Friday, January 27, 2017

The Pursuit of Happyness - Portraying Father/Son Attachment

Do you self-assurance me? That is the multi-dimensional enquiry that Chris Gardner asks his son, Christopher, throughout the moving picture The Pursuit of Happyness. It is a question that is used as a tool for reinforcement, as a pacifying effect, and as a dig into for addendum theorists to examine the wisdom of the father/son relationship. In response to our assignment to recognise the type of attachment betwixt Chris and his son, our group identified patterns that matched sanitary with multiple theories. Our text identifies Erik Erikson, thaumaturgy Bowlby, and Mary Ainsworth as very(prenominal) influential persons in define attachment (Santrock p 366). In correlation to the movie, Eriksons possibility of eight st ages of development give the gate be applied with an violence on the chess opening vs. ill-doing phase. John Bowlby is credited for intromission clips on the concomitant Theory. The fourth phase of his conceptualization of attachment can for certain be related to the movie. Our group also tagged the work of Mary Ainsworth and her Strange short letter measurement device. We concluded that Christopher chink the description of a securely attached baby very well. \nAccording to Erik Eriksons stead of a childs development, physical comfort and huffy care are snappy to establishing a basic confide in infants. In turn, this consciousness of trust is the foundation for attachment and sets the stage for a long expectation that the world lead be a unplayful and pleasant place to be (Santrock p 366). This trust united with Christophers age crook as a buffer store against all of the harsh realities that Chris essential cope with. Christophers age places him in Eriksons initiative versus guilt stage. During this stage, children are pass judgment to take initiative in creating play situations that can sponsor cope with challenges (Harder 2002). An excellent compositors case of Christopher in this stage is when the dickens of them were in the subway localise the first night by and by getting kicked out of the motel. Chris tel...

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