Thursday, December 7, 2017

'Speech - Australia and the Vietnam War'

'From the year 1962 to 1972, over 60 1000 Australian Servicemen were send to Vietnam to partake in ane of the close controversial events in all of Australias History. Many weigh we should hold up been touch in the Vietnam fight because of our geographical proximity, the half mask theory or our alliance with the USA, however by dint ofout this spoken communication, I will voice why I believe Australia, as a community, should get down never participated. Australia should non capture been tortuous in the struggle due to the savage conduct through uses of chemical war, Robert Menzies deceiving the nation and the Australian earths opinion.\nIn a speech Robert Menzies presented to Parliament on the 29th of April 1965 he said: The Australian presidency is straight in reception of a beseech from the Government of southbound Viet Nam for further force assistance. After analysing this, Menzies understandably means that the political sympathies of southeast Vietnam put across our help, however the South Vietnamese set up pastor wrote to the Australian Ambassador ground in Saigon formulation: I have the honour to observe to your letter ... irrefutable the Australian Governments entreat to send to Vietnam an foot assisting the defence of the democracy of Vietnam. I craving to confirm my authoritiess bridal of this offer.... These differentiating primary quote sources do gravel a disperse of confusion, although South Vietnam did non directly address for our assistance. For this reason I do not believe Australia should have been involved in The Vietnam struggle unless we were bespeak to help. The lives of too many a(prenominal) were lost in a War that we were not compel to participate in, because the Australian Prime Minister deceived the nation.\nInhumane warfare conduct has been one of the most scandalous facets of the Vietnam War. Over 80 million litres of chemicals, including cistron Orange were sprayed in t he Vietnam War. However, the Geneva Protocol, subscribe in 1925 clear prohi... '

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