing department and provided a product marketing strategy. A new position, Director of Product Marketing, would be dod for Cam, a position that would utilize her knowledge and expertise (McGinn & Witter, 2006b).Kessel is in the position to create a competitive wages software system, will Cams gender influence Kessels decisions because of stereotypical gender roles? It does not appear that Kessel made compensation decisions based on Archers gender instead, his desire was to abide by up with a fair proposal based on Archers current and potential financial achievementes for the company, her skills, education, and qualification s the same factors he apply in determining the salary base for each of his employees.But, Kessel was going to have to make a tough decision. What was he going to offer Archer to incentivize her to accept the Director position, and would there be negative social factors much(prenominal) as resentment and envy toward Archer for her relationship with the Executive team? Cam is in a position of power. Not scarce does she have power over which position she will take at RetailMax, she also has vigorous personal and relationship power with both internal and external customers in addition to her close and personal relationship with the CEO and VP of sales.Kessel also possesses strong relationship power, if Cam accepts the position in Professional Services he knows he can quickly locate a qualified candidate to set back her because of his strong ties and connections in the industry. What assumptions did Kessel make regarding Cam, and what if any assumptions did Cam have regarding Kessel ? Kessel is aware that Cam does not want to stay in sales and she is tired of all the travel, he knows she is ambitious and assumes his compensation package will have to match the package creation offered by Mangini (McGinn & Witter, 2006b).Cam assumes Kessel may resent not existence able to select his own candidate for the Director position. She has researched the salary expression for the product managers and assumes Kessel will offer her a compensation package that is in line with the market, but since her role will have a broader more strategic scope she hopes to be compensated for this. On the other hand if she accepts the professional service position she will not be in a position to receive any credit if she is able to sustain with the turnaround of a chaotic professional services department (McGinn & Witter, 2006a).Cam has a decision to make, which position will strengthen her power? While the professional service position provides the prospect to work closely wit h customers, involves revenue generation activities, and connects her compensation to revenue goals, Cam knows the position will require as much travel as her recent sales position, while the marketing position is a more stationary position which means the opportunity to reestablish friendships and social activities, something Cam has missed.Cam is also drawn to the marketing position because it moves her toward her locomote goals of being in management. Although Cam would not have any direct reports, she would work with all five product managers to develop and implement marketing strategies for the somatic level, a level with more social networking, power, and prestige (McGinn & Witter, 2006b). Should Kessel be concerned with Archers career advancement, Archer does have the ear of the CEO, a close working relationship with the VP ofSales, and now she is being recruited internally by another VP? The benefits of hiring Archer means Kessel will gain an intelligent, dedicated emp loyee with proven success for RetailMax and whose social connections and charisma could bring positive wariness and promotion to the department while the deficits being related to the teams morale and how they may respond to a socially connected internal transfer who had a position created for her.Hiring an external candidate at a lower salary opens up the opportunity for Kessel to reward his current employees with a pay raise above cost of living, something they have not genuine in two years (McGinn & Witter, 2006b). Kessel has a decision to make. Kessel has put together his compensation package and made Archer an offer. Kessel reminded Archer of the benefits of the position limited travel, social benefits and stability, and career advancement along with offering her a compensation package of $138,000 (15% above the market) because of her experience and proven success accede for RetailMax (McGinn & Witter, 2006b).Archer believes the marketing opportunity makes good use of her education and skills, meets her personal needs and career goals, and positions her with the power and information sources for the company because of this she believes this is the best pickaxe for her. Upon evaluation of both case studies, Cam Archer used social power most effectively through taking career risks that not only helped to develop and enhance her skills, but which brought visibility and attention to her reputation for being an innovative and resourceful employee whose charisma and business acumen brought much success to RetailMax.References French, J. R. P. , & Raven, B. H. (1959). The bases of social power. In D. Cartwright (Ed. ), Studies in Social Power (pp. 259-269). Ann Arbor, MI Institute for Social Research Retrieved from http//www. communicationcache. com/uploads/1/0/8/8/10887248/the_bases_of_social_power_-_chapter_20. pdf McGinn, K. , & Witter, D. (2006a). RetailMax Role for Cam Archer. Boston, MA Harvard Business School Publishing McGinn, K. , & W itter, D. (2006b). RetailMax Role for Regan Kessel. Boston,

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Stefan’s Diaries: The Craving Chapter 12

The next few days drifted by, full of wedding planning and menu sampling. At night, the Sutherlands settled into a stabilise r turn come onine. Mrs. Sutherland took to the sewing room, teaching Lydia to make quilts and bonnets. Bridget indulged in a late-night beauty regime that involved brushing her hair in one hundred strokes and lathering herself in cream that I could smell all the way from the parlor. Winfield always retired to his psychoanalyse with a tumbler of brandy, perusing the paper or going bothplace his accounting books.Id undertaken to pacing the first floor, coming up with plans to ferryboat the Sutherlands to safety only to shoot down most of my ideas. I withal now needed to plan my feedings. My steady diet of city animals was harder to hang in up now that I was under the watchful eye of every Sutherland and servant. It was almost like they expected me to try and make a tumble for it, though it was impossible to know how much of that was genuine wariness ve rsus Damon compel them to follow me. Sometimes I managed to slip away, whether up to the roof or silently down to the acanthayard to try and find a rat or pigeon or even a mouse to satisfy my needs. Hazel, the place cat, was run into limits of course, provided fortunately her wild tomcat friends were not.Damon had no such nutritional problems. Nor did he care much to the highest degree secrecy. He came and went as he pleased, doing God knows what in the darkest corners of the city. I often saw a maiden or manservant summoned to his suite in the coldest hours of the night as I skulked about tending to my own needs. For my brother, life with the Sutherlands was like living in a grand hotel he attended dinners in his honor and was feted all almost town at the top establishments. He was a prince and New York was his passionateness few kingdom.When Damon arrived home on Thursday, Winfield poked his stop out of the study.Oh, good. Im glad youre here, Winfield verbalize, holding out two glasses of whiskey. Please come join me.There was a stray drop of blood carelessly smeared on the corner of Damons mouth. Anyone else would pose assumed it was a shaving cut. Suddenly the cozy study reckoned suffocate and the corners darker.Damon casually wiped his lips, his eyes on me, then threw himself down on the roll next to his future father-in-law, less like an Italian count and more like well, Damon. Good evening, sir. The fact that he dropped his fake accent in their presence highlighted practiced how under his thrall this family was.I wanted to name a chat with the two of you about your futures, Winfield began, chomping on his cigar.Oh, I have big plans, Im intellection long-term, Damon said. Living here with the family, of course. I love close kin.My throat went dry and I ran a hand through my hair, beginning to panic, reminded once again that I had no idea what Damon real wanted.I think I should like to go into business for myself, Damon began to say. still then the door of the study slammed open and Margaret came striding in.PapaWithout a rule book to either of us she threw a copy of the days Post down into her fathers detention and tapped at an article. Read this.Winfield fished around in his pockets for his glasses and slid them on, peering at the paper. Sutherland house is scandalized as two penniless suitors sweep away the last of the qualified Sutherland girls. Heartbroken sons of bankers, politicians, and empires of capital complain bitterly about the sudden move. Is it blackmail, some wonder? An unnamed source close to the family claims that Oh, rubbish, he said, throwing the paper by and taking off his glasses. People talk about the silliest things.We will be ruined, Margaret said, almost pleading. She completely ignored Damons and my presence. At the very least, cant you see how it would be bad for business?Dont you think you should leave that sort of talk for the menfolk? Damon asked lazily, reversive to his accen ted English. But his ice-blue eyes bored straight into her head, as if he wished he could put a bullet there. I stood up, placing myself between Margaret and him. She didnt seem to notice his hatred, or the danger she was in.I understand your concerns, I said quickly. I had to convince her to drop this, for her own sake. But believe me, I want aught but the best for your family.And in fact, we menfolk were just public lecture about business, Winfield added. Damon, you were saying?All I need is a miniature sum of bullion, my brother said, turning his head and effectively cutting Margaret out of the conversation. Which will allow me to travel to my home country and start selection out vendors for exports.Margaret let out a gasp. Youre not actually thinking of giving him more than his dowry?Dont be greedy, pet, Winfield said, shushing her with a patronizing gesture. Its just seed money to get him on his way.Have you gone crazy? she demanded. You dont even know this man. Let him w ork for you first. Or march on him one of your smaller businesses to run.Damon rose from his seat, coldly furious. I tried to take Margarets arm, but she shook me off. She pulled herself up to her full height, staring straight back into his eyes. Though she wasnt quite as pretty as either of her junior sisters, she was certainly imposing.You all have been acting completely mad since he showed up, she said to her father, not looking away from Damon. Letting him and him she gestured at me set about practically members of this family, live under our roof, share our bread, and then offer them cash and your daughters and everything else Doesnt anyone think this is strange besides me?Winfield looked upset, but confused.Damon widened his eyes.Stop, he compelled her. Just take back Stefan and me were here to stay.She looked at him for a long moment. I waited for her eyes to glass in over, for her pupils to dilate ever so slightly. But all she did was shake her head in disgust. Your phony count act might work with other people, but not me. I want no part of this.I stared at her, stunned, as she stormed out. Id never seen Damon fail to compel someone, not even when hed been late and weak. I inhaled deeply, searching for hints of vervain, anything to explain what had just happened. But there was nothing there.All I could do was hope that whatever it was, it would continue to cover Margaret safe.

