Monday, February 3, 2014

Federated Women in Timber in Washington DC

Federated Women in Timber in working great(p) D.C. capital letter DC (March 13, 2008) Five Lake States women where here in the kingdoms capital this week to learn about congerssional and restrictive matters and to dowry their concerns and view points on forest related issues with pick out and appointed policymakers. The women represent the rural communities, the consumers and taxpayers whose lives be affected by the laws and regulations which are drafted in Washington DC. Women in Timber declare the smart and productive use of our nations forests through penetrate management. They also believe in preservation of more or less visions, the preservation of all resources,and the unique and continuing renewability of the forest resource to the derive of all people. Ashley Shardlow, of Ironwood, MI, employed by White suffer galvanic Power, LLC pointed out that, healthy forest management is such a common sense issue that needs to be taken more seriously by thos e who are strange with the twenty-four hours to day livelyhoods of those who work in our nations forests. She added that, some of the people who propose and pass laws in Washington do not even put into consideration how frequently of our day-by-day life depends on this RENEWABLE natural resourse. So umteen people think that using paper products is killing the trees when in fact 1.7 million trees are planted each day, which is more than what is being used. .. Each year the women present major issues on the hill. This year their position papers were that of Biomass Utilization, Forest Service Wildfire Funding, Yankee Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act, Urban - Rural Disconect, Forest Management and brainpower Change and Reforming Gross Vehicle Weight Limits. While in DC they had many opportunities to meet with their local congressmen and representatives to express their concerns on the issues and relay to them how they directly affected the Lake States region.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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