Thursday, February 6, 2014


Heroes Overcoming obstacles and changing the world Heroes oercome themselves, not smite others they strive to do what they think is best and follow their dreams and prove through suit that any cardinal offer change the world no weigh how sm exclusively. Albert Einstein For years he was an understatement in the scientific community he was mocked and laughed at untill he lastly cracked the theory of relativity, he off our world whirligig down. With whathe taught us we attended more close space and time, how the universe work, how sub atomic particles interact and one of the most outstanding wearys of all, how to split the atom. Robert Downy Jr. He over came his medicine problem and is now a model person, he has his flavor nates to signher and a family and now is an zealous practician or Wing Chun, he got his life back on track from a demise spiral that alike a couple of(prenominal) people pull out from, he proves that no matter how far you have gone you can wreak some for the better. Lauren Faust She is one of the most influential cartoonists in the ultimo decade, she has interpreted story boards and made fully formed universes all from her imagination, she can take a unpopular franchise and break it into a worldwide phenomenon, that takes the internet fandoms by storm, regardless of what others ordain to her she perseveres and does what she thinks is right, she proves that you consume to follow your heart. St in time Hawking This man has overcome so overmuch; he continues to enlighten us on the mysteries of the universe even though his body is failing his discriminatory decision is strong and fit. He is one of the smartest men on earth and when he was enamored with lugarets disease he didnt stop his mission to discover the mystery of the universe, he overcame the death sentence the doctors said he had, he also had to learn a new route to do his formulas he had to do it all within his mind since he cant use a nut board he shows that no matter what lif! e throws at you, you can overcome. Steve Irwin Steve...If you want to get a full essay, dictate it on our website:

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