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How would Xerox define diversity

xerographic copier defines diversity as a priceless resource and a key to their success. It more than just race or gender. By incorporating in a comp all like xerox disparate cultures and ways of thinking it expands the mind set of the company and leads toward creating innovative solutions and blood line opportunities ( decamp). How has the definition of diversity changed over the years? We live in a world where, because of the Internet and the Web, we great deal communicate with someone in Africa or Asia as easily as we can communicate with someone in the office next door.A company like Xerox represents businesses in any over the world, and the diversity of its employees is a big plus. Acknowledging our differences and using them as a value-added for any clients needs is one of the keys to a companies success. The economic problems that the world miserliness is experiencing has only added greater emphasis to our beliefs in the importance of diversity. We be all in this econo mic situation together. It certainly is not the time to hash over from our strong belief that diverse perspectives ar essential to prospering in todays world.What are the seven reasons why Xerox should be move to widen their hands? Illustrate how Xerox shows its values workplace diversity. Wider Talent syndicate More talent will be employed at Xerox if employees of all cultures and race are hired. More Knowledge Sharing Employees can share cultural traits , market demographics and help develop companies develop sturdy knowledge management and market intelligence systems. Enhanced Productivity By processing varied skills , competencies and capabilities of disparate races and cultures, Xerox can increase its productivity ecumenic (Xerox).Reduced Discrimination At Xerox woman and minorities prevail up for 52% of the workforce and 42. 5% of Xerox senior executives are women or people of color or both (Xerox). This motivates employees in a way that they feel like they are bein g treated equally and thus providing a better job performance. By the hiring of african americans and early(a) employees of other cultural backgrounds they have achieved equality in their workforce (Xerox). demographic Marketing The marketing of products and services at Xerox has become culturally and demographically segmented.This requires the company to hire people from different backgrounds and nationalities to better serve the marketed area. compassionate Capital Retention Diversity has been leveraged to attract the best most mingled talent it also has been harnessed to retain talent and corporate integrity. cargo and Willingness of employees to seek Growth Xerox Provides Equal Opportunity to all employees of any cultural background and race. By doing this employees of all types are more motivated and committed to provide good job performance to seek result in the company.Research Question The Fortune 500 Company I chose to compare Xerox with is FedEx. While doing some res earch rough the workforce diversity at FedEx I realized that FedEx and Xerox have some(prenominal) in common. FedEx as well as Xerox strives to upgrade the hiring of different cultures all over the world to increase their productivity and to meet the worldwide needs of their customer satisfaction. FedEx quotes that We place a high priority on serving the needs of diverse communities after all, we live in a country comprised of people from many different backgrounds and cultures.To show were serious about promoting and supporting diversity, weve spearheaded a number of diversity programs for our employees, our suppliers, our customers and our neighborhoods (FedEx). FedEx has various diversity groups to promote cultural awareness and to ensure the inclusion of all employees, these groups include The Asiatic Network group,The African-American Network Group, The Hispanic Network Group, The Womens Network Group and the FedEx Gay, Bisexual,Transgender and Friends Network. Each netw ork group operates as a separate entity, features electric chair and other group officer positions as needed, and meets monthly and sponsors/co-sponsors at to the lowest degree one corporate diversity forum with CCA annually (FedEx).Comparing FedEx to Xerox I would have to say the they pretty much have the selfsame(prenominal) goal in creating a successful company by the incorporating a diverse workforce and policies to provide trust and respect to their employees and by doing this they are creating more productive employees who are highly motivated to achieve the goals of the company.

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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Sister Elizabeth Ann Seton was born Elizabeth Ann Bayley on revered 28th, 1774 in New York City to wealthy parents. Elizabeth suffered more losses early(a) in life-time starting with the loss of her mother when she was just tercet gray-headed age old, and a younger sister two years later. She was embossed Episcopalian by her mother and stepmother. Her father was a humanitarin who taught his daughter to cognize and be of service to others. Elizabeth had a groovy interest in recitation and particularly liked reading the bible and scriptures in which she found great comfort.In 1794 at the age of 19, Elizabeth married William Seton and together they had five children. Four years into their marriage Williams father died leaving Elizabeth and William in charge of caring for his many brothers and sisters. A few years after that, Elizabeths father died. Not keen-sighted after that, Williams business began to fail along with his health. William and Elizab eth thought that a ocean voyage to Italy would help him to feel better. William died while in Italy and Elizabeth became interested in the Catholic faith during that time to which she later converted.She felt a finicky devotion to the Blessed Virgin having lost her own mother at such an early age. To support her children Elizabeth opened a school for girls in Baltimore. After joining the Catholic Church in 1805 Elizabeth devoted her life to Gods will for her. In 1809 she took her religious vows and became known as set about Elizabeth Seton. She organise a community of sisters called the Sisters of Charity which included one of her daughters. Mother Seton died on January 1st, 1821 from tuberculosis the same thing that killed her husband.She was just 46 years old when she died. Elizabeth is known as the patron saint for the loss of parents. Her feast day is celebrated on January 1st. Mother Seton became the first american saint to be beatified in 1963 and then later canonized in 19 75. Mother Seton told her follow sisters, The first end I propose in our day-by-day work is to do the will of God secondly, to do it in the way of life he wills it and thirdly, to do it because it is his will.

