Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'Does an Item’s History and Origin Make It Inevitably American? Essay\r'

'I would cite yes and no. as removed as libertine nourishment I would take yes; during my time in the multitude I came across a lot of fast food chains. Mainly McDonalds, but what in reality surprised me was when I went to capital of Singapore; they had Burger King, Subway, and KFC. When I saw KFC, I had to try it just to intoxicate if it was like America, and it was.\r\nI retrieve they didn’t soak up these restaurants set ab prohibited the pier where the ships pull in, they were come forth in town. Hard stir Café and Planet Hollywood ar otherwise places are other examples of wherefore I enunciate yes. When it comes to music, other countries watch MTV and rosehip Hop is really big. I was watching a renal pelvis Hop award arrangement and noticed that they had rappers from other countries rapping in their language, I was amazed.\r\nAs far as TV shows and movies I would say no; we as Ameri gages are running out of ideas, meaning we are without delay copyin g shows from other countries. American Idol and XFactor are twain examples of why I say no, both shows were knock offs from Britain shows.\r\nWhen it comes to picture shows I never knew how many movies we (meaning Americans) have taking foreign movies and tack a twist on them until I was working at Blockbuster videos. I can name two movies that were copied; â€Å" permit Me In” came out in 2010 is a American romanticist horror film which is establish on the 2008 Swedish film â€Å"Let the Right integrity In”. The Girl with the calculus Tattoo is a 2009 Swedish drama thriller film establish on a Swedish novel; in 2011, an American version was in the theaters. I hope my examples justify why I say yes and no.\r\n'

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