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'Phu Quoc\r'

'To Yen Ngan ELP 6 Lecturer: Mr. James Topic: rubism in Phu Quoc Island Phu Quoc Island is located in Thailand Bay, lies in front of the Cambodia cost, 45km from Ha Tien to the West and 15 km from S protrudeh Cambodia. Phu Quoc is located in the tropics and is affected by naval mood. These are the reasons why Phu Quoc’s climate is always being temperate with median(a) temperature from 24oC †27oC.\r\nThe ideal time for tourist to interpret Phu Quoc Island is from November to January (Lunar calendar) because in this time the sea is so calm and the amount of tourist get out decrease that’s why the hurt of hotel and food pull up stakes be to a greater extent reasonable for everybody. Phu Quoc Island is an attractive island with not nevertheless fresh and wide virgin forests exactly also the most beautiful and clearest beaches. The island the likes of an armed fortress of the Vietnamese navy, and 80% of the island is protected as the Phu Quoc National Forest. \r\nPhu Quoc is a beautiful island, bathed in the warm equatorial sun; the sea is clear and green. spare-time activity are some famous attractiveness slightly Phu Quoc Island. Firstly is Coi Nguon museum. This is an interesting target to discover and know more about the culture and the history of Phu Quoc. This museum displays lots of ceramics, bronze and stone tools, and animal and sea mammalian skeletons. Besides, there is some art movement made by people from Phu Quoc victimization materials that are specific to Phu Quoc like sea shells and drift wood.\r\nSecondly is Phu Quoc Pearl Farm. see this place, everybody have chance to find out about the way how drop curtain is cultivated. there is also displayed area with lots of pearl collections for your contemplation and shopping. At night, tourists can roll in the hay the night market in Duong peal. night Markets: is located in the middle of Duong Dong and it bustles with trade in fish, fruit, and vegetables. There are m any activities in Phu Quoc Island. After enjoying naiant in the ost beautiful and clearest beaches, you can pack a boat to go look for or do sightseeing in fresh and wide virgin forests or join a boat tour discovering the ocean, experience the fishermen daily life for snorkel around some coral reefs, having luncheon onboard, enjoy sea urchin †a medium of Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc is also famous for impressive and bright coral islands. Moreover, tourists can free at leisure for diving to discover the habitats of corals and fishes, or participating sports on the beach such(prenominal) as water Moto, parachuting glide, kayaking, sail boats … njoy fresh local seafood. In conclusion, a visit to Phu Quoc Island is a good, an ideal and cheap opportunity to relax after substantial working or studying and set many sassy things in life. Tourists will be received many benefits from the hit to Phu Quoc Island such as make new friends, join on knowledge, explore the historical a nd heathen traditional of Vietnam many historical and ethnic monuments that are connected closely with polar stage of the Mekong Delta and country’s development. increase significantly self-confident and love natural, etc. List of References: * http://www. phuquocexplorer. com (Phu Quoc Explorer 2010, All rights taciturn †Design by IT-DULICHPHUQUOC. INFO) * http://www. dulichphuquoc. com/2010/03/02/di-cau-ca-va-kham-pha-dao-hoang/ (2005 †2010 Du Lich Phu Quoc) * http://www. mekongstay. com/vietnaminformations/phuquocisland/18. html (MekongStay co. Ltd 2007)\r\n'

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