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Is Macbeth a Tyrant or a Tragic Hero? Essay

A tragic hero is someone whos fatal flaw, feature with other external factors, bring about ones demise, which is demonstrated by Macbeth in Shakespeares play Macbeth. Macbeth is portrayed as a courageous, brave and noble military man who was haunted by superstition and an overpowering ambition. Factors that contributed to the degeneration of Macbeth include the prophecies told to him by the witches, the influence and manipulation of his wife, peeress Macbeth, and finally, Macbeths deep driven intent to release king. Although seen as a daring and valiant hero at the inauguration of the play, Macbeths repulsiveness desires and long time ambition causes his downfall. Even though Macbeth seems deal a malevolent and executionous tyrant towards the end of the play, he is finally a tragic hero. The prophecies attached by the witches contributed to the degeneration of Macbeths character. The witches foretold that Macbeth would become Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor and the great power of Scotland. If not for the prophecies, Macbeths curiosity and ambition to become King might never have aroused.To be king stood not within the prospect of sentiment to him before he had heard the prophecies, however, when hearing the prophecies of becoming king, horrible imaginings of murder, though fantastical, had come across his mind. As the play progresses, Macbeth increasingly relies on the prophecies given by the witches stirring up Macbeths curiosity and ambition which factor in corrupting his character and sending him to his dusty death. The manipulation and influence of Lady Macbeth was also a factor of Macbeths downfall. When Lady Macbeth reads her husbands letter, she is claustrophobic that Macbeth is not evil enough to do what he must to seize the crown. She wishes her husband a quick return so that she can pour her spirits in his ear and chastise with the valour of her tongue. Although Lady Macbeth seems like a good-natured and polite lady, she is in fact a vi cious and manipulative charwoman full of malice.She is also a horrible influence on Macbeth telling him to look like the innocent flower, but to be the serpent undert as well as telling him he was a coward when he was afraid to murder King Duncan. After Macbeth had slaughtered King Duncan, he was filled with a guilty conscience, regretting his wrong. His wife however, thought he was infirm of purpose. This was the first murder that Macbeth had experienced, however after the first murder, killing seemed to be the only etymon to maintain his reign as king.

Kingship in Macbeth

Through production the hornswoggle we imple workforcet many of Shakespeares ideas on the topic and theme of kingship besides alike what he thought the qualities a man should have to rule his country Macbeth is a play about power and about how the characters in the play clench it and use of wakelesss and services it. These characters are judged as leaders by their personalities, relationships with their subjects and their attitude towards the country.The characters Duncan, Macbeth, Malcolm and Edward all told represent their own brand of kingship and as the play progresses we see the faults in each of these. The first to represent kingship in the play is Duncan. He is love by his subjects and this love is well deserved and Duncan may be considered the more or less generous and loved king but that does not mean he is infallible. He is a trade good king has two sons and cares for Scotland. He is describe as a sainted king by Macduff in guess 4 scene 3.Duncan places a lot o f trust upon his soldiers and they are rattling loyal as we see in the bleeding captain scrap against mercenaries and Macbeth says himself his committal and service to Duncan is sufficient for his respect and also says he hath honoured him of modern and the essence of Duncans good nature creates doubts in Macbeth with regards to the murder and Lady Macbeth has also experienced this kindness, a large diamond received for been a good hostess. We see Duncan is decisive when it comes to the matter of traitors as the thane of Cawdor is executed swiftly following his deception from Duncans ranks.We also see a definite flaw in his nature as he is nai??ve and overly trusting, this is evident when he says thither is no art to find the sound judgments construction in the face and his magnate to sense the deception and treason of the thane of Cawdor and Macbeth shows a lot about his mulct comings in dealing with certain aspects of his rule which at the time the play was set it was a very important ability to have as a king and his misplaced trust is seen in his haste to reward Macbeth with his new title of Cawdor.In act 4 scene 3 Malcolm lists of the traits of a good king including justice, verity, temperance, stableness, bounty, perseverance, mercy, lowliness, devotion, patience, courage and fortitude and Macduff in repartee says a king without any of the following does not deserve to live. similarly in this scene we see Malcolm testing MacDuffs loyalty saying he is worse than Macbeth, even though its not very ensuring that his believable fictionalization and a quickness to flee following his fathers murder shows fear but it does show he is learning from the mistakes of his father which is a subtlety in the play as to what kind of king he would be.On a more evident note we do see he does hit the hay the characteristics of a king and already has loyalty from his subjects which shows a much more stable rule but is questionable if his accession to the throne was silent and he will remain reliant on his nobles as I father once was. The main issue of the play regarding kingship regards the rule of Macbeth which gives a scenario of the latent potential for evil in kingship. It is clear Macbeths scarce fill is in his own agenda and plans which seriously contrasts with the list read out by Malcolm in the scene previously mentioned.Macbeths unstable rule is only maintained by resorting only to murder and terror against his subject and Macbeths use of these tools is mainly caused by hi deep rooted insecurity. This shows kingship has the potential for good and for evil . In the time of Shakespeare the King was believed to be an agent of god and God himself spoke through the king and as Macbeth is not in truth king his control disturbs the natural order of nature and the earth becomes feverish showing the connection between kingship, nature, and all things balanced is to Shakespeare and the majority of his volume at the time believed was real.The killing of Duncan to obtain the crown was also draw as unsanctified due to Duncan being in lulled with divine right which raises the issue that Macbeths crime is not only unjustly but unholy and a crime against God himself. Macbeth being aware of this prior to the murder he said he would jump the life to come meaning he is damned.These thought of eternal damnation weighs heavily in Macbeths corrupted mind and is a catalyst for his declining unpopularity as the king and is described as a tyrant, hell-kite, usurper, butcher and as devilish which also agrees with the religious side of his kingship. glide path up to the end of Macbeths reign we see he has alienated and deserted his wife, ordered the killing of innocent women and children and his best friend and has lost the loyalty of all his Thanes and now completely relies on occult prophesies which were completely still led to the demise of the once ambitious soldier, Macbeth.Addressing the character of Edward even though he doesnt show up on stage at all he is established as Macbeths opposite and contrasting sharply in regards to the religious aspect of the play, the doctor says people are healed by his holy touch , solicits heaven and is full of grace. The lord in act 3 scene 6 says he is both worshipful and holy his white magic runs in opposition to the witches black magic. Edward believes the breast of Scotland can be cured by pray but sends 10000 men to assist Malcolm and MacDuff showing diplomacy and strategy.Shakespeare contrasts the various modes of kingship in the play, a combining of political manoeuvring, religious and spiritual believe and the kingly graces as be and appreciated by loyal subjects and the optimistic conclusion that those not in possession of their worth will not be accepted as kings and throughout the play we see the that the countries suffering or prosperity is a direct reflection of the moral of its king.

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Should Susan give up on Mrs. Taylor

Reply to Response 4 I dresst think that Susan should give up on Mrs. Taylor. She has to convince her that Carl take all the help he can get some otherwise his conduct disorder great power turn into something more destructive. He should be allowed to have the best his problem without the help of any prescription drugs. Mrs. Taylor and everybody in the faculty of the groom should therefore exercise maximum tolerance in dealing with Carl.Susans intervention platform would only work with the full cooperation of everybody else Mrs.Taylor, Carls parents, Susan herself, and the other faculty members of the school. Reply to Response 5 You are absolutely upright and I agree with you. Susan has definitely come up with the best plan given the available resources. I also believe that completely removing Carl from Mrs. Taylors class would do more harm than well. Carl is already feeling hazardous after the divorce of his parents and subjecting him to such a humiliating experience might r esult to more violent reaction from the boy. The IEP meeting with the parents was also a great help for Susan.It gave her a first hand knowledge of Carls predicament and could help her reach out to him. However, before Susan enlists the help of the shared psychologist, I think it would be better for her to arrange a one-on-one meeting with Carl after class first. If she could befriend Carl and gain his confidence by showing him that she is someone he could trust, Susan would be off to a good start. A psychologist, on the other hand, might have a ban reaction from Carl. Reply to Response 6 Youre probably right. I also think Carls mother wants to wash her hands of the perfect problem.She definitely showed that she did not care whether Carl is disciplined or not when she verbalized the words Do whatever you have to do. Give me the papers to sign, I have to get back to work. However, before I decide to modify Carl to another class, I think it would be better if Mrs. Taylor should first be convinced to do more for Carl. A little more effort is what Carl needs. A little more sympathy would be still better. locomote Carl to another class might prove embarrassing for him and elicit an even more violent reaction.

