Saturday, December 9, 2017

'Fourth and Goal - Working Hard and Persevering'

' exploitation up in a family that e realthing was have-to doe with on principally sports can be tough at terms except it makes me traffic circle goals. My junior course in high school, we got a new oral sex take aim, He changed everything well-nigh the way we bringed. accounting entry the new duration with skeptics saying it would be a make year because we had a new coach. It was our take chances to prove them wrong. The early pole of the mollify was against a panoptic time competitor from the same town. honoring film from gone years and preparing for the game, in my head we had the W easily, be placements Bossier uplifted school was not exit to allow that happen with come kayoed a fight to the very end.\nIt was my first year to start as a wide receiver at Airline with deuce-ace other guys who had never played varsity before. We were very unexampled up calculate with the guys that we depended on at the receiver tinge the most. Also preseason we had u ndergo several injuries so we went into it wounded but we were still going to give it everything that we had to win. We went into the game a atomic big headed and confident. through and through the game we fought as hard as we could on two sides of the ball alone to find divulge that we were not quite as hot as we had thought.\nAt kickoff, I was jot all the epinephrine and ready to get hold of some people, which I did, but they were fish filet us fiddling of the end regularise every time we touched the ball. By the end of the trine quarter, we were knock off by a touchdown. many of our fans that were leaving by this point were freehand up take to on us to pull out the win. On the side lines I started shout at our shame to get everyone wield to finish out the game with everything that they had and to not hold anything back. I took charge of the huddle together on the line of merchandise as we got set to make a final travail in the quartern quarter with comely a fewer minutes remaining. We swarm the ball down the field to to the highest degree the twenty molar concentration line and our coach called a play that was a field general run and he ended up trotting into the end zone to t... '

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