Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Patten Fuller

Financial Data Analysis Patton Fuller Community infirmary is a stock corporation that owns the infirmary and its related functions. This accounting analyzes the pecuniary cognitive process of Patton-Fuller infirmary for the course 2009. The financial performance of the yr 2009 has been compared with performance in 2008. Both the statement of revenue enhancement and expenses and vestibular sense flat solid has been compared. The amount of trade and part change is computed. hearty changes between the familys in Balance sheet In the category 2008, the trustworthy assets were $13,026 while in 2009 they amounted to $127,867. on that point was a decrement of assets by $2,159. The section of the decrease was 1.66%. The section of amplification orients that the hospital was performing well. The amount of money assets for the course 2008 were $ 548,535 while in the stratum 2009, they were $587,767. The amount of total assets cast up by $ 39,232. The per centage of the increase was 7.15% .This indicates that Patton-Fuller Community Hospital was doing well. The hospitals total current liabilities for the year 2008 were $ 8,380 while in the year 2009, they were $23,807. The increase in the total liabilities was $ 15,427. This shows that the company change magnitude its borrowing. For example, the accounts payable in the year 2008 were $4,185 while in 2009, they were $9,198. This shows that the hospital purchased more inventories on credit. The biggest part of current liabilities in the year 2009 is long call debts current portion. The long term debt increased by $ 10,414. The total liabilities for Patton-Fuller Community hospital in the year 2008 were $213,450. This amount increased to $462,153 in the year 2009. The percentage increase was 116.50%. This indicates that the hospital make more borrowings in the year 2009.The financial statements of the hospital indicate that there was no change in equity. The amou nt of rough-cut stock in both(prenominal) ! years was $50. Also, there was no additional paid in capital....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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