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Introduction to Management Essay

1. inductionThis theme testament discuss about accompany background, farming background, prep atomic number 18 analysis, Pest analysis, Porters analysis and give recommendations. At this report the send chosen is Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton Mattenier also cognise as Louis Vuitton and shorten to LV. The Louis Vuitton tail was founded by Vuitton in 1854 on Rue Nueve Des Capucines in Paris, France. As well as the headquarters its self which dictated in Paris. Louis Vuitton is cut house fashion design at that time which becoming unmatchable of the worlds valuable brand with 40% profitable (Constant, 2012).2. f estimaternity solid groundLouis Vuitton is adept of the virtu altogethery valuables brand in its category which is sumptuousness in goods. Its products includes of leather goods, runbags, trunks, shoes, watches, jewelry and accessories. Most of nation adorned with the LV monogram which designed by well known ornamentalist and easily noticeable with simple live s tyle as the idea. Louis Vuitton with a brand Value of $28.4 Billions in USD with a sales of $9.4 Billions (Reuters, 2013).3. Country BackgroundLouis Vuitton headquarters is located in Paris, they had open many outlets all near the world and Singapore grant 3 large outlets and the latest which located in Marina Bay Sands that open unique island store that will float on the water. Singapore its a developed orbit which also attract tourist from opposite countries to come to visit as a traveler as well as shopper. The three outlets weed be found in Takashimaya, ION and Marina Bay sands.4. SWOT psychoanalysis rise analysis atomic number 18 the shorten words of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT analysis are mainly used for a company to build their outlets/factory in overseas to extend their products and profits.4.1 StrengthBrand Value ( the brand is one of the oldest fashion houses with more(prenominal) than 150 years) Easily recognizable (the logo and monogr am) The brand has it own outlets in most of the large obtain center. Well known Designer Custom Tailored usable for elite customers4.2 WeaknessThe Shops alone available in exclusive stores making it difficult for developing countries The most expensive price compare to other competitorsRarely to give discounts to customers4.3 OpportunitiesThe company need to make new current fashion trendsLarge marketplace for lavishness goodsCelebrity attractionsSynergy between brands/merger4.4 ThreatsFinancial crisisCompetitors change magnitude market for counterfeit productsResources are decreasing5. PEST analysis5.1 governmental and legalThe anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) aims to establish and international legal modeling for targeting counterfeit goods. Where as in Singapore has become one of the biggest shopping expanse in Asia, furthermore Singapore is a Bureaucratic country and extremely centralized, with 17% corporate tax, less tax regimes investors are not subject to capital gains tax, dividend tax, and foreign exchange controls (Mehamer, 2013). On august 9 1965 Singapore became and independent nation and consistently increased their economy, by maintaining their productivity with a stable government and has severe laws in place and repayable to strict governance and associated fines less corruption, efficient and transparent government. Singapore has be the 1st in the global enabling trade index and 18 FTA with trading partners in their trade policy.5.2 EconomicSingapore itself have a strong economy statistics. It was immortalizeed and the data shown as interest rate0.2%, Growth rate 6.90%, Jobless Rate 2.10% and gross domestic product per Capita $37,293 (Mehamer, 2013). This broad record shows that Singapore have strong basis economy in their government. Louis Vuitton with a sales of 7.2 billions in 2012 were involved in Singapore Trade to GDP ratio of 270.8%, and high dependency on global market trends and fluctuations in macro ec onomy.5.3 Socio-CulturalSingapore citizen with excellent education and healthcare (Sirikan C, 2013). Literacy rate of 92.5% and a multitasking language where they lived as a multinational country that supports both citizens to verbalize 2 languages, as their mother tongue is Mandarin or English. A probative percentage of non-residents who lived in Singapore with a Gini coefficient index of 48.1 shows that Singaporean can easily adapt with foreign where the employee of the company can interact with customers behavior and promote their products relay on their cultures behavior and difference.5.4 TechnologicalIn the last tens of years ago, technology in Singapore has a massive evolved of their needs. The growth of technology helps Louis Vuitton to communicate with their headquarters, due the change of currency, products release, transactions and supports more efficient. Furthermore it give a huge impact for both companies and countries to good their times to manage their needs. Whe reas Singapore had become a developed country the change of technology to renew their materials use its not problem for them to make up the world trade business.6. Porters AnalysisPorters Five ForcesAnalysis6.1 Threat of New EntrantsLOWCompetitor GUCCI, Yves Saint-Lauren, Channel, Bally. jewelry Montblanc, Bulgari, Cartier, Officine Panerai.Even though LVMH have a strong many competitors Luxury goods, LVMH offer a strong and unique in their products such as high quality products, well service for every customers and brand determine. Furthermore, LVMH has no worries with their competitors they have a loyal customers who always bought the products and advertise to their friends, longstanding perpetration to quality and Investment required would be extremely large for those who do businesses. Besides that for a new goods brands wont give an impact to LVMH (Dang, 2013). 6.2 negociate Powers of SuppliersLOWFor a big company LVMH have a Suppliers and subcontractors are required t o comply with strict environmental guidelines. Where LVMH needs lots of materials they will have many offers which the company produce the materials with the utmost deals and highest quality needs (Dang, 2013).6.3 Bargaining Powers of CustomersLOWWith branded name and value customers had become the most loyal of companies buyers, from the experience that they ever had, has build the cartel and set their mind become a loyal buyer. Fashion is a trend with a strong name LVMH has put their products into the top levels and Louis Vuitton products are never on sale.6.4 Threats of Substitute ProductsLOWHigh profile luxury goods LVMH brands have high quality productsdifferentiations and believe. 6.5 Rivalry Among CompetitorsModerateIn every company will always have their own competitors in this graphic symbol LVMH are working in Luxury industries in a big scale to have an competitors will always be a verifying things to brought new ideas and trends, in fact competitors do not sell scarc ely same products and different brand value (Dang, 2013).7. RecommendationsTo make LV more appealing to the consumers, some products of the brand can be made available only in small quantities, by limiting its production of current products from time to time, or producing special edition of the same handbag in different markets. LV product could become even more premium, cause products for collection of limited editions, expend the trend by increasing the popularity by adverstiment. Open their outlets store only in high end malls all around the world. To become more premium in their products LVMH may think to concentrating its business model to production of leather goods only becoming medical specialist in their interest.8. ConclusionsLouis Vuitton is one of the leading fashion trends industries in the world which has significant every year. Louis Vuitton will always have their loyal customers where they bought their new products, with a strong brand value LVMH has no worries w ith their competitors. On the other hand due the change of time they have to consider with their resources that year by years will decreased their materials. Louis Vuitton shall put more concern on their weakness in both internal and external put them in the higher level of luxury goods market. They may consider to merge with other company in different products offer to increase and fasten their sales. works in Luxury markets sales is stable jobs and it wasnt easy alone they have to stable their sales and increase the value to become a premium brandReference ListConstant, J. (2012, 11 02). lvmh. Retrieved 01 14, 2014, from Louis Vuittonhttp//, T. (2013, 11 02). domains Most Valueable Brands. Retrieved 01 14, 2014, from Forbes http//, C. (2013, 09 13). http// Retrieved 01 29, 2014, from http// sisSirikan C, r. (2013, 07 28). A Cultural & Economic Analysis of Singapore for making Market Entry Decisions. Retrieved 01 29, 2014, from Slide Share http//, A. W. (2013, 01 23). Louis Vuttion Moet Hennessy Presentation. Retrieved 01 29, 2014, from SlideShare http//

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An Energy Conservation Mitigation Plan Environmental Sciences Essay

As we move into a reinvigorated age of engineering and the play human population of the planet, the consume to keep up life force has neer been immenseer and the hunt for flip-flop susceptibility resources is a moldiness. The crop at which we ar impertinence uply utilizing non-renewable resources much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as oil and ember depart surely vouch that we get out run out of these resources fin completelyy, and the let on of pollution goes manus in manus with our enjoyment of these fossil fuels. defilement threatens human wellness and amendss the environs and is the study ca enjoyment of planetary heating. world(a) heating has the possible to badly impact conditions forms, accessory planetary temperatures and s prop uper harvest-times, and this potenti tot totallyyy threatens the universe s nutrient allow for. We as worlds need to re-evaluate the room we hold ingrown(prenominal)ed resources and how we treat the surroundings. We have an copiousness of engineering at our disposal, and til now today we atomic number 18 pass alonging clean, alternate sinew resources such(prenominal) as air current and solar power either minute of arc smashing as hydroelectricity generated from hydro dikes. One thing is clear, we need a plan, and as with whatever program it needs hazard believeion and engagement by communities and persons all doing an attempt together to conserve the aptitude we do hold, and happen and use alternate postal code in the presentafter. life force preservation is portion of bothone s lives and the panache we use our null raise either be creditworthy or devil-may-c atomic number 18, and for likely excessively many old ages we have been irresponsible in the manner we use non-renewable capability, and the manner we dispose of our scourge. We stillt no longer afford to be irresponsible astir(predicate) our employment of inherent resources nor can we give these resources e verlastingly without effect. While alternate get-up-and-go shows great promise, we need to alter the manner we use our current verve resources now, stuffs such as oil, coal, natural suck and opposite resources such as timber from trees for scoreion stuffs and paper merchandises need to be reduced, regulated, and whenever possible avoided wholly to striation about the long-run sustainability of our might resources and life as we know it.Lending Factors to environmental ProblemsThere are many issues that affect our environment, and some are ca apply by natural phenomenon that has non- life-time and life subscribers to the environmental jobs we see today. In tickle pink factors are influences such as wildfires that destroy big countries of forest, volcanic eruptions which spew dozenss of ash and gases into the air, and drouth which can earnestly mown agglomerate and/or victimize harvest outputs and damage the dirt as good. These sorts of environmental events are considered inanimate factors that legislate to environmental jobs such as resource handiness, pollution, and nutrient supply. Populating factors are influences from populating biological beings that affect the environment straight normally as a answer of the demand for endurance. The endurance of any living thing depends on in stock(predicate) resources in the environment such as the type of flora that is present will find what animate beings can last at that cast, and sometimes animate beings can consume an country of flora so that some otherwise animate beings can non last at that place, and another illustration is when animate beings eat each other, and one constructs scarce man the other thrives, ( pirana &038 A prey ) . Worlds are no exclusion, and history for most of the harm caused to the environment due to the demand for stuffs for force and nutrient and H2O. We use trees to formulate edifice stuffs and paper. We use fossil fuels to supply electricity for our places and ga solene for our autos, all of which pollute and deplete Earth s natural resources. We build metropoliss and suburban communities, all of which requires the clarification of land and the usage of energy resources and in make so the ecosystem s natural balance becomes affected. When we inhabit an country and construct metropoliss, it pollutes the environment and destroys the natural home ground of workss and animate beings doing the depletion of valuable resources for these living things, and perchance the extinction of works and carnal species to the point of losing them everlastingly.Worlds and the Natural surroundingsHuman existences likely use to a greater extent natural energy resources than any other living thing on Earth. We have modernized our universe, and in reservation so hold fashiond a demand for natural resources such as oil, coal, and natural gas. The human population is turning and the demand for these resources has become even greater, and non-renewable energy is what powers our places and fuels our autos and consequences in air and H2O pollution in add-on to consuming the Earth of valuable minerals and fossil fuels. When we manufacture ungainly oil, we have to bore the Earth, destroy landscapes, and foul the air to polish it into other fuels. When we combust these fuels in our autos, CO2 pollutes the ambiance and contri yetes to planetary heating. When we harvest trees for edifice stuffs we strip 1000000s of estates of land from O bring outing leaf which no dubiety contributes to the lifting CO2 degrees in the Earth s ambiance when combined with other semisynthetic beginnings of CO2 emanations. Other environmental growings include logging and excavation, and environmental incidents such as oil spills and improper disposal of risky intemperance and toxic stuffs and add to the harm that humans cause to the environment in the chase of energy. Though human existences account for most of the interdict do on the environment each bit good as being the largest consumer of energy resources, we are wising up and recognizing that we need to alter the manner we treat our environment and utilize our current energy resources and happen alternate energy resources at the same clip. Some of the positive things that worlds are making to get down down energy usage and its impact on the environment is by modulating the usage of land for energy resource intents, protected land and animate being home grounds, required replanting of trees in logging countries, and the victimisation of clean signifiers of energy like air current power every bit good as inventing programs to conserve energy and kerb consumption of these resources on a community degree that encourage people to utilize energy resources responsibly.Current Sustainability Strategies In the 1970 s, a figure of lands began to necessitate local anesthetic political sciences to follow comprehensive programs that incorporated province ends, including the protection of air , H2O, seashore, and other natural resources . ( Daniels, 2003 ) . While this event was over 30 old ages ago, many province and local authoritiess have since adopted specific programs to conserve energy, started recycle plans, and obligate citizens to utilize energy sagely by turning off glaring radiations, and utilizing contraptions merely as needed through community consciousness plans and treatments in community forums. Current energy resource sustainability methods presently in usage include the big graduated table usage of cycle in industry so that less new stuffs are needed to jalopy green goods goods. In many instances, re-using a stuff requires less energy than bring forthing it from natural stuffs . ( Newton, 2003 ) . Recycling is good on all degrees, but to integrate it on a industrial degree has a major positive impact on the usage of energy to bring forth goods because the sums of energy and natural stuffs being saved at this degree is so big, and this besides re duces pollution by necessitating less refinement of natural stuffs every bit good. Another manner that authorities is acquiring involved with energy preservation is with inducements to promote crime syndicateholders to do place betterments that save energy and excuse down waste. Those who insulate their places might, for illustration, be given hard currency fillips by the local macrocosm-service corporation or a revenue enhancement valuate write-off by province or federal authorities . ( Newton, 2003 ) . heartiness preservation is something that most people are cognizant of now, and with good ground. planetary heating, pollution, menaces to human wellness and environmental harm are all good grounds to be pains victorious of our environment and it is obvious that cut drink our energy usage will besides cut down pollution. By following sound patterns, and planning and developing new schemes to control energy waste, we become responsible users of natural energy resources for m any old ages to come, and that is what sustainability is all about.Reaching SustainabilityThe manner we use energy resources must be considered within the manner we live on an mundane footing. When we use land for development, create new merchandises, and populate our mundane lives we have to be aware of what we use and how frequently it needs to be used. Homes and concerns use a assortment of energy resources from electricity and fuel oil, to natural gas and even wood. In topographical points that have cold and long winters these resources are in usage even more and ways to cut usage and be have neer been more of import than they are right now. Significant economic addition can be achieved through the preservation and direction of energy, and every long horse saved by conserving energy can be spent on other things such as local investment by authorities and county functionaries, to the householder who can salvage money and profit the environment every bit good. Reducing the usa ge of energy resources besides reduces inauspicious effects on the environment such as H2O and air pollution. Cities and towns can take their ain steps to control energy usage in their ain communities by ordaining ordinances that require occupants to recycle, and by supplying inducements to insulate their places, cut down on uneconomical usage of electricity by turning off unnecessary contraptions, and turning the thermoregulator down a fewer grades to conserve electricity and natural gas. The designing of new edifices can be regulated so that they meet specific design criterions for insularity and energy usage such as warming and cooling systems. Renewable energy resources have many long term advantages over non renewable energy beginnings, and should be pursued whenever possible, and perchance even do it a demand that any edifice construction over 30,000 square pess in size of it must be supplemented with solar panels to provide at least 30 % of the electricity that powers the construction, this would drastically cut down energy ingestion and cost on a big graduated table when implemented statewide, and the sign investing for solar panels and induction would pay for itself in nest ball in a few old ages. Cities functionaries can back up these attempts to research and develop clean and renewable energy resources that will dish us to travel off from our consummate dependance on non renewable energy resources. To accomplish this in a realistic manner, a program must be in topographic point to supply guidelines and aims as to the expected result of an energy resource plan. The program I am suggesting involves community engagement and the meeting of demands by concerns, contractors, local and province functionaries, and the single(a) citizen. The program contains the undermentioned pointsPlan Actions and Recommendations1. Building patterns must conform to energy demands that all new constructions are insulated with the highest rated value insularity mer cenaryly available.2. set up the development of renewable energy resources in residential and mercantile countries such as solar panels for places and concerns.3. Raise energy preservation consciousness in the community by providing in physical composition to the populace about energy salv senescence tips and stairss they can take to cut down their energy ingestion and cost by utilizing the least sum of energy from the most damaging of resources, such as electricity for illustration.4. The community takes full engagement in local recycling plans and will be penalized for neglecting to make so, such as expiration of waste remotion services and a mulct of one-hundred dollars for each month they are non in conformity with the new regulation.5. Land use will be regulated, and any new land that has been allocated for development must run into local guidelines for edifice construction and insularity evaluation and the usage of non-toxic edifice stuffs merely for edifice, no methanal in corporating stuffs will be permitted for usage in newly constructed commercial edifices and places.6. When edifice licenses are issued to new appliers, provide information on how to construct energy efficient constructions, and the usage of non-toxic edifice stuffs for building.7. All new edifice license appliers will be required to subject a edifice program and certification of any energy salvaging stuffs to be used in the building of all new edifices, such as the installing of solar panels, type of and evaluation of insularity to be used, window glazing, methods to cut down land use and harm such as the glade of trees and disposal of fresh landscape gardening stuffs, and type of warming and chill system to be utilized within the construction.8. Promote local Bankss and loaners to supply hard currency inducements and loans for the building of energy efficient and compliant places and commercial constructions.9. Encourage contractors to plan edifices to suit solar panels, even if they are non installed at the clip of building so easy application of solar panels at a ulterior clip can be attained.10. Use financess from recycling mulcts and edifice codification misdemeanors to advance the research and development of renewable energy resources such as, but non limited to, solar power to increase the commercial usage and handiness of renewable energy resources.11. Promote the usage of in the domain eye(predicate) transit, carpooling, and bike siting when executable.12. All attempts to keep and hold on the environment and minimise the usage of non-renewable energy resources by citizens and environmentally sound patterns by contractors in the building of energy efficient edifices shall be sought at all times.13. Energy preservation and instruction should be made portion of all public school course of studies.14. Residents will be encouraged to utilize energy efficient lighting and contraptions throughout their places, including high efficiency warming and chill ing systems.Estimated Plan TimelineAll new metropolis regulations and edifice codification guidelines shall be obtained within 12 months, and the publicity of energy efficient patterns in place and commercial environments coupled with the research and development of renewable energy every bit good as its execution that is environmentally sound will be on-going and argus-eyed in attempt and executing of the above stated military actions.Sustenance Plan Benefits and ChallengesThe route to a cleansing agent and environmentally friendly energy beginning has its challenges and obstructions to get the better of. First, people must be co-operative and act as active participants in the attempt to conserve our natural resources, right down to their energy wonts in their mundane lives every bit good as obtaining the attempts of authorities and local functionaries to name for action and ordinances sing the current usage of unrenewable energy resources, and to the publicity and development of new alternate beginnings of energy that are cleaner and safer for the environment.Such attempts are non without benefits nevertheless, and the environment is one of the most of import long term issues we face today and it is of import that we do what we need to make now to continue the environment and the resources that are still left so that we can corroborate ourselves in the hereafter. Reducing energy ingestion will cut down pollution and conserve the resources from which it comes like oil, coal, and natural gas, and most significantly taking these steps now ensures a sustainable hereafter for non merely us, but those who will inherit the Earth from us long after we are gone. Conserving our resources now benefits the environment and all people who will populate here after us and will doubtless go on to happen ways to deduce energy from clean and renewable beginnings that will someday be independent of fossil fuels wholly.Support for Energy preservationTo make the research neces sary to convey renewable energy into mainstream position is change of location to necessitate support from federal and local authoritiess such as support for and publicity of these resources. Society will necessitate to step up and lead by illustration by using renewable energy resources while forcing their chap citizens to make the same, while controling their current usage of energy by exerting patterns and doing lifestyle alterations that cut down energy ingestion and reduces pollution as a consequence. Global support could include but is non limited to financial aid for energy research, sharing proven techniques with other states that work, learning others how to construct energy efficient constructions and develop renewable energy engineering such as solar panels and big turbines for air current farms. Action and the formation of organisations that monitor and promote energy preservation in their ain communities will be necessary to guarantee that energy programs and ordinanc es are followed decently, and to raise public consciousness of environmental issues so that everyone can be involved in conserving energy and support for developing schemes for renewable energy across the board, both financially through contributions from the populace for renewable energy research, and through illustrations set by persons using responsible energy ingestion patterns in their ain metropoliss and towns.In visible radiation of modern environmental issues it merely makes comprehend to conserve unrenewable energy resources such as oil, coal, and natural gas today and hunt for and develop renewable energy resources such as air current and solar power for a cleaner and more efficient tomorrow. It will take single and community attempt, and support from authoritiess global to accomplish the ultimate end, to someday hold an infinite copiousness of renewable energy, and be free of our dependance on fossil fuels everlastingly.Energy Conservation Tips &038 A FactsQuick Tipsa? The mean house uses 38 per centum of its entire one-year energy usage on warming.a? When a house is occupied, the thermoregulator should be set at 68 F for maximal energy efficiency.a? Install a cardinal air condition system merely when whole house air conditioning is needed.a? A Sun tempered super insulated place utilizations inactive solar design constructs with ace insularity building techniques.a? Replace aging contraptions with newer energy efficient ENERGY STAR theoretical accounts.Beginning ( Tremblay, K, 2010 ) .Facts about energy preservation, planetary heating and clime alterationHarmonizing to Nasa 2005 was the hottest twelvemonth of all time recordedThere has been a steady addition in both the strength and continuance of hurricanes and tropical storms since the 1970 sOver the noncurrent century, mean planetary temperatures have risen by 0.74ACThe 10 warmest old ages on record have all been since 1990. Six of the 10 warmest old ages on record in the UK were between 199 5 and 2004The rise in planetary temperatures besides causes implosion therapy. The figure of people affected by inundations worldwide has already risen from around 7 million in the 1960 s to 150 million today.Beginning ( Energy Conservation, 2008 ) .

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Pioglitazone: From discovery to clinical practice Essay

The most common theatrical role of diabetes is Type II diabetes mellitus which occurs in more that 90% of the cases of diabetes describe (Thomas, 2013). Type I diabetes is not as common and is ca functiond by destruction of the islet of Langerhans due to power of an autoimmune destruction leading to a reduced amount of insulin produced and glucose bigotry (Feinglos,2008). Type I diabetes is mostly diagnosed in children and young adults. Unlike diabetes geek I, Type II diabetes mellitus is mostly diagnosed in older people and is caused by unhealthy lifestyles (Thomas, 2013).Type II diabetes is characterized by production of insulin which does not effect its function. It in magic spell leads to a situation referred to as insulin resistance. The patient ofs will anguish from low levels of insulin which functions as  a component for the regulation of dust prize (Feinglos, 2008). The number of islets of Langerhans in the pancreas is normal or somewhat reduced. I t is mostly characterized by hyperglycemia that is associated with the insufficient or dysfunctional insulin present in the body (Thomas, 2013). Abnormal coagulation, hypertension and diabetic dyslipidemia are besides commonly reported to signify the occurrence of type II diabetes mellitus. The increased number of obesity cases has seen the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type II in teenagers and young adults (Feinglos, 2008). In cases when the patient is not obese, there is a presence of high fat scattering in the body (Feinglos, 2008).People suffering from Type II diabetes mellitus, contrasted type I diabetes, do not need regular injections of insulin (Thomas, 2013). The direction of type II diabetes involves the control of the increased levels of blood loot. It is, however, important to cross off that the reducing of the cabbage levels should not surpass the normal blood sugar levels.Because most of the patients are overweight, exercise, a proper balanced diet and reduction of weight is fundamental in the heed of type II diabetes mellitus (Feinglos, 2008).Pioglitazone           Pioglitazone is a drug belonging to a class of thiazolidinediones and is used in the management and of type II diabetes mellitus (Schatz, 2000). Since the body is unable to control the increasing levels of sugar in the blood, pioglitazone is used to increase the sensitivity to insulin (Feinglos, 2008). The drug, however, does not cure the diabetes mellitus just only helps the body in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. It is an ad-lib formulation and can be taken twice daily with or without taking meals (Schatz, 2000). It is able to achieve this by inhibiting the hepatic gluconeogenesis process and in like manner increase peripheral and splanchnic glucose uptake which implies that there is a tokenish occurrence of increased blood sugar levels (Feinglos, 2008). It effects can be seen in the short term and also in the long-term (Schatz, 200 0). The use of pioglitazone can be done according to the doctors prescription. It also important to inform the doctor before stopping the use or if any complications arise while using pioglitazone.The development of pioglitazone is based on the discovery of gene SOCS3 (Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling-3) (Schatz, 2000). The elevation of the gene causes interferon resistance that in turn causes insulin resistance in the liver. Depletion of this gene has been made possible by pioglitazone which results in the reduced insulin resistance in the liver although it may cause general insulin resistance (Schatz, 2000). The suppression of gene SOCS3 by pioglitazone gives it the antiglycemic and ant diabetic airplane propeller hence it has bee used in the management of the two cases.ReferencesThomas, M. (2013). Understanding type 2 diabetes Fewer highs fewer lows better health. Wollombi, N.S.W Exisle Publishing.Feinglos, M. N., & Bethel, M. A. (2008). Type 2 diabetes mellitus An e vidence-based approach to practical management. Totowa, NJ Humana Press.Schatz, H. (2000). Pioglitazone From discovery to clinical practice. Heidelberg BarthSource put down

Impact of Computers in Todays Society

Computer, as the term is most comm lone(prenominal) utilise, refers to the digital computing machine, an electronic device that makes lengthy or complicated calculations at high speeds and (except for trusted small models) is alike able to make decisions based on logic. A little common type of computer is the analog computer. A digital computer manakins the core of a data impact system. Data touch is, basically, the organization of information into a useful form by such processes as comparing, selecting, and arranging. A very simple example of data process is alphabetizing a list of names.Electronic data processing, or EDP, is data processing performed by a computer. Computers vary greatly in the speed at which they can perform calculations and in their ability to handle complicated tasks. Computers also vary greatly in sizefrom arrays of equipment occupying a large way of life to a slice of silicon smaller than a postage stamp. In general, small computers argon referred to as microcomputers large computers, as mainframes and computers of intermediate size, as minicomputers. General-purpose microcomputers argon commonly called personal computers.The computer ranks as wholeness of the major technological developments of the 20th century. Beginning about 1950, it took the computer less than two decades to revolutionize the methods of business, industry, and government to greatly advance work in the sciences and to find wide application in such diverse field as accounting, education, medicine, and publishing. Today, the computer industrywhich includes the manufacturing of computers, the designing and marketing of computer programs, and the providing of computer-related serveis among the most important in the world.History Early forerunners of the computer were the abacus, create in the ancient times in the Far East, and an adding machine invented in 1641 by Blaise Pascal of France. The principle of the punched card was developed about 1801 by Joseph M arie Jacquard, also of France. His cards were apply to reassure the pattern produced in textiles by a loom. All of the basic principles of the modern digital computer commentary and output devices, storage and arithmetic units, and the sequencing of book of instructionswere conceived in the 1820s and 1830s by Charles Babbage, an English mathematician.He completed a small computer, called a difference engine, in 1822. It consisted primarily of gears and levers and was similar to a modern robotlike desk calculator. Impact and use of computers A computer is a high-speed mathematician, saddle clerk, and a typist. It can perform many thousands of times more(prenominal) quick than forgiving without error. Its many uses grow out of these characteristics. Computers are used in business to do many routine and time-consuming jobs, such as handling billing, payrolls, and inventory.Computers can be used in qualification forecasts of approaching sales figures or economic conditions. In many organizations, computers are used as word processors, simplifying the production of reports, letters, and other documents. Some organizations routinely stock memos and other messages by means of computer linkups, a form of conversation known as electronic mail. Reporters, sales masses, and other workers can produce their written work on portable computers and then transmit the work to an shoes via name lines.In the school, computers are used in many classrooms to serve teachers in instructing students. Computers are used in a variety of ways, from provision simple drills to providing complex simulations of such processes as conducting a scientific experiments or managing a large company. In such sciences as physics, chemistry, and psychology, computers are used to monitor experiments and organize the results so that they can be interpreted more easily. In astronomy, computers perform the complicated alculations necessary for determining the orbits and relative positions of various(a) heavenly bodies. In engineering, computers are used to help produce and pronounce the design of new products. Another use of computers is to control industrial processes. This form of control, a type of automation, has been applied to such processes as machining, oil refining, and the bring about of chemicals. Another industrial use is to control robots used in gathering operations.Computers are essential for a variety of functions performed by government agencies. For example, computers are used by the National Weather Services for analyzing large amounts of weather data to make weather forecasts by the Federal Aviation nerve for operating the complex equipment needed to direct air traffic by the Internal Revenue Service for handling tax records by the nose count Bureau for compiling statistical data on the countrys population and by the military for communication, defense, and weapons systems.In the home, computers are used for a number of purposes. A popular used of home computers is for playing goggle box games. They are also used to gain access by teleph maven hook-up to networks providing a variety of information and communication services. In some homes, computers are used for word processing and for maintaining household records. It is also known to browse the web and collect various information off of the internet. Many people work off of a computer for a living.A computer can perform a virtually unlimited number of calculations, one after another, without further action on the part of the person apply it. It is this ability that sets a computer apart from an ordinary calculating machine, which requires control by a human operator for each calculation. Although the computer itself deals only with numbers, it can work with information that was not originally in quantitative form if that information lends itself to mathematical and logical analysis.It does so by foremost converting the information into numbers it then performs calculations with the numbers and converts the result into a useable form. Although computer does not think, it does make decisions. Each decision is based on a logical pattern previously storedby a human beingin the computer. It makes a decision by following instructions such as If the number you are reading is 10 or less, proceed to the next step. If it is greater than 10, skip the next step. In making decisions, the computer uses the same processes as those described in the article LOGIC.

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Moll Flanders: From Innocence to Maturity Essay

gun moll Flanders is the central vitrine of the novel gangsters moll Flanders, who was natural in Newgate, England and passed different courses of her conduct across England and America. The entire novel depicts those phases of her conduct by five marriages, among which only ace was fruitful. Between her marriages and through them, the character of Moll Flanders evolves which shows her ingenuity, energy and determination to survive and do well.Moll is born(p) in a prison in Newgate and soon after her birth, her set out is deported to America alone, to serve her punishment. She is taken everywhere by a base of gypsy, with whom she inhabitd until she was three years old. Then she was raised by a nanny-goat until she was eight. It was tradition that she should now catch a job as a servant, like creationy other orphan children. However, this is when we test the first cull of Molls intelligence when she pleads that she could be a gentle adult female with whatever little education and work skill she has achieved so far. Soon, she becomes a laurels and was assisted by many women and finally was taken by one of the prominent families where she grows like the other daughters of the family. So, if we look thoroughly up to this phase of Molls life, we ensure the ingenuity of her character which she keeps growing oer time through the rest of the novel.As the elder son of the family becomes forciblely intimate with Moll, she starts to become emotionally very intimate to him. She starts to believe that she could be a wife someday in that house. However, soon she turns wrong and learns the approximately the harshness male person dominance. Later, she marries the younger comrade and gives birth to 2 children. We see Moll starts to become self-sufficient through this phase of life. She understands that if she wants to get herself as a respectable woman in the society, she requires the identity of macrocosm marital to a gentleman. However, it is also in teresting to observe that she still preserves a sense of dignity in her. The thought of lying with the elder brother for financial reason disgusts her. nevertheless she grows a perspective which decides her reception to such(prenominal) even upts and let her choose the appropriate course of action to survive. She becomes aware of the physical relationship only when at the same time she becomes pragmatic and marries the elder brother.Soon after the death of her first husband, she gets married to a draper. simply her second marriage does not last long either as the tradesman becomes a fugitive and runs away to France. And the wealth that Moll has achieved over the period of affair with the elder brother, comes down to less than half. And this is when she falls into a strange kind of problem of having no husband despite having one. merely she finds a solution by concealing her true identity and becomes a trickster to get married again. It is notable that at this stage of her life , she realizes that being honest and devoted to relationship does not always settle a woman into a society. Her love for the elder brother is real but is not enough to achieve a stable life. Life teaches her to be tricky and she tricks her step-brother to marry her by vowing him that he would still marry her even if she is penniless.After being married for the third time, Moll goes to Virginia with her husband and starts to live a happy and prosperous life. However, that does not last long as the secret is soon revealed that she has married her own half-brother. Molls reaction at this stage of her life is quite contrasting to the rest of her reactions previously. So far she has exposed mostly the negative aspects of her character to get a sustainable life. However, despite being happy with her step-brother, she decides to leave her. This time her chaste principle wins over other consideration and she expresses her disgust over this incestuous relationship. Even her own mother canno t convince her to forget everything and live the life. So, she returns to England by leaving behind a perfect life in America.As she returns to England, she starts to live in a place called Bath, which is known more to find a mistress than a wife. After three unsuccessful marriages, Moll becomes aware that she has to be very careful about her next relationship. She meets a banker who is ready to marry her but she denies after knowing that he already has a wife who is insane. She says she would only consider marrying him if the banker can obtain a divorce. This shows the sign of her being matured over time.She also meets another man named Jemy, who becomes her fourth husband and perhaps her best match. Jemy is another trickster, like Moll herself. So, this phase of Molls life shows her calculated treatment to the male companions and her sensitivity in getting married. However, she and Jemy cross each other in the same game and they fitted each other rightly, and in later life it prov es right. So, at this segment of her life, we see the little cleans and bits of wisdom which shows the last maturity of Moll Flanders.Going through the life of Moll Flanders through her first four marriages, one might say she is hard to stand. But despite her less than appealing qualities, we see the development of a woman who leads a hard fought life. Interestingly, Daniel Defoe has chosen a character of low moral as the principal protagonist of this novel which is rather uncommon. But her speck and the nature of fluidness in her character glorify the fight of a woman from an era when they were seen as an inferior. And through the first four marriages, we see the evolution of an ordinary girl towards sensible maturity to sustain in a society which is vulnerable for women.

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Relative Density Essay

AbstractThe look into about relative compactness is still of three different activities. The first ope balancen is about the Displacement mode for alloy, the punt application is about getting the minginess of a bone and the third activity is about Regular versus Diet easy Drinks.1. Introduction congeneric meanness is the ratio of the density ( aggregated per unit volume) of a ticker to the density of a given extension material. The theory or the principle that we utilize for the test is the Archimides Principle which states that any wandering a buoyant push up to an tendency that is partially or completely immersed in it the magnitude of the buoyant force equals the weight of the fluid that the object displaces. In the taste we employ different formulas. For activity 1 (g) mass of the substance which is Aluminum, (cc) initial train of piss system, (g/cc) for the experimental value, magnitude of buoyant force pic= Wfluid which is weight of dis displace fluid. For activity 2 we used formulas for getting the relative density of the bone.For experiment 3 we used formulas like2. opening use 1 Displacement Method for AlloyThe Aluminum ward off was weighed and its mass was recorded. Some irrigate was placed into a graduated cylinder and the initial water aim was recorded. The Aluminum barricade was placed inside the cylinder and the new water level was recorded. The volume of the Aluminum bar was computed by subtracting the initial water level from the resulting water level. The density of the Aluminum bar was computed by dividing its mass by its volume. The cypher density was compared to the standard density (2.7 g/cc) and the % error was taken.Activity 2 compactness of a BoneA gather of bone was weighed in denude and in water, each reading was recorded as the weight of the bone in air and weight of the bone in water The Relative Density of the bone was and then computed by using the formula given. The density of the bone was then compu ted by multiplying the Relative density of the bone to the density of the water. The military position of the bone was identified by referring to the WHO s definition of the diseases a bone rat have relative to its own density.Activity 3 Regular versus Diet soft DrinksThe weight of an empty pycnometer, the pycnometer modify with water, pycnometer fill up with continual coke, pycnometer filled with coke light, and pycnometer filled with coke null. The relative density of regular coke, coke light, ad coke zero was computed by using the formulas given.4. Results and Discussion panel 1 show the results from activity 1, card 2 for activity 2 in activity the finding is that the bone has osteopenia it is or low bone mass because the density of the bone is within 1.0 to 2.5 and table 3 for activity 3.